Men’s Tennis Shoes

No matter the playing category you are in (seasoned pro or a beginner) a good tennis shoe should be the first equipment you must have if you intent being in the court long enough. There are different types of courts on which tennis is played and so there are different sport shoes for men out there and the only thing you got to do is to search the one that fits you best. This guide on men’s tennis shoe review will provide you with all the necessary information you will need in order to select the tennis shoes that will not affect your performance negatively.

Tennis shoes vs. different Athletic shoes

You got to rethink before throwing on a pair of vintage sport shoes before you hit the court. Footwear used for running is normally lighter and designed for a runner’s forward movement. Tennis shoes, alternatively, are all about providing ideal guide for the rigorous lateral actions of tennis. You also need to choose a light-weight but sturdy layout for quick and free movements.

Foot type

The earlier you study your foot type, the higher organized you’ll be to discover shoes with features you need to carry out as your first-rate and avoid injury on the court. There are 3 foot sorts; so determine which is yours:

Pronated: to know if you have pronated feet, look at the shoes you have been using and check if the shoes wear excessively inside near the balls of your feet. To confirm this step, place your feet in water and then mark the ground with them, you’ll see that the entire impact of your foot appears with very little seen space. If you are a number of the 60% of the populace with pronated feet, you’ll need to locate footwear with advanced lateral guide to prevent harm to your knees or ankles.

Supinated:  to know if your feet are supinated one simple way is to study the shoes you use presently and if you notice they wear excessively outside on a corner of the heel then you have supinated feet. To clear your thoughts wet feet test might screen a large empty area within the middle arch place of the foot mark.Choose shoes that offer more flexibility and have a better shock absorbing potential, plus added space for the heel.

Ideal: gamers with ideal feet put on a balanced/neutral foot mark with the moist check. Their feet are appropriate for nearly all tennis shoes.

Manufacturers (Brands)

So you’ve figured out what form of shoe to buy, however which shoe emblem is optional? There are lots of first-rate brands to select from, inclusive of Nike, Adidas, Asics, Babolat, Diadora, Head, and extra -- all provide many sorts and functions plus advanced present day technology - this is engineered from the trendy athletic research. If you’d like to test out what the pinnacle tennis gamers wear check on Men's Pro Gear , five Nike tennis footwear to Novak Djokovic’s Barricade 7.0, Adidas tennis shoes. A good start for your search of a good tennis shoe is looking which kind most professional tennis players use.

Shoe size Conversion

Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring device, inclusive of a ruler, can only approximate your genuine shoe length. Keep in mind the manufacturers use distinctive facts to assemble their footwear, and sizing can also range as a result. There are a number of converters and charts you can use to convert your inches dimension for your U.S. shoe length to Euro shoe length and vice versa.


The Anatomy of Tennis Shoes

There are many tennis shoes for men with their producers blitzing the public with a dizzying array of latest technology and technical terms which could - in some cases - serve greater to confuse in place of serve. Below are the descriptions of some of the basic parts you need to know on tennis shoes which will help you select the best tennis shoe. Get knowledgeable and become a more discriminating patron by your know-how of the subsequent physical components of a tennis shoe.

Insole/Sockliner :The sockliner/insole gives cushioning and can consist of a number of substances, usually an EVA or PU sheet. It can vary in thickness from the heel to the toe. In expensive shoes, sockliners are typically removable for washing.

• Board Lasting: A production approach wherein top cloth is drawn around the bottom of the foot shape and connected to a cellulose or non-woven board. This is common in lots of much less-costly shoes. It complements balance as there is a greater firm platform because of the board.

• SLIP LASTING: the opposite of board lasting, this approach is without using a board for extra flexibility and lighter weight.

• Last: Designed after the form of the foot, the form is commonly made of plastic or Poly- ether fabric. The upper is pulled over this area to present the shoe its typical shape. Lasting refers back to the assembling of a shoe. There are 3 shapes to the last - curved, semi-curved and the straight shape.


• CURVED: A hat is extra angled from heel to toe, giving a more pigeon-toe appearance. Best for the supinated foot.

• Upper:  the place that wraps over the foot, the upper can be manufactured from both leather and a high-quality artificial material, and may be mixed with mesh (to lessen weight). The upper provides the feet with support and breathability.

• Collar Linings: in this part of the shoe, foam is used to add comfort around the ankle in addition to the tongue.

• Heel Rake: The curved shape of the lower back of the heel. The extra curved the much less slippage and higher fit.

• Eyestay: help vicinity for and across the eyelets.

• Eyelets: Shoe strings weave via circles which might be either punched, steel or Ghillie Loops (a woven polyester cloth). Considered as one of the most important part of the shoe because it permits the player have a good game byholding their laces.

• Tongue: A traditional free tongue has a lace loop attached to maintain the tongue from moving when playing due to the motion.

• Achilles Notch: located in the back of the shoe collar, this place protects the achilles tendon and forestalls irritation of the feet.

• Vamp: it is a member of the toe box area; at the vamp, the upper bends. This location is flexible, breathable and regularly perforated, however it doesn’t prevent clay from entering the shoe.

• Toe Cap: The top piece above the toe protects for extra toe drag and/or medial (inner part of the shoe) foot drags protection. With some models, leather is used to maintain a conventional appearance.

• Toe guard: where producers add extra rubber material to the front of a shoe for toe drag protection. It regularly wraps from the outside to the upper.

• Heel Counter: usually a plastic or composite fabric that stiffens and reinforces the heel place. A stiffened heel improves fit (how the shoes fits into your leg) and stability.

Reviews of Nike Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The Pegasus 33 is one of many Nike running shoes that has been modified with improving technology to yield the best experience. There are a number of adjustments that have been made on these Nike shoes for men new model of the Pegasus 33.

A slight modification takes place in the placement of the Flywire cords. These cords are extra calmly spaced out for equal distribution of strain and to have greater effect in helping runners get their maximum comfortable fit. The Flywire cords also allow Nike to use a barely softer upper that still provides a comfortable wrap on the foot. This new engineered mesh facilitates the consolation and sock-like sense of the top.

Nike eliminated the forefoot grooves. The forefoot now is now made with one very deep flex groove. To make amends for this, the outsole now has higher rubber articulation or cuts in various sections of the outsole for flexibility.

Air Zoom Pegasus 33 length and fit

Faithful and enthusiasts users of the Pegasus will discover relief that the 33rd version is basically similar to the earlier models concerning fit. The heel and midfoot have a very secured lock down sensation while the forefoot affords just enough toe room for the toes making this shoe one of the best men tennis shoes by Nike.


air zoom pegasus 33 length and fit


The Waffle outsole in these Nike running shoes receives a brand new feature. In the manufacturing of previous models the hexagonal lugs stopped in the midfoot but in the Pegasus 33 it is extended to the heel within the inner part of the shoe. Extra enormous cuts are made across the crash rails to add flexibility. There has been a modification of the upper of this version of the Pegasus to a form of a single flex groove.


The only cushioning material found in the Pegasus 33shield Nike running shoes for men is the single Cushlon foam that makes up the length of the midsole. The midsole in these sport shoes for men get smoother from the heel to the forefoot. There is the absence of the Air Zoom unit in this heel and forefoot of this model, so responsiveness is somehow reduced.


Your feet enjoy high breathability in this shoe thanks to the engineering mesh of the shoe and there is a sock-like fit when the shoe is put on. Water repulsion is possible in this shoe with a greatly improved technology of the DWR upper and an inner bootie that has water resistant properties. Pressure distribution all over the shoe is made possible with the use of 5 Flywire cables with space within them. The bootie in the shoe is very soft and so adds comfort to the feet.

The tennis shoes review by RunRepeat was carried out by collecting 297 reviews of customers on the Nike Pegasus 33 and some of the main reviews that encourages the purchase of this shoe are listed below.

  • Most reviewers were inspired because of the cozy sense of the Pegasus 33.
  • A massive quantity of runners sees the price as bang for the greenback.
  • Breathability gained much appreciation from the users of this Nike.
  • Numerous runners cherished the 33rd model of the Pegasus to address high-mileage runs or fast sessions.
  • The design of the shoe is well appreciated by customers.
  • There are lots of colors to choose from.
  • The traction is splendid, as noticed with the aid of a great variety of reviewers.
  • Cushioning in this version of the M_-.
  • The upper of the shoe dries fast, primarily based on the opinion of numerous customers.

Still in the RunRepeat men’s tennis shoes review there are customer reviews that identify some issues that need to be adjusted in this Nike shoe

• A good number of the customers who reviewed this shoe turned to be frustrated by the slender toe box, as compared to the previous version.

• The total weight on the feet feels heavy than the previous version of this same Nike says another customer.

• A few runners mentioned that the laces come undone at several instances.

• A moderate variety of users realized that it's a miles stiffer than earlier version because of the outsole changes.

Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit

Free running is taken to another level with these Nike running shoes for men as the outsole of these shoes has been innovated and re-invented and designed such that free running is taken to an improved level. The new technology is said to have “auxetic properties” this have the added advantage of making the shoe to move sideways direction and medially along with the foot. The shoes obtain custom-like support at all its parts thanks to the technology that this shoe delivers.

The size and length of the Free RN Motion Flyknit

The heel and forefoot of these sport shoes for men is designed to ensure comfortability. There is nearly a sock-like feel which makes the shoe not constricting. This Nike running shoes permits its users enjoy sufficient gap in the forefoot for the toes. The available width of the shoe is the medium size; an accurate size for these Nike running shoes for men is 6 to 17 and 4 to 12 for women.


 Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit




The configuration of the outsole is siped making it look ordinary, which is known to add superb flexibility. Nevertheless, to make the outsoles, Nike has used innovative geometric pattern to offer the outsole almost a natural flexible movement that works in conjunction with every extension of the feet through the gait series. This new technology gives the feeling that the outsole is a second skin.


There is a mix of foams of the Lunar foam enveloped in an IU foam to make this sport shoes for men. The midsole design of this Nike running shoe is shaped to form a wall, which creates a medial side elevation. It creates a lead that simplest produces a corrective measure that is obtrusive best whilst the runner excessively rolls inward after landing. There's balance for impartial runners as nicely, particularly the ones whose form suffers after lengthy hours on the road. The brand new layout works with the 8mm offset for a more effective and smoother heel to toe transition.


The upper is found all over the Flyknit in a 3D manner such that the midsole and an outsole look entirely covered. Nike’s herbal jogging precept at the back of the free line is drastically displayed on this Flyknit. The heel is pretty pliable and completes the second one-skin sensation of the free RN motion. The sock-like match of the upper and the plush interior make running easy inside this Nike shoes.

In men’s tennis shoes reviews the following remarks are made by customers who are currently using these sport shoes for men.

•           The durability is pretty precise, based totally on numerous feedbacks.

•           It’s far very light.

•           The flexibility is relatively designed for greater herbal jogging, stated a few testers.

•           It has plusher cushioning than different unfastened variations.

•           The breathable insurance guarantees a cool and dry run.

•           The traction is versatile even in very difficult terrain conditions.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3

The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 is one the best Nike running shoes for men and designed to give an exceptional protection to its users that love new adventures and has gained popularity even in the court. This is one of the sport shoes for men known to provide a good amount of stability and the mechanics of the shoe is built so that it can absorb a good amount of shock.

The new updates to Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3

Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 size and fit

Among the numerous types of nike this is one of the Nike running shoes with a standard running shoe size. The various constituents which are the heel, midfoot and forefoot are of regular dimensions. Those who are to run like in a tennis game have a shoe that can accommodate them for those with regular foot shapes and also those with feet that are slightly wide. Among the various Nike running shoes for men the width of the Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 is D, available in and B for the women’s. If you have used the old version of these sport shoes for men I guess you will be more satisfied with this one.


The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 is cited as one of the Nike running shoes for men and women that can be used both in wet and dry surfaces like on a clay court as its outsole uses the Dual Density.


Cushioning is enhanced in these Nike running shoes for men as the Terra Kiger 3 is made with an enhanced Phylon full-length midsole. There have being an increase of the midsole foam in this version of the Terra Kiger making it gain 3mm more than the previous version so that the shoe feels lighter and still resilient to cushioning.

The notable Air Zoom technology is found in this brand known to have discrete pressurized pockets that contain air. The air pocket technology permits this Nike to obviously flex whilst running, benevolent an enhanced reactive cushioning.


A newly constructed feature in these Nike running shoes for men is the Flymesh. The role of the Flymesh is to enhance the fit of the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 and its lightweight seamless design giving extraordinary breathability and support. The Dynamic Flywire works with the Flymesh upper in a hand to hand manner. It improves midfoot fit and gives supplementary support with no added load.

The EVA sockliner of the shoe merges the innate curvature of the arch and heel for a better hold up and comfort. In the RunRepeat men’s tennis shoes reviews by customers the following general points of comfort are noticed;

  • The upper seamless design of the Terra Kiger 3 has gained positive remarks from users since it is less irritating to the foot.
  • The inclusion of the Dynamic Flywire system is welcomed by most tennis players and runners, which ameliorates the fit by good integration with the lacing system.
  • The EVA sock liner is in coherence with the shape of the heel and arch, serving as aid to give frame to the foot correctly.
  • Good feedback on the Zoom Air cushioning system known to offer low-profile underfoot by use of pressurized air sacks.
  • According to certain runners and tennis players, the heel crash pad found in this Nike helps to reduce the impact force on the foot when landing.
  • Long lasting protection and traction with the dual density outsole with its multi-directional lugs.

In this same men’s tennis shoes review

•           Some runners felt that it turned into a chunk heavier than the previous version.

•           Others thought that the Kiger three is limited to trail walking.

•           A few stated that the top unit is thicker, hence making it less breathable.


  • Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3

This is one the of best men tennis shoes according to the Tennis Racquet Center. Adidas men’s Adipower Barricade team 3 Tennis Shoes are manufactured with a range of colors. The shoe is made from mesh that helps air flow to preserve the player’s toes dry all the time. Synthetic used inside the top part of the shoe makes it mild in weight. The product measurement is 4.8” X 8.8” X 12.9” and the weight of the shoe is comfy. The outsole of the shoe offers proper traction and durability. It is manufactured in some of the striking colors such as sun Blue, night Silver and steel Silver.


The upper of this shoe is fabricated from synthetic and mesh and these maintain your feet dry and loose from odor on an everyday basis. Keeping them clean is made easy as dirt and dust may be removed without any hassles from the outer element using a clean fabric. The aggregate of synthetic and mesh enables accurate guide and comfortable fit. It contains textile lining and Adiprene at the front of the shoe that provide enhanced performance in forward motion. The consumer will be thrilled with this type of a shoe as it calls for smooth cleaning and preservation.

 	Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3


The stableness of the shoe’s midsole is in addition more suitable through “Torsion system”. It helps in retaining the feet firm. There is the “Adiprene” in this shoe making it one of the best men tennis shoes for men because it reduces shock by absorbing it, the “Adiprene+” is prolonged from the back of the shoe towards the front component and helps propulsion of the forefoot.


The outsole of the tennis offers a tremendous traction as a result of the “Adiwear 6” that's within the shoe. This “Adiwear 6” additionally makes the shoe long lasting and best to be used at the surface of a wide variety. The outer sole facilitates a player in taking swings for the duration of the game.


Top class cushioning is ensured by the “Adiprene” this is underneath the heel of the footwear. The cushioning allows rotational actions without any issue. As one of the most used sport shoes for men it is made to lower the shock that frequently creeps while running or walking on choppy surfaces. Although cushioning appears to make footwear suit tight, however in reality it gives comfortable fitting.


•           Advanced era used in growing the shoe makes it a desired choice for the players.

•           The shoe is a great value for cash as it is long lasting and facilitates the player in making diverse actions.

•           Striking colorings used for the footwear makes it attractive.

•           Perfect midsole & cushioning mechanisms make this shoe one of the best tennis men shoes from Adidas collection.

•           The shoe can be effortlessly maintained and wiped clean due to the artificial fabric used in the shoe.

  • The Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe

This one of the best men tennis shoes for men made by Nike, the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe is available in striking shades. Contrasting hues used within the shoe is certain to draw the eye of the humans when a participant is at the tennis courtroom. These shoes are made to offer the consumer’s toes proper air flow and hold it unfastened from odor. This is a good nike running shoe for men because it can last thanks to the sole made out of rubber which can withstand friction from rough surfaces the players run on. A player can take leaps in numerous directions due to the foot frame which is thoughtfully designed. The shoe light weight allows a player to take fast moves. Shock in this Nike tennis shoe is minimized due to the cushioning under the heels.







The outer layers at the upper part of the shoe are synthetic to maintain the foot firm and bendy in step with the dimensions of the feet to keep it steady.  Synthetic additionally makes the upper part of the shoe long lasting and easy to clean. The “Adaptive fit” used in the making of the shoe offers a further relaxed suit. It’s far owing to this precise feature that the tennis shoe can adapt to the motion of a player’s toes. This version has a wonderful upper part that makes it more potent and durable. The shoe reduces fatigue because it is lighter and cozy.


The sturdiness of the shoe is in addition enhanced through the capabilities inside the midsole of the shoe. The midsoles are tailor-made to provide a firm fit to the person’s feet. The technology of the material used to make the midsole of the Nike men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tennis Tour is such that the shoe gets lighter on the feet of the player so that he can better take on long games reason it is considered one of the best men tennis shoes.


Flex grooves in the outsole maximizes movement throughout a long game. A player can take leaps in various directions. A participant can perform a winning game with a shoe like this that enables taking leaps to strike the balls. ‘Flex grooves’, answers to its name to indicate that it increased the flexibility ability at the same time as a player takes rotational jumps.


Nike Zoom unit below the heel guarantees superior cushioning of this Nike running shoe. When taking leaps there is shock generated as the player lands; so the cushioning absorbs the generated shock keeping the player out of injury. Cushioning also gives comfort across the ankles. The cushions are fantastically responsive while a player takes a jump. This responsive cushion keeps off knee accidents presenting an advantage for an athlete.


•           The footwear is mild in weight and as such there's no danger of ankle, toe or again ache.

•           The mesh used within the shoe keeps the player’s feet dry all the time thus maintains them loose and prevents smell.

•           It assists gamers in taking swings so helps to polish your game

  • The ASICS Men’S GEL resolution® 6 TENNIS SHOE

Listed as one of the best men tennis shoes according to the Tennis Racquet Center, the ASICS men’s GEL resolution Tennis Shoe comes with one-of-a-kind alternatives in hues. Those colorations are contrasting and striking and make the shoes more appealing. The product dimension is four” by eight” by 12” and it has an outside heel. This is one of the satisfactory men’s tennis footwear through Asics. This shoe is designed to play difficult tournaments and to keep off fatigue. The user’s feet can be secured inside the shoe because it has much space on the front part.  The soles permit a player to run around, drag his feet and support faster actions.




The shoe has a fantastic appearance and firm fitting thanks to the upper part of the shoe. There is good news for players who usually drag their toes; with this men tennis shoes is made with a Flexion fit at the upper for firm fit and proper support making the game better. There is additional sturdiness provided by the P-Guard toe protector at the front part of the shoe. This P-guard guides and assists toe draggers take quicker movements. There’s enough area within the front part of the shoe. The top part of the shoe can be cleaned by wiping with a smooth cloth.


The Flexion fit layout inside the midsole guarantees high stability and utmost consolation. FluidRide inside the midsole of the shoe offers more comfort under the foot. The most balance and needed help fis provided by the  midsole of the shoe. The Solyte feature affixed within the midsole plays the assignment of absorbing shock.


The outsole is made from rubber that makes it comfy to be used on any form of court surface. This is one of the best men tennis shoes as it is versatile when it comes to court type. The rubber sole at the outer element is affixed to give maximum durability and fine traction.


The cushioning of the shoe moulds itself in keeping the scale of a player’s feet to maintain a participant whilst taking swings. The level of cushioning is comfy on every single swing taken thanks to the Signature GEL technology. The cushioning enhances the firmness of the shoe and stops the twisting of the footwear and the feet.  All of the attributes listed on this shoe makes it one of the best men tennis shoes for advanced and professional players.


• These footwear are organized for professional players.

• Using these tennis shoes will prevent you from getting feet twist with its new support system found at its middle.

• You economize money because with this one shoes you can go in for all the tennis courts.

  • The NEW stability Men’S MC696 light WEIGHT TENNIS SHOE

New balance guy’s mild weight tennis shoe has a long sturdiness and an aggregate of contrasting colors. It is one of the best men tennis shoes of its kind; the manufacturers constantly keep studying to make this shoe better. The product dimensions are 4” X eight” X 12”. This gives the shoe stability and has the added real benefit of being mild in weight.



The top a part of the shoe is synthetic that gives its light weight and allows a player take leaps without problems. Using this shoe you are guaranteed of having dry feet as it provides ventilation through the upper. Properly-ventilated footwear does not permit the gamers to easily get fatigue. Athletes are kept equipped to play for a longer duration and deliver the first-class performance. New stability is driven within the footwear after amazing studies to offer a good shape and best balance. The tongue of the shoe is padded and the upper layer is manufactured from mesh. The heel collar of the shoe makes it lovely.


Midsole are a layer that is made to soak up surprise and hold a participant’s feet covered from injuries. The center component has a “die-cut” insole for extra consolation; the take in foam inside the center part of the shoe gives a company match. The EVA inside the midsole makes the shoe light in weight.


Traction is increased to provide a better experience to the user thanks to the outsole of the shoe with slanted parallel lines. The “Herringbone” outsole presents the vital traction to perform great in tennis courts. The shoe is made to be extra long lasting as it has the “endurance” cloth used during the manufacturing of the shoe. All the resistant and strong material that turns to give this shoe a long lasting life also makes it versatile in terms of tennis courts.


The cushioning of the shoe offers top notch assist. The user’s toes will alter properly within the shoe and feel the comfort. It is a great desire for beginners and expert players who want to play relaxed tennis sport in courts. Cushioning and responsiveness are increased in this shoe as compared to others with the ABZORB technology.


• It helps in keeping a perfect stability. Players feel at ease as it is mild in weight.

• These sport shoes keep the toes cool and dry as the feet are meant to get good ventilation.

• The exterior design of this tennis shoe is fashionable to be admired by many players.

Customer review

TIM IN OHIO on August eight, 2015 in a men’s tennis shoes review on amazon gave the following comment

For a lightweight shoe it is authentic for lightweight shoes I hate this shoe. All that stated, they look great, seem to be constructed nicely, are really mild and carry out well. If thinking about, preserve width in mind, and these tennis shoes are made for those who want performance.



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