Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Magento Developer

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Magento is the fastest growing and probably the most used platform in the realm of eCommerce due to its powerful existence, added features, and functionalities. Nearly 26.8% of world’s top eCommerce websites are being developed using Magento platform. But, it doesn’t end here, the number is expected to increase in upcoming time as more people are buying online and retailers are growing their sales with the power of Magento development.



Due to the complex coding structure, Magento requires great skills and expertise to come up with an appealing, fast, and engaging website. Now due to the complexity of hardcore coding, it’s important to hire only dedicated and professional experts who are certified at Magento development.

Aiming to help you make a smart choice when hiring a professional development partner, we’d like to share some queries that can be made before making a final decision of hiring a professional.

#1. For How Many Years The Developers Have Been Working on Magento?

Experience matters, in fact it matters more when you are dealing with the web development thing. So, the most important question to put when interviewing the outsourcing company is their overall experience and the number of developers they have in the team. Don’t forget to ask if they are certified in Magento or not.

You may get a variety of answers for it and based on your project requirements you can easily opt development services. So, make sure to go with the organization that is possessing minimal 5 years of industry experience.


#2. Do You Use Automated Theme or Create a Custom theme?

This question is going to help you identify the technical skills of your agency or the developer itself. The prime reason behind this is to know the developer’s ability that how he manages website development.

While both the options are great, but having expertise in both can be a great benefit. For example, if you need something unique and want some additional functionalities to your site, a customized theme will be a great choice. You are able to modify and update whatever and whenever you want as per business requirements.

#3. Will my website Be Responsive or Not?

Now that we’re living in the mobile world, everything is going compact with people slanting towards accessing stuff via desktops, tablets and smartphones. So, if you are not mobile-friendly, there’s no chances to grow. Responsiveness needs to be integrated to each business website as in this technology world.

Make sure to ask your Magento developers if they are expert to carry out the website development incorporating responsiveness. Overlooking this feature can lead to great disaster as over 70% online searches are made via mobile devices.

#4. What Features do You Integrate in My Website?

One of the greatest things about Magento is the wide range of Premium Magento Extensions you get. You can ask your developers if they are capable of using and installing required extensions to your website.

Also, don’t forget to check their ability to create custom Magento development as you may want to integrate something that is not available in the market. Using Magento extensions is the only way you can fulfill the shoppers’ demands by making your website enough useful to them without doing too much customization on website.

#5. What Will You Do To Make My Website SEO Friendly?

Without a doubt, Magento is an SEO-friendly platform that completely supports to incorporate SEO practices for better results. Despite having an SEO-friendly structure, Magento requires certain techniques to be applied. Before making the final decision, make sure to ask your developer or the agency for the tactics they’re going to apply to boost the ranking of your future website.

Additionally, you can also look for a suitable Magento SEO package, if available with the same development company. May be you can get some additional services at a discounted price.


#6. Will my Website Be Secure From Negative Elements?

The eCommerce marketplace is the prime target of the cyber attackers as transactions of millions are taking place every day. So, it’s important to know if your development partner is capable enough to make your website strong and secure to stay protected from the cyber attackers.

While Magento itself is one of the safest platforms available and Magento constantly working towards making it even better, but it’s important to ask if your development partners have complete knowledge of implementing the security tricks to the website. If yes, then make sure to know the process how they’re going to help protect your website from hackers.

#7. Will You Provide Support & Maintenance To My Website?

Before reaching final decision of hiring a professional and certified Magento developer, make sure to check if you’re going to get future support & maintenance of the project. After all, you may need to get some minor changes done in the future, so it can be a great support to save money on the changes that may be required in future.

Ask your selected company if they can provide support after website launch. It may include some minor changes like template installation, etc. if they are comfortable with it then put a question regarding their communication channels. Communicating through Skype is always the better option. Once you get to know, you can take the final decision.

Final Words:

In order to create a compelling and engaging website that is free from security threats and works better in accordance with the search engine rules, a Magento developer must be able to provide satisfactory answers all the above-mentioned questions.

The aforementioned queries of this article will not only assist you in looking for the best development professionals, but will also encourage you to know what it takes to come up with a fully-functional website that is engaging enough to attract more sales.

Going for a freelance developer may seem a cheaper option, but it’s better not to compromise with the quality as a professional company can deliver what you’re just expecting, and sometimes even better than what you expected. 

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