How to Install Google Chrome on your iPad

By Immaculate Mary

Google Chrome is one of the most common browsers encountered in most electronic gadgets today. Most Smartphones, iPads use this browser. This browser was developed and published on September 2, 2008 by Google. It was designed to be used in Microsoft Windows, and later on the browser was ported to Linux, macOS, iOS (iPhone operating system) and today we find it in Andriod. One of the main components of Chrome OS (Chrome operating system) is Google chrome whereby it serves as a platform for running web apps. Google Chrome has 63% usage share of web browser worldwide as estimated by StatCounter (2017 statistics). Google Chrome is the most popular browser used in Smartphones, and successes from this browser have resulted in Google expansion in terms of chrome brand name. Hence, there exist product names such as Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebase, Chromebox and Chromebit. With a chosen Google account, Google Chrome permits its users to synchronize their history, bookmarks, and settings across all devices. This synchronization is simply achieved through the sending and receiving of data through the chosen Google account. This in turn updates all cases of signed –in of Chrome. Chrome makes use of two tracking mechanisms (optional and non-optional) through which information is sent to Google. Through the installation interface and the browser’s option dialogue, some of the tracking mechanisms can be optionally disabled or enabled. Features from the browser are removed using the unofficial builds such as SRWare Iron. Google Chrome is highly stabilized and provides security. The management processes of Google Chrome includes a task manager which lets users know what plugins and sites use the most memory, overusing the central processing unit (CPU), downloading the most bytes, thus , provides an ability to stop them. Google Chrome has three identical logos, which have just a slight variation (variation in colour intensity and the first logo developed was a 3Dimensional logo.

Back, forward, refresh, cancel, and menu buttons are all included in the main user interface. By default, the home button is absent but can be added through the setting page. The main components of Google Chrome’s user interface are the Tabs and each has its own set of controls. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) box that merges the functions of the address bar and the search box is commonly known as the Omnibox. The Omnibox which can also be used as a search engine is very similar to the traditional web browser address. This Omnibox is capable of answering questions and performing mathematical calculation. With Google Chrome, suggestions on previously visited sites or very popular websites are usually given when a user starts typing in the Omnibox.  Google Chrome usually conducts a search using the default search engine when a user types keywords that do not match any previously visited websites into the Ominbox. The fact that the New Tab Page can replace the browser home page and is usually displayed when a new tap is created is one of the key differentiating features of Google Chrome. The thumbnails of the nine most visited websites, recent bookmarks, frequent searches, and recently closed taps are always revealed. This is very similar to internet Explorer or Firefox. Several versions of Google have been developed and each version is always better than the previous version (see www.googlechrome download). Google introduced Google Chrome apps in September 2013. This was designed for desktops.

Google Chrome for iPad

It gives so much pleasure and flexibility using the Google’s Chrome browser for iPhone operating system on iPad, although it is not best to recommend that someone relies only on Google Chrome as the main iPhone operating system web browser. IPad is a computer tablet developed and marketed by Apple Inc. This tablet uses the mobile iPhone operating system (iOS). IPads are of different models and sizes and the first iPad was released in 2010. The latest model was developed on June 13, 2017, and all can connect through Wi-Fi. Google Chrome for iPad does not offer an extra speed but synchronization of your browsers among devices is very possible. Another good browser that works on iPad is safari. With Google Chrome for iPad, the familiar tab bar appears exactly like its desktop counterpart. There is a possibility of opening many tabs as you like on your iPad. It clearly displays an X to close any tabs and there is the possibility of rearranging tabs by dragging them side to side. You can add a current page to your bookmarks simply be pressing the star in the address bar. It is possible for Google to know where you are and what you are doing at any time just by signing into a Google account.  Synchronization of history, tabs, bookmarks, password and your Chrome browsing preferences is also very possible. With Google Chrome on your iPad, more time is saved when searching or trying to get into a site because the browser is capable of auto completing common Uniform Resource Locators (URL). The browser is clever enough to auto complete even for sites that you have not visited. Working with Google Chrome on your iPad offers a lot of advantages but switching to it full time is not the best idea. The fact that Google Chrome has a pull-to-refresh gesture which updates the user on latest information from the web in the mobile browser is also another good advantage. The complete absence of sharing options through email, tweet and other means is one disadvantage of working with this browser. There is no possibility of setting Google Chrome as your default web browser because Apple does not permit users to set third-party apps as default. How to download chrome and other apps on iPad is still a problem to some people. The procedure on how to download Chrome varies depending on the type and brand of the gadget. www.googlechrome clearly list the different versions of Google Chrome, with information on which version is suitable for various systems

Installation of Google Chrome on your iPad

In underdeveloped countries, many youths are not very familiar with Apple products. They tend to look at iPad and iPhones as gadgets with very complicated technological systems. The simple fact is that, many types and models of smartphones exist (Samsung, LG, Tecno, itel, and others) that use very similar and common operating systems. How to download Chrome and other app on these phones requires that you create a Google account. With a Google account already created, downloading Google Chrome on the phone or tablet is very easy. You just have to visit the App Store. When you are there, you can either

-       scroll up and down until you come across Google Chrome app or

-        you simply search by typing Google Chrome.

With this found, simply click on install. When this is done, download is launched and automatically your phone downloads the app. When the Google Chrome app has been downloaded, the terms of agreement appear. Read this terms then scroll down to the bottom and click on install. Installation will take just a few moments then you can enjoy. This is same way you use to download any other app on App Store.   


This is not the case with gadgets that uses the iPhone operating system (iOS) like the iPad. The very first step on how to download Google Chrome app on an iPad is to create an Apple ID. It is basically the first and most important step in downloading and installation of any app on an iOS device. When this is achieved, downloading and installing Google Chrome app is very easy. Access to downloading Google Chrome app and other apps and services (Apple music, FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage and many more) on the iPad App Store is granted through the account labeled Apple ID. This is what makes Apple gadgets very unique from other common android systems. With just a single Apple ID and password, you can sign in to and enjoy all services provided by Apple.

How to create an Apple ID on your iPad: Creating an Apple ID on an iPad is relatively simple. Both iPhone and iPad follows the same procedure in creating an Apple ID since they both make use of a common operating system. The Apple account otherwise known as iTunes account is the most important account when you have an iPad. This section gives the step by step procedure to create an Apple account because without this account, it is practically impossible to download Google Chrome on your tablet. It is worthy to note that the same way Google Chrome is downloaded and launched on your desktop or laptop computer using iTunes still applies. Creating an Apple account on an iPad is relatively less complicated compared to that of creating on desktop or laptop computer. It is always good to have an email address when creating an account be it Apple account, Google account and many more accounts.

With your iPad in your hand, first thing to do is to tap the settings. When it opens then select or tap iCloud. After this, there are two more considerations to make. Scroll to the bottom of the page or screen and sign out if you are currently signed into an Apple ID. It should be noted that there are number of steps to follow when signing out of the Apple ID. If not currently signed into the Apple ID then simply scroll to the bottom of the screen and while there you will see “Create a new Apple ID.” Tap on this instruction.

When “create a new Apple ID” has been tapped, the next instructions are very simple and each page has one purpose. Fill in your birthday and click on Next. On the next page that opens, you will find spaces to fill in your names, then, tap next. After this, choose any existing email address of your choice to use with the Apple ID. If you don’t have an email address, create a new one and continue. Enter the email address then click on next. You will be provided with a space to create your password. It is always advisable to choose a password that is stronger so that someone who knows you cannot easily assess your account. Most often many used their real names, date of birth or name of home town. People closer to you can easily assess the account by trying any of these. It is therefore advisable that your password should be a combination of certain names and some figures known only to you. After this then tap Next.

The next pages request that you enter three security questions. This is generally any question of your choice. Examples of such questions can be; what is your favorite meal? Who so is best teacher? Or who is your best aunt/uncle. Fill in simple security question that you will not forget and if you choose to enter complicated questions, note them on a sheet of paper and keep it safe. In case you have a problem with your Apple ID or in case you forget your password, you may be requested to enter these three security questions. Simply tap “Next” after entering the third security question, your Apple ID is created and ready to be used. It is advisable to verify this by signing in with your Apple ID.

On the other hand, you can decide to visit the Apple website (http://appleid.apple.com/account#!&page=create) to create an Apple ID. Enter the same information requested from the previous procedure (email address for your Apple ID, password, three security questions) then tap continue. When this is done, Apple will immediately send you a 6-digit confirmation code to your chosen email address. Simply enter this 6-digit confirmation code on the website and create your Apple ID by clicking on “Verify.”

Download and install Google Chrome on your iPad: With your Apple ID already created, downloading and installing Google Chrome app on your iPad is relatively simple. To install Google Chrome on your iPad requires a very brief procedure. You don’t download Google Chrome; follow certain procedures as you do on certain computer software before the installation of Google Chrome. The first step you need to take to download and install Google Chrome is that

-        you should visit the App Store. There in the play store, scroll up and down until you fine Google Chrome app. You can decide to search by typing Google Chrome app which is relatively faster and easier. You will easily identify the Google Chrome app by its icon.

-       To download Google Chrome, simply tap “Get” and to install the Google Chrome app, simply click on install.

-       To complete this process (downloading and installing Google Chrome), enter your Apple ID, then click on Ok.

-       Visit your home screen and tap on the Chrome app to start browsing.

There are several ways to download and install Google Chrome on your iPad. With a different browser on your iPad, you can make several requests by either typing Google Chrome download or install Google Chrome. This browser will navigate the command. Generally, your request will be navigated to App store and from there; you can follow the procedure above. By visiting the site; www.googlechrome  you will gain access to download and install Google Chrome on your iPad. On www.googlechrome download you will find Google Chrome for android, some reviews on the software and information on how to download and install Google Chrome.

Summarily, how to install Google Chrome on your iPad involves two phases; download Google Chrome, then install Google Chrome. Although these phases are separate, they appear to run simultaneously on some gadgets because once you locate the App on App store, click on “install” then the downloading process will start. By clicking on ‘Get’ on App Store on your iPad, the downloading process sets in. To carry this out in the installation phase, there is a need to use an Apple ID. With your Apple ID, how to download Google Chrome and install is not a problem if you follow the procedures discussed above.

Some advantages of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is capable of opening as many tabs as you want. The fact that it has the ability to open unlimited tabs makes it better than some browsers like Safari which is capable of opening just 9 tabs.

Another advantage of using Google Chrome is that of synchronization and the fact that it is build with voice search. While working on something, voice search is advisable, thus the inconvenience with typing and working at the same time is solved. Google Chrome also has the ability to remember passwords. More information on Google Chrome over is presented on www.googlechrome download.




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