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The perspiration on body, armpits, feet etc. makes bacteria attack on the body which creates a body odour that is not pleasant. Who loves an embarrassing situation where your body starts to have that unpleasant odour? Nobody right! That’s why use of deodorants is suggested. Sometimes our body is sensitive to sprays or perfumes that’s when you are recommended to use deodorants as they are not so harsh on chemicals. The biggest reason to avoid it is the fear of darker armpits. VI-john has a wide range of deodorant range for your body; it has St. John, Archies, and then VI-John.

St. John has strong smells in it like cobra range. We consider sometimes when you are doing a hardworking and physical work then you sweat a lot and that causes a lot of body odour so you need something that can last for hours and does not cause an uncomfortable situation.

Generally we get confused on which one to go for perfumes or deodorants because we think both work same but actually they both are very different. Deodorants help us sweat less and keep you refreshed whereas perfumes are for the body to smell good if you have good brand. So, next time to clear your confusions here is the difference between perfumes and deodorants-

  • Deodorants help you remove fragrance generated by bacterial attack.
  • In general society bad body odour is not considered as civilised person’s quality so next time when you want to mask your bad body odour we would suggest you to go for deodorant.
  • They also tend to have perfume fragrances or essential oils added to them. A deodorant can be compared to an antiperspirant to a certain extent.
  • We can use it on body.
  • Fragrant oils that are 6-15% by volume in 80% solution of alcohol. 

Whereas Perfumes

  • Perfumes are mixture of fragrant essential oils/aroma compounds, and solvents.
  • It is generally used on clothes not on body.
  • Contains 15-25% of fragrance oil in pure ethyl alcohol.
  • Lasts for Around 6-8 hours

Presently we are focusing on the deodorant brands for men in the market for the men and VI-John is one of the top ten choices in the market. Our perfumes, deodorants and sprays are highly in demand in the market be it any region of the country or world. The deodorants are available in the market as well as on the online websites like flipkart, amazon, ebay, shoclues and vijohnkart etc. The availability on online made the access easy for the people, while sitting at home they can just click and buy whatever they want. We aim at how efficiently we are targeting the each citizen of the country so that’s why we think being online is a very good opportunity not just for us but for the people as well.

You can easily go through various fragrances available according to your body type, then you can also see the offers available on websites, what discounts you can go for and what products are profitable to choose. Now, don’t be so confused when you go for buying next time. Either going for deodorants or perfumes or deosprays just make it clear that those are suitable for your skin and you know what you are using it for.  

Don’t you try to know more and more when you are going to buy something new. Especially, when it is an important purchase like perfumes, women love fragrance, they don’t want to go wrong with it and smell either of sweat after two hours or more of a perfume box. We always want it balanced. VI john is a maker of so many personal care products and we also produce perfumes for women as well. The fragrance is inspired with the woman, its long lasting, mild, aromatic that will keep a mark wherever you go.

We have long lasting fragrance that will give you confidence and will give an impression of hygienic. The perfume range is available as VI-John and Archies. Just like women love men who smell great same is for woman because men love woman who smell pleasant. The body odour can change a lot of things in your day to day routine; it can give you confidence, elegance, presentation and impression as well. Our concept was to give you a lifestyle that gives you a luxury experience at an affordable price range. Indian population has a mind-set of buying things that are not just best but also low in expense. So we as an organisation thought of coming up with something that will serve the people’s cause and will also be pocket friendly. The beautiful transparent slim bottles packaging that with lure you to buy and try it at least once. We can promise you that once you own this amazing fragrance you will not regret it for sure. You must have heard a lot of times about various brands that have great smell but they do not last long but with VI-John you can surely have the aroma throughout the day. Market is full of various fragrances but what makes us different is the longevity we offer.

We give the best perfumes for men and woman in both ranges, they have a unique flavour and we all like wearing perfumes for various reasons  it man or woman but what is common of all is

  • To be presentable outside, we don’t want to smell weird when we are around people.
  • Confidence-believe it or not if your body odour is balanced it surely helps you being confident.
  • Good impression- When you are going out on a date and you want to be an impression on the first date only that is why we wear perfumes.
  • Less sweat and bacterial attack- Sometimes it’s also about you do not want to get attacked by bacteria while you are sweating continuously. A lot of people sweat and get bacterial allergies on their bodies and smell very bad.

Vi-John perfumes are easily available in the market with various fragrance options, not just retail buying we are also into online and ecommerce marketing as well, where you can purchase your favourite perfumes, deodorants, deosprays and whatever other product that interests you can add it to the cart and buy it online by choosing your mode of payment and you can get it delivered to your registered address. When people are being good with gadget and technology is getting advanced the thing that falls on our side is that we have access to internet and we don’t have to look for places to shop our desirable things we can just go to the app or website and shop anything. 



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