Car Alarm Systems

By Chantal

With the advancement in technology man does not only seek to enjoy a very high standard of living but ensures living in a safe and happy environment. Security measures can not be fully ensured with the simple observation, thus the application of complex security measures.

The invention and introduction of car alarm systems has played a vital role in discouraging theft in our society. Without car alarm systems, vehicles can easily be stolen. A car equipped with a car alarm emits sounds with very high volume which alerts the car owner or people around. Car alarms are very common in the society nowadays. The sound emitted by the car alarm system varies. It could be a siren, the car’s horn, klaxon or verbal warning which was pre-recorded. When alarm triggering conditions are met, not only the high volume sound is heard but most often it is accompanied by flashing some of the light of the car. Sometimes the car owner is notified through a paging system (either a single or multiple electrical circuits required to start the car engine is interrupted).

Car alarm was invented in 1913. This old version of car alarm was armed manually and triggered when someone attempts to crank the engine. Later on, in 1916, another version which was better was invented. This later works with a remote starter whereby the car owner moves around with a receiver (the receiver sounds with a “buzz” in case the ignition system of the car is tampered with). Although car alarms serves to hinder car theft, one can mistakenly misappropriate it for immobilizers. Car alarms and immobilizers serve the same purpose in stopping car theft but completely different in function. Immobilizers do not make any sound as the car alarm does. It simply prevents the car engine from running after the thief has gained access into the car. Car alarm simply alerts the car owner in case someone touches or wants to gain access into the car. These inventions (car alarm and immobilizers) therefore improve car security.

There are basically two categories of car alarms in which each comes with a mix of features. Usually car alarms are armed and disarmed using a remote. These two categories include; the OEM and the Aftermarket.

  • OEM alarms: This category of car alarm is built into the car at the factory. Usually, they are armed and disarmed using the vehicle’s keyless entry remote. Most often, the cylinders in the door of the front passenger or the door of the driver activate switches. Upon usage of the key in any of these front doors, the alarm will either arm or disarm. With some vehicles, disarming requires the turn on of the ignition.
  • Aftermarket car alarms: This category of car alarms is equipped into the car after the car has been built and taken out the factory. They are usually armed or disarmed with the help of a remote. Usually, disarming does not require the provision of a key cylinder but there is always a hidden override switch mounted somewhere.

Alarm triggers: Alarm triggers vary from car to car depending on the mark of the car, car model. It also depends on the brand and model of the car alarm especially for the aftermarket car alarms. Aftermarket car alarms are universally designed, that is, they are compatible with all 12-volt negative ground electrical systems. The one carmaker’s vehicles are exempted.

OEM car alarms are triggered on an attempt to gain access into the car either from the door or through the trunk. With this type of system the door lock mechanism has switches incorporated into it. On the other hand, in some vehicles, pin switches, micro switches, or mercury switches are usually integrated into the latch. OEM car alarm can also be triggered upon the opening of the hood. Very few have shock sensors that can trigger an alarm. In some higher end models, motion sensors are installed.

The simplest of aftermarket car alarms comprises of a siren and control module. A shock sensor and two wires connected to the battery of the car are peculiar to the most common aftermarket car alarms. This common type of aftermarket car alarm is simply triggered by vibration. Open vibration, impulses are sent to the shock sensor, which thus indicates a change in voltage input. This voltage input is therefore interpreted as an attempt by someone trying to open the door, or the trunk, or the ignition is being turned on. The sensitivity and the mode of function of this car alarm result in false alarm frequently, and hence, making a lot of noise in the environment. Wires individually connected to the vehicle’s electronics are peculiar to the more sophisticated aftermarket car alarms. Usually, these sophisticated car alarms have power and ground inputs, including both the negative and positive switch door circuits. They also have ignition-switch circuits, so that upon ignition or when ignition is turned on, the alarm is triggered and alarm sets in. There is also a situation in aftermarket car alarms whereby the shock sensors may be built into the control module or just external to the control module.

Also, the aftermarket can be purchased alongside optional sensors. They are usually purchased separately. In this case a particular sensor causes the car to alarm on particular movements not just general vibrations. In this case false alarms are avoided. The tilt sensor which comes in digital or mercury gives an alert when the vehicle is tilted (an alert to towing). The accuracy of the digital sensor is higher since it can set itself. Hence, placing a car on a hill will avoid false triggers.

Also a sound discriminator or glass breakage sensor is available. This sensor triggers the car alarm upon sensing the sound of glass breaking. Motion inside or outside the vehicles are usually sensed by proximity, infrared or motion sensors. Infrared or motion sensors are mostly installed on convertible or T-top vehicles. All these sensors mentioned (tilt sensor, sound discriminator or glass sensor, proximity, infrared or motion sensors) can be adjusted to avoid false alarms. Someone just passing beside the car can trigger the proximity sensor hence a false alarm. This is very common in parking lots when someone is entering or exiting the parking lot. Also, false alarm can come about when there is a loud noise in the area. Hence, the shock sensor whose function depends on vibration will be triggered.

Active/Passive Car Alarms, Two-Way Paging Car Alarms and the Audible Car Alarms.

In a measure to increase car security, car alarms have been designed in different ways and types. There is therefore a need to understand these different types of car alarms, how they operate, to better understand how to protect your car from thieves. It is important to know that car security is not limited to stealing cars but protecting important electronics and other important items in your car or in the trunk. For example, there are situations where car owners park their cars at parking lots with laptops, money, car jakes, clothes and other important items. Sometimes thieves break into cars just steal car parts such as radio. Good car security is therefore needed and whatever type of car security measure used, it must be properly understood.

Active and Passive car alarms: Car alarms basically make use of two activation methods, that is, the active activation method and the passive activation method. When the door is closed and the ignition turned off, the passive alarms enter an armed state automatically. On the other hand, the active works differently whereby there is a need to press the transmitter button to arm or disarm the system. There is a possibility of getting an insurance discount when you set your alarm to arm passively. Most alarms can therefore be configured to be armed actively or passively. There is a risk of your car being stolen if one hesitates to install the alarm after acquiring the system. Therefore, both the alarm system and a stereo system should be put in at the same time or the alarm system should be put before a stereo system.

Two-Way Paging Car alarms: There is a two-way communication between the alarm and the fob on the driver’s key ring in a two-way paging car alarm. Commonly with basic alarm in which activation or deactivation of the alarm is indicated by the vehicles lights, the two-way paging car alarms can easily send information on the car’s status up to a mile away. The information communicated to the car owner is not limited to the alarm simply being activated but it can tell the car owner if someone breaks into the car. This is therefore one of the best car alarm systems and it is a very good car security invention.

Audible car alarms: This is the most common type of car alarm system frequently encountered in parking lots. It is the simplest car alarm. With this type, sensors are positioned in different points of the car, and any disturbance activates the alarm giving out a loud sound (the sound is usually from a loud horn hidden somewhere in the car). The sensors placed on a car have different levels of sensitivity and can detect the slightest movement around the car. A certain threshold of vibration from movements must be attained before the alarm gives the high sounding alert. Car alarm sensors whose degree of sensitivity can be adjusted constitute the best car alarm system. With this kind of car sensor, one can decide to reduce the level of sensitivity depending on the environment. For example, if the level of sensitivity of the car sensors are not adjusted (by a reduction in the level of sensitivity), in a parking lot, the coming in or exiting of a car or someone, will definitely result in a false alarm. This is because these high sensitive sensors will sense ground vibration, sound and proximity of the car coming in or exiting the parking lot. Similar scenario applies when one parks a car around a play ground or in an environment where heavy machines are being used.

Types and Models of Car Alarm Systems

Viper Car Alarm Systems

  • Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + Security System: This is one of the best car alarm systems and the greatest in Smartphone technology. It is the latest Viper alarm which falls under the category of two-way paging car alarms. Before this model was invented, one could only control his car system using only a two-way remote control device. With this model of viper alarm, one can now communicate or control his car’s security system by simply using a smart phone virtually from anywhere. To use a Viper Smart Start VSS5X10, one requires a compatible electronic device, or get a Smart Start system. After acquiring this, then download into your Smartphone the Smart Start app to enable you run this viper car alarm smoothly. With this application set up, get information on security alerts to easily command confirmation on the smart phone. This model of viper alarm permits keyless entry, GPS compatibility. It also allows remote starting and other important benefits to enjoy. Acquiring this is very advantageous because Viper gives a free 60-day service trial. This type of car alarm otherwise regarded as the viper car alarm is retailed at 699.00 dollars though it has been revealed online that one can acquire it at 300dollars. Viper has several models of viper alarms with Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 being just one of them.

Pros: Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 is the first available model of car alarm systems that permits someone to control and communicate with his car from anywhere. It only requires a good Smartphone with a Smart Start app installed in it and a Smart Start system (which has to be purchased).

Cons: Although this is the latest technology which is more advanced, this particular design of Viper alarm is very expensive with the lowest price being 275 dollars. It is available on Amazon.


  • Viper Value one-way Security + Remote Start System: This model of viper alarm system is sophisticated and the features it offers are almost similar to that of its two way counterpart (the viper Colour OLED two-way security + Remote start system). This car alarm system functions without a powerful OLED (organic light emitting diode) remote. With a push button, one can trigger the alarm and immobilize the car. This model does not give you access to on-screen alerts. As one moves beyond half a mile, the remote stops working. The system does not work with smart phones as in the case of the Viper Smart Start VSS5X10.

Pros: There is a possibility of upgrading this one way model of Viper alarm to a two- way model. It is relatively cheaper (it is available on Amazon and the lowest price is 40 dollars) and very important as far as car security is concerned. It can easily alert you in case someone is trying to gain access into your car.

Cons: communication with your car alarm system only happens within 1,320 feet of the car. Sometimes it is difficult to know if someone is trying to tamper with your car since the system is one-way.


  • Viper Colour OLED two-way security + Remote start system: This model of viper alarm system is also one of the best car alarm systems although not as good as the Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + Security System. This design does not have the ability to work with a Smartphone through an app. It has a range of sophisticated features which include; shock sensor and a starter kill. The starter kill immobilizes the car and also help in protecting it from hot wiring whereas the shock sensor helps in distinguishing light blows and heavy impacts. Hence, false alarm is avoided. When triggered it gives out a very loud alert. The Viper colour OLED two-way has 6-tone siren. This enables it to emit light chirps for small or minimal impacts and 120-decibel alarm for heavy impacts. This sound given out when the vehicle receives heavy blows is so loud and unbearable to the ears of the thief trying to have access into your car. The remote control of this system is highly advanced and aesthetical. It permits a two way communication between the car and its owner and from a distance of one mile away from the car; one can still control the alarm system. The colorful user interface permits you to start your car, view the car security alerts and also pop its trunk. One can acquire this car alarm system at 305 dollars.

Pros: Highly aesthetical digital interface

Cons: The remote cannot function beyond a distance of one mile as compared to theViper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + Security system which permits you to operate your car alarm system from anywhere.


  • Viper’s Model 3606V one-way Security System: although this is a one-way system alarm, it is capable of preventing thieves from stealing your car or have access to important items you have placed in your car. Starter kill to prevent hot-wiring and a dual stage shock sensor are some of the features common with Viper 3606V. There is also a 6-tone siren that gives out a warning chirp upon light impact but if intrusion persists (high impact), the system unleashes an ear-splitting blast chasing the intruders away and calling on the attention of others. This is also one of the best car alarm system that gives you car security assurance when you are either in a bar or shop. Viper 3606 has five auxiliary channels permitting you to add remote control functions. This means just with your remote, you can release the trunk, turn the headlights or radio on, or open the sunroof. Other features include a valet switch and a bright blue LED (light emitting diode) status. This one-way viper alarm has an operation range of a quarter mile.

Pros: Five auxiliary channels, 6-tone siren that enhances car security.

Cons: The communication or operation range is limited to a quarter mile.


  • Viper 7656V one-way Remote Security System: the Viper’s 7656V 5-button one way remote can easily replace lost or damage remotes for other viper car security and remote start systems (working with Viper 3620V, Viper 4606V remote start, Viper 5606 and Viper 5706V remote start and security system). It permits you to arm and disarm, lock and unlock the car alarm with the remote from a distance. Other features include a “panic” button, batteries, auxiliary features, and has a communication range of up to a quarter mile.

Pros: A one-way replacement remote which can replace lost or damage remotes of select Viper systems.

Cons: Its communication range is limited to a quarter mile. Someone can have access to your car security system


  • Viper 7856V two-way LED Remote Security System: This is very similar to the Viper 7656V one-way Remote Security System except for the fact that it is a two-way remote system. The Viper 7856V two-way LED remote also replaces damaged or lost remotes, implying it also works with select Viper car security and remote start systems. Auxiliary features like trunk release are available. Other features like the “panic” button and batteries are also present. Just with the remote you can lock and unlock, arm and disarm, and the LED helps in giving confirmation signals on any command given to the car alarm system. It has a range of operation up to one mile making it better than theViper 7656V one-way Remote Security System.

Pros: A two-way replacement remote that replaces damaged or lost remote of other models of viper alarm models. LED display gives confirmation signals on any command given to the car alarm system. It has up to one mile communication range.

Cons: A second user have can access to your car’s security system or the start system.

  • Viper 7756V two-way LCD Remote Security System: This is another model of viper alarm system which is very similar to the Viper 7856V two-way LED Remote Security System and the Viper 7656V one-way Remote Security System. They all have similar features like the “panic” button, batteries, auxiliary features, and the ability to lock and unlock, arm and disarm with a remote. The LCD (liquid crystal display) remote can also replace lost or damaged remotes of the other models of viper car security and remote start systems. It permits a two-way communication between the vehicle owner and the car alarm system. A confirmation on any command given to the car alarm system is indicated by the LCD screen. It has a communication range of up to one mile.

Pros: LCD screen enables you to get confirmation of commands given to the car alarm system and the range of operation is up to one mile.

Cons: A second user can access your car security system.


  • Viper Model 5305V Remote Start Security System: This is another car alarm system produced by viper. With the remote, you can lock and unlock, arm and disarm the car auto alarm system. It is possible to warm or start your car from a distance of a quarter mile with the remote. You can also use the remote to pop open the trunk and unlock the doors. This viper alarm which is an auto alarm system has an LCD screen which enables you to get confirmations on the commands that you have given to the car security system. In very cold environments where temperatures approach zero degrees Fahrenheit, you can program the Viper 5305V to keep the car engine warm. You can decide to warm the car engine by automatically starting the car with your remote every three hours. Viper 5305V also comes along with important features like the 6-tone siren which gives out a warning chirp upon light impacts caused by someone, and unleashes an ear-splitting blast if the intruder persists to the gain access into the car. This ear-splitting blast will definitely scare thieves away or call on the attention of people around the car. Others features include the dual stage shock sensor and the Starter kill. Hot wiring is prevented by this Starter kill. A control center with a valet switch and a bright LED status indicator is always included in the package of this model of viper car alarm. Viper 5305 has four auxiliary cannels which permits the addition of other functions like the rear window defogger or turning on the interior lights. It is compatible with any Viper Smart Start module which implies that you can start your car with your Smartphone. Since you can control the auto alarm system with your Smartphone, its range of operation or communication is unlimited (you can control the alarm system from anywhere).

Pros: Bright LED status indicator, 6-tone siren, compatibility with any Viper Smart Start module. You can control the auto alarm system from anywhere.


  • Viper Model 5606V Remote Start Security System: Viper 5606V is another car alarm system that enables you to the start your car from a distance with a remote. One can start a car 2000 feet away with its remote. It enables you to warm the car engine in very cold weathers and how often you start the car to warm the engine depends on you. The remote permits you to lock and unlock, arm and disarm, open the door or pop open the trunk. This auto alarm system is very similar to the Viper Model 5305V Remote Start Security System in terms of functions and features. Common features include the Starter kill, a dual stage shock sensor, and a 6-tone siren. The function of the Starter kill is to prevent hot-wiring as mentioned earlier. When a very light shock is impacted, the system gives out a warning chip, and when a heavy shock is impacted, the system releases an ear-splitting blast that scares intruders away or call for attention. A bright blue LED status indicator and a control with a valet switch are always included in its package. The system also comes with a four auxiliary channels, compatible with any Smart Start system as in theViper Model 5305V Remote Start Security System. There is therefore no limit in communication range as in other viper alarm systems.


  • Viper Smart Start VSS5000 Security and Remote Start System: the remote of this car security system has just four buttons which makes operation very easy. The remote start system permits a two-way communication between the car owner and the car security system. It is compatible with Smart Start module which enables the car owner to communicate with the car security system through Smart Start app installed in his Smartphone. This product requires installation by professionals. It is also one of the best car alarm systems that Viper produces since with the Smartphone, one can communicate with the car alarm system from anywhere (range of communication is not limited).


Pros: a four button remote which makes operation very easy, compatible with Smart Start module. It has an unlimited communication range.

Cons: It is expensive (one can get this at $339.99).

Python Car Alarm Systems

  • Python Smart Start: Python produces the second best car alarm systems after Viper. The Python Smart Start is very similar to the Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + Security system. The Python Smart Start uses cloud technology permitting you to communicate with the alarm system of your car through a smart phone. Just with your Smartphone, you can either lock and unlock or arm and disarm. Other available features include the GPS to locate your car, track car movements (know the areas your car has travelled to), and also know the speed at which your car is going. With this tracking system, you can know the where about of your kids if you have one. Other important features include the parking space meter alert, and a Smart Schedule.  The parking space meter gives a sound when your parking space meter is about to expire, assistance on complimentary roadside, whereas the Smart Schedule synchronizes your schedule with the weather. This synchronization will help determine if your travel time will take longer than expected.

Pros: Python Smart Start has a possibility of upgrading your services with something that you have purchased already. This is because it has 14 systems and three modules. These systems are compatible with Smart Start.

Cons: Python Smart Start is also as expensive as the Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + Security system (lowest price is 150 dollars).


  • Python two-way Security and Remote Start System: This model of car alarm system is very similar to the Viper Colour OLED two-way security + Remote start system. They have many features in common which include the starter kill and many others. The 6-tone starter kill switch will scare thieves away with its unbearable high sound.

Pros: There is a possibility of upgrading without necessarily buying extra equipment.Python two-way Security and Remote Start Systems is Smart Start compatible.

Cons: Communication with your car is limited with a one-mile radius.In case something is happening to your car, there is absolutely nothing you can do when you are more than one mile away from your car.


  • Python 5906P Super code two-way Security and Remote System: This is just a model of Python two-way Security and Remote Start System. It permits a two-way communication between the car owner and the auto alarm system. The remote has a Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) of 900MHz, one responder Hd Color and an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen which enables the car owner to get confirmations on any command that he has given the car security system. Other important features include the 6-tone siren, Remote start and keyless entry, Starter Kill and a Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor. The remote has four auxiliary channels that permit other functions like pop opening the trunk. The battery of the remote of this auto alarm is rechargeable and charging can be done through a mini USB. The LED gives a signal to thieves that the vehicle is equipped with an auto alarm security system. This model of Python alarm is compatible with the Viper Smart Start Module (VSM100). Some important features include the anti-glare polarizer that makes visibility very easy and a 128 x 128 pixel Organic Light Emitting Diode high contrast panel. It has up to one mile operation range.


  • Python 5704P two-way Security and Remote System: This car alarm is a two-paging remote start security system that enhances easy communication between the car owner and the car security system. This car security system comes with features which include; a rechargeable remote, and a Dual shock sensor. It offers a one mile range of communication. The remote Start permits you to start the engine from a distance. This implies that in very cold weather you can start your car frequently (best after every three hours) to keep the car engine warm. It provides a lot of comfort as you can do this while sitting in your office. The powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable remote permits additional functions such as touch screen remote, full colour display and more powerful transmitters. Since the remote is rechargeable (you can recharge the remote many times as you want using a mini-USB charging system), you spend no money on getting new batteries to replace the bad ones. The Liquid Crystal Display remote permits you to get confirmations on the command you have given to the car security system. It also permits you to lock and unlock, arm and disarm just with your remote. It is possible to pop open your truck without using the key. This is one of the best car alarm systems because the rechargeable remote has an icon which indicates weather the doors, trunk or hood are properly closed or not. Some remotes indicate which part of your car is affected if intruders tampered with your car. The lock and unlock tasks without the car owner coming in contact with the car is performed by the keyless entry. Since the sensitivity of most dual zone shock sensors can be adjusted, false alarm is reduced. This system permits replacement or additional remote (best replacement options are the Python 7752P and the Python 7652P).


  • Python 5706P two-way security and Remote: Python 5706P is very similar to Viper 5706V. These are some of the common car auto alarm systems. The difference is just the fact that the Viper 5706V has smartphone integration whereas the python 5706P lacks this compatibility. Python 5706p has almost all features common in auto car alarm system. This auto alarm system is a two-way communication system which comes with features such as keyless entry, panic and car finder button, trunk release, six-stage siren and a Liquid Crystal Display screen.


Avital Car Alarm Systems

  • Avital’s two-way LCD Remote Start with Security 5303L: This model of car auto alarm system is also classified among the best car alarm systems. Many of the features expected from the premium car alarm systems are also found in the Avital’s two-way LCD Remote Start. There is a shock sensor to trigger alarm in case someone is trying to tamper with the car, and there is also a remote key entry. In case someone breaks-in or attempts to break-in, the remote notifies the car owner with a vibration. The car alarm system is very effective although Avital is still to make advancement in technology by incorporating the Smart Start technology.

Pros: This car alarm system is relatively cheap (one can get one online at just 100 dollars).

Cons: Communication with your car alarm system cannot go beyond 1500 feet although some models have a longer communication range.


  • Avital Avistart 4105L Remote Start Security System: This auto alarm system has the smallest remote which comes with OEM keyless entry that has been integrated into the OEM key. Common features include an A-to-D converter, a D2D serial data port, and an XCR onboard relays extreme capacity remote start. The choice of communication range depends on the individual (you can choose to get the one with a longer communication range). The vehicle’s voltage is sampled a hundred times by the A-to-D converter. Thus, there is no need for a tachometer wire connection. The connection between your avital car security systems to the interface devices through D2D cables is enhanced by the D2D serial data port. Configuration is made easy since it is Bit writer Programmable.


  • Avital 5105L one-way Security and Remote Start System: This one way auto alarm system is a good choice for maximizing protection with security features like the impact sensor and the siren for high security. With the remote you can heat and start your car from a distance before getting in. Most installations require Tach wire but in this case, the Virtual Tach(tm) eliminates the need for Tach wire.Configuration is made easy and it is Bit writer programmable.

Other Common Car Alarm Systems

Crime Stopper Universal two-way LCD Security and Keyless Entry System SP-302: There are a lot of great features that the Crime Stopper’s Premium Universal two-way LCD security and keyless Entry system offers. This includes; sophisticated sensors and the communication or operation range. The two-way remote has a communication range of 3000 feet and the one-way remote has an operation range up to 2000 feet. When someone attempts to break into the car, a 120 decibel siren is given off. This very loud sound is unbearable to the ears of the thief.

Pros: It is relatively cheaper (available online at just 75 dollars although some models of crime stopper auto alarms are very expensive) and a 2000 feet to 3000 feet operation range.

Cons: Easy breakage of remotes after purchase as complained by some customers.

Crime Stopper 2000 DP II Series IV Security System: This is an auto alarm with a one-way paging security system. Features common with this car alarm system include; a new chrome 2-button remote, a blue LED flashlight which informs intruders that the car is protected with an auto alarm system, Dual Stage shock sensor, remote panic protection, 6-tone 125db electronic siren, programmable Carjack protection and a programmable vehicle horn output. CS-2000 two-way communication auto alarm system is also available.

Pyle LCD two-Way Remote Start Security System with Advanced Impact Security: This model of car alarm offers a two way communication between the car owner and the car alarm system. One special feature that distinguishes this alarm system is the product’s ignition controlled lock. This feature when activated permits the doors to lock automatically when the brake pedal is engaged. Although this system has advanced sensors in addition to the ignition controlled lock, car alarm system reviews indicated that many have reported online it is not very reliable, gives false security alerts. Many have reported on radio interference, with a less intuitive user’s alarm interface compared to other car alarm systems. One can get this product online at $100.

Pros: This car alarm system is also relatively cheap at just $100.

Cons: very convenient features that have been made standard on most car alarm system are not available on the Pyle LCD two-way remot; Keyless entry, remote trunk release, and less intuitive.

SCYTEC Mobilink 777 two-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System with Smartphone Integration: this model of auto alarm is similar to the Viper Smart Start VSS5X10 Remote Start + SecuritySystem because they both make use of a Smartphone. Although it is compatible with smartphones, it does not use the Smart Start System but rather a Mobilink to connect to Smartphone like iPhone, Android and Blackberry. With the Scytek Moblink 777 two-way, you can lock and unlock, arm and disarm with your phone. This car alarm system is GPS compatible and the status of your car is communicated directly to you through your Smartphone.

Pros: This car alarm makes use of smart technology and is relatively cheaper compared to Viper and Python (you can get the product online at $250).

Cons: This alarm system is not as popular as Viper and Python.

Excalibur AL-2050-EDPB two-way Car Security and Remote Start System: this model of auto alarm offers a two-way communication. It has a communication range of 5280 feet which enables you to know if your car has been tampered with. You can communicate with this car alarm system one mile away.

Pros: The product also comes with an additional one-way remote which you can keep one at home.

Cons: Due to technological advancement in car security, this model of car alarm system no longer attracts car owners. The newest model of this car alarm system appeared in 2013. Many innovations have been made in car alarm system after 2013.

Weaknesses of some Car Alarm Systems

Auto car alarm security systems cause a lot of noise pollution nowadays. This results from false alarms from car alarm systems with highly sensitive sensors which are not adjustable. Consequently, cars are still being stolen since false alarms are very common. Many people don’t bother to check when they get alerts from car alarms. Thieves have therefore taken advantage of this situation.

Although many designs and models of auto alarm systems are available, some are still of no match to highly intelligent and equipped thieves. Some have very short communication or operation range (a quarter mile, one mile). Auto alarms with Smart Start technology which enables car owners to communicate with the car security system are therefore the most preferable.

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