Lacking confidence in what you are doing
I know you are afraid that maybe you lack experience in baby photography but so much can be achieved through watching videos, studying poses, taking classes or mentorships, and asking tons of questions on your favourite photography forum.Observe and learn from techniques learnt from others. Oh, and also don't forget to learn the soothing technique.True, there is nothing like hands on experience, but studying and watching other experienced photographers work can prove invaluable.

Ignoring the little things that do matter
-Heating is a little detail but it can make huge differences in your sessions. We all know that heating the space you are working in crucial.Always warming the spot on the beanbag where the baby will be posed is extremely helpful. Particularly the blanket you are working with. A heating pad works great for this.

-Soothing the baby when you sense he/she is uncomfortable
You will find out that a very loud “SHHH” goes along way. Hold your arms firmly on their body, often one on their head and the other on their tush and say “SHHH” on their ear.This helps greatly when the child starts to stir. The key is to always be gentle on the baby. Make sure the baby is always comfortable.

Ignoring the angles
Always use the light in a professional manner. Do not be so taken over by other details such as the blankets, heating and posing that you forget on the lighting.Angling the beanbag setup and positioning the baby at an angle to the light source creates soft shadows which add critical depth to an attractive portrait. Oftenly keep the baby's head facing towards the light, to achieve shadowing. This though should depend on the size of the window and your setup.

Safety comes first.
Photography is an art, and we as photographers are artists. As artists we like to feed our creativity through using different ‘mediums’.

In baby photography such mediums include using a variety of props and posing newborns in artistic ways. It is completely normal and expected that we feel the urge to push our creativity to new heights, however there are a couple of important things that we must always keep in mind.Of course, in order for us not to burn out we do need to feed our creativity, so a lot of photographers will continue to try new poses, buy new props, etc, but we need to do this in a SAFE way.

Never, EVER should we put a newborn in an uncomfortable or unsafe position, for the sake of our art. It is completely unprofessional and just plain silly. Think about it logically - it would only take one major accident/injury or dare I say it death of a precious newborn, and enough media/news coverage, to give newborn photography a ‘bad name’ and potentially turn off customers and bring the whole industry to a grinding halt. This is not scaremongering, this is a very real possibility.

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