Five fundamental questions you should ask when hiring copywriters in Los Angeles

By Tim

Hiring a copywriter is easy, but hiring the right copywriter is not. Not every copywriter is the best fit to write that blog post or compelling marketing message for your company. The content that needs to be created is more than a piece of text. It should help you reach customers and meet your business goals. But with so many copywriters in Los Angeles, how do you know who is the right fit? So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 5 fundamental questions that will help you hire the perfect copywriter for your needs.

1.  What Types of Content Have You Written Before?

Content comes in different forms such as blogs, landing pages, social media posts, emails and much more.  If the copywriter has written hundreds of blogs, he might also write a good one for you. Always ask for work portfolio with samples.

2.  Can You Write in a Different Tone and Voice If Required?

Some copywriters in Los Angeles excel when it comes to expressing their opinions or views. But they might struggle to write when they are required to change their personal style and adapt to the technical and marketing perspective of the project.

So you have to be extra careful while looking at the samples shared. Do they sound similar? If yes, it could be an indication that the copywriter might not be the right candidate for the job. A good copywriter would be proficient enough to adapt to the needs of any project.

3.  Have You Worked Under Pressure to Meet Deadlines?

Your project would have a content creation schedule and there might be several drafts before any content piece is finalized. This will lead to loss of time and sometimes the copywriter would be required to put in more efforts to meet the deadline.

Ask the copywriter if he/she has worked in writing situations under high pressure and how did he/she manage it. Some copywriters crumble under pressure and are unable to meet deadlines that can affect your project if you are having tight deadlines.

4.  Do You Optimize Content for SEO?

Content marketing has many aspects. Besides having an engaging tone, it also needs to have the right placement of niche keywords for higher search engine ranking. Meta tags, image alt text, attention-grabbing headlines, authority links, and long-tail keywords are important to boost search visibility.

A good copywriter will have the knowledge about these things and would know how to integrate them into content to increase its effectiveness.

5.  Do You Have Industry Knowledge?

The copywriter should have the knowledge about common terms and lingo used in your industry or business niche.  You can check the copywriter’s knowledge about the industry by asking a few questions about specific industry terms.

Your organization will not be considered as a thought leader if the copywriter does not know what he/she is writing about. Hence it is important the copywriter is knowledgeable about your industry and has a good grasp of the subject.

Always ask the above-mentioned questions while interviewing copywriters in Los Angeles. It will not only help you to find a copywriter with best writing abilities but also who understands your business needs well.


Vitamin Talent is a creative recruitment and staffing agency operating from Los Angeles, Boston, London, etc., providing companies with the right talent plus help them in managing creative teams, copywriters, web designers, etc. and placing job-seeking candidates in the best positions and help. For more information, visit vitamintalent.com/what-we-do.








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