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The hair straightening brush or machine is becoming very popular in the world today. This styling device has gone from level to level and it is good to know that there are substitutes to straightening out your hair since in the past we have all been restricted to traditional blow drying, hair straighteners or straightening irons. You might be struggling with a busy lifestyle, so having hair straightening brushes or machines can be a god send to you, especially when you are running from boardroom to bar. The straightening machine is dramatically evolving in this past years and the latest models have improved features, extra temperature control, lighter in weight and some even come with advanced ant-frizz ionic technology. Below is a review of hair straightening machines in the market. The review of this machine takes in to consideration the hair straightening brush and best hair straighteners or flat iron. 

Choosing a Hair Straightening Machine

Whether you have a hair which is easy to style or requires a lot of effort and time, there are certain hair straightening machines that are better for you. Choosing the correct type of hair machine is as vital as preparing your hair for the straightening method. You might be amazed to find many straightening brands when you look for one. Therefore, it is extremely essential that you choose the right machine for your hair. It is unnecessary to remark that using a bad one may harm your hair severely, and may sometimes lead to permanent damage of your hair. In order to know which of these machines is good for you, compare your hair type to the ones on the reviews below, and help find the best way to care for your hair and still get the style you desire.

Hair Straightening Machine Brands

Since there are quite a different number of manufacturers, it is always advisable to know about them before investing in a straightening machine. To be able to make your decision on the various brands of hair straightening machine to get based on their reputation, you can do that by also going through the list of the reviews.

Size and Price

Hair straightening machines come in a lot of different sizes, thereby making more difficult to decide which one is right for you. Selecting the right size of hair straightener is important. Most ideal size for straightening iron ranges between 1 to 1.5 inch and those having 2 plates or more are best types of straighteners for different lengths of hair. Having knowledge about your hair type, the type of style you want for your hair and the amount of heat needed, you can also know the best size of straightening machines for your hair. This may sound like a lot of work but because of speed and precision you really need to know these things. Hair straightening machines start as low as $20 and go up to over $300. You can only find out why the difference in the prices when you go through the reviews below

 Hair Straightening Machines Options and Functionality

There is more to some of these machines than just heated plates, and the added perks can be enough to tip the balance toward buying a straightener that is different to a model you were originally looking for. What you will absolutely enjoy about the hair straightening brush is the ease at which you can use it. That is, what you need to do is to simply plug it in a power source or switch it on in a case of a batteries operated, heat the device up, do a straight hair and go. It is very easy to use and reduces the time you would have used for styling by half. Below are different options, with enough information in order to help you get the best for yourself.


Hair Straightening Machine Reviews

Revlon Perfect Heat 2-inch Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush Review

Revlon Perfect Heat 2-inch Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush
The Revlon Perfect Heat is a great appliance to have your hair straightened despite it startlingly low price. The Revlon Perfect Heat 2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush has features like two heat settings, tangle free bristles, a cold shot button, multi directional buttons, 2 inch brush 900W ceramic tourmaline technology and hair dryer and brush which is 2 in 1. It is a hot air rotating round barrel hair straightening brush which dries the hair while straightening it. They are very effective on short or long hair, be it thick or thin, curly or not. The Perfect Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Spin Brush is number one new entry in hot air rotating hair straightening brushes category, which is an innovation from Revlon, and it also has outstanding customer reviews which are mainly driven by the professional heat power of 900 watts generated by this device. The device works best on partially dry hair. It hastwo settings of heat, with the ability to rotate the bristles in any direction to prevent tangles, and a cold shot off button to cool things down when needed. Despite the fact that the Revlon perfect heat spin brush is very effective, it also has a verylarge handle thus making it difficult to maneuver.

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Review

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener

It is considered by most users as one of the best hair straighteners because it can be used on dry hair and works quickly. The Apalus brush hair straightener has some features like variable temperature settings of 365°, 410° and 450° for different hair types, one hour automatic shut off mode and a dual voltage with Celsius temperature display capability. Apalus was the first affordable version of a hair straightening brush that most reviewers have had the chance to use. Over time, it superior performance has improved and it is still very popular, with reviews from about 2500 persons. The Apalus brush hair straightener is a standard heated hair brush, which is primarily used on dry hair and it is capable of giving a smooth straight hair in way that other hair brushes cannot. This tool applies heat that is constant when you turn it on and takes only one minute to reach full temperature. The brush is by design programmed to operate at 365 degrees which is suitable for delicate hair, but has optional settings of 410 and 450 degrees for natural hair or very thick or wavy texture. There are no concerns about the high temperatures damaging your hair or any of your body parts since no scald tip gets in contact with the brush. The Apalus works very quickly and takes approximately 10 seconds per pass to give you a straight hair, making it a low-cost lifesaver for those who need a quick straightening before heading off to work.

InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron review

InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron


Just looking at the Instyler for the first time, it appears to be similar to a flat iron. Nonetheless, the side with the plate truly has a brush mounted into it while the other side is having a rotating titanium barrel. The rotating iron found in it can be used on towel dry and semi wet hair, the barrel side goes closest to the head, and as it rotates while being pulled through the hair, the drying is being done. The end result of this process is straight hair that has more fullness than if you used other flat irons. The Instyler is at its best performance when you run the appliance through each hair section twice. It simply takes about 30 seconds for the brush to reach the maximum temperature of 410 degrees and the device has an automatic shut off safety feature to ensure your safety when using it. Why people consider this device as one of the best hair straighteners is because the device is highly suitable for use on curly hair and flip ends. The brush is more expensive than other hair brushes because it is a powerful hair straightening device which is more versatile in it styles. InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron has features like: multiple heat settings of  285 degrees to 410 degrees, one hour automatic shut off mode, 30 second rapid heat up, 1 ¼ inch barrel and 2 in 1- straightening or curling.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush Review

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush has features like: 3 Heat Settings, tangle free bristles, multi–directional buttons, 2 inch Brush and 2 in 1 hair dryer and brush. The Babybliss is one of the best rotating hair brush straighteners which is just like the Revlon Perfect Heat. However, this device is made from titanium instead of ceramic and is about $20 more expensive in price. Most customers say, the device lacks the cold shot button and has three heat settings models.

Scalpmaster Ceramic Thermal Hair Straightener Review

Scalpmaster Ceramic Thermal Hair Straightener

The Scalpmaster ceramic thermal hair straightener looks like a flat iron but has two brushes that are mounted on the plates. According to other reviewers, the functionality of the hair straightener is very straight forward, since you just have to heat your hair by aiming a dryer into the vents on the back and pull the device through your hair in order to get a straight hair. The straightening of this hair and detangling is being done by the short nylon bristles as you pull the device on the hair. Also, to detangle the hair, the Scalpmaster can be used without heat and it is very effective on particularly African-American hair that are long, thick or frizzy. The device is relatively inexpensive, once you get the pleasure of using it, it will be quite effective in straightening your hair.

Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush Review

 Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush

Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush is one of the most promising brushes with the best results out of any hair straightening brush. The device can cost about $120 but it is worth the price since it does a good job with your hair. Most reviewers say the device is better than flat irons and can work for any hair type. The cool looking straightening brush works on waves, curls, frizz and static due to its ceramic bristles and the variable digital heat control from 80 to 232 oC. You will love these bristles because they deliver shine and they have tips that are coated in silicone so you have no reason to worry about your scalp burning. The device is a lightweight model so there is no arm or wrist ache. For those who have thicker hair, you will have to be very patient because it may not straighten in one pass. For people with very thick and curly hair you might need to use the brush to go over it a couple of times but the final result is excellent. Also, because of the cool tips, you will have no need for a glove.

Conair Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush Review

Conair Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush

Conair is one the hair straighteners brand that is trusted by many people because they are very good at what they do and they have a clear understand of hair. This implies that, all hair types from the coarsest afro hair, frizziest, curly hair to fine Caucasian hair are understood by the brand. The brand latest production which is retail at approximately $50 is the Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush. The brush comes promising a gorgeous shiny and healthy hair along with additional volume. Many people always look for additional volume since big hair is always in style but alongside with big hair is the risk of frizz.  The Conair diamond heated smoothing brush has that excellent ionic technology so frizz should not be your worry because it is banished with this technology. The flexible bristles and detangling comb will blow your mind since you will not be facing the problem of hair pulling which has been the problem related with the first generation of hair straighteners. The device also comes with three different heat settings so that you have no fear of burning good hair. Other reviewers think that this device is a terrific straightening brush if your hair is of medium thickness, but for those with a very frizzy, very curly or very coarse hair you are advised to try different brush types since this brand would not get through it. Conair hair brush is good for medium thickness and wavy hair, or at a lower temperature setting on fine hair. It can be used the same way as any other straightener but avoid to use it in a hair that is wet. If the hair is wet, always dry first, after which you can use a heat protecting spray with special gloves due to the high heating level of the brush.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Review


BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium


The Nano Titanium heats up very fast to 450 degrees and gives enough heat for just about any hair type. The negative ion technology and far-infrared heat holds in more moisture. This can only happen because of the titanium plates which help by locking it all into the hair. For those who want a smooth and flat looking hair, this product could be a little annoying since it makes your hair to look like frizz. If your hair is liable to having extra body than you want it to, this flat iron might be the one for you. However, Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium lacks the automatic shut off but the shape allows for an excellent straightening and possible ways of styling which still make the flat iron a great choice for anyone. Most of the hair straightening machine reviews say as for as titanium irons are concerned, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium can do better and it is considered as the overall best pick because it presents the most of the new technology and advances upon the quirks of old. It has a thin body and can make tighter pretty sweet curls due to its compact size. The plates can be about 1 inch and the body of the plates is much thinner than a lot of the ceramic plates options. Instead of other iron that comes with ceramic plates, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium is different from them in that it comes with titanium plates. One amazing thing about this flat iron is that it has 5 inch long plates which are longer than the standard plates implying that you can cover more hair in a single grab. In as much as the device allows for more coverage, it is difficult for you to do half of your hair at a particular time. The device also comes with different sizes that ranges from 1 inch to 1.5 inch and you can select yours based on your style.


Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1-inch Flat Iron

 Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1-inch Flat Iron


The Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1-inch Flat Iron is stylish and sleek with a streamlined peripheral. The Karmin G3 has ceramic plates with a tourmaline covering that helps in providing the ultimate smooth finish. Flat ironing in this device only works when moisture is locked into your hair while all the heat is applied. You will end up with a super frizz if you try to do one before the other. For a perfect combination in a moisture saving futuristic tool, the infrared heat and Karmin G3’s micro-porous technology work together. The device heat up to 410 degrees and it is a multi-voltage that can be used anywhere you find yourself in the world. The Karmin G3 is really reliable and comes with a three years warranty. Most customer reviews of this iron says; if you are looking for the best flat iron that you can have your straight hair in one minute, then this device is a suitable one for you. It provides you with the ultimate style, heat and design. With this hair straightener, there is no question about it since you can produce almost every style with it. The beautiful device comes with verity of colours which are all the same inside with shiny, solid black ceramic plates that you can make your choice from. The only issue to worry about with this device is the issue of power. With this issue of power, if you are familiar with hair straightening machine reviews, then you will realize that this issue is common with most flat irons and can be handled. Nonetheless, Karmin G3 gets and stay hot, can work with all hair types and can keep your hair the way you want it to be.


CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron Review

CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron

In the market, there are a lot of very good flat irons, but CHI has always been the gold standard for ceramic flat irons. This flat iron was the first to hit the market and it is still the biggest name in hair straighteners despite the stiff competition with different brands. The common version of CHI iron that has been around for almost 20 years is the CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Flat Iron. The price for CHI flat irons is about $100 and it has been that way for over 10 to 20 years, indicating that people buy it a lot without complaining. CHI flat irons come with 5 varieties of colours that you can chose from. Normally, the colours, although love by many reviewers have nothing to do with the functionality or the usability but they say they just feel happy to know that you can have their CHI flat iron in different colours if they want. In this device, you can find ceramic plates and smooth plastic housing that was initially popularized by CHI. A Standard CHI has heat controls that is found on the inside of the housing so that you do not hit them with your hand when you are styling. The wheel control system in them has light that tells you when it has hit the correct temperature. The distribution of the heat on the solid ceramic plates really cannot be beaten. Compared to other flat irons that have complaint of hot spots the plates of this flat iron stay consistent; which means no hot spots. This is because in the absence of these hot spots, you will get an even look and there is no need for touch ups after a few minutes. Another good thing about this flat iron is that it straightens quickly. It has a good size for great styles like curl, wave and more without the need for extra tools. Compared to the housing of other flat irons which is big and bulky, making more difficult to get any good style out, this device is just small enough to work for virtually anything. When using this iron, you should be careful not to get burned since the housing on them does not provide the kind of protection that other irons do which implies it can get pretty hot from the outside. To solve this problem when styling or curling your hair, you can consider buying a protective glove to be extra careful.

HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

HSI Professional Flat Iron

The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has just about everything you could want when it comes to hair straighteners. It has tourmaline covered plates as well as the ionic power that makes your hair to be very smooth. Additionally, it offers all of these special benefits at the correct price. Compared to other professional flat irons that you can possess for more than $100, this HSI professional flat iron can be gotten for half that price. Since this flat iron is made to get to the correct temperature in record time, you would not have to wait for the heat up time with this hair straightener. No matter what type of hair you have it is possible to get the desired results when using this flat iron since it offers a whole range of temperature setting. Many people with fine hair seem to have fallen in love with this flat iron because it holds their hair well without getting caught, but the people of the thicker hair types do not have the same kind of luck. The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron comes with glove and travel bag free of charge. Most reviewers say the flat iron is travel friendly. Also, though the hair straightener might get to the heat it is supposed to get to, it does regrettably have different places throughout the plate that get hotter than others. This flat iron does not have an auto-shut off mode. However, if you are someone that is careful, the lack of an auto shut mode in this flat iron should not be your problem. Overall speaking, this flat iron is a straightener that is great for people with naturally fine and super curly hair and its price makes it better.

Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review


Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron

The Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron is having plates that spread out in the whole width of the iron. The plates are also extra long so that you do not have to take as many passes on your hair to get a straight hair, and they are designed with titanium to provide you with a long-lasting straightened hair. The Ktx450 flat iron has an interesting feature on the exterior of the flat iron. That is, it has a twist free construction, which means it would not change shape or get damaged even if it gets hotter than it is supposed to. The flat iron heats up to 450 degrees which is a pretty big deal for most hair types. The titanium plates in the flat iron assists you to avoid hot spots, in order for you to able to get a consistent straight hair without pieces that stay frizzy or curly.  The ranges in the temperature mean it can adapt to just any kind of hair and the plate size is good enough to ensure it does not take much time to get your hair straightened out. The flat iron heats up quickly. The floating plates on the Izunami Ktx450 flat iron are a huge deal when straightening your hair and part of the reason why the flat iron moves so easily. This hair straightener does not top the list at the highest price, but it will leave a hollow in your wallet. However, what you get is totally worth it. The hair straightener comes with a 1 year guarantee when bought directly from Izunami or authorized distributors. From most of the hair straightening machine reviews by customers, there are few negative reviews concerning this flat iron. The hair straightener is by no means cheap, but you get what you pay for with such an iron. Overall, if you wish to get a straight hair without the waste of time, this hair straightener is probably the tool for you.


Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron Review

Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron

This flat iron is called Onepass because it saves time. It has silicone on the plates which enable it go smoothly through your hair without catching like the other flat irons do. The idea of a flat iron that is not painful when using or that would not grab a bunch of hair when you are not paying attention seem to be a good idea for most people out there. The heat up time is almost instant compared to other hair straighteners which will take about 5 minutes to heat up. The negative ions in the plates combat static and frizz in the hair. Reviewers say the hair straightener is ideal for hair with moisture. Another good thing about this flat iron is that, it comes in two sizes allowing you to choose based on the length or texture of your hair. The 1.5-inch version is ideal for those with longer hair since it facilitates curling, while, the standard 1-inch option is ideal for those who want to curl and add volume to their hair. There are several heat levels on this product, and it attains 400 degrees in a short time. One of the amazing things about this hair straightener is that, it is compact enough to be used for curling, straightening, adding body and other things. It is called a hair straightener because that is the primary purpose, however, the heat levels as well as the maneuverability of the surface is enough to make it possible to do much more than what you can do with it. The silicone covering over the plates of the flat iron is used to get the hair in order when it is being pulled through the straightener. Although this seems great for most hair types, thicker hair may not have the same luck with this flat iron.

Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron Review

Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron

The hair straightener has two floating plates that ensure you get the right grip on your hair without the gaps that might be caused by fixed plates. It implies with this hair straightener, you get a more stable hair because it holds hair well enough to get heat through it. The flat iron has ceramic plates which have been coated multiple times so they are smooth and stay that way. With this you see a big difference when moving hair through the straightener. Also, with the floating plates, you would not be as likely to get chipping or snags with a multi-coat application. The MK-I Halo flat iron heats up to 450 degrees though it can also go as low at 140 degrees for hair textures that need gentler touch. The ceramic plates of the hair straightener use negative ions to ensure good straight hair and ensure the hair stays that way. The negative ions imply that users can get away with a lesser heat than traditional alternatives; nonetheless they also make the hair to be very shiny as the plates pass over and lock in the moisture needed by the hair to get that glimmer. Most customer reviews say the hair straightener which is made to straighten hair in a single pass has an auto shutoff mode in them enabling the device to shutoff when it is not in use. Since the flat iron gets hot very easily, it is advisable to be careful with the temperature setting in order not to burn your hair. This flat iron is not that cheap but can be used with chemical treatments to produce a design that is sleek and stylish.


BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener Review

BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Most reviewers of hair straightening machine reviews says that the BaBylissPro BABNT5073T Nano Wet-To-Dry Straightening Iron is one of the thinnest body of any straightener they have ever seen. Since the plastic hardly comes off of the plate on the housing, that means there is virtually no room for blocky curls. The BaBylissPro BABNT5073T flat iron can heat up to 450 degrees, implying that it can provide enough heat for all hair types. This flat iron lacks the auto shutoff mode and range between $80 and $120 in price. The good thing about this hair straightener is that it can go with coarse hair as declared by most customers in their reviews. For those who have hair that is difficult to straighten, then this flat iron is probably the iron for you. Under control in just 20 minutes, it can get very long, coarse and curly hair, which is a huge difference in time compared to some of the lower powered alternatives. The Nano Titanium covering on the plates of the hair straightener is intended to glide smoothly over the hair without snagging. Compared to some alternatives, the titanium surface in this iron is much smoother implying that it gets hair in order quicker and would not cause frizz. Titanium which is the most updated plate technology really pays off for this flat iron. The other problem with wet-to-dry hair straightener, apart from the possibility of frying your hair is that they trap in much moisture. Some reviews of hair straightening machine indicates that, while the 1.5 Inch BaBylissPro Titanium-Plated Wet-To-Dry BABNT5073T Nano makes a good effort, it is not for them since it lacks the auto shutoff mode and does not heat up fast. Nonetheless, it is a great device for styling for most people with thick or coarse hair.

Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron

The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron has many features in it that can force you to consider it as one of the best hair straighteners. The hair straightener is very durable and can last for more than 5 years. This flat iron can be bought for about $80, which is a good price for a straightener that lasts. The Solia Flat Iron comes with two different sizes that can be used for similar or different purposes. That is, the flat iron comes in a 1.25 and 1.75 inch size. The 1.25 inch option is always better for curling and styling while the 1.75 inch is better if you have long or very thick hair that takes extra time to straighten. This hair straightener has a Dynamic Alignment System to keep the plates closer together and ensure they are always working in the same place. The technology is designed to provide the right grip on your hair so you do not have to keep going over and over it. The Solia Flat Iron uses negative ion technology that a lot of hair straighteners make use of, and the blending of the ceramic plates and ions keep your hair moisturized and smooth for your entire day. Using hair straighteners that lacks the negative ion technology makes your hair to be prone to frizzing. The Solia Flat Iron comes in varieties of colours that you can choose from. That is, you can have it in bright blue, black, hot pink or bright purple. In as much as these colours are pretty, the functionality of the flat iron still remains the same. Hair straightening machine reviews have shown that people love this flat iron just for the idea that it last for many years and the varieties of colours it comes with.

Turboion Croc Classic Straightener Review

Hair straightening machine reviews by most customers of flat irons talk about the comfort factor of the Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener. It has a unique shape which is different from most other hair straighteners and it is in reality thinner at the base than the top which implies the area you hold is smaller. It has 1.5 inch plates which are the favorite to many people but there are no options for sizes in the flat iron. Due to the shape of this iron, the heating elements are kept further away from your hand than a lot of other flat irons, implying that you have less chances of ending up with a burn. Despite the metal plates and unique body shape this flat iron is not heavy and it has titanium plates which keep hair smooth, and they do not chip compared to ceramic plates. For people with tiny hands, this lightweight is better. One of the drawbacks with this flat iron is that it is not good for curl. However, for people who only intend to get their hair straight, they might probably be fine with the larger plates. In as much as the flat iron has a digital temperature setting, it still keeps the old setting of the iron preventing you from changing it all the time. Though this digital temperature setting seems cool, it is disturbing to many people since they forget how to go about the setting of the temperature. Some reviewers consider this iron as the best hair straightener due to the fact that there is almost no time to waste in waiting for the straightener to get hot. When you turn it on, a few minutes later, it is ready for use. The blending of consistent heat and the titanium plates in the Croc flat iron makes a huge difference for thicker or coarse hair. For people with hair that is difficult to straighten, you will perhaps be more than satisfied with what this flat iron has to offer. Turboion Croc Classic Straightener gets hot and smooth enough, and can save you repetitive straightening to get the finish you want.


For those who have an unruly, frizzy hair, a hair straightening machines can be very helpful to you in order to tame it and make it more manageable. Hair straightening machines helps you achieve silky and smooth hair. These devices are growing in popularity because people find them convenient and effective to use. Some of the machines are also small enough to fit into purse or hand bag so you can bring it with you anywhere you go. In the market, there are plenty of these machines and some of the more popular brands are Babyliss, Vega, Conair, Avon, Chi, DenMan and Scalpmaster.












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