Should I Build An Ecommerce Mobile App Or Not?

“Should I build a Magento mobile app for my online shopping store or not?” This is quite a common question among the leading and the startup eCommerce store owners these days. It’s not because the mobile apps are trending, of course it’s a great reason, but the prime reason behind considering investing in an app is the comfort, experience, and mobility it offers to the end users. Your customers demand new features and services. So, you should invest in a custom mobile app or not?

Let’s know what makes investing in app a great choice:

Customer Prefer Mobile Rather Than Desktops

With the increasing feasibility the mobile devices offer to users, 89% of consumers these days spend more time on mobile devices than the desktops. According to a report on user preferences observed that about 89% of online searches are made vial mobile devices and 45% of online sales are made via mobiles.

Consumers are readily adopting the technology to search and shop. There’s a perceptible change in the way how consumers approach mobile shopping today.

Push Notifications Make Promotions Easier

Mobile apps are a great means of staying in touch with your customers, and vice versa. Informing mobile users about the latest promotions such as “weekend sale!” is just a minute’s task with Push Notifications. Users are able to see the message without opening their app.

Push notifications, being highly effective in spreading words about the news, are able to achieve 40% CTR for online business owners. Smartly tailored push notifications will keep them engaged and propel sales.

Accessing Store & Products Is a Less Hassle

With the Ecommerce Mobile Apps, consumers find it easier to access their favorite brands and the products right from their cell phones. Products and deals on the store are merely a click away from the consumers now. These days, mobile apps are becoming smarter than ever before and are now able to show products based on user behaviour and preferences.

Also, these apps serve as relationship managers between the business and the consumers. They are able to deliver higher performance and the convenience that isn’t the case with the traditional websites.

Mobile Apps, the Linchpin of Your Mobile Strategy

If you are serious about the user experience and customer engagement, then relying on a responsive website is not going to work out well enough. Of course, having a responsive website is essential, but an app can offer an all-in-one service. The app can be a gateway to consumer, a relationship builder. These days, having online shopping apps is a “must-have” for eCommerce stores.

Today, nearly 2.8 billion people are using smartphone around the world and nearly 70% of them spend time on exploring internet through these devices. Not just startups, but giants in the eCommerce realms are also deploying mobile-first strategies to keep the customer engaged.

Built-in Features on Smartphones

• There’s a reason we call them smartphone, because they’re actually smart. And the apps have the capacity to fully integrate with a few of your smartphone’s inbuilt features such as:

• GPS/Location – It allows eCommerce businesses to provide a customized experience to consumers, depending upon their location.

• Camera – The camera may be the prime feature of an app or you could provide the camera feature so that your customers take pictures with the products your brand offers

• Microphone Speech-to-Text is an amazing feature of the smartphone technology, which can be used to enhance search usability where people can say what they are looking for instead of typing it out.

Improved Usability

Users just love the app, not because they’re apps, but because they don’t need time to load, unlike the webpages that process every time you need something from a particular business. A Magento mobile app works even with the low internet connectivity, allowing buyers to explore the products and also and them to wishlist and complete the checkout later when they want to. An app also helps enhance the interactivity, permitting features such as sophisticated interactions, high-definition images, and a variety of animations.
Also, there is an option available to build exclusive functionality into the application, allowing smooth navigation that saves time. All this results in improved usability and engagement between your company and users, resulting in more sales and more returning customers who keep coming back for more.

You Target International Market, They let You Go Online 24/7

You never know at what time a shopper would land at your platform and would want to make a purchase. Sometimes buyers may want to make a purchase while working in the office, traveling in a train or simply before they sleep. So, they can’t afford to open their heavy laptops every time they want to explore your products and make a purchase. But, when you are available on their smartphones, nothing stops them. The ability to perform better even during the slow internet connectivity makes it possible for them to enjoy their shopping experience without worrying about the internet connection.

In a survey, it was found that around 60% business strategists have developed mobile apps for their respective industry sectors. As every single day is passing, the dependency on mobile applications is increasing at a rapid rate. So when you have an app, you know you’re always available for the shoppers.


The above-mentioned were the top reasons to invest in Magento mobile app development, but it’s not everything. As the online shopping apps have a lot more to offer. Add more features to go unique and make it as fast-loading as you can to attract more visitors and sell more to the global clients.

With mobile apps, possibilities are endless, and OnGoBuyo is eager to start creating an ecommerce mobile app for your business. We take the pride in developing 100% white label & native apps for Android and iOS platforms. Each of our apps is developed using highest quality codes by certified Magento developers to bring more results to your investments.
Share your app idea with us and see how we can help!

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