Adopt these Strategies to Effectively Track and Accomplish your Goals

Being successful is not as difficult as most people think; having a positive mind, tracking and accomplishing your goals at a particular time can lead people to success. Success begins with setting our goals which are often too many. These goals can only be accomplished by having a scale of preference which enables you to effectively track and accomplish a particular goal at a particular time. No negativity allowed, set your goal, track it succinctly and accomplish it and of course you shall be a successful human being.

Setting goals:

Setting goals is one of the fundamental or basic tools for the growth of individuals, business or a company. This is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish, putting a plan in place for the accomplishment of your desire. Whether setting a personal goal or a company or business goal, all these goals or objectives are to accomplish particular tasks within a given period of time. Avoid setting goals with no time limit; this makes you lazy and not to work hard for the accomplishment of this goal. Setting goals should therefore be a fundamental principle of the daily running of one’s personal affairs or for the company affairs.

Setting goals is a very important tool in life, it helps people to get focus, shape dreams and most importantly helps most persons to perform and achieve everything that they wish in life.

Most often, people set goals for great achievements. Before setting goals you have to be prepared to work hard i.e. thinking out of the box, working for longer periods for these goals to be accomplished. Setting goals could involve us using different tools and tips to accomplish your goals. These different tips are:

  1. Trust in yourself: the most important strategy in setting goals is to first believe in yourself and in the goal you have in mind. If you don’t believe in the objective in mind, then it is obvious you would not be able to attain them, first make sure you build your confidence in “I can do it”, work towards that and obviously you would do it.
  2. Evaluate and reflect: in setting your goals, you have to evaluate these goals which are best done by reflecting on your dreams and knowing the ones to prioritize over the others. Dreaming big is very important and a very good thing but working towards its attainment is what is called setting goals and attaining them. Take time to think in a quiet area what you really want in your life or in the lifecycle of your business and visualize on what you want to be or the business to become in a long run. Set your objectives by first choosing the changes which have to take place in your live or in your business. The changes could be emotional, financial, social or physical changes for the attainment of this goal.
  3. Define the dreams or goals: when setting goals, always prioritize them by writing them down clearly. Failure to write these goals decreases your focus and you may even forget them. Writing them and placing them where you shall see them every day would enable you work towards its completion.
  4. Stay focused and plan your action: staying focus when setting goals enables your mind to notice a divergence between where you are and where you are heading. This automatically creates an internal pressure to change. Knowing the purpose of your goals, committing to them enables you to better plan your action which will lead you to the completion of your goals. Writing a project without a plan is planning to fail. Therefore if you have a plan on setting goals you are planning to succeed.
  5. Make your goals to be smart: smart goals are the best ways of attaining your dreams. Smart goals means:

-       S = Specific: be specific in setting your goals by choosing the right thing at the right time. Ambiguous goals produce good results whereas poor goals would obviously produce a poor result.

-       M = Measurable

-       A = Attainable:  always try to set goals which are achievable

-       R = Realistic and relevant: your short term goal should relate to the realisation of your long term goal.

-       T = Time: every goal should be attached to a time frame for you to be sure you want to achieve these goals. Your goal should not have an unlimited time for its attainment.

  1. Accountability: it is very important to be accountable to yourself or to another person who wishes you well on the evolution and the attainment of your goals. Most often telling your friends and family what your goals are can force you to work hard for its attainment to avoid disgrace and mockery from these people.
  2. Review: try by all means to review your goals, keep them active and top issue in your mind.

Goal tracker:

Attaining your goals is always very important after setting them; you track them to the end of their realization. Goal tracker is one of the best ways you can better explain at which level you are in the tracking of your goals and be accountable for the goal set.

Being able to budget for a particular thing in life that you desperately want to achieve is what we say setting your goals but what is very important is to achieve the goals that you have set; you have to track this goal to accomplishment usually by using any goal tracker. It should be very clear to know that a goal tracker can be executed on your personal goal achievement or in the goal achievement of a business or company. There are many different ways of goal tracking and some of these ways can best be explained thus:

Whiteboard goal tracker: a white board goal tracker is when the individual who wants to track his goal first starts by using a whiteboard and a pad of paper. This method takes time writing and planning your goals of either a weekly or monthly accomplishment by breaking them down into weekly objectives or daily task and what matters at the end is to do what has been written on this goal tracker.

Wunderlist goal tracker: this goal tracker method is important for an individual who can track his objectives for a day, week and month. It helps in noting down the important things in an organized way.

Giant Post-it Notes: this is a two-foot square post in notes goal tracker which you could buy in office supply stores. This goal tracker comes in many different colors and is better when used in the office to track different deals, income goals, web traffic etc. All what is needed in this goal tracker is a pen which updates exactly how the goal is being achieved.

Different types of goal trackers exist for example the way of life app goal tracker, Google drive goal tracker, Asana, Anydo goal tracker, JIRA and Confluence goal tracker, OKRs goal tracker, Clear goal tracker, Nozbe etc. All have the aim of helping you achieve your goals in a given time frame which you would set for its accomplishment.

Habit tracker:

To effectively achieve your goals, it is very important that you change some of the habits which made you remain in the position you are walking away from. Changing your habit is very good but keeping that habit needs to be done using a habit tracker.

Habit list: this is one of the best habit trackers and helps you track in a roll how many times you have completed an action. It also provides the ability to create flexible schedules with habits that are to be done on particular days or intervals. This habit tracker is incredible as you can take a break or a vacation from habit tracking and resume the habit tracker when you are available. This habit tracker is limited only to iPhone only and cannot be used on any other device.

Irunurun habit tracker: this habit tracker app is very good as it is very easy to use and intuitive. The habit tracker promotes the process of building new habits and most importantly makes this process fun. This app works by you entering the habit or action you want to track, assign it a point value; after weighing the action or habit the game begins. If you perform the given task at the particular time you chose in the app, it grades you at 100% score and vice versa. This habit tracker company also makes available personal versions, team versions and enterprise versions and these can be done through a browser interface, iPhone or iPad. Another good example of habit tracker is the Nozbe habit tracker.

Goal planner:

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This goes for everything even in planning your goals for proper accomplishment. Goal planners are programs which have been built up for the better setting, tracking and accomplishment of goals. Achieving your goals is not always easy but to reach these goals, you have to get organized and plan properly. When looking for a goal planner, make sure it covers all the specific things you have been looking for before using it. Some people love their goal planners to have clear overviews for days, weeks or months, different tasks list on what to do and what not to do, enough writing space and most especially those goal planners which can help you create and achieve even big goals.

Goal planners give you the ability to clearly define your goals and dreams; breaking them down into clear actionable steps and more over write them down and place them where you can get access to them daily. There are different types of goal planners:

Whitney English day designer: this goal planner is very beautiful, classic and intuitive which has much space allocated for everything. It was designed to fill the gaps most people face in organization and this was constructed mostly for female entrepreneurs. The first page of this goal planner is characterized by different worksheets which orientate you to find your personal skills, visions, values and strengths which help you understand yourself best to be able to arrange your goals and work towards their achievement.

The Whitney English day designer goal planner gives each day a different page except for Saturday and Sunday and each week day has an hourly schedule which ranges from 5 am to 9 pm. It has a monthly calendar with beautiful tabs. This goal planner is extremely helpful in organizing all your goals, ideas, tasks, thoughts and even memories.

Daily greatness: the goal planner offers good tools to get simplicity, organized work and help you to achieve more in life to attain success. This goal planner is very good for business owners in their business planning especially in evaluating the business at the stage in which it is and moves on to the next level of your business.

Different types of goal planners do exist like passion planner, Leonie Dawson’s shining year workbooks, inkwell press livewell planner, Danielle LaPorte’s desire map planner, Erin Condren life planner etc.

Progress tracker:

Progress trackers or progress indicators were designed to help their users through progress i.e. understanding the paths they are taking, mostly the task they are working on at a certain moment, the different tasks they have already completed and the future tasks they have to complete. These progress trackers display progress through a sequence by breaking it into multiple logical and numbered steps which can easily be completed by the user to accomplish a particular task. The progress tracker also guides the user through a number of steps in order to complete some specified tasks. Progress trackers can be used in many different circumstances such as online ordering, multiset forms, online applications, feature tour guides, onboarding etc.

Most often, we want to know where we are heading and exactly what it will take for us to reach where we are going. This is where progress tracker steps in as it brings to the users the different steps they would have to bridge in order to achieve their specific task preventing them to give up their goal.

Setting, tracking and achieving goals are everyone’s personal dream. I want to own a range rover sports, I want to get that beautiful house by the lake side, have beautiful shoes and so on. Our lists are always unlimited and to achieve all of our dreams is to be organized, to plan well and track everything we do to accomplish what we want at every given time. Remember your goals should be achievable. Do not choose goals you will be unable to achieve and thus remain on the negative side of life.


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