Nike Basketball Shoes

Basketball is one of the best games which people love and watch frequently; whether it is the basket ball men’s game or the basketball women’s game all what matters is that it is basketball. Who knows if their success in basketball comes from the shoes they have got on? That is still to be proven. Basketball shoes have different brands but Nike basketball shoes review has it all in one package making their customers always wanting more and most especially ready to get out for sports or on a basketball game.

History of Nike basketball shoes:

Nike basketball shoes were designed for outfitting the feet either for fashion or for this basketball game, facilitating high jumps and fancy maneuvers which most basketball players manifest during a game. Basketball shoes dates right back to the 1920’s and have evolved greatly over time with different cultures, styles, complexity and cost. Basketball shoes can be made up of different materials like leather or canvas and from 2010; most shoes were made up of rubber, plastics and other petrochemical derived materials.

The first basketball shoes was made around the 1920’s by Converse and was an original Chunk Tarylor shoes which many people can still remember in those days. These shoes sold very high for more than 40 years with high sales of about 600 million pairs of these canvas basketball shoes. This was due to some of its good features like their rubber sole etc. These shoes were upgraded during the 1960’s with leather sneakers which were more comfortable and looked durable and there was then introduction of different other brands in the basketball shoes business like Nike and Puma but Converse was still top of the basketball shoes business.

Converse basketball shoes made their name mostly in the 1930’s but Nike basketball shoes became very popular in the 1970’s with the Nike dunk new blazer in the basketball industry and during the 1980’s, Nike industry improved their technology by bringing in the Airforce 1 with a very good air sole.

In the 1980’s Jordan was hot in the market with the legendary Micheal Jordan having his name on basketball shoes in the golden era of basketball game (1994-1998). Converse has always stayed in the basketball shoe milieu but is now owned by Nike industry.

Nike men’s basketball shoes:

Nike basket boy shoes are not only used for basket ball games like what most people think, some people use Nike basketball shoes as a style of living (dressing) i.e. always presenting themselves in a pair of T-shirt, jeans and a pair of Nike men’s basket ball shoes. It can also be used for running, basketball, field trips, casual, soccer, training and gym whether used for a particular purpose or another. We must be frank in saying any guy who dresses mostly in Nike men basketball shoes looks very smart and is ready at any time for any attack or movement. Different types of Nike men basketball shoes exist and often people buy these Nike men basketball shoes for comfortability, style and assiduity. These are some of the examples of Nike men’s basketball shoes.

Men’s Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes:

As described by finish line, men’s Nike kyrie 3 basketball shoes are very hyperfuse which is constructed for breathability, durability and gives you maximum support. It is made up of fore foot pods which enhance traction and also a forefoot band which provides a locked down fit. This shoe was designed to meet up with the razor sharp game of one of the league’s best which can help you squeeze through your opponents with ease. It is characterized by injected phylon foam for light weighting cushioning with an outsole curvature which allows quick transition. The men’s Nike kyrie 3 basketball shoes are one of the Nike men’s basketball shoes which are very nice and stylish in the market. This Nike men basketball shoes has different colors ranging from black/ice, team red/total crimson/white/pink blast, track red/black night maroon/photo blue, hyper cobalt white/chrome blue, white/red/navy/gold/green glow and lastly to white chrome.


  • Best traction and durability
  • Best shoe for point guards
  • Very comfortable, dynamic and stylish


  • Could be a little heavy for play
  • Shoes don’t breathe well


 Men’s Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes

Men’s Nike PG Basketball Shoes:

The men’s Nike PG Basketball shoes is a Nike men’s basketball shoes which is designed to match the insane athleticism of Paul George step for step which primes for on court action and off court style. This Nike men’s basketball shoes will help take your game to the next level with its robber sole with traction pattern for grip during quick cuts, flywire technology for extra support, full bootie construction for one to one fit, injection phylon foam midsole for comfort underfoot and lastly supple leather upper with breathable mesh. It comes essentially in three different colors which are the pure platinum/midnight navy/gold, black/white/ice and pure platinum/wolf grey/university gold.


  • Pretty comfortable
  • True to size i.e. good fit


  • A bit narrow to break in when wearing the shoes
  • Shoe not good for everyone it is very good for slim feet athletes but poor for fat feet athletes.


  Men’s Nike PG Basketball Shoes


This Nike men’s basketball shoe is a very light and streamlined shoe which is constructed for speed. It has a flywire technology and a flexible strap which stretches from mid foot to the heel for better lightweight support for every movement. This Nike men’s basketball shoe is made up of three light weight layers, a stretchy lining, perforated foam and tin mesh built for breathability, flexibility and support. It also has super strong cables that integrate with the laces creating a more lock down feel.


  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Mostly of medium sizes and fits to the foot medially.





Men’s Nike Airforce 1 Mid Casual Shoe:

The shoe has a solid rubber outsole with a classic traction pattern for slip-less courtside maneuvering. It is characterized by the following features, upper leather and textile and the Nike air unit in midsole. There are many different colors in the market like the team red/summit white, team red/white/light brown, legion green/white, binary blue/white and many others but most people prefer the legion green/white as it matches most dressing styles as described by fashion stars.


  • Easy to clean
  • Bendable and super durable
  • Matches great with a camo/army outfit


 Men’s Nike Airforce 1 Mid Casual Shoe

Men’s Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball shoes:

This low profile and light weight Nike Men’s basketball shoe is good for athletes and it is breathable and supportive with flyweave upper on the Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct models in the market. The shoe has a thin rubber outsole with a multidirectional traction pattern. It comes with eight different colors in the market. It has a very good look.


  • Very narrow and uncomfortable shoes which can be difficult to complete a match with.
  • A little small for fat feet types.


  Men’s Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball shoes

Men’s Nike Zoom HyperRev 2017 LMTD Basketball shoes:

It is a good Nike men’s basketball shoe with different glamorous colors like yellow, red and others in the market. Its light weight two tone textile upper is supported by a second skin for maximum durability. This Nike men’s basketball shoes has a fun pattern on its laces, collar and tongue sections. It is characterized by a “wave bone” outsole traction pattern on the gum outsole which then delivers multidirectional flexibility.


  • Rubber outsole and affordable.
  • Good support provided by the plush padded collar
  • Designed for games by the most versatile players.
  • Style and comfortable


  • Too colorful looks like it is made for women.

 Men’s Nike Zoom HyperRev 2017 LMTD Basketball shoes

Men’s Nike Air Versatile Basketball Shoes:

This Nike men’s basketball shoes is light weight and its upper mesh section provides good comfort. It has a visible air sole unit protecting the player from hard landings and also a phylon midsole feature providing stability and responsiveness. Its rubber outsole is durable and can stand strong against any hard or court surface. Its white/black/paramount blue color in the market is its unique color.


  • Upper mesh for comfort
  • Durable due to rubber outsole and easily affordable



 Men’s Nike Air Versatile Basketball Shoes

Women’s Nike Basketball shoes:

Most women dominate their competitors with women’s Nike basketball shoes i.e. looking good in their dressing. Their pair of women’s Nike basketball shoes beats the rivalry with other women and mostly to win their men’s attention; it looks good at all times. Recently, most women have dropped down heels in some days of their dressing code and integrated the women’s Nike basketball shoes in their wardrobes making them look classic and fashionable. The women’s Nike basketball shoes features a variety of styles, colors and signature athlete versions of high top and low top women’s Nike basketball shoes which complements the women’s’ personality and style. Some of these women’s Nike basketball shoes are seen as follows:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Solstices:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes are very classy and stylish with an updated fly mesh fabric for exceptional breathability and light weight to reduce overheating. They have firm heels for stable feel, small cuts in the outsole good for flexibility; rubber crash rail on lateral outsole promotes smooth transition. It also has a raised rubber layer which absorbs impact and adds traction. This women’s Nike basketball shoes is best used by runners and for sports.


  • Light weight at 9.0 ounces
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Highly recommended durability


  • Small size and therefore large feet cannot fit.
  • Narrow fit which is not really perfect for fat feet


 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Solstices


Nike Air Max 2017:

This is a very good running women’s Nike basketball shoe which offers Flemish and ventilation where you are most in need of; folded foams which wraps your mid foot and heel for lookdown. Their flex gloves align with the max air unit for best flexibility, their waffle lugs provide durability and multi-surface traction.


  • Perfect fit


  • Uncomfortable
  • Poor sneakers and not very durable.


 Nike Air Max 2017


Nike Women’s Prime Hype DF 2016 Basketball shoes:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes are characterized by a form fitting high top collar for comfortable support and a natural range of motion. Their fly wire cables offer excellent lookdown and support, rounded rubber outsole for durability and traction. It has an extra advantage with a dual and firm destiny foam which keeps the foot stable and propels it forward.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good price and quick delivery
  • Fitting is perfect


  • Poor design
  • Not durable as white laces broke right in a game.

 Nike Women’s Prime Hype DF 2016 Basketball shoes

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 basketball shoes:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes were designed for lightweight and comfortable ride that does not restrict your movement. It has a flywire technology which offers mid foot dynamic look down and an inner bootie that enables the shoe to be breathable and also securing the foot.


  • Very comfortable
  • Reliable as it easily fits into your demand


  • Too tight and causes blisters especially at the back of the heel.
  • It is not durable
  • Very stiff shoe with high back.

 Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 basketball shoes 

Nike Women’s overplay VIII Basketball Shoes:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes are perfect both for style and performance in the pitch. The shoe offer a lightweight and breathable design to keep your feet in position and are very comfortable. This shoe is made up of synthetic leather which overlays on the heel to keep your foot in place and an additional feature which is the leather toe cap for durability in the toe box avoiding the shoe to easily get damaged around where the toes are found. It has flex grooves which takes care of more natural motion thereby enhancing articulation.


  • Very comfortable and offer good ankle support
  • Light weight
  • Great ankle support and traction in the court
  • Perfect fit when correct size is chosen

 Nike Women’s overplay VIII Basketball Shoes

 Nike Women’s Roshe One Running Shoes:

These shoes are very good looking women’s Nike basketball shoes with a thick rubber sole and made up of light weight and very breathable materials. Its full length Phylon midsole made up with solar soft stock liner supplies good support and maximum comfort.                                


Superb comfortable

Fit perfectly

Looks good when on


Ankles are a bit stiff and could lead to blisters

Lining inside is a bit slippery to use in the gym

High price on package different from what was charged

  Nike Women’s Roshe One Running Shoes




Nike Women’s Revolution 3 running shoe:

These shoes have different colors in the market and good for fashion and for running. It offers a responsive cushioning with a rubber outsole giving excellent traction. Horizontal bellows are cut into the foam for added response.


  • Great fit
  • Light weight, great support and look amazing


  • Not very comfortable on the toes for work out

Nike Women’s Revolution 3 running shoe




Nike Women’s Juvenate Running Shoes:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes have no tongue and were designed for sockless wear with cute honey comb shaped foam pads on the breezy mesh upper. These women’s Nike basketball shoes are seamless, ultra comfortable with a waffle traction pattern and could be found in many different colors in the market.


  • Very comfortable for distant mile walks
  • Breathable, cute and stretchable


  • Not best for real aerobic activities
  • Picture of shoes not always depictive of what arrives
  • Color and base of the shoe is very awful

  Nike Women’s Juvenate Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Shoe:

These women’s Nike basketball shoes are engineered by multidirectional flex gloves which are designed to improve flexibility especially during training.They have a rubber sole which provides light weight cushioning. They have different beautiful colors in the market which which offers the possibility for one to choose.


  • Extremely light weights
  • Very comfortable
  • Stays tight and you feel secured
  • Shoes fit great and also look great.


  • Not supportive at all, when worn it feels like you are moving bear feet
  • Shoe is a little small on the toe box and hurts toes drastically
  • Too tight and not easily tied on the lace pad.

Nike basketball reviews:

Playing basketball is a fast paced game which is very entertaining and requires players first to run fast, turn and jump also, sending the ball into a ring and it often is based on the position of the player and the perfect jump which leads to a point more. In order for a player to enjoy his game, he needs to get the best shoe for the games and training. To purchase a Nike pair, it is very important to best review the summary on peoples’ opinion about some shoes before you purchase them to avoid exceeding your budget or getting two shoes for the same purpose or getting what you do not intend to. Nike basketball reviews then puts a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages you will encounter in purchasing this or that shoe. Depending on your needs, the Nike basketball shoes reviews helps you reach your goal of getting your dream shoe.

Most reviews are done on them depending on the consumers feedback on their point of interest which is mostly based on what the consumer useed the Nike basketball shoes for; whether it was for dressing, running, training or for games. These Nike basketball reviews would depend on the performance of the shoe, the comfortable nature of the shoe mostly on the heels and the toes, foam rollers review, outsole and insole reviews, rubber bands of the shoe to analyze the quality and durability. Often, Nike basketball shoes are grouped in different colors, sizes, styles and designs which are all easy to analyze online before purchase. Some of the Nike basketball shoes we will review are thus:

Nike basketball reviews:

Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan Super Fly 2 PO Basketball shoes

This Nike basketball shoes for men being very comfortable, is hyperfused and light weight upper which has an adaptive fit. These Nike men’s basketball shoes are very supportive with the presence of a lacing system that leaves your foot in place giving you an extra support. Its fuse internal bootie is constructed to reduce irritation and provide a lock-down fit. This basketball shoe has different color of these shoes in the market ranging from black/yellow, black/white to Gym red/challenge red/white and others depending on the taste of the consumer.


  • Very good shoes with an inexplicable feel as if you were running in the air
  • Good traction
  • Great ankle and heel support
  • Light and extremely comfortable
  • Durable, perfect color and perfect fit


  • Poor ventilation causing feet and shoes to smell


 Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan Super Fly 2 PO Basketball shoes


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 Prm Basketball shoes:

This Nike basketball shoe has the following features; a Nike zoom cushioning, solid rubber soles with heir shaft measuring approximately 3.8 from arc. These Nike basketball shoe come in different colors which are very attractive with a bold and clear Nike logo clearly seen on the shoes. They are the most notorious hoop shoes


  • Right on fit
  • Great support and stability
  • Good material and original brand


  • Costly
  • Rough fit

Nike Women’s Air Max 2015 Running shoes:

This Nike Basketball shoes reviews reveals this women’s Nike basketball shoes with a magnificent color which is black/white/Clearwater/fuchsia Flash; very colorful and beautifully made for women. They have a rubber sole which is durable with this model being one of the light weighted model in the market.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good air floating


  • Little cushioning and therefore poor support
  • Costly.

Nike Women’s Air Max 2015 Running shoes                                                           Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Flash:

This Nike basketball shoes reviews this Nike basketball shoes as being light weighted mesh upper which is combined with dynamic flywire technology for a breathable and secure lock down. They are also characterized by flex patterns which offer six directions of motion for the most flexible outsole. They have rubber lugs for added durability and a phylon midsole with flex grooves that allow the foot to move in different directions.


  • These shoes are not waterproof but are water resistant
  • Light weight at 8.8 ounce and flexible
  • Very comfortable


  • Too small. Too tight and makes the feet look small
  • Poor breathing system
  • No support due to their light weight

Nike Men’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe:

The Nike men’s basketball shoes reviews the Flex 2016 as a fabric shoe which has different colors in the market. It has a co-molded midsole which gives the user a perfect ride, a minimal heel design which provides a more natural fit with flywire cables also offering a dynamic, supportive fit through the mid foot.


  • Cradled heel which keeps your feet from rolling
  • Light weight and comfortable fit
  • Breathable shoe


  • Short around the toe area and also tight across the top of most feet
  • Stones get stuck in their soles easily which could lead to their destruction
  • Too much arch support making it seems uncomfortable.

Nike Men’s Eric Koston 2 Max Skate Shoe

These shoes are one of the latest versions of Nike basketball shoes for men. These Nike basketball shoes are superior sneakers which provide compression and wicket perspiration and can keep you dry and light throughout the course of the game due to its regulate temperature and enhanced performance.


  • These shoes were designed for skateboarding but if that fact is ignored, they are great running shoes
  • Very comfortable, light weight and breathable shoes


  • Not durable at all
  • Sizes may run narrow

Nike Men’s Zoom Speed TR3 Training Shoes:

These shoes are mostly imported Nike basketball shoes. The shoes are the combination of synthetic leather and mesh upper for light weight, breathability and support. It has a paddled collar and tongue for comfort with lace up structure for a comfortable fit. This Nike basketball shoes reviews these shoes with good rubber sole and no-sew construction which helps in support and reduced irritation.


  • Good quality shoes and well built


  • Poor fitting which is snug
  • Narrow shoes

Nike white shoes:

Most Nike white shoes are very beautiful shoes but not all are totally white as you will meet the logo with different colors or the sole, laces, lace holes etc. Having a Nike white shoe could be very classy and beautiful but most people avoid engaging themselves to get and wear these shoes because it becomes very complicated to maintain its color at white especially if you live in a ferralitic (reddish) soil area where the soil is red and can easily change the color of those Nike white shoes. The shoes can best be used in a sandy area where the Nike white shoes can easily be maintained. Different shades of Nike shoes exist in the market but for those which are Nike white shoes we have the following:

Nike Kobe Basketball Shoes All White:

These Nike white basketball shoes has the following features, the zoom air unit in the heel which provides responsive cushioning enabling quick pass in a game, a rubber outsole which is durable on a variety of surfaces, a micro-thread pattern providing top tier grip for a good flexibility in the pitch. These Nike white shoes are made up of an upper mesh area which provides breathability allowing your foot dry and fresh all through a basketball game. Their lunarlon foam midsole provides soft cushioning for good feet and swift lands during a game and a low top design which doesn’t restrict movement and moreover provides ankle flexibility.


  • Good shoes with good quality
  • comfortable


  • narrow and poor fitting


Nike Kobe Basketball Shoes All White

Nike Men’s Benassi Solarsoft College Slide

These Nike white shoes are one of the most popular Nike basketball shoes which was boosted in the 80’s by most NBA players and is now idolized by fashion, hip hop and street icons. This Nike white shoe is characterized by a Nike air technology in its inner sole, solid rubber outsole with classic traction pattern.


  • perfect sizing
  • matches all dressing as white goes with everything


  • could be very uncomfortable
  • small


  Nike Men’s Benassi Solarsoft College Slide



Nike Kids Force 1 Mid (PS) basketball shoes:

These white shoes have a Nike’s revolutionary air sole feature on its heel and a perforated toe front detail. This Nike white shoe also has a hook and loop strap for maximum ankle protection which is really good for children with a strong rubber sole. These shoes could be used for fashion and games and is very good for kids.


  • great shoes with beautiful dressing


  • shoes have so many laces and would take a great deal of time to get them worn
  • tight at the feet
  • not very comfortable

Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 4 Retro Basketball shoes:

This Nike white shoe is essentially made up of white and some metallic silver strands. This shoe is characterized by shaft which measures the ankle directly from arch, an air sole heel for cushion and a full length mid sole. This Nike white shoe has a unique strap on each side of the shoes for ankle support and a good rubber sole for durability.


  • great shoes with very good prize
  • perfect fit
  • good color scheme


  • most of these shoes are fake so don’t waste time and money

Nike Men’s kyrie 3 basketball shoes:

These shoes were designed for quick foot and rapid play with very good features like light weight foam midsole which offers impact protection, full length rubber outsole for supreme grip, these white shoes are made up of herringbone pattern wraps up their side walls for extreme traction, hyperfuse construction which has a lockdown support and moreover has some mesh regions which allows increased breathability and stability.


  • Very good quality shoes
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable


  • Narrow fitting

Nike Men’s kyrie 3 basketball shoes

Nike Zoom Shift:

This Nike women’s basketball white shoes delivers super comfort and stability with a zoom air unit at the forefoot and external heel counter that provides support through the ankles. These Nike white shoes are very good because they have a rubber thread which provides durability and comfort, an external heel counter and a phylon foam midsole which provides comfort and extra support.


  • Durable
  • comfortable


  • fake rampant in the market

Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe:

These are incredible Nike white shoes for men playing basketball with a good rubber sole, a low profile skate shoe with a lace front. Their Nike SB logo is located at the side with so much beauty. This Nike white shoe is a classic minimal skate silhouette shoe that sets a standard for comfort.


  • Very true to size since Nike shoes are often narrow for the feet especially worn the first time but this Nike white shoe is very different being true to size.
  • Durable


  • Feels tight
  • Tongue is sewn too high up bringing discomfort

Nike Men’s Airforce 1 basketball Shoe:

These Nike white shoes are incredible with a beautiful rubber sole and thick sole with embossed air logo at outer sides and a perforated toe front detail. This Nike white shoe has an iconic style from everywhere you go from court to street and it has become very popular with basket ballers and fashion styles.


  • Fits great, looks great and feels great
  • Great quality shoes
  • Pretty warm on the feet and very protective
  • Very lovely color and design


  • Not true to size
  • Doesn’t feel and look authentic

Some Nike Basketball Shoes:

Nike basketball shoes have different reviews which are based essentially on the taste of the consumer. It is only when a customer knows exactly what he wants would him be interested to view the different reviews of Nike basketball shoes. These different reviews of Nike basketball would try to explain the different features or properties of these Nike basketball shoes which a customer would easily access for his perfect purchase. Reviews of basketball shoes could be due to performance, sole properties, breathability, durability, fitting, colors, lace pads, shin guards, wristband, the materials that the shoes are made up of is one of the most important features that most customers look for when getting reviews of Nike basketball shoes etc.

Different sales companies and brand promoters shops have different ways they use for reviews of Nike basketball shoes depending on what they have available for sale and what they sale faster than the others.

Nike Free Connect Trainers:

Reviews of Nike basketball shoes describe these shoes as being designed for women and we can mostly locate them in black colour. These shoes are very good with extra beautiful features like a zonal support associated with other support features like rubber pods found on the heel and forefoot, flex groove tread, phylite midsole  which are good for cushioning and durability. These basketball shoes have a slim sole, 100% textile upper and a breathable mesh. Reviews of Nike basketball shoes from ASOS that:s


  • Good price for a good shoe
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean usually using a damp cloth


  • Not very good in support since its sole is very thin

Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2013 Basketball Shoes:

These shoes were reviewed as a very good quality shoes made up with very good and perfect material, good elasticity being able to release the heat from the shoe avoiding sweat on your feet when running. The upper parts of this shoe are made up with synthetic leather for good comfort. For its safety factor, it is a good protector of the foot avoiding injuries especially around the ankles. Lastly, these shoes are made up of padded soles with rubber for durability and comfort and come in different wonderful colors in the market.


  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish and durable


  • Poor fitting

Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro:

Reviews of Nike basketball shoes describes this shoe as having a legacy from the star basketball player Micheal Jordan and is very good as it comes with retro design. This shoe is made up of a synthetic upper sole (premium leather material), has good perforations for good breathability and a rubber outsole providing good traction. This review of Nike basketball shoe is incredible with a nice reinforced toe cap and two holes on its tongue.


  • Comfortable and authentic shoes
  • Shoes have great support in the court especially when jumping


  • The red color of this shoe is of low quality and poorly made

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV:

Reviews of Nike basketball shoes brings the Nike men’s air visi pro IV designed for men as a get to go shoe for most men who are interested in basketball. This Nike basketball shoes is very comfortable and of very good quality. This shoe is one of the best shoes made by the brand Nike in the market. It is characterized by a padded tongue collar preventing feet from blisters and a fabric lining and special phylon in the midsole. Its outsole provides excellent traction for every move in the field.


  • Very comfortable even for its fitting
  • Enhanced performance which aids players o improve their performance in the court
  • Breathable shoes
  • Not hard to clean and stays shiny for a long time.

Nike Men’s Air Max Sequent 2 Running Shoes:

Reviews of Nike basketball shoes presents these shoes with some good features like the upper breathable mesh with supportive suede overlay. It has a U-shaped Max air unit for an iconic look which also cushions at heel strike. These Nike shoes have a rubber sole added with the solid rubber outsole with articulated grooves for increased forefoot flexibility.

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