Review of Hand Held Shower Heads

By Samuel

The natural formations of the earth which is the waterfall is the first contact of the shower that man knew. In order to replicate the effect they had when bathing under the waterfalls they used jugs of water that they poured over their heads.

When referring to a hand held shower head also called an adjustable shower head or a shower spray unit, it is a long flexible hose that has a shower head attached at one of its ends. While at the other end there is a water source that can be a tub spout, a sink faucet or even the normal water supply line to a regular shower head.

Reasons to get a hand held shower head

Certain tasks are facilitated using the hand held shower heads among which we have

ü Facilitates bathing while seated, for example for those who are sick and do not have enough strength to stand, the hand held shower head is a perfect tool that makes their cleaning easier.

ü In the same like, caregivers find this tool very useful for their day to day activity when it comes to taking care of their patients.

ü In the house where there are kids, bathing is a lot easier with a hand held shower.

ü A hand held shower is good news for pet owners who can use them to keep their animals clean.

ü After you are done from the shower, the hand held shower can be used to rinse the whole shower.

There are a large number of shower heads in our shops but they vary based on the location to which they will be attached. There are differences in style, types and the options that they offer. The different areas we can find hand held shower heads is diverter valve, shower arms, sink faucet and bathtub spout.

Guides to pick top hand held shower heads

In the GeekWrapped hand held shower heads reviews, the estimated number of baths an average person takes in his lifetime is 28, 000 showers. A figure that reflects how important it is to have a nice shower head that is of high quality in terms of performance so that you get more fun during your shower periods. For all the body parts to be reached easily and gain time when taking a shower the use of a hand held shower head is essential. There are a number of factors you need to consider when you are out to shop for hand held shower heads.

  1. The material: when shopping for a shower head the concern is to get a good quality shower head at a good cost (price is balanced by the products quality). In the GeekWrapped hand held shower heads reviews, the best material that a hand held shower is made from is the ABS plastic that also contains the metal finish. One version of such showers easily found in shops is the shower head with nickel coating or chrome, good in design, lightweight and have a long life span. There are other material types like the brass and stainless steel which are good quality materials that will last for a long time. The problem with them is that they are more expensive than the ABS plastics and are heavier.
  2. Size of the shower head: the hand held shower heads are available in different diameter in the market. It can vary from 4 inches to over 8 inches depending on the type of shower head we are dealing with.  The most used size is the 4 inches shower head. There are shower heads that come in extra-large sizes for the purpose of relaxation for example the handheld rain shower heads that often have an 8 inch face so that it can mimic the relief effect on the body same as the rain does. In this category there is nothing like the best size rather each size has its advantage. The smaller sizes are easy to manipulate during the bath and are less expensive in the shop while the larger shower head will give you more water at a time for quicker rising.
  3. Hose included: there are shower heads that do come with a hose. There are situations in which you only want to replace a damaged shower head and still have a hose or you plan to buy a hose separately. Whatever be the case it is preferable to get a shower head that comes with its hose, don’t you think so? This reflects a good manufacturer who will include the hose for free. Today with increase competition in the market of hand held shower heads, most manufacturers do include the hose for free as a way to get more customers. The material from which the hose is made is a flexible and robust stainless steel and has a length that varies between five and seven feet.
  4. Comes with a mount: the scenario here is similar like in the case of the hose. There are hand held shower heads that are made without a mount so that the buyer can use any third party mount that is obtained separately to mount the shower. On the other hand there are hand held shower heads that come with their mounts for more convenience which also reflects a good image of the manufacturer. The manufacturer can vary the design of the mount for his product so that users get to make choices with the mount as a variable factor from the original product set.
  5. The weight of the shower head: hand held showers are handheld and therefore they should be lightweight. This is not a necessity but it is better to get one that will cause less stress manipulating. The weight of the shower head lies in the head itself and the hose. The heaviest heads will be made out of brass followed by that made from stainless steel and the least heavy is made out of plastic or combo.

Other parts that make up the hand held shower

-         The vacuum breakers of the shower heads: the vacuum breaker of the shower head is to prevent back flow. Most people use municipal water, and their hand held shower heads can be directly connected to this water supply. There is a tendency that water from the shower that contains soap and cleaning chemicals flow back contaminating the municipal water supply, this can result to health hazards. This backflow (caused by siphoning or back pressure) can be prevented with the help of a vacuum breaker thereby preventing possible water contamination of the water supply.

-         The hand held attachment of the shower head: the Zoe industries reviews of hand held shower heads describes the shower attachment to be ½ inch IPS inlet and ½ inch to the hose outlet or vacuum breakers outlet. They have a chrome color and are used to connect the water conducting elements.

-         Ball valve shut off: this part is noted to be the best selling in hand held shower heads reviews. It is a 100% shut off shower ball valve that helps to lower water consumption and also the water bills. You can turn off the flow of water with the ball valve when you are soaping up, shaving, shampooing and even when lathering. When setting up the shower head the ball valve fits inline between the original plumbing and the shower head. The design of the ball valve is such that it is compatible to all standard plumbing and provides 100% water control for your shower head. It is available in brush nickel, gold and bronze color.

-         The solid hand held shower bracket swivel head: Zoe industries reviews of hand held shower heads indicates that the bracket is part of the shower head that permits the hand held to swivel easily and tilt at the ball valve joint. The swivel head is therefore the part that allows you turn the shower head in several directions to rinse the body. The Zoe industries construct their Brackets from solid Brass without any plastics. The nuts of the Bracket allow you to tighten them at your preference as it will serve you every day. The Bracket serves as a connector between the hand held shower heads and the hose in shower heads. It is available in four colors; chrome, oil rub bronze, brushed nickel and gold.

-         Wall brackets for hand held shower heads: the wall bracket is used to keep the hand held shower heads out of the way. It attaches the shower head to the wall.The wall brackets also makes access to the shower head easier (ready to go). It is easy for it to fit to the wall with its screw mount and is available in different colors.

-         The three way diverter shower head: the Zoe industries reviews of hand held shower heads says that customers asked for a multi diverter so they manufactured the three way shower head diverter valve. This device permits the connection of both the shower head and the hand held shower head to one opening mechanism. It is a made out of solid brass and is fitted in different opening positions of the diverter. The first position of the diverter will permit water supply only to the shower head; position 2 allows water supply to the hand held shower head only while the third position allows water supply to all the shower heads at the same time.

Best hand held shower heads

There are a great number of hand held shower heads in shops out there and here are some of the best hand held shower heads by reviews of hand held shower heads by professionals. They fit into budget because they are low cost and have yield satisfactory comments from users.

  1. 1.     Best hand held shower heads: The RaindanceHansgrohe E120 hand held shower review

This is one of the best hand held shower heads in the market and it is used to mimic the effect of rain by producing droplets with tiny air bubbles, so that you feel soak at the end of your shower. Its shower head is six inch in diameter and so considered to be a big one with total dimensions of 5.1 by 6.5 by 5.1 inches. The material from which it is made is sturdy plastic and can overcome a standard 2gpm (gallon per minute) pressure. There are three different settings on this shower head; the full stream, massage and the extreme massage. So it is just for the user to pick the setting he wants with the control lever and take a good time on shower. There are presently 2 colors of this hand held shower head available in the market which includes the chrome and the brushed nickel. To round up it comes with a good warranty and with a good support.

The RaindanceHansgrohe E120 hand held shower

Pros and Cons of the RaindanceHansgrohe


-         The E120 hand held shower head has the potential to spray water and make it feel on the body as you were under a smooth rain fall;

-         Build with the technology of accumulation so that the water from it comes filled with air for a better sensation during the shower;

-         Good warranty comes with the shower insuring you that your money is in a good quality product that you will use for a long time; and

-         Can help you save money thanks to its potential to conserve water.


-         If the nozzle of this shower gets bad, it is expensive to replace it relative to the price of the hand held shower; and

-         It does not come with a hose, neither with a bracket in its set so they are to be purchased separately.


  1. 2.     Best hand held shower heads: The Luxury shower head URBST

 The luxury shower head Urbst

In GeekWrapped reviews, this is one of their best hand held shower heads for the following reasons. It has that prestige design that will give class to your bathroom, this hand shower head is square rather than round. It is made out of plastic and chrome and feels lightweight to the hands. It comes with a hose and a bracket in a package, the size of the head is 4.9 by 2.9 inches and the total dimension of the shower head is 10.6 by 4.9 by 2.9 inches. Despite the change of shape this shower head still supplies water in high pressure and does so in three different settings; rainfall, the quick spray and the mixture of both. An added feature is the button – like switch that is used to control this shower head considered to be an innovative addition. This shower head has a warranty of three years, telling you that it’s plastic and other materials are of superior quality.

  1. 3.     Best hand held shower heads: The Hydroluxe full chrome hand held shower head

If it is difficult for you to choose between walls mounted shower heads and a hand held shower head, the Hydroluxe full chrome is there for you as it provides you with both options. For the same price that you will obtain a premium plastic shower head, at that same price you can purchase this combo shower head. The set of Hydroluxe Full Chrome shower head is made from a mixture of chrome plus silicon and ABS plastic. The wall and the hand held shower heads both are four inches and they can be used separately. These shower heads can also be used at the same time giving the possibility to switch between 24 different flow patterns and there are five settings; the power rain, the warm mist, the water economy rain mode, massage, pause and the combination mode. Controlling which of them to use is possible with the help of a switch and also a three way water diverter. Using the former, you get control of the water functions while the later gives you control of the shower head that will be used. The package of the Hydroluxe Full Chrome hand held shower comes with a flexible hose made from stainless steel and measures five feet, also included is a reel of plumber’s tape so that any adult individual can install it easily. Another remarkable aspect that makes this shower head named as one of the best hand held showers is that it comes with a warranty of 10 years, and with its multiple settings sure you will enjoy every time you get a shower.

Pros of the Hydroluxe Full Chrome

-         You get two different shower heads in this package and therefore all is made easier for you. In the case of any problem the manufacturer comes and solves it rather than you dealing with two different manufacturers;

-         This hand held shower head provides you with five power heads of high pressure and also five different settings all of which are available to make your shower experience better;

-         The material of fabrication is plastic of high quality (thermoplastic) that makes it lightweight but very solid and durable; and

-         The installation is easy and do not require the presence of a plumber.


Since this modern shower operates in high pressure, it will not operate to its optimum described potentials if the residence at which it is installed has low pressure water supply.

  1. 4.     Best hand held shower heads: The HansgroheCroma E100

Cited among the best hand held shower heads, it is nice looking and high quality  E100. It is made out of plastic and therefore it is a low weight hand held shower that is durable because it is made out of premium plastic. The E100 comes with flexible hose that measures 63 inches, this shower can stand the 2.5 gpm flow with no difficulty and reduces this flow to 2.2 gpm for a good feeling on the skin. This shower head offers you two flow settings which are a full pulsating massage and a turbo spray deep cleaning. This shower head can maintain itself clean by utilizing the Quick Clean anti-lime function. It comes with it bracket that can be mounted on the wall to hold the hand held shower head when soaping with your two hands and even when the E100 is not in use. It measures a total weight of 27 oz and has dimensions 9.2 by 4 by 9.2 inches.


-         Excellent design and performance.

-         If there is any problem with the piece of this hand held shower, the limited warranty by the company protects you and you get a new one.

-         Contains chrome as its finish that is used for protecting the E100.


Quite expensive relative to other hand held shower heads as it cost up to $ 90.

  1. 5.     Best hand held shower heads: The Delta Faucet 75700 Hand Held Shower

In search of shower that will offer you the versatility of a hand held shower head and also that convenience of shower head mounted on a wall then the Delta Faucet 75700 should be your choice. Listed one of the best hand held shower heads it is made from high quality ABS plastic before it is plated with chrome. The quality of this product is backed by a warranty of 15 years, the package comes with a shower mount and a flexible hose that is six feet in length. The head of this hand held shower is 3.5 inches and offers seven functions with additional anti-clog nozzles which eases the maintenance of the shower head. Among the settings there is “pause” so you should not be scared that you have damaged the item when experimenting. The Delta Faucet has a total weight of 24 oz and dimensions of 5 by 7 by 14 inches.

In customer reviews of hand held shower heads, they love this high quality product. Customers comment on how happy they are because it is easy for them to adjust settings and they still do that with ease even with soapy hands.

In other hand held shower heads reviews other customers comment on the installation speed and ease of the Delta Faucet in their baths. They also admire the long length of the hose of this hand shower.

  1. 6.     Best hand held shower heads: The Waterprik SM-653CG Hand Held Shower

The Waterprik hand held shower is remarkable as a shower massage, and so it is the shower equipment you will like to come and meet home after you had a long day at work. This item has a six-function shower head that is three inches in diameter and also has an OptiFlow technology. The SM-653CG has the Waterprik proprietary water flow solution and so the item can be described to be a punch. It is available in two types in shops; the standard 2.5 gpm and the other that is reduced to 2.0 gpm flow. The OptiFlow technology makes this hand held shower a powerful jet.

The item comes with an adjustable bracket that is used for wall mounting, a flexible five feet stainless steel hose and a life time warranty.


-         It is relatively easy to install and also to use;

-         The way or pattern in which it sprays water is good and effective;

-         The availability of a wide range of water styles and pressure; and

-         Beautiful external view thanks to the chrome finish.


In the review of hand held shower heads customers complain about the size of the shower head to be big for a hand held shower head. They also observe some water leakage at the side of the adjustment ring.

  1. 7.     Best hand held shower heads: The HotelspaAquacare Hand Held Shower

This is one of the best hand held shower heads and is considered to be a Luxury shower that is made from high grade plastic platted with chrome at the end. The package comes with a wall bracket, a flexible stainless steel hose that is six foot long, coned shaped nuts for tightening made out of brass and enough plumber tape to ease its mounting. The head of this hand held shower has seven settings which are accessed with the help of the three – zone lever dial found on the face (to change setting you can just rotate the head). The Aquacare comes with a life time warranty to tell how resistant to damage the product is. It weighs 20 oz with dimensions of 9.5 by 4 by 6 inches.

  1. 8.     Best hand held shower heads: The Aquadance Shower Head

As one of the best hand held shower heads, the AquaDance shower head is a six spray setting shower head and the water from this item makes you feel it is dancing on your skin. You have the choice among the power rain, or can decide to go with the pulsating massage, as well as the power mist, the rain massage and rain mist are other available settings and if you intend to save water for economic purposes use the pause mode. A control dial is found on the shower head that permits switching between settings. MaintainingAquaDance is quite easy thanks to the Rub-Clean jets that avoids the build-up of lime.

In the full package, there are additional accessories such as the hose which is made from flexible stainless steel and measures five feet, a hard-wearing heavy duty brass connection nut, a bracket, washers and a plumber tape so that the installation of the item is made easy and included free. The AquaDance is made with plastic and chrome which means it is a lightweight shower head with a total weight of 20.5 oz, the plastic material is of premium quality and the plastic is coated by the chrome to give the shower head strength against easy damage. The head size of the AquaDance is 3.5 inches in diameter and has dimensions of 6 by 3.5 by 10 inches.

  1. 9.     Best hand held shower heads: The Vida Alegria H5+

The material from which the h5+ is made from is high quality ABS plastic and at the end it is plated with chrome. There are accessories that come with the package of H5+ for free, such as the flexible hose made of stainless steel and measures five feet and can stretch up to seven feet and a bracket so that the shower can be mounted on the wall. The name H5+ is derived from the number of setting this shower head has which is five. Out of the five settings, there are three basics, two that are mixed and one for water saving. It is possible to change setting using just your thump so that you can use the soft rinse or save water with the drizzle mode. As every good shower head, this hand held shower can handle the 2.5 gpm water flow pressure, but by removing the flow resistors, it is possible for this shower to stand even lower water flows. The diameter of this shower head is 4 inches, it has a total weight of 18 oz, dimensions of 4.5 by 5 by 10.6 inches and a warranty of three years.

  1. 10.Best hand held shower heads: The Aqua Elegante Hand Held Shower Head

This is one of the best hand held shower heads that comes without any other accessory like the bracket and the hose which you will purchase separately. The Elegant shower head is rather a basic and very affordable option and the head works so efficiently. There are different models of this hand held shower made from different finished materials – all the heads contain ABS plastic and the three different models finish with either nickel, chrome or bronze. The Aqua Elegant comes with six water settings which are two mixed modes, a pulsating massage setting, a Power Blast Setting, gentle rain and the water saving mode. There is a flow restrictor that comes with this shower head so that it can stand different pressure situations. In addition to that this shower head restricting system can help reduce bills by economizing water. The Aqua head size is 4 inches and the total weight of this shower head is 11.2 oz, dimensions of the head is 5.2 by 2.3 by 10.7 inches and there is a warranty of five years that accompany this item.

Reviews of hand held shower heads

The Sena Stick Hand Held Shower

In the reviews of hand held shower heads, the Tool of Men presents some of the best hand held shower heads with the Sena shower which is rod shape hand held shower head made entirely with metal but only the sprayer of the Sena is made from rubber. Nuzzles of this shower head works at 2.5gpm and only has one setting which is the rain setting.It doesn’t come with a hose and has to be purchased separately.


The Sena Stick Hand Held Shower

The design of this hand held shower head is unique and so though it is pricy it is found in many bath rooms. It is also easy to use.

The Deluxe Shower Head Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza

                                   The Deluxe Shower Head fire Hydrant Spa Plaza

This one of the best hand held shower heads by the Tool of Men and it is able to convert the low pressure of your water supply in to high pressure flow. Do you want to feel aggressive in your shower when your house has low pressure, then you have found the perfect hand held shower for you. It has many settings including the rain and the massage, it can be used both as a stationary and a mobile shower head with a hose of 6.5 feet.

Portable Shower Heads

When the time comes for you to keep your pets clean outdoor you obviously need a hand held shower head that will facilitate the job for you or you are out for a camping and need a bath, the portable shower heads are designed for this purpose.

  • The Portable Handheld Outdoor Camping Shower Powered By Invation Battery

Hand held shower head reviews reveals the Invation Battery portable hand held shower is able to convert water from a bucket, sink or basin into a stream of shower that is gentle and of steady pressure.

Product Description

-         The Invation Battery are waterproof portable shower heads that can pull water from any recipient thanks to the energy supplied by its battery. As a portable shower head it is versatile and finds application both indoor and outdoor;

-         The power of this portable shower is supplied by a build-in rechargeable lithium battery of 2200mAh. The Invastion Battery once fully charged can be used over 60 minutes, and to charge this shower, you need a USB that can be plugged into a computer or a laptop, better still you can look for a 12 volt car adapter for recharging it.

-         The Invation portable shower head comes with a suction cup and a hanging hook, they are both used to anchor the portable shower. The suction cup is used on flat surfaces and permits you to use both hands when bathing a pet or your children. The hanging hook is S-shaped so that it can be used to anchor the lightweight Ivation (1.4 pounds) on the branch of a tree during camping and your shower is set outside. In reviews of hand held showers, campers refer to trees that they hang their Ivation portable shower to bath a modern “crying tree.”

-         There is a water filtration system that is integrated in this portable shower whose function is to clean the water as it passes from the bottom to the top of the shower head. This means that camper can get to a lake and by using this shower head the water that comes at the head of this shower head is clean water.

-         It has a hose that measures 6.5 feet.


  • The Hand Sprayer Portable Shower Heads (Held Spray Water)

The Hand Held Sprayer is one of the best portable shower heads and it is capable of converting any faucet to shower. It finds its application when you are to clean pets, children and even when you want to take off shampoo from your head.

Product description

-         The Hand Held Sprayer is manufactured by Aqua Plumb;

-         It connects to any standard size faucet or spout with the help of the Lock lip collar;

-         The Hand Held Sprayer has a vinyl hose that measures 48” that will turn any sink to a shower and can easily rinse shampoo from the hair just in seconds;

-         The spray head can be easily installed as no additional tool is required to do this; and

-         The head of this shower can be used for scrubbing since it has scrubbers attached to it.


  • The Body Moods Wall Spray Shower Head For Bathtubs And Faucets

This is a portable shower head used to convert water from the faucet into a shower.


 o	The Body Moods Wall Spray Shower Head For Bathtubs And Faucets


Product Description

The Body Mood is white in color and can be used as a portable shower head and also as a wall shower. It can easily fit to any faucet using the standard tube and comes with an attachment for other applications. It converts water from the faucet into a shower that can be used to bath pets and children.


  • The VersaSpray Portable Shower Head

This is a convenient portable shower head for the bathtub; can be connected to the faucet of the bathtub and turn the water from there into a gentle spray of water. It is used in body rinsing, bathing kids, and in the cleaning of pets.

Product description

  • The VersaSpray can easily fit in the tub of the sink with the help of the spout made with durable rubber. The hose is also made out of durable rubber. The VersaSpray Portable Shower Head is made for round spout without diverter so will not fit in tubs with diverters.

The round attachment of this sprayer is made at 1 inch of diameter but can get expanded to 2 inches when it is forced to fit to a tub spout and no tool is required to get this installed. The VersaSprayer has a 42 in long hose that is made out of rubber together with the spout and they are suitable for those living in mobile homes.

Hints for easy installation

In order to quickly install this shower head you are advised to put the spout of this shower head into warm water for about 5 which will permit the rubber to soften for easy fit to the tub spout.

Another suggestion is to place a ring around the spout of the shower head once it has fit to that of the bathtub so that they hold tighter.

Hand held shower heads are tools that are versatile and in many reviews of hand held shower heads customers get more satisfaction from this revolution in the shower world.

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