Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

As an environmental choice, riding bicycles could be the best decision you will ever make for your lifetime whether it is to boost your fitness, health or happiness.

Great benefits of cycling

You’ll actually get there on time

Research by Citroen shows that commute by bike in UK’s major cities makes you get there in half an hour as compared to the time taken by cars. If you happen to drive for an hour in Cardiff’s rush hour, you will eventually spend over 30 minutes going just nowhere an average of just 7mph as compared to the average of about 12-15mph while cycling. Even in bike-friendly less-congested cities around the world you will probably make your way on time with the bicycle. The high level of road vehicle traffic which often waste time for vehicle owners is not the case with bicycle owners as they can always make their way to their destination on time even if there is traffic or not. A reason why so many people prefer taking on bikes to get to their job places on time.

Cycling assures you a more deep sleep


Cycling Assures You Deep Sleep

Even though an early morning ride can easily get you really tired on the short term, but at the end of the day you will easily catch some quality shut-eye whenever you return to your pillow. Sedentary insomnia sufferers are being recommended 20 to 30 minutes of cycling each day by the Stanford university school of medicine. A majority of those who have implemented this recommendation acknowledge that the time taken for them to fall asleep has dropped down by half. In addition their sleeping time increased to about an hour and at times more.

Cycling makes you look much younger

A thorough research on cycling was carried out by the scientists at the Stanford University. They concluded that cycling does protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations. They also acknowledged that cycling reduces the signs of ageing. This is due to the increased circulation brought by the activity thereby supplying great amounts of oxygen and nutrients to all skin cells. And in return they also flush out great quantities of harmful toxins from the skin. Exercises also lead to the creation of an ideal environment in the body for optimisation of collagen production. This helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and in speeding any healing process which arises.

Cycling greatly increases your brain power

If you are looking onto your grey matter to sparkle then immediately take on pedalling. Great and reputed researchers from the University of Illinois conducted researches in this field. After researching they concluded that just 5 percent increase in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling will finally lead to an improvement of up to 15 percent in mental test. This is one of the reasons why so many parents would often offer bicycles to their children to assist in their brain development and even general health. Nevertheless, this also goes even to aged persons, so if you are looking on improving your brain capacities then simply take on cycling. Old brain cells which deteriorate from the age of 30 are replaced by new ones build in the hippocampus thanks to cycling.

Cycling does boost your bowels

Experts from the Bristol University found that the benefits of cycling do extend deep in to your core. This is true since physical activities help decrease the time which food takes to travel through your large intestine. In addition, your breathing and heart rate is accelerated greatly by aerobic exercises which assist in the contraction of intestinal muscles. This greatly prevents you from feeling bloated and also protects you from any form of bowel cancer.

Cycling beats illness

You might be asking yourself if cycling is truly good for you. Of course yes it is an ideal sport for you to take on. This is because with moderate exercises immune cells are more active thereby being ready to fight off all infections. Looking at the research from the University of North Carolina, those who cycle just for 30 minutes, 5 days a week take about half as many sick days as those who do not.

With Cycling you’ll live much longer

The King’s college London decided to compare over 2,400 identical twins and found out those who took just 45 minutes of cycling a week were much younger. That is 9 years biological younger even after discounting some other influences such as Body Mass Index. Cycling makes the body much more efficient at defending itself and generating new cells whenever old ones degenerate or die.

Cycling saves the planet

The parking space of just one car can offer parking spaces for up to 20 bicycles. In addition, bikes do not produce any emissions at all and take just 5% of what it takes to build a car in terms of energy and material during its construction. Bikes are generally efficient as they permeate you comfortably travel around three times fast than walking for the same amount of energy.

Cycling brings improvement in your sex life

According to health experts in the US, being much more  physically active improves your vascular health in many ways and has the knock-on effect of boosting your sex drive. The Cornell University carried out a study which later showed that male athletes have the sexual prowess of men two to five years younger. This researched also proved that physical fit females possessed a delayed menopause of similar time. Whereas research which was carried out at the Harvard University found out that men aged over 50 years who took on cycling for at least three hours each week had a 30% lower risk of impotence than those who did just very little exercises.

Cycling helps you spend quality time with your partner

With bicycles you can have enjoyable moments with your partner, even if your paces aren’t perfectly matched, simply slow down and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. An opportunity to talk out issues that could not be talked at home without the risk of interruptions of children or other members of your household. You will obviously enjoy the outcome as exercises help you feel good hormones.

Burn more fats

Today’s modern sport physiologist have found out that the body’s metabolic rate’s efficiency with which it does burns calories and fats is raised during the ride and even several hours after the ride. For you can burn greater amounts of calories even after you have stopped ridding. The benefits of cycling are much more profound as you get fitter.

Cycling provides good family times


Cycling Provides Good Family Times

The whole family can take on cycling as an activity to do together for better enjoyment. Cycling is another good idea for parents who are always occupied to take on with the whole family once a while to show their parental love and care to their children. Grandparents can as well also join and it shall be of great benefit for their health.

Cycling avoids pollution

Because bicycles are send out zero emissions, they are ideal for avoiding pollutions. For nature lovers, cycling can be the best way of transportation for them. It thus protects the planet and keeps it safe for the future generations.

Cycling makes you save more money

Even if you have taken on cycling to lose weight, then you can be assured you are in line for a cash windfall. This is because taking on bicycling will prevent you from fuelling your vehicle so often or have to pay for a cab to get transported. Bicycling considerably seals some holes through which cash flows out of you. So purchasing a bike is a pretty good idea to save your money.

You just need to simply pick up a comfortable cruiser bike which comes with full suspension, nice storage rack for your baguettes and large paddles. The best beach cruiser bikes are made with comfort in mind. Generally they are often out weight and are much bigger and heavier than normal road bikes, most of them even weigh more than fat bikes or mountaineers due to the fact they come with a good number of accessories which are aimed at making the rid more comfortable. A cruiser bike is intended for moving down to the beach, even though with the cruiser bike you will not get tons of speeds, you will simply get a wonderful workout which simply cannot beat your tailbone in any way. Even if you are looking for an easy and comfortable ride on the street, simply allow one of the cruiser bikes take you there.

Kent Rockvale Men’s Bike


Kent Rockvale Men's Bike

The best way to sustain yourself is simply remaining attached to your roots while learning something new. This is exactly what the Kent Rockvale men’s bike eventually gives out. This comfortable bike is modern in performance and all specifications as well as classic in look and standard. The overall durability of the bike is assured by an 18-inch steel which also helps greatly in maintaining stability. So many cruiser bikes are designed and constructed to be used for casual riding on paved roads and highways, but this one is ideal for riding on hilly terrains and unpaved roads thanks to a sturdy frame which helps to improve its performance. An excellent breaking capability is provided by linear pull brake it comes with. This is aimed at offering you the ability to control the bike at optimum efficiency. More control over the bike is provided by the front and rear handbrakes. This bike comes with a comfortable saddle which can be easily adjusted with a quick release seat clamp to meet your needs. Some other notable features about this bike are;

  • An enclosed chain cover for better protection;
  • A robust performance;
  • Cost efficient;
  • Dual linear pull brakes; and
  • Classical cruiser frame.

The Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary

The Schwinn Men's Sanctuary

This men’s bicycle is relatively inexpensive. But be careful not to allow the low price deceive you in anyway. This is one of the best cruiser bikes for men to take on due to its great comfort ability and accessory features which it comes with. Among men’s bicycles this is one of the beach cruiser bikes which comes with an included rear luggage rack adds customisation option should in case you turn to need a little more or less storage space. The massive fenders of this beach bike completely protect your suit and avoid replacing the plush saddle. It has been designed to cradle your rump in a way that makes you feel a little funny. This beach bike comes with nearly all the accessories and features that you will expect to find in a modern and comfortable bike of great quality. Even though it seems heavy, little tweaking can fix that without any problems. This beach bicycle is made in china and comes with aluminium fenders which are fairly sturdy with a smooth and enjoyable ride. This bicycle generally presents minimal part failure. It can be purchased at a price of 161 dollars a pretty good price for a beach bike. In order to reduce failure and disappointments, most of the real life situations where taken in to account before properly designing this bike. Up to date this remains one of the best beach cruiser bikes comprising all modern and outstanding features found in a cruiser bike. This bike is highly rated by its user’s worldwide for its reliability, durability and its resistance to destruction.

The Firmstrong Urban Man                                               

The Firmstrong Urban Man

This men’s bicycle comes in multiple speed options. This is probably the best beach cruiser bike you shall get out there with speeds moving from a single gear to 7. This is to guarantee movement should in case you meet with more hills and valleys than you expected. It has been constructed to prevent its users from being hunched on the back. It keeps your back completely straight while allowing you to maintain a firm grip; a feature difficult to find in most of the bikes out there. You are provided with a classical styled steel frame and traditional aluminium wheels which are all capable of withstanding the elements of long period without showing any signs of failure. This beach bike keeps your coccyx from being jostled thanks to a dual-spring comfort. This beach bike is priced as from 200 dollars and above. Even though this bike is a little pricey for some, it is one of the best beach cruiser bikes which offers great comfort and smooth paddling to all its users. So many who have used this bike in the past together with those presently using it are amazed with the comfort they obtained from this beach bike. It is one of the men’s bicycles which is long lasting, good looking and smooth moving.

The Schwinn Town and Country


The Schwinn Town and Country

Being one of the best beach cruiser bikes it provides a very stable ride as compared to the others. This cruiser bike is really a tricycle for grown-ups. Either with just a fairly reasonable single-speed model or a much more expensive 3-speed which is complete with twist shifter, you can obtain a town and country bike which fits all types of landscapes. Above all you’ve got a pretty nice big basket on the back for all of your sundries without exception. It comes already equipped with a bottle locker so as to make sure you never ride sober for long. A good balance of strength is being offered to you thanks to the alloy rims and aluminium frame. With this cruiser bike even if you do not have superb speed with it, you can expect a smooth and leisure pedalling. This beach cruiser bike can be purchased for a price of above 270 dollars and above. Even though this beach bike is pricey, it comes with excellent features which worth its price. This is an ideal option for one searching a cruiser bike which is not only reliable but pretty comfortable and long lasting for smooth and leisure rides. This bike even though pricey is highly appreciated and rated by its past and present users for the superior services it offers when compared to other pricey bikes.

The Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bike


The Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Extremely popular amongst casual riders, this bike is a 26-inch, 7 speed cruiser. It comes with great features at an affordable price. This bike always comes with an elongated frame featuring a durable HI-tensile steel material. There is enough space for the user between the sit and the handle thanks to the 19-inch frame. It has been designed and constructed to make your posture perfect for a comfort ride. It comes with shimano coaster brakes which allow you to suddenly stop the bike in front of rocky hurdles should in case need arises to do so urgently. Its aluminium coated wheels ensure that you have a comfortable ride at all times of the journey. This bike comes with a soft, large and comfortable seat thereby allowing an oversized person ride comfortably without discomfort. There exist so many other notable features behind this bike as listed below;

  • Comes with comfortable handles with water resistant leather coating;
  • Thick top tube;
  • Aluminium spokes;
  • Spring supporting seat; and
  • It is quite attractive.

The sixthreezero Mammoth Single Speed


The Sixthreezero Mammoth Single Speed

This is one of the best beach cruiser bikes which offers ultimate comfort whenever you take a ride. It is one which accommodates both larger and standard riders. To be taken great note of is the fact that this particular category of bikes does not always appreciated by those who turn to weigh a little more or those who tend to tower over their peers. The mammoth falls under the big and tall variety designed to keep you comfortable during your ride. The 18’’ frames and 26’’ tires permeate you to get around at ease without facing any major difficulties on your way. The body and pedals both feel roomier than typical cruisers aimed at keeping you from feeling that you are riding a toy nabbed coming from some toddler. You are being given a forward and comfortable rid thanks to the forward pedalling design. This bike has the capability of digging through sands while moving ahead without any difficulties thanks to its great design. This bike can be purchased for 350 dollars a price worth its comfort ability and pretty good features as compared to other bikes. This bike last for long and it is reliable. It has been constructed in such a way to eliminate disappointments during the riding process.

The Mobo Triton Pro


The Mobo Triton Pro

This is one of the best beach cruiser bikes which is quite pricey but stands out for its wonderful features and comfort. It offers to all its users great and impressive comfort. This bike comes with a firm and comfortable seat aimed at keeping your back straight. This cruiser bike was designed and constructed to be easy and comfortable for use by anyone and at any time without any restrictions or inconvenience. This beach bike is a recumbent cruiser bicycle which wants you to take a load off and feel more comfortable. This bicycle can be purchased for an amount of 429 dollars. Although expensive, it comes with features which worth the price. In search of a bicycle for the money, this turns to be an ideal one which is durable and assures your comfort during the pedalling process and move around the town. So many who have used this bike highly appreciate it for it is one to rely on after purchase.

The Felt MP



The Felt MP

This is another beach cruiser bike which comes with so many interesting features although it is expensive. It comes with a 12G stainless steel spokes. This beach cruiser bike is not one designed for flitting around while catching butterflies using nets, but it is a cruiser bike for serious men. It comes with a frame which is made up of felt’s hydroformed steel which comes with an 18’’ extended length, a little longer than that which any other beach cruiser bike will give you. This beach cruiser bike comes with fat tires together will full covers all aimed at keeping grit and grime off your uniform. This beach cruiser bike also comes with an electric headlight which is built to allow you conveniently handle all night missions with ease. This beach cruiser bike comes along side 3-speeds for proper regulation of movements on hills and valleys. This cruiser bike was designed taking into consideration real life situations thereby eliminating disappointments from it. It can be purchased for a price of 699 dollars, an expensive price which is worth the services and features it offers.

The Nirve Switchblade


The Nirve Switchblade

This is a beach cruiser bike which comes with a very hard case and is reputed for being stylish more than the other types of cruiser bikes.  Hombre and settle down as the Switchblade from the Nirve will work pretty good for you just as you have always desired. It comes well equipped with a 3-gear system. It will make you feel just good. This beach cruiser bike can be purchased for 699 dollars a price which suits its wonderful features and stylish look.

The Phat Cycles LongBoard


The Phat Cycles LongBoard

This is an excellent cruiser bike which is highly rated by many who are using it and those who previously used it. They do so for its top and pretty features which make its price worth. It leads to a very smooth tandem operation. This is a beach cruiser bike which was designed especially for couples to grow their love while spending enjoyable moments together in a constructive way that reinforces their feelings, good health and physical fitness.

So its time you decide to be one of those couples who decide to do things together hand to hand. This beach cruiser bike comes with tons of Shimano gears aimed at offering you the possibilities of changing speeds so as to keep moving. This beach cruiser bike can be purchased for a price of 1,099 dollars, a price worth its features and comfort. This beach cruiser is long lasting, one of the reasons which has attracted so many couples to purchase it; it is also comfortable and stylish.

A beach cruiser is simply referred to as a cruiser bicycle, and generally when choosing a woman’s cruiser bicycle you make sure you choose between aluminium frames and steel which comes with a comfortable seat and a handlebar. However, there are parts which can be easily replaced without difficulties. Below is a list of women cruiser bikes well designed to suit the woman’s nature of non-violence.

The Micargi Tahiti 7-Speed 24 cruiser bike


The Micargi Tahiti 7-Speed 24 Cruiser Bike

Women of relatively short heights should take on the micargi beach cruiser for it is ideal for them. This is because this beach cruiser bicycle was designed to meet the needs of shorter women. This particular bike amongst the women cruiser bikes is one which comes with hand brakes instead of coaster brakes which other cruiser bikes come with. This is one of the women cruiser bikes which need assemblage and it will be wise on you to get a professional after you must have purchased it to carry out the task. You could also possibly get someone with some experience in mounting it carry out the mounting process. In designing and building up of this bike, it was taken in to consideration that it shall be used by women, a reason why it is lightweight and fits both young and old women. This cruiser bike is long lasting and comfortable enough to be purchased by any woman in search of a pretty nice cruiser bike amongst the women cruiser bikes existing out there. This cruiser bike has the following pros which have attracted so many women to take on its use around the world;

  • It is made up of a steel frame which is lightweight and goes both for young and old women;
  • Instead of coming with coaster brakes as most others, it comes with hand brakes to ensure efficient use; and
  • Easily fits different women sizes.

It also has the following cons;

  • With this cruiser bike, assemblage is required and often needs someone with experience to mount it; and
  • Some of its users complain of it not being extra fast.

The Fito Modena II Shimano 7-Speed cruiser


The Fito Modena II Shimano 7-Speed cruiser

This is one of the women cruiser bikes which is highly purchased by so many women for the fact that it is stylish, lightweight and highly comfortable. This cruiser bike generally comes in a feminine and pretty stylish steel frame together with aluminium alloy rim. It is one of the women cruiser bikes which comes with hand brakes. If you are a woman in search of versatility in a cruiser bike, then it is time you stop and take on this one which comes with 7-speeds to ease the task. This is one of the bikes which shows great convenience and comfort which so many women are in search of but so often can’t meet. This pretty comfortable woman cruiser bike has the following pros;

  • It is built with a lightweight steel frame to ease manoeuvring by any woman without having to face any major difficulties;
  • The seat of this cruiser bike has been designed to meet the desired comfort most women are in search of in a cruiser bike;
  • This cruiser bike comes in a pink colour, a colour generally loved and appreciated by women; and
  • This cruiser bike comes with 7-speeds thereby permeating versatility without facing any major difficulties.

The con with this woman cruiser bike is the fact that it needs partial assemblage.

The Fito Marina Alloy 7-Speed Cruiser


This is one of the best women cruiser bikes which instead comes in black frame with pink accents. This cruiser bike features an anti-rust aluminium alloy frame. This cruiser bike was constructed in a way that women can take it almost anywhere and not just to the beach. It comes with 7-speeds allowing for changes as you desire without posing you any major problems. This cruiser bike has the following pros;

  • This women cruiser bike comes almost assembled for you to ease your work;
  • This beach cruiser comes with an anti-rust frame which prevents it from any form of rust destruction. So in purchasing this good looking bike you can be assured that it will remain good looking and free from rust for a long time; and
  • This women cruiser bike comes with 7-speeds so as to permeate versatility.

This bike cruiser comes with the following cons;

  • So many of those who have used it in the past complain of the fact that it comes with difficult to understand instructions; and
  • The seat post of this cruiser bike is on the short side of the bike, an inconvenience for so many of its users around the world.

The Kulana Women’s Cruiser Bike        


The Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike

This is one of the best women cruiser bikes existing today with lots of features which a modern women bicycle should be in position of. This woman cruiser bike is referred to as a classic cruiser in the sense that it comes with coaster brakes together with just a single speed. Even though the bike is stylish as a woman will highly appreciate, it is an affordable bike but it’s generally a budget bike. This women bike has the following pros;

  • This woman cruiser bike comes with a classic frame;
  • It is a cruiser bike which comes with coaster brakes as compared to the others;
  • It comes with an extra-large and comfortable seat to suit each and every woman’s desire; and
  • It comes in steel frame which does not overweight.

The Kulana Women’s Cruiser Bike comes with the following cons;

  • So many women using it often complain of its manual being inaccurate.
  • Not all parts of this woman cruiser bike are of high quality.

The Critical Cycles


The Critical Cycles

This is one of the women cruiser bikes which comes in a classic cruiser style highly appreciated by so many people. This cruiser bike comes with a wide comfortable seat as you desire, it also comes with broad handlebars, single speed gears and coaster brakes to assure your safety on the bike throughout your comfort ride. This woman’s beach cruiser bike comes along with the following pros;

  • It comes with not just a wide seat but a seat which is comfortable enough to keep you in good mode through out your cycling process;
  • Unlike other cruiser bikes this particular one for women often comes with coaster brakes instead of handbrakes; and
  • This is one of the affordable cruiser woman bikes you shall find in the market with a good number of reasonable features.

The con with this woman cruiser bike is the fact that it is not really durable as the others. But under normal conditions, you will profit of it for a reasonable period of time before it starts failing you.

The Huffy Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike


The Huffy Lusso Women's Cruiser

This is one of the women cruiser bikes which comes with a pretty good and attractive colour to suit them at the beach with cream coloured wheels and a pale blue frame. This is another cruiser bike which is single speed and comes with coaster brakes unlike the others. One of the pretty great things about this bike is its accessories, some of which are; cup holder, basket, and a rear wheel rack inclined. This is to allow you move around with some of your immediate necessities while feeling at ease all the way. This cruiser bike has been constructed with lightweight materials making it ideal for women of all ages. This cruiser bike does not pose any difficulties in pedalling it at all. It is very easy to go down the beach and circulate freely without facing any major challenges along the way. This cruiser bike is designed in a way as to meet the comfort needs of all women, so purchasing this cruiser bike means you are purchasing a comfortable means of transportation or leisure rides around the city. This woman cruiser bike comes with the following pros;

  • It is made up of steel frame which is not really of great weight to bring inconvenience during the paddling process;
  • This woman cruiser bike comes alongside comfortable seats well designed to meet modern standards together with a comfortable and firm grip; and
  • So many women appreciate this beach cruiser for the fact that it comes alongside with a cup holder, rear rack and a basket which you can drop one or two things for transportation.

The con which comes with this woman cruiser bike is the fact that it can be difficult to mount depending on your experience level; a reason why it is always recommended to get an expert or professional to take on the task easy and safely. Trying to do it yourself forcefully can lead to destruction of one of the parts; a situation which you certainly do not want to experience.

The Schwinn Windwood Women’s cruiser bike

This is another one of the women cruiser beach bikes which comes at a reasonable and affordable price worth its features. If you are a woman on budget who is searching for an ideal bike for yourself then you can consider taking on this one. Even though its parts are not of best quality, if proper care is taken, this bike can last for long. This cruiser bike is designed to be lightweight in order to ease manoeuvring for women at all times. It is also designed to offer great comfort to its users, so if you are a woman in search of comfort in a bicycle consider taking this one for its pretty comfort features.


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