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Best Chip Fryers:


When people hear the word fryer, they remember the fries, which is popularized in the fast food cafeteria. They also remember American cuisine, which offers specialties for cooking chicken, beef, donuts and more. And to make these dishes based on various tests, one needs a lot of vegetable oil. In a frying pan, fat is inconvenient as it creates a lot smoke, and sebum. A fryer is used to make cooking with just hot oil more pleasant. So let's move on to the main question of how to choose the best chip fryer. I am always happy to have a delicious meal.


What can you cook in a deep pan? In this cooking utensil, you can prepare not only potato chips and chips but also several dishes of flour (bellyache, sweet firewood, cakes, pies) as well as fish, Meat, mushrooms, vegetables and more

Fryer is associated with little damage to the health of people consuming this food.But, according to producers of household appliances, harmful carcinogens are formed at a temperature of approximately 200 ° C. However, if it is established The calcination temperature of the products does not exceed 180 ° C, and potato chips fryers can enjoy and do not cause health damage.

How to choose the fryer

Before, how to choose the fryer, you need to decide how much of it is needed. It all depends on how much food is prepared, portions at a time - ranging from 200g to 1600g.But with that, you have to decide to buy. On the other hand, it should be understood that the oil tank and container products can vary. If we talk about the standard quantities, so the oil of 2.2L and 1.2kg for the products.

Next, comes the power. The higher it is, the dish is cooked faster. The energy produced models can be from 1200W to 2300W. It is understood that the greater the capacity of oil, so it should be heated intensely. Thus, minimum capacity fryers equipped with a small amount of oil in the vessel, but more powerful machines capable of rapidly heating a large amount of oil.

Fryer heating element can be closed and open. Of course, it is better to take the car with Tan closed - it is a dish under the hood, but the outdoor heater - a spiral in the car.For closed fryer SO easy to care for, It is much easier to wash the spiral plate to wash.

Then pay attention to the filter. If it is not, then there would be practically no reason to buy the fryer, fry the potatoes could be in a simple pot. The catch odor filter can be fixed and removable. Replacement filter better, but Will have to be purchased separately, and have been incorporated into the filters is included with the fryer. There are also special filters to clean the oil, but also have to buy separately.

How to use the fryer

Right now that we understand what to look for when selecting this miracle machine to let's see how to use the fryer? To start pouring refined vegetable oil into the container until the mark.Then turn the device (at the time of the bulb Need to light) and adjust the desired temperature.When the light goes off, then the oil and heated up to unload the products. After some time (for the preparation of various products is different), remove the grid with food and give To empty the oil.

Best chip fryers on the market

What are the best oil-free fryers on the market today?

In today's article, we will answer this question by selecting the 7 best oil free fryers we can find today and choose the out of them. We hope this comparison of benefits, prices, and opinions will help you decide which fryer to buy.

Fryers without oil have become a revolution, and are recommended for those who want to eat healthier. They are not cheap appliances, but they are certainly an investment in health.

We have analyzed more than 40 models and selected the ones that stand out. Also, we will give a brief review of how a fryer without oil (since it is one of the things that we first consider, frying? Without oil?) And give you a series of tips to take into account when buying Fryer without oil that best suits your needs.

How do fryers work without oil?

It is necessary to clarify the concept very well because without oil it is not completely correct it won't work. If you use oil, but very little (one or two tablespoons). Oil-free fryers operate similarly to what an oven might have.

The current technology used by these appliances at the time of cooking is increasingly advanced and, with the latest models, it is possible to get fresh food inside and crisp on the outside, exactly what we all want when we decide to buy one.

This great kitchen appliance works as follows: in a closed vessel, a stream of regular hot air exits that provides a cooking very similar to frying (crispy). Keep in your mind that they are not chips, but rather a mixture between fries as well as roasted potatoes and even the likes.

Of course, it is much healthier compared to preparing food with so much oil

It will be based on the model; this very container has more or fewer accessories, we will see a little later.

Why buy a fryer without oil? What to keep in mind when choosing it?

Firstly, two basic concepts need to be clarified to understand how this small appliance works: "frying" and "without oil.

The cooking system for this type of fryers is by hot air.

This jet of constant air, at high temperature, prepares food in a way similar to frying, but never the same. To understand us, these appliances are, in fact, a mixture between traditional fryer and oven. Although termed oil free, the vast majority need at least a tablespoon to get the golden, crunchy effect on potatoes, chicken pieces, croquettes or any other food.

The most advanced models achieve excellent results with cooking that obtains well-made foods, tender inside and fried on the outside.

The excess of fats in our diet is one of the most important problems pointed out by expert nutritionists. Health is the main reason to buy a fryer without oil.

Fats, especially saturated ones, and oils reused over and over again are not at all beneficial. Increased weight and danger of obesity, high blood cholesterol and triglycerides, and deterioration of the cardiovascular system are some good reasons to opt for a fryer of these characteristics if you want to take care of yourself beginning with your diet.

Also, other advantages offered by these products are:

Automatic and safe cooking. The vast majority of oil-free fryers allow you to program the cooking so that the food will not burn. Also, they incorporate a timer to stop frying when ready to eat.

Less odors. These appliances prevent your kitchen from smelling fried and of course, with them, oil spills become a thing of the past. Many fryers incorporate filters to keep odors and fats out of the food itself out.

Saving . For the family economy, saving in oil, especially olive, is something to take into account.

The drawbacks are clear. Do not expect the typical taste of potato or anchovies fried in oil because it is not. As we have said, it is a mixture of fried food and roasted food.

Before choosing the oil-free fryer that best suits your needs, you must know what to look for to make the right decision:

The amount of oil required. It is an important point because although all fryers cook "without oil," some allow cooking with just a few drops of liquid gold and others, instead, to be able to brown the food require more than a tablespoon.

Size and capacity. You have mini fryers, ideal for cooking for one or two people and other XL, to meet the requirements of an entire family in a record time. Everything depends on what you need but, in any case, choose a fryer of compact design that does not suppose a hindrance in the kitchen, and you can give it a frequent use. If you want an intermediate capacity, ideally you can cook between 800 kg and 1.2 kg of food in one go.

Power and temperature. Power is what allows the appliance to reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time. The fork, of more or less heat, must oscillate between 80ºC and 200ºC because each food requires a certain temperature to look good. If it does not reach 200º, it will not be useful in all cases.

Extras to keep in mind. Some are important and make the difference between one fryer and another. Anti-smoke and anti-odor filters, cold touch so you can move it safely in the process of cooking, the timer to leave food safely, automatic disconnection, non-stick interior, and dishwasher safe, are some details that matter especially if you think about giving it An intensive use to your fryer.

Taking into account all these variables and not forgetting the value for money, we have prepared for you a selection with the best 7oil free fryers of this 2017. For lovers of the fry of a lifetime we recommend to take a look at the catalog of traditional fryers online.

That said, we go there with our selection of the best options!

  1. Fryer without oil Russell Hobbs Puryfry

  2. Purifry Multi

  3. Delisano Fryer

  4. Fryer without oil Sogo 1040

  5. Klarstein Vitair Turbo

  6. Philips Airfryer XL

  7. Tefal Tefal chip fryer

To elaborate this list, we have taken into account the characteristics of the fryers, the specifications of the manufacturers and most importantly the opinions of the people who have bought the machine before.

If you take a look at the general catalog, you will find some cheap fryers that we have not included in the selection. It's not that we have any agreement with any brand, but we consider that their benefits are far from the consolidated products.

An oil-free fryer is a household appliance designed for a habitual and intensive use, so our recommendation is to invest a little more and buy a contrasting product.

The brands that dominate the market are Philips and Tefal, but in this list, you will also see other options.

Let's start!

1. Fryer without oil Russell Hobbs Puryfry

It is a complete mid-range fryer that has all the functions to achieve healthy dishes with ease. It has a power of 660 watts and reaches a maximum temperature of 200ºC. With very little oil, it obtains the frying effect even with frozen foods and in pieces of considerable size as implies a chopped chicken.

It has a thermostat in the form of a wheel so you can choose the right temperature at any time and timer to program it up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

It includes important safety features such as the automatic disconnection system, its cold handle so you can safely move it and non-slip feet for firm support at all times.

Inside has a basket to facilitate the cooking of several foods at a time, and the main container is dishwasher safe.

Comes with a handy recipe book!

Advantages: its security and easy handling. Also important is the fact of keeping fumes and odors under control for a cleaner and more pleasant kitchen.

Disadvantages: We have found some opinions that point out that, especially at the beginning, it costs a little hit with the cooking point to get, for example, some crispy potatoes, but we assumed it is only a matter of time.

2. Purifry Multi

Multifunction: fry with hot air, handle, bake and grilled cooking

Hot air rapid circulation system

Temperature adjustable up to 220 ° C

Includes drawer with frying handle, oven tray, grill and toaster holder

3. Delisano Fryer

The brand Delisano specializes in appliances designed to contribute to a healthier cuisine. Hence its oil-free fryer is among the best. With an affordable price, offers very good benefits and results. It has a high power (1,500 watts) for fast and efficient cooking with only one tablespoon of oil and a capacity of 2 liters.

Its powerful jet of air bakes and do the food giving them a crisp finish and at its point! This very brand has a timer as well as temperature control that you can fix precisely thanks to the two wheels that it incorporates for this purpose.

It stands out for its easy cleaning, since, the frying tray is extracted with comfort. It includes a rubber mat to protect the surfaces from heat when you remove the basket after the cooking is finished.

As for the exterior, it should be noted that it occupies a considerable space, but its beautiful design makes it look good in any kitchen. Smooth surface that does not burn even when in operation and non-slip feet for optimum stability are also characteristics to consider.

Advantages: good price and good results. Its parts are disassembled for easy cleaning.

Disadvantages: You may find it too large if your kitchen is just the right size

4. Fryer without oil Sogo 1040

If you want to enjoy healthier fries, with less fat, without having to invest a lot of money, this fryer is a good option. It has a cooking fork of 80ºC to 200ºC and has a timer and automatic shutdown. You can easily program it to run for 30 minutes.

It is a safe fryer that is prepared to avoid any misfortune during its use thanks to its anti-overheat protection system and the cold touch handle that prevents possible burns.

To be a compact fryer, which occupies a minimum space, it surprises its capacity, 2.5 liters, and its power 1,500 watts, more than enough to produce crispy fried with minimal fats in a very short time. As a defect, there is some difficulty in fitting the upper cover

The company has taken out a new model, the hot air fryer Sogo 10455, with an even higher capacity (3.2 liters) and similar benefits.

Advantages: Very good cooking results with a minimum amount of oil, combined with a super competitive price.

Disadvantages: a fryer of this type should be simple to use, and the fact that the lid, sometimes, does not fit perfectly to the first makes it lose points in the ranking.

5. Klarstein Vitair Turbo

It is the most advanced model of the Varser range of Klarstein, which can compete, without complex, with the dominant brands of the market: Philips and Tefal. This fryer requires a drop of frying oil, obtaining juicy foods crisp and above all, healthy. Its ventilation mechanism distributes the hot air perfectly so that it arrives, equally, to each ingredient that you are cooking.

You can program it to control the cooking time, up to 60 minutes and regarding temperature, offers more possibilities than other fryers by having a fork that goes from 50ºC to 230ºC. You can even program your automatic on and off to prepare the food and find it made when you get home.

It has 1400 watts of power and is one of the largest on the market with a capacity of 9 liters (also its size is considerable). Its design, dome-shaped, is cheerful and very up-to-date.

Also, it has many accessories suitable for cooking the different dishes, for example, special basket for potatoes (which also rotates inside the container to make them well made and crisp); Skewers for brochettes and broilers; Grill, even turntable perfect for baking pizzas.

Advantages: it is the most complete of the market and with a good price. You will practically forget the cooking oil. Its accessories are an interesting extra.

Convenience: not suitable for small kitchens because it takes up a lot of space. Nor is it appropriate if the idea is to use it occasionally and for rations of one or two people.

6. Philips Airfryer XL

It is a model similar to the Airfryer but with a superior capacity, (1.2 kg.). It is a good appliance that perfectly meets the goal of cooking food in a healthier way than with traditional frying. Get potatoes, croquettes, squid, chicken wings. All ready, at your point, and in less time thanks to its Rapid Air technology and its 2. 100 watts of power.

It has a timer, with an acoustic signal that warns the end of the cooking and with automatic disconnection system for total security. In addition, its integrated air filter avoids odors and keeps the kitchen in perfect condition.

It is easy to use thanks to its digital display that allows intuitive manual programming to adapt the time and temperature you want for each food. It also has pre-established programs that can be very comfortable.

Elegant compact design compatible with its large capacity, ergonomic handle, non-slip base and cold touch so you can move it even in operation are some of the details that put it among the best.

Advantages: good capacity and time saving when preparing different foods.

Drawbacks: The recipe book that comes with it does not come in some language, although you can always consult the different preparations on the web.

7. Tefal Actifry

Well, we started with Tefal Actifry. They have a whole range, and the most basic model is this Tefal Actifry Mini. One of the advantages of buying an oil-free fryer Tefal Actifry is the community of people who have formed around it. for instance, you could take a look at your Facebook page where people share tricks and recipes.

In 2017 it continues to occupy the top positions among the best oil-free fryers on the market. Its price is not very suitable or perhaps okay for all budgets, but because of the quality of its materials and its optimal benefits, the investment is worth it.

Its advanced technology makes hot air constantly circulate inside the container thanks to its system of blades, which distributes heat and prevents food from sticking or being made only by one area.

It consists of two separate cooking areas, something really practical when preparing a complete dish at the same time, for example, pieces of fried chicken with crispy potatoes. The most interesting thing is that you can control the temperature and the cooking time of each of them independently so that everything is in its point.

It has a power of 1,400 watts and a capacity of 1,5 kg. More than enough to prepare portions for 3 - 4 people.

Between the details that make it maintain positions year after year, it is necessary to emphasize its LCD screen intuitively and of easy programming, the independent cooking plate for big pieces or delicate foods, its security system, with automatic stop, or its spoon, two in One for oil and salt. Of course, so that your dishes are healthy to the maximum you can prepare them without oil or with just a few drops.

Includes recipe book!

Advantages: almost all but especially its 2 in 1 system with the independent cooking of two plates at the same time that you can also control easily.

Disadvantages: somewhat high price.

More features

  • Tefal Actifry Snacking

  • Recommended by the Society of Dietetics and Food Science

  • Removable and dishwasher safe

  • Cookware with nonstick and removable coating

  • Capacity: up to 1kg of food (3-4 people)

Hear from this buyer

I liked the speed of the service, the packaging of the product; Their conditioning. The quality of it meets my expectations. The only thing that has not completely satisfied me is the recipe book that has been insufficient and mixed with another language in which some ingredients are named with names unknown to me. In general, I liked my first use with the Tefal "Mini" the fries are really crispy.

Javi January 29, 2017

The best fryer ever! It heats very quickly and because of a large amount of oil the temperature does not close, if it gives the food fried (frozen). Nothing had beautifully crisped crisps and calamari, etc. The timer is very convenient. And the best: after frying the lever and then cooling it the oil Automatically drains and filters. It is the oil in the container; you can smell anything else from it! Then they simply have the bathtub pulled out and rinsed out (or towards the dishwasher), and there is no greasy smell in the kitchen! That works everything thoroughly clean! Awesome! Absolute recommendation!

Kensho G.

More on the fryer TEFAL FF 1024

Stylish design model will allow you to enter it, even the most unusual interior, in particular, the steel box look great inside the kitchen in the high-tech style (with its abundance of chrome) and the Art Nouveau.

Fryer TEFAL FF 1024 has a square body, which, by the way, is very convenient the shape of the cup, it is easy to cook not only the chips but also fry fish, vegetables. The volume of the cup oil - 1 Liter, the volume of container products - 0.4 kg. From the hotel, you will notice the side grip by which to easily transfer the fryer. There is also a light indicator and comfortable control panel.

Healthy chip fryer

Oil degrades faster when frying in frying pan, so healthy chip fryer is recommended

Frying potatoes in frying pan or fryer should not be considered a matter of family tastes or habits. Various scientific studies have found that the vessel, the temperature control and the type of oil used condition the quality and the more or less healthy character of the frying we take. And not only the industrial ones or those offered to us in restaurants.

Also of those that are made at home. Researchers at the University of Zaragoza (Unizar) have observed that the degradation of oil, a succession of chemical reactions that transform fatty acids into other compounds considered carcinogenic or related to neurodegenerative diseases, is faster when frying in the pan than when Is made in a fryer.

Antonio Vercet, a specialist in food technology who has participated in the research, says there are several reasons why oil deteriorates more in pans. "In the frying pan is usually put more food for less oil than in the fryer, and the food releases water and hydrolyzes the triglyceride, that is, breaks the molecule of oil and releases the fatty acids, so that if There is more concentration of food, the affectation and deterioration will be greater, "explains Vercet.

On the other hand, the shape of the pan, more open and flat, causes a greater surface of oil in contact with oxygen, and oxygen oxidizes fatty acids, vitamin E and other compounds, which alters the structure of the Oil, its smell, and taste. And, furthermore, oxidation accelerates with temperature.

When you use the fryer, you can control the temperature of the oil with the thermostat, but in the pan, you put the oil to heat and do not measure the temperature it reaches. And if it exceeds the optimum temperature that each oil has, smoke, and that means Is burning because the smoke is a product of degradation, "says Vercet.

In fact, according to experts, the smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to decompose. This point varies depending on the composition of the oil, i.e., the type of oil in question, and the use it has had. "New, clean oil, it smokes later than the oil reused; And the extra virgin olive oils smoke at lower temperatures - between 160 and 180 degrees depending on each variety - than the refined, "says the expert in Food Technology.

Although all these scientific findings seem to tip the scale for fryers, Vercet argues that for people who do not make a frequent consumption of frying, the frying pan is still healthier because the oil is renewed more often. The fact that the oil degrades faster is not so important if you reuse it a little, in case you do not use it more than two or three times, and you avoid getting it to smoke, says the researcher at Unizar.

And it says that, on the other hand, the fryer oil deteriorates less when it is heated but degrades by oxidation during all the time it is unused, so it is only convenient to use the fryer for domestic consumption if it is frequently fried and Makes continuous use of it.

On the other hand, the oil also deteriorates as a result of the food particles that are deposited in it, especially when they are fried in a batter, so experts advise to filter it to extend its useful life when it is to be reused.

Other recommendations for frying are healthier! So that the oil does not darken, foam or perhaps increase its density, it's to never mix new oil with used, do not mix different types of oil to avoid differences between their Smoke and dry the food before putting it in contact with the oil as to reduce the presence of water.

We tested: electric chip pan fryers

Oil fryers are still very popular products. But what can distinguish one chip pan fryers from another? While a saucepan, oil and a good metal salad basket are enough to make fries, one wonders what can be the advantage of an electric fryer. And yet.

A classic chip pan fryers sold under the $ 100 offers two advantages over the good old pot. First, the cooking is completely uniform. You do not need to mix. Of course, this will never or maybe not exempt you from cooking in two steps which ensure chip pan fryers more crisp and better taste. The other advantage is more practical: no need for a shovel to transfer the fries from the fryer to the basket. It avoids any oil projection: it is really clean

At first glance, there is nothing to distinguish one electric fryer from another, apart from its often circular shape for the smaller ones and rectangular for the larger ones. In practice, the differences can be enormous, as are the price differences: from $ 50 to over $ 100. More reason to compare meticulously.

Chip pan fryers are generally safer than traditional fryers, consisting of a simple basket and placed on the round of the range. The fully detachable fryers, whose components are dishwasher safe, are the easiest to maintain!

Some fryers have a window that allows following the evolution of the cooking - except that it is always full of fog. To avoid the condensation, rub it beforehand with a piece of lemon or lime.

The ignition button should be located far enough away from the steam outlet.

During cooking, the temperature of the outer walls can become high. Some chip pan fryers have systems that keep the walls cold.

The power cord must be long enough (more than one meter) to allow the fryer to be connected to a stable location. A built-in cord storage is then appreciable.

Do not have to handle the basket or fries over the oil, like to go and retrieve the handle of a basket of chips, is preferable. Lever systems that raise the basket out of the oil are safer.

The covers must be tightly sealed.

Odorless and fat-free fries? The most advanced and expensive fryers such as TEFAL automatically filter the oil, which produces less odors and leaves a purer oil. That said, even if the odor of frying is less, it is never eliminated.

In any case, avoid excessive handling of your chip pan fryers and place it close to ventilation.

Those who want even less odors and less fat can fall back on the model of the fryer that uses hardly a spoon of oil! It works much like a rotating heat oven. Its only faults: its price high and its cooking time of almost half an hour.

The fryers are composed of a lid, a basket that receives the fries and an oil tank. Fryers equipped with removable tanks are more convenient to handle and wash.

If you do not want to do two tours of fries, choose a capacity adapted to your needs. Rather than the maximum capacity, it is better to rely on the recommended capacity, which is a function of the size of the oil tank and the basket, and that ranges from one liter to more than four liters.

Remember that these fries have to bathe in oil: it is considered that one liter of oil is required for 250 g of fries, a good portion of an adult. The power of the fryer largely determines the time needed to cook the fries.

To be crisp and not too greasy, the fries should be cooked quickly to around 190 C (374 F). The chip pan fryers must be powerful enough to heat the oil, which loses tens of degrees when fried. An adjustable thermostat is ideal for adjusting the oil temperature to the different types of food to be fried.

The clarity of the instructions and controls of the device is to be considered; complete ones include a switch, a timer and a warning light of a good size. The appliance must be easy to use and indicate, for example, the temperature and the recommended cooking time of the food so that you can put them on and take them off at the right time.

Having a timer that turns off the chip pan fryers at the end of cooking or when the temperature is too high is safer than having to disconnect the appliance.

A good chip pan fryers minimize the risk of contact with boiling oil. The possibility to handle the basket easily without having to open the cover of the device protects from splashing.

If the basket can be hooked to the tank to allow the fries to drain, it's even better. The presence of a pouring spout on the tank to recover the oil is an additional advantage. You can confidently go for the Tefal chip fryer since we have found some chip fryer reviews as regard the Tefal from many users online.

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