8 Ideas for Doubling Seminar Even more

"How do 到會 have more visitors to attend my seminars?" is the number one question among seminar leaders and promoters - as well it ought to be. Even the rare few who sell out their events almost as soon as they open registration are constantly researching to improve their marketing systems, so that they can offer more events, generate more revenue and lower their marketing costs.

Here are 7 suggestions to help you boost your seminar attendance - regardless of where you are starting.

Commit to a process of continual improvement. Each time you offer a meeting, hold a debriefing session with yourself - as well as your team, should you have one. Review what worked and make sure that these items are implemented the next time you offer an event. Also analyze what didn't work, and make an effort to pinpoint what contributed to the failures. Brainstorm about how you could take the failed concepts and tweak them for better performance the next time around. Finally, identify what you'd like to try differently the next time you promote your seminar. Opportunities to boost your marketing exist everywhere: design and copy on your landing pages, sales pages, broadcast emails, autoresponder emails... the type and message of video used on your website, the content and delivery of your preview teleseminars or webinar, the registration page, confirmation process, ease of checkout, payment options, etc.
Document everything you do. A lot of what you are doing to promote your events works. Make certain these items become section of your standard process for promoting a meeting. Documenting your steps will assist you to when campaigns or tools don't work. With 20/20 hindsight, we sometimes can gain clarity about why campaigns didn't work. Having a good record also allows us to test variables with confidence. For example, let's say you mailed a postcard to your list, but didn't generate any significant level of registrations. You might conclude that direct mail fails for your list. However, per year later, you may be game to use direct mail again. By having detailed notes, it is possible to review the offer, kind of message, when you mailed the postcard, the audience that receive the postcard, etc., to identify what you'll do differently with this particular campaign, rather than having to rely on memory.
Engage in two-step marketing. The probability of connecting with an person that has the money, time and qualifications to wait your event at the precise time she is interested in learning what you have to give you are quite slim. Instead of putting all your efforts toward promoting your seminar, back up a step. Work to create your mailing list... and promote your seminar to the list you're building. Provide a free resource that is linked to your event topic, and extend a seminar invitation to all or any who request your resource.
Offer preview teleseminars or webinars. One objection that stops prospects from attending seminars is uncertainty about your teaching style or quality of content. Supplying a free preview event gives prospects a chance to become familiar with you and your content before they need to put money down to attend your seminar.
Offer products. Prospects have many options when it comes to engaging in continuing education. You aren't competing only against other seminars. You're competing against other forms of education, including virtual events, home study courses, and books. By supplying a virtual event or product, you'll be able to convert prospects who are not thinking about attending your seminars into paying customers. Once they become familiarized together with your content via your products or virtual training, it might be simpler to sell them on attending a seminar.
Give a seat away with every purchase. If your goal is simply to put more people in seats, provide a free ticket with every seat that's purchased. Whether it's essential that you also earn money on ticket sales, then test the impact of an organization registration ticket (for example, offer a 20 percent discount on groups of three or even more) or provide a second ticket for half-price for every ticket that is purchased.
Finally, review your seminar schedule. In the event that you hold your seminar frequently, you may well be spreading attendees too thin. Offering multiple sessions of a seminar generally increases the total number of registrations; however, you'll get fewer people at each event. If you want to get more people at an individual seminar, you may be served by offering fewer events. Then, as soon as you consistently sell out seminars at the higher number, look at expanding the number of sessions you offer again.
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