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Tell me which woman would not like to be seen beautiful or not noticed and appreciated by all when she moves along a street especially by the men. Hair straighteners’ are very useful to anyone who takes time to look good and always being classy and neat as they use them to style their hair in different ways. Most women will use this hair straightener to look beautiful especially when they are going out of home either to the office, on a date or just having a good time outdoors. People say the way you look talks much about your personality. A shabby looking person is always considered to be very dirty and not very organized while a classy, sharp and smart person is considered to be very clean and organized. Before getting to any of these mini hair straighteners reviews, you have to review all the different types, brands and models that are available in the market to get the one that would best match your hair texture and your needs.

History of hair straighteners:

Over time, the history of women always wanting to look good, classy and attractive has not changed at all. Women become very difficult to please and always need beauty machines at their disposal which helps them build their self confidence and also be in control. While some women do everything to have the best thick curls, others do everything to straighten their hair but all with the objective of looking good at the end. The long straight hair style was very popular in Egypt in ancient times and those who were born with thick and curly hair would do everything to have them straight and would therefore use two flat iron plates which would be heated and used to straighten the hair. This used to be very strenuous and time consuming leaving people with a lot of face and hand burns.

For years, men and women depended on some crude and dangerous methods to straighten their hair but thanks to innovative thinking and creativity, new and modern methods have been used to produce new hair straighteners which have even evolved to mini hair straighteners.

The first hair straightener was used by Marcel Grateau who was a French citizen who successfully opened the saloon for women in Paris in 1820. Since around the 19th century, saloon oriented industry became known as well as women’s beauty became very lucrative. He eventually became very popular due to his own curl creation called “Marcel wave” and designed his own curling iron in 1890.

In the 1800’s, special hair devices were constructed with flat metal plates attached to two long handles. This invention reduced the burns people had. They used this device by manipulating the two long handles to open and close the plates towards each other for styling .

In the 1960’s, this evolved as most women and girls would come together and help each other iron the curls in their hair using the standard clothes iron. They do this in turns until everyone’s hair has been ironed.











All the different flat plates and clothes iron have been replaced by straightening irons which are made up of lighter metals like ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, porcelain or gold metals which are now available in the market of the 21st century. These flat irons are characterized by temperature selectors which allow adjustments in the amount of heat output especially when dealing with the different hair textures of thin/fine, curly and thick/coarse.

How the hair straightener works:

Straightening your hair could be an easy process even at the comfort of your home when you use the right techniques and also apply the best products before and after the straightening of your hair.  These products greatly help to protect the hair from breakage; heat from these straightening irons determines the straightening of the hair. This heat can greatly damage the hair if proper measures are not taken. To get the straight hair you have always wanted, there are some basic steps to follow to keep your hair beautiful and straight all day long.

To straighten your hair it needs first to be washed using shampoo and conditioner products with indications that they are good for hair straightening. After shampooing the hair use a towel to path off water from the hair to avoid frizzing. Apply a heat treatment or a thermal protection serum like the Moroccan oil, Argon oil, coconut oil and silicon products which are good to keep the hair straight all day. This is applied to the hair when it is still wet so that it is evenly distributed when combed with a wide tooth comb.

Dry the hair well using a hair dryer to allow your flat iron to work better. Connect then your hair straightener device and try as much as possible to adjust the heat depending on your hair texture. If your hair texture is very thin/fine, make sure you put your device at the lowest heat to avoid damaging your hair. Separate your hair in different portions through which the straightener can easily pass for proper straightening. Place this device as close to the roots as possible without burning yourself; flip through with the straightener making sure each portion of the hair is straight even if it takes doing it several times again and again. After straightening your hair, you set your dryer again at the lowest heat to set your straight hair then you apply to the straight hair a post straightening product or a setting spray to keep your hair straight all day.

Straightening iron:

Getting our hair straight has become cemented over the years from ancient times. Most people want to have beautiful, smooth and shiny hairdo and so owning a straightening iron has become primordial for most homes. It is used either by the children, mother or father for smooth and straight styling. Straightening irons has evolved drastically with time from the use of two flat plates to the using of normal clothes iron till now that we even have professional straightening iron in the market.

Getting a straightening iron for the home can be very cheap i.e. being cost effective but what matters much in getting a straightening iron is getting the right iron which goes with your hair texture and which you can easily be manipulated in different parts of the world. With advancement in technology, we have the professional straightening iron which ensures the free gliding experience and also the varied temperature adjustments on the straightening iron which suits different hair types. No matter how thick, thin, fine or coarse your hair is, you can still find a straightening iron that would suit it. In looking for this straightening iron for your hair type always check out all hair straightener reviews to better understand what is in the market that best meets your needs and soot you perfectly. There are many different types of straightening iron from different brands like GHD, Barmian Paris Hair Couture, Cloud nine etc. These brands have different models of straightening iron in the market, for example the GHD has 24 different models which are available in the market and some examples of its models are GHD IV Styler at $94.00, GHD PLATINIUM Styler at $155.00 etc. Other straightening irons have already been classified by some hair straighteners reviews which are seen below.

Hair straightener reviews:

Hair straightener also known as flat iron could be very confusing due to the fact that there are many different types of flat irons present in the market and whether it is your first time to get an iron or you have always been buying these hair straighteners, it is always advisable to assess the market and see what other options you can get which could improve on your old hair straightener or on getting it for your first time. This makes hair straightener reviews very important for businesses and consumers. If you have to buy a hair straightener, you have to first do your own personal job by checking out all the hair straightener  reviews and choosing the right straightener which would enable you have those looks or the straight hair you had always wanted.

Different people, businesses always take hair straighteners reviews to different dimensions and explain the different functions of these flat irons or hair straighteners at all different categories which would better enable a searcher to get exactly what he wants for the exact style he wants to make and also for the exact hair texture they have. Flat irons have plates which get hot and work together on either side of your hair heating your hair follicles, trapping in moisture and taking out frizz.

Hair straightener can be classified in different ways or looked at on different basis. The hair straighteners review can be based on the material of the flat iron surfaces and how they affect the different hair textures, the length of the power cord for easy displacement, ease of manipulation of the mini hair straighteners, amount of time taken for the flat iron to get heated, its different packaging accessories, the size, cost and the best storage methods.

The plate material of the flat iron or hair straightener is made up of different metals which are adapted to the different hair textures in different ways and also the amount of heat they can store, and how evenly they distribute this heat all through the flat iron or hair straightener.

Hair straighteners reviews based on the plate material reveal ceramic hair straighteners, titanium hair straighteners, tourmaline hair straighteners, budget hair straighteners, professional hair straighteners and wet to dry hair straighteners with each type of straightener suited for a certain hair type. The classification of hair straighteners is done by hair straightener studios and Amazon best sellers.

Ceramic hair straighteners:

Ceramic hair straighteners are one of the most popular mini hair straighteners or flat iron we see in the market these days. These flat irons are well known for their ability to keep heat well and evenly due to their smooth plates. They can heat up quickly and have a good staying power which means they won’t be cold spots on the flat iron at any time. These flat irons also have the tendency of reducing the likelihood of your hair being damaged by heat. The biggest con of ceramic flat irons is that the plates can whittle off over time due to the material used for its making and would therefore have to be replaced. Some examples of ceramic flat irons are Karmin G3, CHI Air Expert, Infiniti Pro etc.

-       Bio Ironic Onepass Flat Iron :

This straightening iron is called the one pass straightening iron because it is very efficient in hair styling. This device was constructed for peed with its sleek found exteriorly and an easy to grip handle.


  • This straightening iron has silicon on its plates which makes it smoothly go through your hair;
  • Heats up very fast which could help to manage time;
  • Their plates also have a mineral covering that makes the hair smooth and shiny; and
  • Comes in two different sizes ie the 1.5 inch and the standard 1 inch adapting to the different hair length.


  • Easily falls apart; and
  • Some are of poor quality.










-       Karmin G3 straightening iron:

This hair straightener is sleek and stylish made up essentially of ceramic plates with tourmaline covering to provide a good finish. Its materials would readily grab your hair and lock in the necessary moisture to keep your hair from frying.


  • Has a micro-porous technology
  • Dual voltage setting present and can therefore be used anywhere in the world
  • Temperature control system


  • Have some power issues








Titanium hair straighteners:

Titanium hair straighteners heat up faster than ceramic hair straighteners and holds high heat effectively. They are the highest quality of metal flat irons on the market and are usually characterized by light weight. Naturally, the titanium flat irons generate heat with negative ions so it must not be very hot to straighten your hair. Titanium flat irons are very efficient when heat is concerned and should be avoided on hair which easily breaks off usually the fine/thin hair textures but recommended for thick/coarse hair texture. An example of titanium hair straightener is the, BabylissPro BABNT 5073T Nano:

-        Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450

This device was designed to get maximal results with only a single pass. It saves time and reduces the risk of damaging your hair.


  • Heals and hydrates damaged hair;
  • Improves elasticity; and
  • Good for all hair types.


  • Heats up very fast on the outside that burns the user; and
  • Not durable.









Tourmaline hair straightener:

Tourmaline hair straightener is one of the latest versions of flat iron in the market. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring semi- precious gemstone which is crushed and added onto different plates to brighten, protect hair from too much heat and share out heat evenly. The tourmaline hair straightener can straighten hair with less heat, traps more moisture into the hair which makes the hair look shiny. Tourmaline hair straighteners are more expensive than their other counterparts and work faster than the others.

The HSI professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener:

This hair straightener is very good as it can be used on all hair types. It has 1 inch solid ceramic tourmaline plates, advanced infrared heat technology, 360 degrees swivel cord and adjustable temperature. This ceramic tourmaline hair straightener provides a silkier and shiny finish to the different hair types.


  • Comes with some good accessories like a travel pouch and hand gloves to avoid burning;
  • Light weight ; and
  • Round edges make styling easier.


  • Slow heat up system
  • Does not work well all the time (green and red light switch)












Budget hair straightener:

These are cheap hair straighteners that you can buy at low prices even if they are not the best. It can mostly be gotten when you are travelling or taking a long trip so that if it breaks you won’t feel the impact of the cost of the flat iron on your resources.

Professional hair straighteners:

These hair straighteners are mostly of high quality but still made up of the same materials. They last longer and are designed to be used for years and for several times in a day. They are obviously more expensive than their other counterparts like the ceramic flat iron made at professional standards and are more expensive and less likely to break down than consumer grade ones e.g. Karmin G3 type flat iron or hair straightener.

Wet to dry hair straighteners:

Most people always want to get hair straighteners that would help them dry their hair at the same time straightening the hair and is great for people who have short time for hair straightening. Mini hair straightener reviews indicate that this flat iron is not very efficient as most people complain about its competence but can be manageable if one has limited time and no other option. An example is the BabylissPro BABNT 5073T wet to dry hair straightener.

While we have these different materials that make up the mini hair straightener plate material, some of these materials could be mixed for greater yield. Titanium associated to ceramic like in Farouk CHI G2 allows a wider temperature range capacity which therefore yields a greater straightening and styling response from any hair texture.

Top hair straighteners:

Top hair straighteners are relative to what the person needs, the persons’ hair texture i.e. whether the hair is a fine/thin hair texture, curly or thick/coarse hair texture and to what the person is awaiting as results. Different businesses classify the top hair straighteners in different ways using different factors to characterize them due to their features and what they are offering to their buyers. Amazon best sellers classify top hair straighteners due to the following aspects like the suitability to hair types, performance, user experience, features and accessories as follows:

1)    The HSI professional ceramic ironing hair straightener:

This is the top hair straightener graded by Amazon best sellers as the best. It has won the gold medal in the market. It is made up of versatile plates and temperature controls and also multiple safety features. For the hair types which vary from thin/fine to curly and thick/coarse, the HIS ironing hair straightener would work best on thin/fine hair which is graded B and progressively on the thick/coarse graded C+ and lastly on the curly which is C. For its performance, the effectiveness of HSI hair straightener is graded C+. The plate material is made up of tourmaline infused ceramic, the maximum temperature is 450̊ and minimum temperature at 240̊. Its plate size is 1 inch. For the user experience, it is easy to use grade C+. It weighs 10.35 ounces and its power cord length is at 7.11. The hair straightener is cool to touch, has an intuitive interface, floating plates, rounded ages, easy to hold. The product has an email technical support but no telephone technical support, dual voltage, included travel bag, included hair oil and included heat gloves with a warranty of one year by the Amazon best sellers.


  • Low heating speed with heating reaching maximum in 60 seconds; .
  • Automatic shut off keeping steady heat


  • This hair straightener has no preset temperature
  • Temperatures cannot be adjusted











2)    Farouk CHI hair straighteners:

This machine is also classified as a top hair straightener by the Amazon best sellers and for suitability to hair types it is very good for fine/thin hair graded A-, for curly hair graded B and thick/coarse hair graded A- . For the performance it is very effective, the plate material is made up of solid ceramic, its maximum temperature is at 425̊ and minimum temperature 200̊, its plate size is 1 inch and for it to be heated it takes 40 seconds, its preset temperature is at 3+ with an adjustable temperature. Its major cons is that it can easily go on a sleep mode when overheated or wrongly manipulated which could also be an advantage but will probably scare the user especially if they are not versed with using this particular hair staightener.








3)    GHD top hair straighteners:

GHD hair straighteners are also classified as top hair straighteners by Amazon best sellers. This machine is third on their list of classification and for suitability to hair types, for fine/thin hair it is graded B which is best used on this hair texture, for curly hair we grade it at C+ and for thick/coarse hair it is also graded C+. For performance its effectiveness grades B- with titanium being its plate material. Its plate size is at 1 inch; it takes 22 seconds to be heated and the preset temperature is at 1. It has a steady heat system which is even and can shut off automatically. This hair straightener is very easy to use, light weighted at 8.6 ounce with a power cord length of 8.9 inch. This machine is sold with two years of warranty having an email technical support and a phone technical support but poor in other accessories.


  • Easily gets heated;
  • Preset temperature.


  • their maximum temperature is at 365̊ same as their minimum temperature which becomes complicated when using the hair straightener




4)    Corioliss hair straighteners:

As one of the top hair straighteners, it also has its own qualities like suitability to different hair types; for thin/fine hair it is graded C+ while for curly hair type it is graded B- and same for thick and coarse hair types. Its effective performance is graded B- and its plate materials are made up of titanium infused ceramic. Maximum temperature is 455̊ while its minimum temperature is at 275̊. This hair straightener heats at 35 seconds with steady heat and infrared heat. This machine has exterior interface location, weighs 8.25 ounce, power cord length is at 9.10 inches, cool to touch, floating plates, round at the edges and very easy to hold. It has an advantage with an extra accessory which is an included travel bag.


  • High preset temperature at 4
  • Easy manipulation


  • No dual voltage and not very good for travel










5)    Rusk hair straightener:

This top hair straighteners’ machine is good for all hair types, performs effectively at a grade of B+ with plate materials made up of titanium. Its maximum temperature is at 450̊ while minimum temperature is at 300̊. The machine gets heated after 40 seconds and its temperature can be easily adjusted.

This machine is very easy to use with split interface location; it weighs 9.3 ounce with a power cord of 9.2 inches. It is also cool to touch, easy to hold, has rounded edges and a digital display. Its only accessory is the heat mat.


  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • Long power cord


  • Temperatures could be accidentally switched off when doing your hair since the temperature control mechanism is located at the sides of the machine;
  • Hot to touch and therefore requires you get a glove.














6)    Andis Tourmaline hair straightener:

This hair straightener is among the top hair straighteners and is also suitable for all hair types especially the fine/thin hair. It performs effectively at B- and its plate materials are made up of Tourmaline Nano-ceramic. Its maximum temperature is at 425̊ and minimum temperature is at 272̊. This machine is characterized by infra-red heat and automatically shuts off when it is too hot. This apparatus is very easy to use with interior interface location. It weighs 8.5 ounce, cool to touch and easy to hold. It has 5 years of warranty.


  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Used on wet or dry hair;
  • Good price.


  • Long time taken for the hair straightener to get heated















7)    BaByliss Pro Nano hair straightener:

This top hair straightener is also good for all hair textures and styles and better for the thick/coarse hair textures. Its plate material is made up of solid ceramic with a maximum temperature of 450̊ and minimum temperature at 340̊. Its heating speed takes 36 seconds and preset temperature at 3. This machine weighs 8.35 ounce with a long power cord of 9.3 inches. It has a 4 years warranty with some few accessories.


  • Time consuming;
  • Heats up instantly and leaves hair soft and smooth;
  • Cord is super long.


  • Beware most of this product in the market is fake so know exactly where you get it. Buy from a store that sells babyliss products.
  • A bit pricey.











8) Conair Infinity Pro hair straightener:

This top hair straightener can be used on all hair textures especially the fine/thin hair texture due to the fact that its plate materials are made up of titanium. Their maximum temperature is at 455̊ and minimum temperature at 212̊. Its heating speed is at 15 seconds with preset temperature at 30. It has a 5 year warranty.


Preset temperature at 30

Beautiful color

Heats up well


Plates are not parallel and difficult to use













9) Amika hair straightener:

This top hair straightener is very suitable for curly and thick/coarse hair textures and performs effectively at the grade B- with its plate materials made up of titanium- infused ceramic. Its maximum temperature is at 450̊ while its minimum temperature is at 160̊ with plate size at 1 inch. Its heating takes 17 seconds and its temperature can easily be adjusted. Its packaging has very few accessories but it is very easy to use among most of the other hair straighteners with a split interface location and has a warranty of 1 year.


Easy to use


No preset temperature










10) Remington hair straightener:

This top hair straightener is usually used on all hair textures but is best on fine thin hair texture and their plate material is made up of solid ceramics. Its maximum temperature is at 450̊ while their minimum temperature is at 300̊ .  It takes 30 seconds for this hair straightener to be heated but has no preset temperature. The hir straightener has a short power cord at 6.2 inches with very few accessories.












Different brands of hair straighteners

Babyliss hair straightener:

Babyliss hair straightener is one of the most popular brand of hair straighteners in the market and has evolved over the years producing different types of flat irons which are used for smoothing and styling of the different hair types from the thin/fine hair texture to the curly hair texture and lastly to the thick/coarse hair texture.

The Babyliss hair straightener brand of flat irons is not different from the other brands in the market like the Barmian Paris Hair couture, Cloud nine, Coriollis, Diva Professional styling, Ego professional, Electric Head Jog, GHD, Glamoriser, Ikoo, L’Oreal Professionnel, Paul Mitchell, T3, Trevor Sorbie as defined by HQhair and many other brands found in the market. Babyliss hair straighteners has two brand systems which are the Babyliss and the Babyliss Pro with each having different models and each being made up of different materials; they are made up either of ceramic material, titanium material, ceramic tourmaline and others do not specify the materials they are made with. There are different models of Babyliss hair straightener whose reviews can be seen thus:

Babyliss travel hair straightener:











Babyliss 2179U Nano Ceramic 235 Travel Hair Straightener with Heat Max

This Babyliss hair straightener is the perfect tool for thick/coarse and curly hair textures. Its wide nano ceramic plates can take care of large sections at a particular moment with its ultra fast heat up technology. It is characterized by a heat protection mat and some other accessories.


  • Dual voltage technology











Babyliss 2069U Pro Ceramic 230 hair straightener:

This Babyliss hair straightener gives you the saloon look you have always wanted with ceramic plates which can heat up till 230̊ for perfectly smooth hair. It takes 30 seconds for the device to heat up. This device also comes with the heat max as accessory which prevents you from burning any surface on which it is placed. This Babyliss hair straightener is designed for different hair types but best if used on thick and coarse hair texture due to its ceramic plates. This babyliss hair straightener can be used anywhere in the world due to its multi-voltage advantage.











BabylissPro Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

This straightening iron is perfectly designed with the benefits of pure titanium plated- plates for the smoothest and sleekest styles ever. Its natural ions reduce frizz while the Ryton housing resist the ultra high heat for comfortable handling.


  • Perfect for thick hair texture
  • Rapid heat up under a minute


  • A bit heavy

BabylissPro Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron:

This porcelain ceramic straightening iron distributes heat evenly across the plates and generates the infrared heat which is a more efficient heating method gentler to the hair. It provides instant heat up and recovery.


  • Instant straightening of hair
  • Less costly


  • Most companies do not control their marketers and so there are a lot of knockoffs in the market
  • Snags hair so a poor product

Remington hair straightener:

Remington hair straightener is one of the different hair straightener brands we find in the market and also has a variety of models which are out for sale. Remington hair straighteners are of very high quality and most of them have features like dual voltage, adjustable heat settings, auto-shut off, instant heat and swivel cord with maximum temperatures ranging between 400 to 450̊. The Remington hair straightener different models come in all types of colors like black, gold, pink, purple, red and white. Some examples of Remington hair straighteners are: the Professional Ceramic hair straightener iron with adjustable temperature and a wet and dry comb rectifier; Remington hair straightener, Remington hair Straightener s8590 Keratin Therapy hair straightening iron etc.

Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener:

This Remington hair straightener styles almost instantly with a powerful heat up start at 30 seconds. It has a turbo boost feature which quickly increases the straightener to maximum temperature. They have intuitive buttons which controls power and temperature and a swivel cord which can help you style at different angles. This Remington hair straightener is very good as it has an anti-static technology which reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling. Its long ceramic plates allow less damage while floating plates permit easy glide.


  • Excellent professional product;
  • Heats up quickly and straightens perfectly.


  • Control buttons in a bad spot;
  • Plates don’t touch; would have to hold the iron at the top where it is hot to get a good job done;
  • Smells like chemicals are melting plastic so you always have to be checking if it is ok;
  • Starts not turning on after some few months.













Remington S9620B/T Studio Silk Ceramic Straightening Iron

Studio silk ceramic Remington straightening iron has a 2’’ ceramic floating plate which straightens more hair in less than no time; these plates contain 10 times more ceramic making it more durable. This Remington straightening iron is characterized by a 60 minute auto shut off giving you peace during usage and avoids burns from overheating. It takes 15 minutes to get heated and its digital control and temperature lock ensures consistent heat throughout every use.


  • This Remington hair straightener is worth its money as it works efficiently;
  • Heats hot enough and fast enough;
  • Good price.


  • Does not grip perfectly so would not also straighten perfectly
  • No extra shine is given to your hair
  • Not durable and could be very damaging to the hair


Remington S6600 Ultimate Styling Ceramic Hair Straightener

Ultimate styling ceramic Remington hair straightener is characterized by a tool which creates multiple styles with easy action. Their ceramic plates cause less damage and distribute heat evenly throughout the hair. It takes 30 seconds to get heated and is characterized by an auto shut off after 60 minutes for safety.


  • Heats up very fast and cools down avery fast too
  • Fast and efficient


  • Waste of money as it leaves creases in hair sometimes
  • Hair keeps getting caught in the hair straightener and therefore cuts hair
  • Does not straighten hair well

Hair straighteners are important tools to be owned by all in their homes as it encourages you to use them in order that you look neat, sharp, beautiful or handsome and prevents you from always going to the saloon to get small styles done i.e. helping you to save up saloon money. Most people use some chemical products to get their hair straight or style them which could have consequences on the scar and also on the hair itself; but straightening iron tries to prevent all these especially scar burn

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