Seiko Diver Watch Reviews

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Seiko watches are one of the most stable watch types that have existed since 1950 in the dive watches category. They are over and over again coarse and gallant to withstand extreme pressures when travelling below the water surface. Since this watch type has stood the test of the century, it will be wise enough to look at the history of this astonishing piece of art.

The History of Seiko Diver Watch

In 1965, this watch was Japan’s first divers watch that existed. It was a self-winding and automatic watch of up to 150 meters. The launch of this model marked the beginning of Seiko’s quest for a safety and more reliable watch. This watch had an extra-large crown, a revolving bezel with extensive hands and an unusual seal. The quality of the watch evolved and instead of 150 meters, in 1968, divers could go right up to 300 meters. It had an automatic,10 beat high accuracy capacity.  This Seiko divers watch used a hi-beat accuracy to assure higher capacity. It was an automatic watch, with sturdier and brighter hands, had dial makers and had a manual winding capacity. The history continued in 1975 where the first divers of Seiko watch with a titanium case could dive right up to 600 meters. Seiko divers watch of this year was considered the watch that changed the world’s standard of dive watches. More innovations were done on this watch where by it was characterized for its two-layer case, which provided better safety against shock wave, deterioration and rust. In 1978, there was yet another new thing brought by inventors to improve the quality of the Seiko divers watch and at that time, it was the first saturation diving watch with a quartz movement. With this, divers could dive right up to 600 meters deep. But in 1983, the watch was revised in such a way that divers could dive up to 1,062 meters below earth surface. In 1982, Seiko divers watch was known as the first cross divers watch which had an alarm system which could be used under water, given the fact that it had electronic sounds. The watch equally had a bilingual display and a chronograph making it possible for divers to dive up to 150 meters. In 1985, Seiko divers watch came to the lamplight with the watch having a quartz diver of 200 meters, water resistance and provided secured timekeeping for recreational divers. It became the bestselling watch to the public due to its features. The watch was later upgraded to have a ceramic outer case and was known as the world’s first divers 1000 meters’ watch. The watch was further made of a rust resistant titanium case which was lightweight and was a one-piece designed watch which made it possible for divers to get up to 1000 meters deep. In 1990, Seiko had had a long experience in divers watches and as such, the watch was computerized for its very first time. The watch was able to show diving time and depth. This watch was later modified in 1992 where it was powered by the wearer’s arm movement because of its high accuracy of quartz and it’s no battery change technology, which provided more protection and safety to its users.  The watch later evolved whereby it was made to calculate the depth of the water, displayed dive time and was able to store up data which was visible to the diver even under water. This was one of the best Seiko watches due to the fact that it had a stopwatch, battery life indicator and an inbuilt alarm system. In 1995, this watch was again advanced and was the first kinetic divers watch with a GMT world time use. The watch was resistant to shock and long-lasting due to the fact that it was made from titanium. Still in 1995, this Seiko watch was modified such that it could detect the depth and pressure of water and was able to calculate and store dive information. This watch could be categorized under one of the best Seiko divers watch, as it provided real protection to divers through the transmission of warning notifications, from its analog depth notification system, stored and showed data from its memory.  In the year 2000, the watch was more powerful and became the first nitrox multi-level diving computer watch. This watch in this year was a divers 100 meters’ watch and it was able to record current depth level of the diver, suitable standard diving and for nitrox diving because it was a diving computer watch. The last adjustment of these Seiko watches was done in 2005 and the watch had a single spring dive capacity, using just a dynamo for power and conveying one-second-a-day precision. This Seiko professional diving watch was built for saturation diving to depth of 600 meters and it is very durable because it is made of high quality titanium and the glass out of sapphire. With a long standing history of innovation and changes of this watch, Seiko divers watch have many times been recommended by professional divers as the best because it can withstand the world’s extreme environmental challenges of our days. The trust this watch gained in the Japanese market, made it to extend the borders of Japan and it helped to establish the standards for divers watches in the International Organization for Standardization. Seiko today maintains its original reputation for excellence, it is perfect and fashionable and fits all types of occasion for both men and women. The Seiko brand is the most accurate and official time piece for numerous professional sporting events. These watches are durable with solid finishing, but which one should a diver go in for is a problem since there are different Seiko watches in the market. Seiko watches availability and affordability makes this watch one of the best Seiko divers watches. The Seiko brand stretches across a wide budgetary line making it possible for all to afford. Reviews of Seiko divers watches will be very important as it will help divers in their choice.

Seiko Divers Watch

  1. 1.   Seiko Marine Master Men’s divers watches (SBDX001)

It is the most popular and great wearer watch which offers good quality for money. With this watch, one gets a high quality, with wonderful moves and great finish with polished and brushed facets. The watch has a 44mm diameter case and is 15mm thick. The crown of the watch is at 4 o’clock thereby preventing it from leaving marks on the top of your hands. The Seiko marine master comes in both stainless steel and rubber bracelet and straps therefore comfortable for use by all.


	Seiko Marine Master Men’s divers watches



  1. 2.   Seiko SKX007 divers watch

This Seiko divers watch is one of the most widespread machine-driven watches below 1000 Euro. The watch also has a case of 42.5mm stainless steel with 22 hauls. It is a most suitable watch for divers as you can dive with this water resistant watch of up to 200 meters. It has a unidirectional bezel of 120 click which is located on top of the watch case. The crystal of the watch is a Hardlex flat mineral glass. The watch equally has a screw down case on the back and on the crown. Due to the employment of Seiko’s Magic Lever, it is difficult to hack the watch and even wind with the hand. This is one of the Seiko divers watches as it has an automatic 21-jewel and its movements contain a day and date function. The crown of this Seiko watch is on the 4 o’clock position.


	Seiko SKX007 divers watch



  1. 3.   Seiko SUMO men watches, SBDC027.

This Seiko watch has a sapphire crystal material and not Hardlex as the others are made up of. The watch also has a coated dia-shield case. This Seiko divers watch is made up of a stainless steel case of 45mm diameter and a 13mm thickness. According to reviews of Seiko divers watch, this watch has been upgraded from SBDC001 and at present we have SBDC027 with new designed hands from the large sword hands before. Also, the watch is presently shaped of square marks as opposed to the former, of circles and a meeker bezel type style. It is a watch made of 6R15 Seiko capacity inside the watch which makes it hard and reviewers say if examined and serviced once a while, the watch can be used for decades due to its durability effect.


	Seiko SUMO men watches, SBDC027 



  1. 4.   Grand Seiko Divers watch

The grand Seiko watch is a stainless steel case watch with a 10.2mm because of its curved sapphire crystal. The finishing of this watch is well polished and extremely shining with each of the watch angles shining like a mirror. It is a quartz movement watch with a silver dial and has an applied Seiko logo at 12 o’clock. There is a date function with a very high polished frame all round. The hour makers have beautifully made spaces between them and the printed minute track, thereby resulting to a very neat and readable dial. The Seiko emblem is found in the middle behind the Grand Seiko SBGV009. The back of the watch has been nicely polished and it is inscribed that it is made in Japan. This is an excellent watch for casual as well as occasional outings.



	Grand Seiko Divers watch


  1. 5.   Seiko Diver watch, Grandfather Tuna, (6159-7010)

This watch type comes with a quartz, mechanical and spring drive movements. This dive watch is a professional watch which was designed to withstand all the pressures under water. It is made of a titanium case, and a ceramic coated titanium mantle. It also has an L-shape lining with rubber bands. The 6159 watch is unique and is one of the best Seiko divers watches as it does not need a helium release valve and as such you can go in to the depth of the water for up to 600 meters. The watch got its “tuna can” profile from its fixed-on mantle. The mantel further protects the case of the watch while also letting for there to be two access points to rotate the two directional bezel.


	Seiko Diver watch, Grandfather Tuna, (6159-7010)


  1. 6.    Seiko Divers Watch 6139 Chronograph

This is one the Seiko watches with a Magic lever system that permits for efficient hand winding. The watch has thick cases due to their movements on chronographs day to day. This Seiko watch is made of Hardlex mineral crystal glass which is long lasting, but prone to scratches. The watch has an L-shape look as the dial has distinctive black hand and inner bezel ring.

 	 Seiko Divers Watch 6139 Chronograph


7.   Seiko divers watch 62MAS

This was the first ever watch produced by Seiko, Seiko 62MAS, in other words known as an automatic self-dater. It has a 37mm case and a date function. This is a beautiful and attractive watch with a bi-directional bezel having very tough lume on the hands of the watch and makers, with a sizable crown which makes visibility much easier. The Seiko 62MAS has been rated by some reviews of Seiko divers watch to be water resistant up to 150meters. There is a possibility of time adjustment through a hand wind and a non-screw down crown. The dial of the watch is gray-green in color with a glowing polish. The crown of this watch as compared to the others is at 3 o’clock against 4’clock. The disadvantage with this watch is that it has a crown which contains a seal that seems to be impossible to be replaced when it goes bad, also the dial and hands of the watch seem likely to deteriorate due to ageing effects. These Seiko watches type has been reported by some reviewers of a leakage, which is not a good characteristic of a dive watch. Furthermore, the mineral crystal and gaskets were not as strong as described. This now pushes us to look at best divers watches.    

Apart from the general review of Seiko divers watches, there are some which are outstanding and can be considered best. So we will go ahead to examine the best Seiko divers watches.


	Seiko divers watch 62MAS


Best Seiko divers watches.

  1. 1.   Seiko SKX007K2, automatic men’s dive watch

From Seiko divers watch review, this is one of the most popular automatic and best Seiko divers watch. This watch is a 42 mm watch to fit an extensive variety of men’s wrists. It is a trustworthy men’s watch whereby it is water resistant up to 660 feet. Seiko SKX007 has a shining black dial, a date and day window and very bright hands making it stylish. Its markings are protected under a Hardlex synthetic crystal mineral. Above all, a Japanese Kinetic automatic movement is used to power the watch thereby making it a Seiko automatic watch. You are saved from the troubles of changing the watch battery as the watch functions through the motion of your hand to wind springs in this piece of watch. Thanks to the watches’ unique design that projects the unique Seiko DNA, it has gotten a spot in the range of Seiko men watches. The watch has other features like the 22mm jubilee bracelet, suitable for both casual and formal wear.


-      It has been classically designed and so it is eye catching to everyone.

-      Although this watch type is not as dressy like others as gotten from other reviews of Seiko divers watches, it is still very appropriate with official outfits.

-      Since it is designed in such a way that one can dive up to 660 feet, it has a very hard texture.


-      Some reviews of Seiko dive watches, state that they may not like the crown at 4 o’clock.

-      The watch has a jubilee bracelet which might not be as firm as the case, though it is good looking.

  1. 2.   Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 Automatic men’s watch

This best Seiko divers watch is literally bulletproof in nature. The whole of this watch is made of stainless steel that is, from its case, bezel as well as its bracelet thereby making it resistant to rust. The dial of this watch is looking classical and sporty in design. The watch has been upgraded from a Seiko monster SKX781 to SRP309, Orange Monster Generation 2, making it more modern. Though the changes between the two generation watches is not much, the SRP309 Seiko men watches’ mechanical function has been upgraded thanks to its new capacity, the 4R36. Reviews of Seiko divers watch showed that SKX007 could be used for both casual and official wear but SRP309 was meant purposely for sport since it had a rocky look. Reasons why it is called ‘Monster” and not another name. Seiko automatic watches, SRP309 offers a wide variety to her customers who can choose between the stainless steel if it is too heavy and rubber bands.


-      This watch has a high quality stainless steel body from case, bezel to bracelet, thereby making it very durable.

-      The watch has an attractive silver quality.

-      This is one of the existing Seiko watches which is well designed with a unique and cool sporty look.


-      This is one of the best Seiko divers watches and so not suitable of ceremonial outfits.

-      The watch has to be cleaned on a monthly basis which can be so inconveniencing to divers, due to the fact that the watch’ bezel accumulates dirt.

  1. 3.   Seiko SSC017, Solar powered chronograph, men watch

Some reviews of Seiko divers watches have stated that this Seiko solar powered chronograph is not a standard automatic watch like the SKX007 and SRP309. It is a quartz watch which is accurate in keeping time and solar-powered V175 capacity which can run off just about a few seconds per month. Seiko watches are considered to be the best Japanese watches because their movements are best known for their trustworthiness. This solar powered chronograph does not warrant one to change the battery because it has solar movements which can operate up to 6 months after it has been fully charged. This Seiko divers watch is very sturdy and durable because it has three sub dials which are the 24-hour dial on the right, on the left is the second displaying dial and lastly there is the minute totalizer found at the center and all these are typical of all chronograph watches. The watch has a classic sporty look since it has a screw-down crown and two push buttons on the right side of the middle case. Seiko SSC017 is the dressiest dive watch as stated by some Seiko divers watch review and it has an extensive variety of dissimilarities with different band materials and colors.


-      You will not need to change the battery of the watch because it is solar powered.;

-      It is the dressiest Seiko watch type and it compliments your dressing;

-      It is a very durable and cool looking chronograph watch, due to the fact that it is made of three sub dials and two push buttons; and

-      It has a magnificent mixture of blue, white and black thereby making it very attractive.


-      The presence of the two push buttons makes it hard to do so.


  1. 4.   Seiko Automatic watch (SKX173)

This is a kinetic self-winding watch and according to some Seiko divers watch reviews, it can be one’s best wager. This watch has a Hardlex synthetic crystal mineral characteristic window which acts as a protector or shield to the glowing colorations on the black face dial. This watch has square makers making it different from other Seiko watches like the SKX007 which has circle-dot hour makers. This Seiko men’s watch has a very thick case and a unidirectional rotating bezel which keeps record of lapsed time and it is perfect if you intend diving with it. It is long lasting and durable as this has been made possible with the 21-jewel movement of the watch quartz. This is one of the Seiko watches which is best for those who cannot really have money to buy expensive watches, as it is very affordable, with a solid finish and a self-winding movement thereby being very reliable to divers.


-      It is a very sturdy and solid watch.

-      It is very attractive with its classic design.


-      The dislike by some users and customers of the crown at 4 o’clock.


  1. 5.   Seiko SKA371, men’s kinetic watches

This watch is more expensive than others as gotten from some previous reviews of Seiko divers watches. It is more expensive given the fact that it has a kinetic movement which is a combination of quartz and an old-fashioned motorized movement. It is one of the Seiko automatic watches as its battery is powered from your arm’s movement. The kinetic watch is one of the best Seiko divers watch as it has a high accuracy and there will be no need to change the battery of the watch after every 2-3 years. Seiko SKA371 has a case thickness of 15mm and a diameter of 42mm. It has four big lungs which makes the total dimension of the watch much bigger and can be haughty on small wrists, so not recommended for them. The Seiko watch is very attractive given its triple clamor link bracelet and faintly slanting bezel. This watch has a unique kinetic capacity of 5M62 with a power reserve indicator function. The watch also has a pusher occupying the 2 o’clock position and it can function well within 6 months after it has been fully charged giving opportunity for divers to stay in water for longer periods.


-      The watch by some Seiko divers watch reviews state that it can go with all types of outfits as it is made of versatile design material;

-      With the combination of quartz movement and a traditional mechanical movement of kinetic capacity, the watch is very attractive to divers; and

-      The watch has a very hard texture.


-      The watch is thicker than the normal ones; and

-      Looks bigger than its authentic dial diameter.


  1. 6.   Seiko SNE107, Solar-powered men’s watch

This is one of Seiko watches which has a stainless steel material with a silver tone. The watch is not as coarse as a monster watch type and so it looks great both as a tool and as a dressing watch. Seiko SNE107 has a unidirectional bezel which is coin-edged making it easy for you to grip and turn the watch while giving it a distinctive look. The watch is very attractive as it has a black dial with white brilliant hands, makers and a sunburst decoration. The watch keeps accurate time as it can run off only about 15 seconds per month given its solar-powered capacity of V158. You don’t need to wear this watch habitually as when fully charged, it can last for up to 10 months. The watch is very comfortable and suitable for all wrist types as it is a 42mm sized strap.


-      Seiko SNE107 is a silver-toned polished watch which is very alluring to divers; and

-      No time wasting to change battery due to the fact that it is solar-powered.


-      This watch looks a bit smaller than its real size; and

-      A review of Seiko divers watches say the triple-row bracelet is not so nice.


  1. 7.   Seiko Automatic watches (5 SNK805)

These are classical Seiko men watches which are durable and affordable as one can get it at a relatively low price. Seiko automatic watch as deduced from its name does not require one to change the battery nor does it have a battery function, because it is automatic. It is a military inspired watch with a 21-jewel drive and the watch is form fitting with three hands. The watch is water resistant up to 99 feet because it has a 12mm thickness of stainless steel case and a mineral glass window with a day and date in it. It is one of the best Seiko divers watch because of its unique feature of a green dial and a rough nylon strap.

  1. 8.   Seiko Automatic 5 SNK793 men’s watch

This is one of the best Seiko divers watch with a water resistant stainless steel material with which divers can dive up to 330 feet. It is a 36mm Seiko automatic watch with a standard three-hand analog display and equally a date and day window. One of the coolest features of this watch is that the case has a window on the reverse side through which visibility is possible as one is able to see the kinetic quartz movement. The watch is relatively cheap from reviews of Seiko divers watch as compared to others.

  1. 9.   Seiko SNE331 divers solar watch

This is one of the Seiko watches with a stainless steel case of up to 43mm in diameter. This watch is unique as it has been produced in a way which is a bit larger than an average wrist watch. This is one of the best Seiko divers watches because it has been fitted with a Hardlex crystal, and a synthetic mineral glass as opposed to sapphire, through which you can see the analog dial, day and date display. The quartz movement of this watch is solar making it a Seiko automatic watch and an excellent watch for those who work outside. The watch is really good as it has a nylon buckle closure band and is water resistant up to 330 feet.

  1. 10.               Seiko automatic watch, 5 SNZH53

This is a Seiko divers watch with a stainless steel case combined with a Hardlex systemic crystal mineral glass, all put together to protect the 23-jewel automatic movement watch. This is one of the Seiko men watches that is being powered by the movement of the wearers arm kinetically. From some Seiko divers watch review, it is good for both casual and official wear. The watch is rated one of the best Seiko divers watch because it has a day and date function and is water resistant up to 330 feet.

  1. 11.               Seiko Propex Solar watch aviator SSC007

Reviews of Seiko divers watch rate this watch as one of the most systematically used analog watch which has ever existed, especially for those who want to fly. The bezel of this watch is made of a slide computer flight, making it possible for one to use the watch to measure time, distance, fuel weight and oil. The watch is equally powered by solar and that makes it automatic. The Seiko propex solar watch further has a stopwatch, a 12-hour alarm function, a date window and a twofold time aptitude. When fully charged, the watch can reserve power for up to 6 months.

  1. 12.               Seiko men watches, Prospex Solar Chronograph SSC081

This Seiko divers watch is made up of a shining black dial with LumiBrite hands and marks in a strong stainless steel case which makes it attractive. It also has a date window, fragmented time dimension, 12-hour alarm system and a double time functionality. Can last for up to 6 months if fully charged as it has a solar impeded characteristic. It is good for divers as it is made of a Hardlex synthetic crystal mineral window. The watch is resistant in water up to 100 meters and if this limit is passed, it will dictate otherwise. 

  1. 13.               Seiko Solar Dive Chronograph

From some previous Seiko divers watch review, this watch is very unique and one of the most recognized watches nowadays. It has an iconic blue and red bezel that can serve as a reminder of lapsed time in the course of using the watch. The Hardlex crystal mineral glass and the 43mm case, is used to protect the solar-powered quartz watch movement from danger. This diver watch has the ability to resist up to 660 feet of water.

  1. 14.               Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT dive watch, SUN023

This timepiece is exceptional as it is GMT in nature meaning, it has the ability of tracking time in two time zones concurrently. This gives the opportunity for those who want to travel internationally to do so without any worries. The watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel and a date calendar so it is convenient for use by divers. The window of this SUN023 Seiko watch is made with an anti-reflective coat and a sapphire crystal material. Best for divers as it is resistant for up to 660 feet and has a power reserve for up to 6 months too. It is very comfortable as it is made of long lasting silicon bands.

  1. 15.               Seiko Prospex, Kinetic Dive watch (SBDC031) “SUMO”

As opposed to self-winding automatic watches as seen from some Seiko divers watch review, Seiko SBDC031 has a manual winding capacity. The watch vibrates about 21600 per hour and the 23-jewel movement which can reserve power for up to 50 hours. The watch equally has LumiBrite hands and markings, with a one sided directional bezel movement and a black dial face. Some reviews of Seiko divers watch highly recommend this watch to many as it has heirloom quality and can last for several generations.

  1. 16.               Seiko GPS Solar men divers watch, [SAST009G] Astron

This is actually one of the longest existed quartz-movement watch and happens to be the first quartz-movement watch made. The watch is one of the best Seiko divers watch because its time is controlled by a GPS and there is a possibility of adjusting the time zone with a simple push if you realize you have travelled above any of the 39 time zones. The watch also has a continuous calendar that is correct to the year 2100 and is exact to an amazing one-second every 100,000 years. This watch has a ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal window which makes it more attractive when combined with an extra buckle-fastening silicon band.

After a close look at Seiko men watches and the best Seiko diver watches, it might seem impossible for divers to make the right choices from the bulk examined. So we will go ahead to give a summary of Seiko diver watches and provide specific information to guide customers of this divers brand of watch to be able to know what they should be looking for when they want to get any one type of this brand watch.

Summary of this professional Seiko divers watch

The watch should be structured in such a way that the rotating bezel should be protected by it having a solid and long lasting outer case.

  1. Best Seiko divers watches should be those made with high quality and durable materials; stainless steel materials which are not prone to rust, high concentration titanium lid and a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) that has been combined to give the outer case the protection it desires in order to avoid water from getting in to this precious timepiece.
  2. The Seiko divers watch should be produced in such a way that it should be resistant to water so that there should be no need for a helium gas release valve.  
  3. Seiko divers watches should have a mechanical spring drive measure which should be resistant even in the most extreme environmental conditions, be it in the sea or outer space.
  4. Seiko men watches should be produced such that it should not give bruises or react negatively on human skin when both come in contact.
  5. The watch should also have a screw case cover in order to ease opening and servicing of the watch.

After making a brief summary of Seiko divers watches there are some points which we shall examine in order that those going in for dive watches can easily follow them and get what you want.

Hallmarks of Seiko divers watches.

  1. 1.   The Price.

When deciding on which watch to choose, price can be used to determine it. The best Seiko watch does not have to be exceedingly expensive and should not be too cheap. So if people want a Seiko divers watch, they should go in for what is average in price.

  1. 2.   The Watch Quality

How well a Seiko watch will resist water and over a long period of time depends on the material used in manufacturing. Seiko has recorded some successes in the quality of what it produces and sends out to her customers without having to increase its prices more than required.

  1. 3.   Long experience

Experience means how the watch is professed and appreciated by her owners. Seiko has one of the best rates of customers happily using its watches as compared to other manufacturers. So this brand of watch is highly recommended for divers as well as for those who want to wear it casually.




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