5 Tips to Easily Cope with Homesickness If You Study Abroad

Home sweet home! The most touching feelings are connected with this special place. Leaving it is always so hard for anyone, especially for young students. Moving abroad is a big challenge. Students are obviously apt to have a feeling of homesickness more than anyone. In case you don't know, almost 10 of 100 students regret their decision to leave. However, when we try and take a closer look at these figures, we see that there is no point in getting nervous. Leaving home can be a little scary, but since 90 of 100 can handle it, so can you! There are several kinds of difficulties that are waiting for you abroad, but the most significant one is homesickness. It was just yesterday when you walked around your room, your house, the streets in your town, and everything was so close to you. But now you're in an entirely new place, and there are a lot of new people here. You miss your parents, friends, school. It's not that hard to forget about studying at all. But we've got a few tips for you how to deal with feeling terribly homesick.

Tip #1: Keep Yourself Busy

Starting your personal statement is only the beginning of a brand new life. It will open a new page for you! Then, home tasks and projects are waiting for you. You are to plunge into your studying process in University immediately. But they can't keep you busy all the time. It is quite unfortunate because the feeling of homesickness can overtake you anytime you have a free minute to spend. So what can help you to cope in this case? Here, we've collected a lot of options for you. Choose anything you like!
Things to Do to Stop Feeling Homesick
- If you're into sports, find yourself an exercise room where you can spend time when you're feeling sad. You can equip a sports area in your own room (if it's allowed, of course).
- If you are creative, just look around! You can start drawing, as there are plenty of new landscapes that can inspire you.
- Start a lifestyle blog. Sharing your problems and achievements with other people will make your adaptation easier.
- Visit clubs and meetings arranged by your fellow students. You can find a lot of helpful or simply motivating things for you there.
Things Not to Do
- Don't search for things that will remind you of home - it will boost your homesickness.
- Don't stay in your room all day long. It won't give you the feeling of safety. You'll simply feel trapped.
- Don't miss anything from your Uni's social life. There is always something interesting there: theaters, games, barbecues, music concerts, competitions, and anything else that can bring joy and unite students.
- Don't avoid new activities, even if you feel down. You'll get your energy in the process.
- Don't discard reading. This is the strongest tool to get yourself distracted from anything bad in your life, including homesickness. You may choose fiction or books about the history of the new city to feel more connected to it.

Tip #2: Find Places That Make You Feel Good

A new town, new people, new places – all these things bring you positive emotions and inspiration for doing something incredible. New places always tend to discover a new talent, new kinds of emotions, new us. This can be a new library, where a lot of new stories are hidden. For someone, it's a new cafe with new delicious meals. For others, it can be new stores, with all kinds of unique goods that are not in their hometown's the markets. As we've mentioned above, it can be a place connected with sports, like a new exercise room or a swimming pool. Finally, it can be your own new room which can be organized and designed to your taste. Walking down new streets, discovering new places, finding out about their history – this is what creates a certain magic and can help you distract from sadness and feeling homesick. This is your choice! Any place can be special - you just have to discover it is special. Surely, you had a place at hometown, where you could feel free and comfortable, and where no one could find you. So, what prevents you from finding a new one (or even more than one) in a new city?

Tip # 3: Network

The frequent mistake of many students is looking back at the home life and seeing it as some a Utopia of sorts. Yes, we understand that you have friends already. But the majority of them stayed at home, didn't they? And yes, your friends probably have fun as always. Even the work they have to do can make you feel a little nostalgic now. So, instead of missing them, you may start feeling a little jealous. In a good way, of course! But they don't have the chance you have. They can't travel, meet new people, and find out something special. Anyway, in the era of technology, you can always contact you old friends, but it doesn't mean that you can't find new ones in the new place.
The Reasons to Make New Friends
A lot of new people are waiting for you here, and it's a huge mistake to shrink into yourself with the destroying feeling of homesickness. New friends help you to get used to the University life, introduce you to your future teachers, and show all the places you'll need while studying. Also, they can prevent you from making some mistakes. They won't let you get lost in the campus or forget important classrooms arrangements and so on. Please, mind that by ‘friends' you should understand not only the closest acquaintances but any kind and helpful people. It'll make you much happier. These can be teachers, University workers, shop assistants, etc. They all can help you feel more comfortable in a new place if you're ready to be friendly. So, forget about your melancholy side and be open to the new acquaintances.

Tip #4 Be Focused

What are you here for? What made you decide to leave abroad? What was your primary goal? To stay focused means to have all those ideas, all those big plans, all those desires and visions of your future you had at home in your mind ALL THE TIME!
Studying abroad is a great possibility to make your dreams come true! But studying also requires a lot of work and attention. So, don't let yourself get distracted by the homesickness. Home tasks must be one of your remedies for this destructive feeling. You should remember that the hard work will lead you to success!
The Ways to Get Concentrated
If you find that the studying process becomes more like a routine, try to diversify it. For example, you can always experiment with the settings where you prepare your homework – your dorm, a coffee shop, a park, etc. You can also vary the system you follow when doing your tasks. On the Internet, you can find a lot of apps, which can help you focus. They are a sort of reminders or timers that you turn on. Such an application gives some time to complete the task without being distracted. If you happen to lack motivation, you are to find the ways to break through! You can treat yourself with a little bonus for finishing a major task. These can be new clothes, some delicious meal (but don't go too crazy, count your carbs!), or a brand new book by your favorite author. Make yourself a little present each time you complete something, and you'll see what an effect this has on your productivity!

Tip #5 Stay Positive

Positive thinking can change your feelings a great deal. Yes, being far from family, friends, and home generally can be tough, but don't get upset. The story of your life has a new paragraph now! Think of all the benefits that you have: living in the different country, seeing many beautiful places, exposing yourself to new experiences, and making new friends (that's, certainly, a HUGE advantage!). New programs and teachers, new libraries and books - everything is waiting for you to be positive-thinking! Probably when applied you didn't think about the challenges that are waiting for you, but you should remember, that the world is SO big, SO beautiful, and SO exciting. You cannot afford to miss on that kind of experience! And being always sad and dull is not a great option for you. You always can write a list of things that encouraged you to move abroad to get more motivated. You can hang this list above your bed and look through it waking up early in the morning. Making a list is a good option for those who always need to remind themselves of something. Especially, about things that make one cheer up. So, clear your mind from bad thoughts and start to think positively, and you'll see the result immediately!
Decide for Yourself!
Will you allow your feelings to ruin your plans? What memories about Uni do you want to have for the rest of your life? Do you want them to be gray and dull? Will you let your homesickness win and destroy your dreams? Don't let it steal that colorful life you can live there! Isn't it exciting to go to a new place and find out that everything is brand-new for you there?

Following our smart tips will certainly help you cope with homesickness and create a magical atmosphere around you! Studying abroad is a great chance for you, and you should always remember that. Sad feelings may ruin all the fun you can have in University. You are always welcome to stay in touch with your friends and family via the Internet. Just don't spend all the time looking at Facebook pages! Enjoy the lovely time you have and take every opportunity that is given to you. Try to become one of the 90 students out of a hundred that have fun and gain invaluable experience living abroad and learning new things! Be open to everything new. This is your life, and it's your call whether to enrich it with interesting events and change it to the better!

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