Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener: The Remington Brand

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Women have always looked for ways to straighten their hair. Since it is said the hair of a woman is her beauty they will go to all length to achieve that. Gone are the old methods of the 50’s and 60’s where girls used to snatch their mother’s clothing iron to carry out the task of straightening their hair. Today to have ones hair straightened with a professional touch is not a hassle anymore nor must it necessary take you out to the hair salon, especially if you do not have an hour or two to spare in a hair salon or you are on a tight budget. All you need is to know your hair requirement and decide for the best flat iron hair straightener from the Remington brand collection. Remington is a well known name in households and salons the world over.

Brief History

The origin of the Remington name dates back as far as 1816 with the formation of E. Remington and Sons- a firearms maker. Back then it involved also the sewing machine and the farm implements.  But it most notable venture was when Christopher Scholes of the fire-arm company requested him to develop the type-writer with the GWERTY keyboard which is still being used today.

Presently the Remington brand is a subsidiary of the Spectrum brand formerly called the Rayovac- a battery company. The Remington brand men and women extend into make-up mirrors, electric shavers, blow dryers, nose and hair trimmers, foot massagers, heated hair rollers, curling iron and flat irons.

Remington Flat Iron Reviews

The Remington S5500

The Remington S5500 is a low priced flat iron straightener that will be welcome by most casual users with fine, normal hair texture and length. It heats up to a salon heat of 410 degrees in 30 seconds, present is the static control technology, a long swivel cord and a 1 inch floating plates for maximum hair contact with it.

The flat iron reviews of the R S5500 model have concluded that it won’t be around for too long. But when well looked after this hot hair iron will surely give satisfactory results. While customers will look into their need for ionic properties or static control, this hair brush straightener will satisfy most routine home hair care and meet the needs of users with tight budget who want just a simple hair straightener.

 Further detailed review of the Remington S5500 flat iron straightener have revealed that while it is advertised as having ceramic floating  plates for maximum contact with hair during ironing, it turns out that only one of the plate is floating and the other is fixed. This defeats the purpose of the floating plates for they will not flex to meet each other or align as well as they would if both were floating. The draw back here is that there is a strong chance hairs may get stuck between the housing and the plate. But at the low price offer one cannot expect a dual floating plate feature. The best flat iron with dual floating plates does not come cheap.

New products are offered a two year warranty and are compatible with 120 volts outlets. Reviews of hair straighteners have shown that earlier model of the Remington S5500 had an inbuilt dual voltage, the new model no longer have that feature. This is a worry for users who travel abroad frequently and may not be able to use their flat iron because of voltage incompatibility.  



position-of-Remington-SS500-hair-straightener.jpeg">position-of-Remington-SS500-hair-straightener.jpeg" alt="Remington S5500 Clamping Position" width="350" height="350" />



Hair Result after using Remington S5500

Static Control

The R S5500 releases fewer negative ions which are vital in maintaining hair health during flat ironing with the benefit in return of reduced static. The anti-static technology performs its function of reducing static in your hair. But if this is worth the decreased ionic content depends on other factors such as how often you intend to straighten your hair, the use on your hair of high quality supplementary heating protective products.

Style Needs

Two plates size width are available to meet the ironing needs of different hair lengths and types. So if you have short hair or wish to make tight curls, then your best bet is the 1 inch R S5500 ceramic flat iron straightener. On the other hand you will go for the Remington wide hair straightener (1 3/4 inch) if you have long hair. For it will take many long hours to straighten your long hair with a 1 inch iron straightener. It is worth noting that the Remington wide plates will not do a professional job of styling your hair into curls for they do not have the necessary precision.

Chemical Smell

The Remington S5500 hot hair iron when heated above the default temperature of 370 or used continuously for long will produce a burning odor which some owners or customers find repulsive. The manufacturer has stated this smell is normal and poses no health risk but will end after a few use. But that smell is not offensive enough to prevent anyone from enjoying a good hair-straightener endeavour.


The minimum temperature is 310 degrees. This may not be appropriate for people with damaged and very fragile hair. A gentler straightener with much lower temperature setting is what you need if you want to avoid charred and irreparable damage to your hair.

The Remington S5500 hair straightener reviews on Amazon.com have revealed great positive results. It has an average consumer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with about 3000 customer’s reviews. This best flat iron has big loyal customers following reviews from customers with hard to straighten hair. Even from people who have abandoned their more expensive professional flat iron brand to it.

The Remington S5500 is a fairly affordable option. If this is the best iron straightener for you will depend on your personal hair care need and how much you are prepared to pay for an iron straightener.


  • The Remington S5500 possesses the salon length swivel cord which allows for a more comfortable straightening. So whether you are in standing or sitting position there is no need to constantly turn your body or twist your wrist in order not to snag your hair. In addition, its thin rounded 1 inch wide plates can also do some light curls.
  • The floating ceramic plates on this model enable a great amount of your hair come into contact with the plate thus less time is used to straighten it. As you do not have to redo those places that were not touched with the hair straightener.
  •  The Remington S5500 hair straightener will heat up quickly in just thirty seconds to a maximum of 410 degree.
  • Features a digital display temperature which permits users to set their chosen temperature quickly and easily.



  • For a moderately price best flat iron it cannot be used for more than two years before problems like temperature controls stop working or other issues that may require it to be replaced.
  • The Remington S5500 hot hair iron when heated above the default temperature of 370 will produce a burning odor which some owners or customers find repulsive. In addition, the handle when used continuously over a long period will get hot. The same is the case when used at high temperatures.


Remington S9500 PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron




  • 1-inch floating ceramic plates with coated real pearls        
  • 30 sec heat up time
  • Heats up to 400 degrees like in professional salons with digital temperature control for easier temperature reading and use.
  • Temperature can be boost to the maximum with turbo option
  • Overheating prevented with temperature control lock
  • 60-minute automatic safety shutoff mechanism
  • 3-year warranty on offer


The Remington S9500 Pearl Pro hair straightener is top of the pack in performance in the budget flat iron line. It meets all the qualities of a salon professional flat iron though at an affordable price. It will meet the demand of most users of any hair type. It includes a ceramic plate which is packed with tiny pearls, automatic shut-off, heat up to 400 degrees temp and 1 inch plate. It heat up quickly in half a minute and the plate have rounded edges.

Automatic shut-off

If you are the kind of person that will really not remember if you have shut-off the hair iron straightener before heading out of the house, then it is recommended you buy a straightener with an auto-shut off safety future. The Remington S9500 automatically shuts-off after 60 minutes of use.  To restart hit the on button again to continue straightening your hair.

1 Inch Plates

The one inch plate is good enough for all hair lengths. However for those users with very long hair should consider a much wider plate width. The plate on this model has rounded edges which gives it the dual advantage to easily flip hair from the bottom and work as a curling iron.

Pearl Coated Ceramic Plates

The pearl stones in the ceramic plates give it an effortless glide. This will not snag on your hair or drag out at your scalp with painful consequences. The ceramic plates produce an even heating on your hair and at the same time emits ions which go a long way to heal your hair during the straightening process. Furthermore infra-red heat coming off from the plate is the best option as it eliminates any risk of damage to your hair during ironing.

Remington Silk Ceramic: Flat Iron Hair Straightener with almost Perfect Rating

When searching for the best professional flat iron or flat iron in general you must stop and reflect on what exactly your hair needs are and what will work out best for your hair type. Also you must choose a product that all the features work as it claims. That is why reading reviews of hair straighteners is important.

In all the Remington Silk Ceramic flat iron stands out as one of the best rated flat iron hair straightener. But what features does it have to offer and stand-off competition from the other popular models like HSI professional Ceramic Ionic?  Why should you turn to Remington Silk Ceramic flat iron?

Though a best flat iron it is priced at the lower end of the ladder. This cannot be compared to the high priced Paul Mitchell Pro Tools.


Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Product overview

  • High quality silk ceramic coating with sleek 3D effect design;
  • Hottest straightener - variable temperature 302 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit with turbo boost to 464 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds;
  • Fastest straightener - ready to use in 10 seconds;
  • Digital temperature display information shows the best temperature for your hair type;
  • Memory function – remembers the previous temperature setting used;
  • Temperature control lock mechanism;
  • Far infrared advanced ceramic heaters for even heat and ultra fast recovery throughout the hair iron straightening;
  • Longer length slim floating plates;
  • Hinge lock for  easy storage;
  • Automatic shut off safety mechanism after 60 minutes;
  • 3m swivel  professional salon length cord;
  • Heat proof luxury storage pouch; and
  • 5 year guarantee.

Remington silk ceramic is available in a shiny Red and Black design with 2 inch plates. This flat iron is easy to handle because of its light weight. Straight, smooth glossy hair that shine like silk are always great as they portray a well groomed look. This can be achieved using this silk ceramic hair straightener. Based on the experience of many in reviews it is possible to come up with a sleek and straight hair in less than ten minutes or so. Its high quality silk ceramic coating only mean one thing: It glides through your hair with ease and reduces static and fly-aways for a great silky smooth out come.

Moreover for those who are in a hurry the turbo option present can boost the temperature to 464 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. This can handle those difficult strands and for quick touch ups.

If you have very thin hair it is certainly not advisable to expose your hair to such high heat. As you risk drying them up instead. Fortunately the temperature is clearly displayed by the digital display unit, so that you can easily lower. This selected temperature setting is stored and displayed again for you when next the flat iron is used.

Recommended Temperatures (Fahrenheit) For Different Hair Types

302-338               Thin/fine damaged or bleached hair

338-392                Normal/healthy hair

392-455                 Thick and difficult to style hair


Remington Silk Ceramic: Flat Iron Hair Straightener Temperature Digital display

The Remington Silk ceramic hair straightener is armed with temperature locks which assure that the flat iron will not over heat and the temperature will remain constant throughout the process. In addition it has an automatic 60 minutes shut-off safety mechanism to avoid any event of fire if forgotten in the socket outlet.

To boost its straightening capacity the plates are floating which assures that the flat iron remains in contact with the hair. However some reviews have reported that to grasp the hair between the plates is difficult as one need a firm grip of the flat iron. But even a novice in hair styling will see that it is much easy to use this flat iron.

If you have a very short hair type, it would be necessary to consider a smaller model (1 inch or less) of this flat iron. If you take to a model that is too wide for your hair length there is an increase risk of accidentally burning yourself.

The 5- year warranty slap on this Remington hair straightener is an added advantage which anyone needs to look at. For its price tag one would have hope for a two year warranty. Just as in the case of others such as the Conair Instant Heat Flat Iron

Quick Tips for a Silky Straight Hair

  • For a quick start be certain that your hairs are clean, dry and not entangle;
  • You can use a heat protection spray for extra protection of your hair;
  • Cut the hair into section before styling and start from the lower layer first;
  • Start styling by using the lower temperature first before moving on to the recommended temperature for your hair type by acting on the controls on the side of the flat iron;
  • Keep working on one section of the hair at a time by slowly moving the iron straightener the whole length of the hair without stopping; and
  • Repeat this procedure twice on each section to avoid any damage to your hair.

It has a long swivel cord professional salon length which makes it easier for you to iron your hair as it gives greater mobility and accessibility to different outlets of your home. This flat iron is about 3 meters long.

The Remington Silk Ceramic flat iron straightener is a flat iron that will certainly deserve your full attention when you do need one. However, you must explore your personal needs carefully as no ultimate best hair straightener may be the same for every individual.

Remington S9520 (Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates)

The Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl is a high quality hair straightener that is designed to give a smooth controlled look on the hair while straightening hair for different styling.


Remington S9520

The hair straightener comes with quality features which make it dependable though being at budget price. The Remington S9520 will give your hair a shine and silky look as a result of its pearl infused plates. This light weight hair straightener does not heat up at its hold area when in use. As a result can be use comfortably with an effortless glide through the hair without any pulling.

Why buy the Remington S9520

  • The Remington S9520 heats up very fast to achieve salon heat of up to 450 degree Fahrenheit;
  • The temperature is distributed evenly and remains constant throughout your hair ironing, this enhances its effectiveness;
  • The flat irons pearl infused plates add a beautiful shine and silkiness to the user’s hair;
  • The Remington S9520 glides smoothly through hair without the effect of any painful pulling;
  • The achieved curls or straights from this iron stay in place until the next wash;
  • The iron is easy to use and gives hair a smooth salon finish;
  • It is an affordable yet quality and durable product in the category of best professional flat iron;
  • The easy to use display digital dial requires only use of the minus or plus buttons when adjusting to achieve the desired temperatures setting for your hair;
  • The temperature control-lock aids in locking at the desired temperature;
  • The Remington S9520 poses a frame that fits easily and lightly in the hands of the user;
  • The plates can be used effortlessly due to the provided generous lengths together with the width;
  • The safety shut off function which takes effect automatically after 60 minutes of idling, comes handy especially for people on the run who may forget to switch off the flat iron as a result avoid any risk of fire;
  • The hinge-lock makes it handy to store; and
  • The long cord of the Remington S9520 provides for ease in maneuvering

Some Disadvantage of the Remington S9520

  • The Remington S9520 operates only at 120/60 V which may not work abroad and therefore a worry for those who wish to travel with their flat iron; and
  • The temperature display is not easy to read.

Ceramic Plates with Pearls

The Remington S9520 is boosted with ceramic in its 2 inch plates which is 15 times more than any comparable flat iron model. Ceramic is an important substance in flat iron because it is the origin of ionic and infra-red effect that keeps hair healthy and smooth. The pearls coated on the ceramic plate enable the flat iron to glide smoothly through your hair without scratching, tearing or pulling.

2 inch Plates

The 2 inch plate in this model is very much welcome by users with very long hair. But for those with short hair the plate width is wide as a result it would be tricky to reach the root of the hair and straighten it near the top. This would keep you from using it as an efficient curler. But it is worth noting that this model is not designed as a curler. So we cannot move away from its primary function.

Guide and Maintenance Manuals

The Remington S9520 is packaged with a maintenance guide. This outline the entire functioning of the product.  So that the user can comfortably maneuver it with ease. Also by following the information relating to maintenance, the shelf-life of the flat iron and its performance can be fully achieved.

What does the Customer Say:  Customer’s Experience

Remington S9520 Digital Temperature Display


  • It’s the best hair straightener for my long, thick, wavy and impossible to manage hair! It straightens it perfectly, and it leaves it so silky smooth I just can’t believe it. Plus, it’s all done in about half time it used to take me before.
  • Super happy and would recommend to everyone with crazy hair like mine…
  • My hair is pretty much stick straight, but with a lot of frizz. This hair iron helps me smooth it out, adds a beautiful shine to it, and even allows me to give it a little curl on the ends.
  • It does exactly what I need it to, and it does it perfectly. Very satisfied with this…
  • If there were a possibility of a 10-star grade, I would give it to this hair iron no questions asked! I have a perfectly straight, shiny and smooth hair for the first time ever! It heats up really quickly and gets pretty hot.
  • Not anywhere near my fingers though. The good thing is, it keeps the steady temperature throughout the process, so I don’t have that hot-less hot-quite cool-hotter-hot-less hot situations anymore. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Great product, and virtual 10 stars from this happy customer…;
  • I like how it glides through my hair. No pulling on it or tugging whatsoever. It’s a truly welcome feature considering how my past irons used to lay waste to my hair. It adds a gorgeous shine to it as well;
  • Once I do some curls with this iron, they last for a very long time. Same thing when I straighten my hair. It stays straight until the next wash. I like the display too. The info is easy to read, and it beeps once the iron is ready for business;
  • It’s a very high-quality product, especially for that kind of money. I didn’t expect much truth be told, but was pleasantly surprised once it started straightening my unruly hair. It works great, and it will keep doing so for a long time by the looks of it;
  • I’ve read tons of Remington hair straightener reviews, and this one stood out for me. It had it all, the price was just right and user reviews were more of a flurry of positive experiences. Now that I have it, I can say they were all true. Amazing product and tops it all off with some always welcome budget-friendliness; and
  • Very lightweight and heats up extremely quickly.

Some Negative Customer Experience of the Remington S9520 Flat Iron

  • The digital display is impossible to read if you hold at an acute angle to your eyes.
  • Did not work when I turned it on. Called the customer service, now am waiting for a replacement to arrive. They were quite forthcoming and pleasant though…..

The Remington S9520 is a budget quality best professional flat iron that will give you close to salon results than any other flat iron in its price range. It glides smoothly through your hair with its plates pearl coated and loaded with ceramic (15 times more) that will give excellent heating power than any other hair straightener. It has been designed with this pearl infused technology to improve performance and durability of the product. For anyone seeking quality results yet at an affordable price then the Remington S9520 should be noted.

Remington Diamond Ceramic Shine 1.5 inches Wide Flat Iron

The Remington diamond ceramic shine flat iron has wide plate 1.5 inch to make the styling of your hair much easier. It provides greater heat contact with the hair couple with the ceramic tourmaline plate technology. The result is more shine to your hair with near salon finish.



Product Features

  • 400 degree Fahrenheit high salon heat;
  • 30 seconds heat up time;
  • Automatic safety shut mechanism;
  • 30 variable heat setting;
  • 1.5 inch ceramic plates;
  • Detangling comb bonus provided; and
  • Tourmaline-ceramic technology.

The 400 degree heat moves through the 1.5 inch ceramic plates and cover your hair resulting in a smooth straight look. The product can be fully customized to one’s personal need by adjusting the temperature settings. Up to 30 variable heat settings are possible to meet every desirable personal need.

The Remington Diamond Ceramic comes with a 60 minutes automatic safety mechanism which permits the device to switch off after 60 minutes of idling. This safety option comes in handy especially for those who do their hair straightening on the go or others who simply forget the flat iron on the mains.

Only single voltage 120 V use is available. Thus may prove difficult to use abroad. A possible disadvantage to those international users who would like to get hold of this beauty. The manufacturer should consider an upgrade to dual voltage to take care of this concern.

How does it work?

The anti-static technology has the role of reducing the negative charged particles when you style your hair. This therefore diminishes frizz and flyaway while enhancing your styling control. The tourmaline ceramic combination of the plate offers diamond shine look to your hair.


Remington Wet 2 Straight 1″ Slim Plate Wet2Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron with Tourmaline

When your hair is long and thick, the process of straightening it can be very time consuming. Therefore, for someone who is very busy this can be very annoying to think of the time spent with a blow dryer.

A wet to dry flat iron is a good alternative because it is a huge time saver as it reduces the time to straighten your wet hair by half since you bypass the time of drying. But can it really be used on wet hair? This review will explore this aspect and why Remington wet to straight flat iron is the best option when it comes to straightening wet hair.



Remington Wet 2 Straight 1″ Slim Plate Wet2Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron with Tourmaline

Product Features

  • Ceramic Plates;
  • Steam Vents;
  • 420° Salon-Quality Heat;
  • 30 Adjustable Heat Settings;
  • Swivel Cord; and
  • Two year warranty.


A lot of people say it works. Here is what Remington the manufacturer has to say

“Steam hydration therapy protects your hair from over-drying during this process by keeping the right amount of moisture locked in, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and sleek. This not only saves you the time of having to blow-dry before straightening, but also is better for your hair.”

Blow out Vent

The Remington Wet 2 straight flat iron allows for blow out drying function as it contain vents throughout which permits the release of moisture. When in operation on a wet hair it produces a hissing sound which according to the manufacturer means the moisture from the wet hair is escaping through the vents. Be cautious to keep the steam vents away on the opposite side of your face each time you work through your hair. In addition do not place your hands on the steam vents to avoid possible burnt as they are too hot.

Temperature Control and Auto Shut-off Function

The iron straightener shut-off after an hour of not being used. This is some good news to every user as you do not need to worry if you remember shutting off the flat iron before leaving the house.

After selecting the desired temperature. It is locked by pressing the (-) button for about 2 seconds. The flat iron may need about 10 to15 seconds to reach its set temperature which is maintained throughout the straightening process. Therefore, with this heat setting mechanism your hair is not at any risk of burn as a result of the flat iron over-heating.

Ceramic Coated Plate

The plates of this flat iron straightener are ceramic coated which is different from a ceramic flat iron. The ceramic coats chip off after a while as the flat iron is used or not well looked after as some users handle it with less care. The chip off spots is more likely to rust and form hot spots. If there are hot spots on your flat iron you won’t have an even heat from it. In the end a less consistent straightened hair. To be realistic no one expects a budget professional flat iron to have ceramic iron plates. To keep your flat iron in good quality working condition and to extend its shelf life please follow strictly the manufacturer’s user guides on maintenance and care.

Customers Review  

A customer’s experience of the Remington Wet to straight Flat Iron on her wet hair and that of her mom’s.

Experience on Wet hair

The temperature was set at 220 degree Celsius. She passed a section of her hair through the flat iron after dry combing it with a towel. It did not straighten in one go. But after passing each section of her hair through the straightener 3-4 times she got the result below.


Before and after use of straightener on dry hair

  • The hair was still not dry or poker straight.
  • After running the flat iron straightener 2- 3 more times she got the final results above.

Mom’s Wet Hair

  • The temperature was set at 230 degree Celsius because of her very curly hair.
  • The hair got straightened but not at the end even after 4 to 5 times.


Before and after use of straightener on wet hair

If you are encouraged by the price and wish to benefit from the wet straight performance of this flat iron you can get it on amazon.


Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron

There is some risk in using hot flat iron to straighten ones hair as some damage may occur in the process, especially as some users do not really take the time to follow strict guides to temperature settings to the types of their hair. Many manufacturers take note of this and introduce technologies to their products that reduce this risk to its minimum.

The Remington S9950 Shine therapy hair straightener natural hair conditioners are used to improve the hair health by preventing damage to the hair cuticles and retain moisture.

The Remington Shine therapy is therefore the flat iron option for anyone with fine hair. This will give you healthy straightened shiny silky hair and the same time spares you the trouble of using expensive conditioners and serum to maintain your hair.


Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron


Product Features

  • The plates are incorporated with Avocado and Conditioners that prevent moisture;
  • Plates are made to last the shelf life of the product- 4 years;
  • Digital temperature display ;
  • Salon High Heat 430°F with 30 second heat up and Turbo Boost Mode;
  • Straighteners are single voltage. For international users a voltage converter is required; and
  • Auto shut off safety mechanism after 60 minutes without use.


Reasons to buy this product

  • Salon swivel cord which allows you easier maneuvering of the flat iron and also access to any mains socket;
  • The hinge lock makes storage of the flat iron after use easier and safer;
  • For those who plan to travel abroad with their flat iron or for international users this flat iron straightener is compatible with voltage converters;
  • The Remington Shiny Flat Iron therapy eliminates the need for hair conditioners or other serums since high quality Avocado serum and vitamin E are already incorporated into the flat iron. These lasting four years the shelf life of the product.
  • The Salon heat maximum temperature 430 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for most hair types.


Some Disadvantage of this product

  • The body of the flat iron gets hot; and
  • The maximum temperature may not be suitable for those with very curly or coarse hair.

This can be a great buy for those with normal hair or a bit coarse hair, since it will leave your hair shiny, silky and healthy. However for those with damaged hair the minimum temperature of this flat iron poses a problem, as it may not be suitable for this hair type despite the hair conditioners in the flat iron.

Therefore check your hair needs before opting for this flat iron.









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