Cargo Ship Travel: Everything You Need To Know to Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World

Would you enjoy crossing the ocean on a yacht, ferry, or cruise ship? If so, why not try something more unique—a voyage en cargo! Yes, you read that correctly; you don’t have to be a member or a stowaway of the ship’s crew to travel on a cargo ship. People who don’t want to travel by air–either due to phobia, specific travel needs, budget concerns, or environmental mindfulness–traveling by sea on a ship is a viable option. While some travel by cruise ship for luxury and leisure, many travelers find an equally carbon-saving but cheaper maritime journey: cargo travel.

Cargo shipping is a globalized industry, responsible for 90% of the transportation of goods worldwide. Each massive ship carries cargo, goods, and materials for hundreds of businesses worldwide and stops at several ports in different countries.

What Makes Travelling By Cargo Ship Such A Unique and Wonderful Experience?

Slow way of traveling – great for getting a feeling of how big the world is;
Allowing visiting ports and places that are not on the beaten track;
Experiencing life onboard – hanging out with the crew and officers, seeing the bridge and engine-room;
Encountering wildlife like dolphins, whales, and flying fish.
Resting and relaxing while the cargo is at sea and feeling the bustle of the ports when docked.

It’s not even necessary to sacrifice luxury when traveling on a cargo ship. A passenger cabin on a cargo cruise may not have the all luxurious facilities as in the one you’ll get on a cruise ship, but the usable space is comfortable and spacious enough, with a shower and private toilet, a desk and a view of the ocean. The ships have a sauna and swimming pool. Meals on board are great – and a bonus is that there are no limitations on how much luggage can be taken on board.

Spending Time on A Cargo Ship
Cargo ship travel is much, much slower. Unlike a regular cruise, your tour on a cargo ship will not include planned entertainment, such as live music or stage shows. On the positive side, you also do not need to deal with a vast crowd.

Many people who choose to go on a cargo cruise desire this slow and quiet way of traveling, allowing them lots of time to read, think, write, listen to music, or enjoy other hobbies that do not require an internet connection. The cargo ship will probably only have a satellite phone and no internet access. If it does have internet access, it will be restricted and only available on a shared computer.

The journey also offers invaluable insight into the life of cargo ship crew members. It goes without saying that the crew is there to work and not entertain, but they will be greeting, and you can enjoy conversations with them while you get your meals together. You may also disembark with the crew during shore excursions or port calls. The stop at every port can be 12 hours or longer, and you can utilize this time to get the supplies you need ashore. (remember that some ships do not allow alcohol onboard.)

Some captains may be friendly enough to welcome you to the bridge or show you the engine room and other working areas, allowing you to be a firsthand witness to how the different instruments work and how a cargo ship is run.

Cargo holidays give you memories for a lifetime, memories that should be shared and cherished.
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