Cold Therapy Benefits after Amputation

Cold therapy and physical therapy are very important to ensure that the prosthesis will fit correctly and will not be painful.  Physical therapists often offer cold therapy at this point in the rehabilitation process. Cold therapy is well-known for reducing pain, muscle spasms, edema and swelling.  Some conventional cold therapy methods must be used with great caution on amputated limb tissue. Conventional cold therapy treatments such as ice bags or bags of frozen peas, can actually cause serious infections or cold burns to already very sensitive tissues. They are also messy, wet, inconvenient, and pose a greater danger of infection to the wound site.  This makes it difficult for patients to stick with the therapy with over time.

Lower extremity amputations are the most common type of limb amputations. One of the reasons for this is that many amputations are the result of vascular diseases caused by diabetes, which often causes poor circulation and that necessitates a leg amputation.

For those undergoing a lower limb amputation, the patient has a good chance of returning to life nearly full functioning, because of the excellent leg prostheses that are available to patients.

After a period of time recovering, the amputee will be ready to be fitted for prosthesis.

The IsoComforter cold therapy system produces virtually no condensation, keeping the wound clean and dry.  The IsoComforter cold therapy systems uses ice water circulated through a sterile or non-sterile pad that wraps around the entire area.  This innovative and patented Iso-tube design is the most effective way to deliver cold therapy to the entire area and continuously circulate cold water for targeted therapy.  Studies have shown that patients using cold therapy systems are more likely to follow their rehabilitation regiment because of the ease and convenience that the cold therapy system provides.

Traditional ice packs only provide a “Static” form of cold therapy, meaning there is no flow or movement. The constant flow of cold water provides a more stable heat transfer to the area. Cold water moving rapidly over an area is less likely to injure you than ice sitting directly on the skin, causing burns. IsoComforter provides a dynamic or constant flow of cold therapy, allowing for better heat transfer.  The most efficient heat transfer happens between the greatest differences of temperatures and when you have a high rate of cold water flow over the injured area.  Dynamic cold therapy, such as the IsoComoforter cold therapy system, provides a more consistent therapeutic temperature, thus accelerating the healing process and reducing pain, swelling, and the need for pain control medications.

Adapting to a prosthesis is made easier when you use a cold therapy system that helps you better manage post-amputation pain and swelling.

The benefits of using a cold therapy machine is the length of time the machine can deliver cold therapy to the site.  IsoComforter’s cold therapy machine can circulate cold water around the incision site via our patented Iso Tube cold therapy pads for hours at a time.  This enables the patient to gain the proven pain-relief and healing benefits that only cold therapy machines can provide!

IsoComforter cold therapy is easy to use.   The IsoComforter CryoTech 100™ cold therapy unit is designed to avoid any operational confusion and handling. The integrated design of a self-priming pump allows the patient to add the appropriate ice and water in accordance to the instructions and just plug in the wall adapter to start the recirculation process. The Cryotech 100™ can be used above and below the wounded area without having to manually pump or prime using elevation. IsoComforter recognizes that patients are in some degree of discomfort and we strive to make the recovery process as comfortable and short as possible.

For years IsoComforter has proven itself in real-world conditions on patients that have reported exceptional outcomes when using our cold therapy product. For the ultimate in cold therapy treatment, trust IsoComforter. It’s easy to use and proven effective.


IsoComforter, Inc. manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art cold therapy machines nationwide for effective pain control after orthopedic injuries, knee replacement, shoulder pain, back surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and ACL knee surgery.








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