Five Questions to ask yourself before you Buy Fixtures from a Lighting Store

By William Shephard

The reasons to visit a lighting store could be many – you have invested in or just built yourself a brand new house, or you are in the process of remodeling your existing one. You have one more member added to your family, and you want to build a beautiful nursery for your newborn. Whatever your reason be, it is important to ask yourself a few questions before you visit a store that offers lighting solutions, and purchase one or more products. Five important ones are discussed below.

Can I buy from an online store or do I need to visit a brick and mortar one?

Almost everything that you need today is available online, and the scenario is no different with lighting products. Online light stores bring you a wide range of products and an assortment that maybe hard to find at an offline store. The catalogues, many a time, also include pictures of how different products look under different settings. If variety and comfort are your prime consideration, an online store is a better choice for you. However, if you like to buy products the old fashioned way – by touch and feel- you can opt to visit a physical store nearby.

Should I go with branded products?

Branded products give you the guarantee of quality. A fixture that is crafted by a local vendor maybe absolutely beautiful or even cheaper, but may not be as durable or well-performing as a branded one. Also brands that craft light fixtures have years of expertise manufacturing them that they are able to offer products that work under different settings. Additionally, light fixtures offered by brands are covered under limited or lifetime warranties, which makes it easier for you to get them repaired or replaced when they become defunct.

What kind of lighting products does my home need?

A lighting fixture purchase maybe limited to a product of a certain kind, for e.g., a chandelier, or it may include multiple others such as flush mounts, bath sconces, island lights, and so on. Though light stores offer varied types of lighting products under one roof, some of them may specialize in lighting products of a certain kind owing to popular demand or other reasons. In case you need fixtures of more than one kind, it is a good idea to check with the store on the kind of products that they offer to ensure that they will be able to offer you what you want.

Would light series be a good option?

At times, it is better to shop for lights in the series than in separates. This means that the different kinds of light fixtures that you buy, like pendants, sconces, wall mounts, floor lamps etc. revolve around the same design, or belong to specific families. This is especially helpful when you add lights to a new home or remodel an existent one completely. Choosing series lights add fluidity and uniformity to indoor and outdoor spaces. Check with your light store to see if they offer series lights, and buy all together, or else, it may be difficult for you to source matching light fixtures for the separates that you buy.

Do I need customized lights?

Your home can benefit from a custom made light fixture especially if it is crafted around a unique theme. This feature is also useful when you are very particular about your needs, and are not happy with ready to fit designs. Many light stores and brands today offer customization on their products. So before you buy, you can always check with them for the availability of this feature.


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