Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents in today’s market may not be doing so well because they don’t know the right tools to use. There are many different marketing tools for real estate agents to choose from. These tools are designed to make it easier for them to spread out their words about different types of property for sale. Doing this will generate faster results rather than leaving buyers to find the information themselves. This is a service oriented sort of business. It is those real estate agents that know how to utilize the right tools that can excel at it. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of marketing ideas that you can utilize in order to become a successful agent.

In order to get started, you have to take care of a few things. The basic thing that you need to recall is that your marketing campaign is your first impression. In addition to that, the marketing tools for real estate agents vary based on their set goal. They may use similar methods but customize the information they offer. For instance, they may use the newspaper and the internet all the time to list what they offer. However, they endeavor to review unique introductions to every property. With this method, readers won’t feel like they are reading the same advert over and over again.

Take a look at these great tools and tips that will get you headed to achieving success in the real estate world.

  1. 1.   Proper Planning

Having a plan should be your first priority. You should set aside time to think about the best strategy that will work for you. At this point, thinking about the market and what prospective buyers really want will move your plan one step closer to being a success. Once you get your idea set in your mind, you can proceed on to the next step!

  1. 2.   Market Research

Once you have properly mapped things out, you have to start researching the market. A professional real estate agent knows what the general market has to offer at all time. Before seeking out any client, you have to know what buyers want and need. Take an extensive look into the best homes and neighborhoods on the market. This is exactly what your buyers want to know about. Having these information is going to make you stand out among other real estate agents.

  1. 3.     Promotional Offer: Renovation

While getting your flyer ready, I propose that you add a coupon for a "free renovation worth $600" to your flyer. Buyers will find this interesting as it would give them the opportunity to revamp their existing house before selling it to the purchaser. The major benefit to this is that the renovation would increase the value of the house, so the seller can profit from the sale. In addition, the real estate agent will make more commission because the house will now sell for more since its value has been increased. If the seller refuses to renovate the house because he/she is in a hurry to sell the house, you can offer them a renovation for their new home.

  1. 4.   Home Stager

A professional Home Stager is one whose job is to observe critically your client’s home in a buyers’ perspective and make a powerful recommendation that catch the eyes of potential buyers. The service of a home stager allows a home to emerge from the crowd and that benefits both the real estate agent and the seller. It is a win-win situation.

Home Stagers also called real estate stagers tackle sensitive subjects like ugly décor, odor problems, and so on.

  1. 5.   Bitly

Gone are those days when you will develop a website and expect someone to just jump into your site. Bitly helps to shorten web address. All that is needed is to setup a bitly account, register, and input your real estate website then it will give you a coded, reduced link. After this, you can now get a new hyperlink to your web address that is unforgettable and suitable to the needs of your audience. Most people don't understand the huge benefits to shortening web addresses. If you want to keep track on your effort in real estate, Bitly enables you to do that. It is an important tool if you want to know if your efforts are progressing.


  1. 6.   Flyers and Business Cards

Passing out flyers and business cards may appear to be antiquated but they are still effective. They are great marketing tools all real estate agents must utilize. You can personally hand the out at community gatherings, however, to get a faster result you should find spots where you can them on counters for potential clients.



Any material used by a real estate agent must show and tell the benefits the potential customer will gain by dealing with you. As a real estate agent, it is your obligation to use every single effective real estate marketing tools you can lay your hands on so as to be more distinctive than other.

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