Review of Best Professional Flat Irons

By Samuel

Hair straighteners are the best styling tools used to straighten and style all types and length of hair. Flat iron, or in other words professional hair straighteners can help you improve on the beauty of your hair. When going in for the best hair straightener, it is first and foremost important to know the texture of your hair as this will guide you to make the right choice.

Best Professional Flat Irons.

Several flat irons or straighteners do exist in the market nowadays. But the question is, which onces are the best for your hair type? If you are aware of your hair type, you can then check the prices and determine which one to settle for. In our review of professional flat irons, drawing inspiration from other flat iron reviews, we will do a review of professional flat irons and brushes in order to get a pretty look for a smooth and silky hair. Professional flat irons are used in salons all over the world due to their high technology of balancing heat and the ability to control temperature which prevents hair damage. We will focus on 10 top best reviews for best professional flat irons made by some professionals.

  • BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron.


BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

It is made up with the nano titanium technology and produces a concentrated electromagnetic heat, which penetrates the hair from within for gentle straightening results without destroying your hair. Nano titanium is an excellent heat conductor, it stabilizes high temperatures and so it is one of the best hair straighteners as it straightens hair in a fast and efficient manner. The iron technology coupled with the benefits of pure titanium-plated plates, enables one to get smooth styled hair.


  • It effectively straightens all hair types (thick, curly and coarse);
  • Easily customized heat due to the availability of multiple heat settings;
  • The cord is 360 degree making it easy for you to use; and
  • It is rated 4.5 out of five stars by its users.


  • It is really expensive as compared to others;
  • Frequent use of hot tools can damage the hair; and
  • When using highest heat, optimum care is needed to avoid fingers and hair from being burnt.


  • RUSK Engineering Professional Flat Iron Straightener



 	RUSK Engineering Professional Flat Iron Straightener

Being a professional hair straightener, it has a grade of 1.25 inch and is made of ceramic material, and has other features like ryton housing. The combination of the ceramic and ryton housing as stated above produces crucial heat and unique performance. The ryton housing equally protects and prevents your hands from the high heat when in use. When using the CTC Professional Ceramic Str8 Iron, you are sure of a straight, smooth and shiny hair at the end. The titanium-infused Ceramic Iron, which is light weight makes use of CTC technology which ensures the even transfer of heat from the roots to the end. A smooth glide is gotten, while leaving your hair in an ideal state, with the help of the sol-gel technology. To get best results for styling your hair, it is best to position the iron as close to the roots and then slowly gliding the iron from roots to the ends.


  • With the ryton housing, it prevents hands from burns from the heat generated;
  • Ability to control heat protects hair from damage;
  • It is easy and efficient to straighten hair as it is fast;
  • With the sol-gel technology, the plate glide smoothly over hair and does not make hair to tangle; and
  • From other reviews of professional flat irons, this one has been rated 4.3 out of five stars by users.


  • Very expensive as compared to others;
  • No indicator light on it to alert you when it is up to temperature;
  • Really heavy as compared to others;
  • Control of side temperature may make it easy to accidentally change the settings; and
  • Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron.


Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Dealing with curly hair is the most challenging thing to do due to the fact that it is very difficult to straighten and is very prone to tangles. Solano Sleek professional flat iron is one of the best flat irons for curly hair as it will give you a solution within the shortest possible time. It has a four sided slanting ceramic plate which guarantees a smooth glide through your hair. From reviews of professional flat irons, it is stated that the far infrared heat helps dry the hair from inside out and as such one is able to have a healthier hair. The moisture of your hair can be improved by the ionic technology in the flat iron and at the same time, the technology minimizes static electricity which is a bonus. The presence of tourmaline adds shine, helps to smooth your hair and aids in the elimination of flyaway. Solano is resistant to heat, thereby making one to be comfortable and have more styling methods. It is suitable for all hair types but considered the best flat iron for curly hairs by professional flat irons reviews due to the fact that temperatures can be controlled considerably.  The fact that the temperature on this straightening iron ranges from 170-450 Degree Fahrenheit, makes it formidable for both thick and curly hair. The way the handle is designed with ergonomic non-slip material gives you a firm grip and helps protect fingers from hot hair. It has a rotating cord which allows styling at various angles to be done easily.


  • It effectively reduces curl; and
  • Properly designed with cool touch tips which prevent fingers and face from burn;
  • Very high quality for salon hair straightening as revealed by some professional flat iron reviews; and
  • It is rated 4.4 out of five stars by users.


  • The absence of an automatic shutoff can make usage difficult especially for first time users;
  • With over use, it can cause hair damage; and
  • a review of professional flat irons reports of a short shelf lifespan.


  • BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron
  • BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron

Reviews of professional flat iron states that professional hair stylists mostly go in for this type. The OnePass flat iron symbolizes a true innovation in the straightening iron technology. Your hair can be straightened in half the time compared to traditional irons due to the presence of the flat iron in the OnePass flat iron. The speed strips in the plates facilitates hair straightening and increases the shiny effect of the hair thereby making it one of the best hair straighteners. The OnePass bioceramic heaters, heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and produces amazing results of smooth hair from roots to ends. Some professional flat iron reviews state that this device produces natural negative ions with far infrared energy which breaks down water surface masses into small molecules with the help of gases emitted from the OnePass Iron plates. The gases penetrate right deep into the hair hydrating it and creating healthy shinny effect without any frizzes. OnePass Iron has nine-foot revolve cable and a multi-level heat controller which makes styling easy and specific to your hair type and thickness.  From other professional flat iron reviews, this is the best flat iron for curly hair after looking at its features. You can pass the iron only once and obtain a straight hair result. 


  • Ability to control temperature allows one to choose the heat level required;
  • The cord rotates nine-foot thereby flexible and never getting tangled;
  • It produces a more smooth result on the hair and less damage due the presence of ceramic silicon strips in the OnePass Iron; and
  • Reviews of professional flat iron proves that this flat iron is rated 4.4 out of 5.


  • The silicone strips can be inconveniencing to some people;
  • Absence of an auto shutoff which makes usage difficult;
  • Very expensive; and
  • Issues of short shelf life have been reported by some professional flat iron reviews.

5. CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron



CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Keratine Gold Ceramic flat iron comes in with delightful surprises as it is both a functional and pretty hair tool for lovely hair. It is all-in-one, versatile and has an ergonomic design which makes it pretty easy to use. CHI hair straightener heats right up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It is able to produce instant results of shinny and silky hair. It has the ability to heat up in 30 seconds and also has a cord that rotates, light fast and a functional rhinestone handle. Furthermore, it has a dual voltage capacity giving opportunities for those who are planning international trips to take this flat iron type with them without any stress. With the CHI flat iron, you can straighten, flip, curl and style very well. When using your flat iron at its highest heat level, it is good to use it alongside CHI 44 Iron guard protection spray which can give your hair the protective covering it deserves.


  • Easily affordable as compared to others;
  • Has a wonderful lively rose design;
  • Easy to use with the presence of safety shut-off; and
  • It is rated 3.9 out of five stars by users as indicated by professional flat iron reviews.


  • Does not really get hot as others do;
  • Not easy to use and can easily damage hair because of the absence of adjustable temperature features;
  • Though it has a swindle cord, it turns to tangle; and
  • It can be hard to hold due to a slippery surface.

6. Karmin Professional Hair Straightener



Karmin Professional Hair Straightener

From reviews of best professional flat irons, Karmin is at the top of the line of best hair straighteners with a G3 series. Karmin’s iron feature is 100% ceramic with floating plates. It has professional rating heat elements that gets hot faster and remains hot according to reviews. This professional hair straightener, has far infrared technologies and negative ion features which help produce silky, shiny and smooth hair. Having an adjustable temperature, from 210-460 degrees Fahrenheit, this flat iron is suitable for all type and textures of hair. Different hair styles can be experimented due to its adjustable settings which creates flexibility. Since this tool is flexible, it does not only straighten your hair, but the heat can be increased and the round edges of the Karmin used to create flips, curls and even coils. This professional hair straightener comes with a three-year warranty and it has an automatic shut-off making it easy to use and the best hair straightener.


  • Has an automatic shut-off after one hour making it easy for timing and using;
  • Hair can effectively be straightened because of an adjustable temperature setting; and
  • The ceramic plates are solid and deliver heat with no hot spots to your hair.
  • Other professional reviews of flat irons indicate this flat iron is rated 4.3 out of five stars by her users.


  • The temperature dial is difficult to read by users;
  • May not be very suitable for extremely thick and curly hair; and
  • It is extremely expensive.

7. Xtava Time to Shine Steam Straightener



Xtava Time to Shine Steam Straightener


The xtava Time to Shine Steam Flat Iron is designed with tourmaline plates and nano ceramic to especially straighten thick, rough or abrasive hair, without over drying the cavities. The presence of cold conditioning steam pervades dampness and shine back into your hair. Temperatures ranges between 350 degrees can be chosen for normal and delicate hairs and 450 degrees can be chosen for thick or rough hair for proper straightening. This flat iron is good as it allows you to activate and use steam on your hair. The far infrared technology available in the xtava Pro-satin Infrared Straightener protects your hair from drying too much. Review of professional flat irons rate this flat iron on top of others.


  • More affordable with astonishing prices as compared to others;
  • Has two temperature settings making it easy to use;
  • Most effective to straighten all types and textures of hairs; and
  • It has been rated by users at 4.9 out of five stars.


  • May become really hot enough for some users as review of professional flat irons shows; and
  • A few negative steam function issues have been reported.

8. HSI Professional Flat Iron


HSI Professional Flat Iron

Professional flat iron reviews rate this flat iron as the best seller. HSI professional flat iron is an excellent iron for transforming a dull hair into straight and silky hair. This flat iron does not only straighten hair but also curls and flip-flops hair easily and charmingly. It has an inch plate which is extra-easy to control and suitable for styling all types of hairs. Using HSI saves time as it has a feature of flash quick heating. Having a long rotating cord, this hair straightener is kept away from getting tangled up in the course of using it.  The grip which has been designed with ergonomically makes it easier to hold and have total control of styling, with the availability of versatile heat setting. There is moist heat while maintaining same temperature during styling with the availability of ceramic solid plates. This package is really good to go with because it comes with a heat resistant glove and an Argan oil hair treatment which protects your pinkies from burns. The Argan oil also tames and treats split ends of your hair. 


  • Has a dual voltage setting which is suitable for international travels;
  • There is a high heat option giving opportunities for those with thick and rough hair to find a solution to getting a smooth hair.
  • Reasonable pricing as compared to many others.
  • Has been rated 4.4 by users out of five stars.


  • Difficulty to manage heat setting during use due to the many controls inside the iron;
  • Absence of automatic shut-off making it difficult for one to use;
  • Hair may be damaged because of the availability of highest heat setting; and
  • Maintaining heat issues have been reported to be negative.

9. XARA Professional Flat Iron


XARA Professional Flat Iron

Xara’s flat iron is one of the best hair straighteners and most suitable to get charming hairs with its infrared and moisture loch technology features. Xara’s tech innovation uses infrared rays as a security device to send in moisture for healthy and longer lasting results on hairs. With an ionic ceramic, tourmaline infused plate which uses eight HeatBalance microsensors, the iron’s temperature can easily be regulated and heat evenly distributed. In this way, you can get smooth hair as it is protected from breakage while exposed to high heat. The plates too heat up in seconds and you will not have to waste much time adjusting heat settings between 250-450 degree Fahrenheit with the LED temperature control. In this way, you can personalize your hair straightening setting to suit your hair texture and type.


  • It is rated 4.8 out of five stars by users;
  • Affordable by all;
  • Has a dual voltage option making it easy and possible for international travels;
  • Most effective and best hair straightener without incurring burns and damages; and
  • There is the possibility of personalizing settings and as such, it works very fast because it stays hot.


  • Using HSI may not leave a positive result for shiny hair as expected;
  • It may require more than one pass to straighten hair effectively;
  • The availability of two inch plates makes it harder to straighten hair at the roots; and
  • It does not really straighten hair well as some others do as seen from other professional flat iron reviews.

10. Wazor Professional Flat Iron


Wazor Professional Flat Iron

Other reviews for best professional flat irons places this flat iron type to be the best bought flat iron on the market. The Wazor professional blow dryer has ceramic tourmaline coated plates which gives your hair additional protection when styled. It is highly affordable. The ceramic tourmaline coated plates technology allows the plates to produce a powerful quantity of negative ions which help to minimize rough hair and closes the hair cuticle leaving the hair smooth and shiny. With this iron, you are able to get faster styling with less damage done to the hair. It has a 3D floating plate which enhances smooth styling without dragging and ripping your hair. It is equally one-inch-wide and are narrow enough to style even your bangs. Wazor flat iron is easy to set and control its temperature since there is a LED display temperature in it. Temperature ranges between 284 degrees to 446 degree Fahrenheit. The straightener has an automatic shut-off system after every 30 minutes. It also has a long salon rotating cord which enables free tangle during use. To one who has a curly hair and wishes to mix up the styles between curly and straight hair you can use Wazor’s blow dryer which is made up of both a concentrator and a diffuser.


  • It has been rated by users at 4.3 out of five stars;
  • Less expensive so being a very budget friendly tool;
  • High and regulated heat permits one to efficiently straighten your hair; and
  • Easily control heat due to the presence of a digital readout.


  • Blades are shorter as compared to others making it difficult for you to use efficiently;
  • The variable temp control is not loved by everyone as reviews of professional flat irons lay it;
  • It has a thin power cord which can easily get tangled; and
  • Some issues on reliability have been reported in some professional flat iron reviews.

Reviews of best professional flat irons have shown that dealing with curly hair has been one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish due to the fact that is can easily get tangled. For this reason, some flat irons have been produced purposely for curly hairs. Lets get look at them now.

Best Flat Irons for Curly Hair

Apart from Bio ionic OnePass straightening iron and Solano Sleek Heat 450 Professional Flat Iron which have already been examined above, we have;

  • The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron

 The Remington 8001G Wet 2 Straight Wet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron


This flat iron can be used on wet hair thereby saving time for those with wet hair who had to dry them off before starting to straighten hair. With the presence of steam outlets on the plates of the iron, this professional flat iron can possibly release moisture into the entire hair. The steam heat dries the hair while conditioning it at the same time. It has far infrared energy which helps to prevent moisture from escaping and closes the cuticle after killing all bacteria. The device gets heat up just within 50 seconds due to the presence of ceramic plates and straightens even the curliest hair from its roots, making it the best hair straightener. This curling iron has marvelous heat temperatures of 450 degree Fahrenheit and can easily be adjusted using the buttons on the handle and displayed on a digital screen. The iron straightens that much because it has 26 heat settings. With a nine-foot rotating cord, it can be regarded as a good professional hair straightener which is ideal for changing styles easily.


From other reviews of professional flat irons, people do not really like to choose wet-to-dry styling devices, but if they do, it is the best of the best.  This flat iron is the best for curly hair as it has temperatures of 300-400 degree Fahrenheit and 26 different settings giving opportunity for its users to customize their settings. It has a temperature lock and the iron heats up in just 30 seconds with an automatic shut off after one hour, making it easy even for learners to use without having to damage their hair. The iron has some openings with which it is able to trap moisture and allow steam to escape as well, while smoothing your hair. 

  • Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron


Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

With a multiple heat setting which can be chosen digitally by either selecting “fine”, “Normal” or “Coarse” it is easy to know which temperature goes for what type of hair. You have the possibility of choosing either Fahrenheit or Celsius. There is a microchip found in this professional flat iron known as Iso Therm titanium plates which checks the temperature 50 times per second. With shutoff features ranging from 1-120 minutes, you have the possibility to personalize the auto shutoff. It is one of the professional hair straighteners and best flat iron sfor curly hair with its one and a quarter inch plates.

  • BaByliss Pro – Porcfelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron

Professional flat iron reviews considers this BaByliss as one which is really unique given its combination of commercial grade porcelain and 4 inch ceramic plates. This is not the case with other flat irons. Temperatures can be controlled up to 450 degree Fahrenheit when you need professional power. The straightener maintains heat constantly and evenly. With its straight forward controls, with lights indicating when it’s on and ready to use and the ability of switching between high and low temperatures, makes it easy for one to use conveniently.

In order to determine which of the best flat iron for curly hair to settle for, certain parameters must be taken into considerations viz;

Criteria choosing the best flat iron for curly hair.

1. Plate Size

Check the plate sizes to be sure you don’t go in for the once that are too large in size. 1 or 1 ¼ inch does the work best, except you have extremely long and thick hair.

  1. 2.  Plate Material & Technology

Flat irons made of ceramic materials are the best because it has the ability to distribute heat evenly in your hair. Go in too for plates with negative ions mixed with tourmaline for extra shinny and smooth results.

3. Temperature Settings & Features

For daily use, a lower temperature can be used while high heat can be used in extreme situations.

Some reviews on professional flat iron have shown that, at times one may find it very difficult to straighten curly hair just by using a flat iron. So most often to get the desired result, you may need to use a hair brush straightener. The hair brush straightener comes in to increase your success rate of achieving a smooth and straight hair. So a review on the hair brush straighteners will be done in order to assist you achieve the results which you desire. This is because there are several different types on the market today which may be confusing to its users. But with a review of professional flat irons and hair brush straightener, it will help you find the tool that will work best for you.

 Types of Hair Brush Straighteners

  •  InStyler STRAIGHT UP

To get a safe and long lasting smooth hair, the InStyler STRAIGHT UP Straightening hair brush is the best to use. The brush produces unified results and protects your hair because it has the ability of producing an even and consistent temperature and heats up only in about 30 seconds. You can smoothen about 16 portions of your hair just with one pass because of the presence in the brush of a 65 ceramic heated plate.


  • Can be used for all types of hairs;
  • Can automatically be shut-off thereby making usage easy and simple;
  • It has a maximum temperature of 450 degree Fahrenheit and reduces hair damage;
  • It has a 360 degree rotating cord which makes it easy for one to use and obtain smooth results;
  • There is a LED temperature display and one can easily control how she uses it;
  • It is rated 4 by users out of five stars; and
  • The brush has seven settings making it possible for one to personalize his stings depending on your hair type.

One can agree without contrary opinions with other InStyle STRAIGHT UP Hair Straighten Brush reviews that this is really the best hair brush straightener on the market now.


  • Can be expensive as compared to others;


FemJolie Flat Iron and Brush hair starightener

The FemJolie flat iron and brush hair straightener is made up of two features in one. Femjolie flat iron and brush is a hair straightener suitable for all hair types. It has a maximum temperature of 450 Degree Fahrenheit with adjustable settings making it easy for use without having to damage your hair. It has a LED temperature display and a rotating cord at 360 degrees. With voltage ranging from 110-220, it is good for international travels. It is rated 5 by user out of five stars.

  • Dafni Hair Brush Straightener

This hair brush straightener is made up of an original innovative patented technology which is ceramic in nature. In other words, it is known as the original ceramic hair brush straightener. It is able to heat up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few seconds. Its best for all types of hair and a professional hair straightener as it is easy for you to brush your dry hair gently from curl locks. It has a 3D ceramic surface which acts as an insulator scalp protector and can straighten hair in just three minutes therefore acting as a time saving device. It is disadvantageous in the sense that it is quite expensive and not 100 percent effective for super curly hairs. It is rated only at 3.5 out of 5 stars by users.

  •  Apalus 3 in 1 Hair Brush Straightener

The Apalus hair brush straightener is very suitable for all types of hair and makes your hair smooth and charming in just a few minutes. It has a maximum temperature of 450 degree Fahrenheit and it gives one the opportunity to customize your temperature especially given the three temperature settings thereby giving you control over the heat to use for your hair type. It is easy to go international with due to the fact that it has a dual voltage function. It also has a LED temperature display and a 12 month warranty. The straightener has an auto shut-off system which gives you protection when using it. It is rated 4 out of five stars by users. Apalus hair brush straightener is the well-known.

  • Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec

It is best for natural hair, easy to carry because it is cordless. Since it has an active Ion jet and natural bristle, it works well to smooth and produce amazing shining natural hair. Easy to use and prevent hair damage because of the automatic shut-off. Using this brush leaves awesome results.

  • Asavea

It is a good hair brush Straightener for curly hairs because it does not pull your hair out like others do. It is a second generation hair brush straightener with significant design improvement which accounts for better performance and safer for use on your hair. It has an integral design of ceramic teeth with no risk of falling tips. With its six temperature settings which go up to 265 degree Fahrenheit, it is easy to control the temperature thereby reducing the effects of hair damage. Other reviewers say that you can transform curly hairs into straight strands in just 20 minutes.

  • Sel Beauty.

It is considered the best hair straightener for thick hair types. The bristles of the brush are tough and concentrated and able to come out with amazing results. It has a maximum temperature of 450 degree Fahrenheit and with a LED temp display it is easy to use without having to damage your hair.

  • USpicy  

It has thinner bristles than other designs and will really penetrate each section of the hair and reach more strands at the same time. It is very easy to use and perfect for younger hair stylers. With its automatic shutoff, accidents can be prevented. It is best for all types of hairs and with its seven temperature settings you can customize your own setting. It also has a maximum temperature of 450 degree Fahrenheit and LED temp display, with which you can obtain good results of smooth and shining hair. 

  • Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush Review

This rotating hair brush straightener made up of titanium is similar to Revlon Perfect heat but for the fact that it is made up of ceramic material. This tool does not only have a cold multi-directional shut button but it also has three heat settings. It has two features in one: hair dryer and brush. It is a 2 inch brush with tangle free spikes. It has been graded as one of the best hair straighteners because it takes just some seconds to get heated and transforms your hair in just a matter of few passes, as such, there are lesser chances of damage on your hair. With diamond ceramic flippers, ionic curl control and 3 heat settings of temperatures which go up to 392 degree Fahrenheit, it is the best hair brush straightener as it applies to all types of hair.

  •  Revlon Perfect Heat Spin Brush

With this spin brush, one should be ready to get easy and fast results because has the features of a brush and dryer at the same time.  This professional hair straightener is excellent for styling your hair fast because of its powerful heating system. It is best for medium, thick, long and wavy hair. The brush rotates multi-directionally, has two temperatures and a cold button which allows for usage without damaging your hair. It is made up of both ceramic and tourmaline technology with tangle free bristles, thus produces amazing shiny and smooth hair results.

Not two brushes are the same, and laying hands on the best hair brush straightener is always difficult. There are some things to consider when looking for a hair brush straightener:

1. Nylon bristles: Choose the hair brush straightener with boar and nylon spikes, because it keeps hair smooth and soft without breaking the hair nor hurting your scalp. 

2. Moderated handle: You should be able to use your hair brush comfortably with little or no stress nor exerting much effort. You should be able to use the device all round your hair with ease.

3. It should have a tourmaline technology: To get a hair brush straightener which heats faster, it is advisable to go in for the brush with tourmaline plate properties. These irons produce more negative irons than others and help in neutralizing the effects of positive ions such as flyaway and curl. As a result, you have a smooth, straight, glittery, and tangle free hair.

4. Ceramic technology: ceramic plates just like tourmaline, releases negative ions which help to make your hair more sparkly and smoother. When combined with a hand dryer, it helps speed up the hair straightening effects.

5. Should consist of ball-tipped bristles: These ball-tips help in the prevention of tangles and breakage when drying your hair.

6. Also, the brush shape should be taken into consideration: A flat brush straightener is the most professional hair straightener for one with a short to medium hair length. A person who has long hair can go in for a roller brush.




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