Why Some Brilliant Students Are Not Always The Most Successful

By Samuel

It is the desire of every one not just to be brilliant but also to be successful in life. An intelligent person often falls prey of underutilizing his ability making him not to maximize his potentials in life. He has goals and ambitions that are hardly being fulfilled somehow. This might be due to the stereotype nature in which the society fits. Investigations prove that brilliant people are not always the most successful in their dreams. Reasons might have been that a brilliant person believes jobs will look for them, they don’t put their knowledge to action, and they minimize the opportunities that come their ways and always aims at starting life at a high pedestal and not ready to stoop low. They always have an unsatisfactory quest or desire for curiosity as they exploit and explore the world. Their focus is on excellence and they work at that with the ever sacrifice of whatever thing that will impede them from reaching or fulfilling a given task or target. As individuals, they desire to be smart always. A smart person has a sense of destiny and prevents things that will limit him. A good example of a smart man is Bill Gates who not being was brilliant academically, but was able to start the Microsoft company making him a top ranking personality with a great success story in the world. Life does not warrant us just to be brilliant but that we should be able to apply knowledge so as to become successful. This is one of the major challenges of brilliant students in that many struggle to become successful.

Success define

Many people consider success in life as gaining well paid jobs, buying latest cars, owing estates, getting married and having children, having affluence, power, popularity, position, etc. However merely having these possessions does not necessarily make a person successful. An intelligent person sees success as achieving of his or her goals, dreams and ambitions in life; where there is peace of mind and fulfillment or satisfaction in doing what he or she loves at all times. Success is relative implying it means different things to different people at different times. True success depends on the individuals. While people might conclude that someone has attained success in business, education, careers, the person in question might still have a view or ambition in which after attending, he or she will call it success. At this point, we can say success is the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame. A smart country will always invest on the most hardworking persons so as to reach their long-term and short-term economic goals. Such investment is the roadway of developing the citizens with great expectations of bringing success stories. A smart country often habours the most hardworking people.


How do we attain success?

The preoccupation of a smart country in that success should be achieved both at individual levels and national levels. The following points give a pathway to success at both individual and national levels:

Have a life-road map

To be intelligent entails you have a purpose for life. You should know where you are at the moment, where you are going to and where you want to be in future. A hardworking person will make life meaningful by constantly evaluating his or her progress in life. Even smart people in the world have challenges in reaching their maximum potential because of individual weaknesses. However they are conscious of their clearly stated goals and purpose for life and that becomes their life road map.

Consider who you share your dreams or vision to

The intelligent person will always associate with people that build their faith and confidence. These are people that will offer quality advice to advance their dreams.


A smart country will always inspire her citizens by offering awards to the most hardworking people. This is called extrinsic motivation. However, he is intrinsically motivated irrespective of who offers what. A brilliant person will always believe in attending his or her dream. The fact that others have not succeeded in such line of vision or goal or objective does not mean everyone in that line will fail. They might not succeed just because it was not just their dream or rather they acted under influence and so never had a burden for it.

Take action

A brilliant person develops ideas, plans and targets to attain at a given time frame. When you identify where your dreams are leading you to, study what it takes, take steps on meeting the right persons who will have a role to play, make the necessary sacrifices of time, financial and material resources. To be successful, you need to develop a craving for being the best.

Watch what you say

A smart person considers words as forces. How you think and speak can either tear down or build up ones dreams. Words paint a mind picture of destiny. Successful people speak positivity into their future and watch it come to pass as they get involve in it. A brilliant person will take criticisms from others as stepping stones and not as discouragement.

Have a Mentor or a Role Model

A smart person always looks up to others for guidance into their desired destiny. This is so because they are heading to where they have never been and with the belief that two heads are better than one. It is necessary to have a voice of encouragement that also acts as a comforter when challenges come.

 What are the likely strengths of brilliant students?

  • They are passionate, ambitious, orderly, focused, curious, etc.
  • They live the life of their imagination and so believe that what they dream they can achieve
  • They take captive of their environment, accept their circumstance and think positively about their future; their dream is their goal.
  • The intelligent person to take initiative, and is willing to learn.
  • They avoid procrastination and will want to be involved with whatever thing that they will get the necessary knowledge towards their dream.

 What is the weakness that makes brilliant students not successful?

Family constraints: A smart woman is limited in meeting her dreams due to stereotype ideas such as the view that they can’t become a great person in life and that their place is in the kitchen has been a controversial discourse point in most communities. Such a mindset breaks the desire to move to higher heights for brilliant individuals. Quite often, the loss of a family sponsor handicaps a smart student. She ends up doing mean jobs and her dreams never get fulfilled.

Political crisis: When a country starts experiencing political upheavals, individuals’ambitions come to a stand still making the future expectation unknown. These weaken the desire of brilliant students for attaining their goals.

Psychological or mental retardation: A brilliant student who at a certain point in their life becomes lazy or gets involved in drugs or crime may shatter their dreams. Even after rehabilitation, it takes time to regain the time and resources already lost.

Social status: The inability of students to reach their maximum potential or goal in life might be that they don’t have the necessary resources (material, human, financial) to take them to their destiny. They finally settle at mean positions or jobs just to make a living.

Few job opportunities Some people limit their success in life because they look at some jobs to be too mean and less pain based on what they know. They believe in themselves to be at the top which never really comes. They choose to wait for jobs to come and meet them rather than taking the initiatives to look for the jobs. At times since they believe that they know everything, they refuse to be flexible in learning hence a disqualification in their careers or jobs.

Not having a dream:  A brilliant person doesn’t have a dream about where there are going to and so gets stuck in destinies that where never meant for them. If only they had developed a roadmap for themselves, it would have saved the loss.


What can be done for brilliant students to be successful?

Enabling environment

A country will create an enabling environment for studies; that which builds hope and confidence in the citizens with the assurance that their dreams will be met. This means there is the general sense of peace which is void of wars such as intertribal wars, favouritism, discrimination, corruption and bribery.

Encourage creativity

A smart country encourages her citizens to be creative. Such creativity attracts foreign investors who in turn bring economic development. This can be done through the awards of scholarships to the most hardworking persons. To make the brilliant ones successful, motivate them, cause them to believe in their dreams and help them by providing the necessary resources that will help them grow.

Provision of Health Care Services

This is a very essential service that a country prioritizes. As often said, health is wealth. The education of the entire community; be it in schools, local groupings (e.g. “njangi” houses) and nongovernmental organizations will increase knowledge on hygiene and sanitation. This improves the practice of good health and eventually leads to long life. This gives no room or excuse for any person in the world to die without meeting their dreams. Therefore all citizens are encouraged to practise basic hygiene as it creates a comfortable environment for better achievements.

Characteristics of a smart country

In a smart country, hardworking persons are given equal opportunities irrespective of background, ethnicity, tribe, colour, etc. A smart country is one with a high level of technological innovation and globalization. It has clearly stated and feasible goals such that they orientate every sector of that country to work at achieving particular goals. It is a country that invests in the human resources by opening schools, organizing training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences that will improve on the quality of man power. With this, there is bound to be high productivity in desired sectors of the government such as educational institutions, industries and even non-governmental organizations.

Brilliant students are not the most successful not because they can’t be, but because of some challenges that limits their ability to succeed such as poverty, the loss of a sponsor, lack of an enabling environment, lack of creativity, few jobs opportunities etc. It is the desire of every brilliant person in a community to effectively and efficiently apply knowledge in the daily affairs of life as well as seize every opportunity to impact the world in their own little ways. Everyone is destined to succeed, but it is how you use your resources (material, financial, time) that determines the outcomes.

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