Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in Delhi NCR

Brain hemorrhage is type of stroke, this condition of brain is caused by bursting and rupturing of arteries in our brain, which can cause bleeding in our brain which kills our brain cells, and putting pressure around our brain skull.

According to best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR brain hemorrhage is life-threatening emergency, he further stated that in most of the cases high-blood pressure, and hyper tension is the actual cause behind the occurrence of brain hemorrhage. The uncontrolled bleeding from in our brain is usually caused by weakening of arteries due to excessive blood pressure, when arteries can no longer-stand with the amount of pressure.

For the brain hemorrhage treatment in Delhi NCR always consult with interventional radiology expert.

Types of Brain Hemorrhage

There are three main type of intracranial hemorrhage (brain hemorrhage)

  • Epidural Hemorrhage: this kind of hemorrhage is also known as epidural hematoma, which is commonly associated with bleeding caused by traumatic accidental head injury. In this condition blood gets collected with inner surface of skull and outer layer of dural membrane.
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: SAH occurs when there is bleeding in the area and tissues that cover our brain. Immediate treatment Is needed in case of SAH as late treatment can lead to coma or fatal conditions.
  • Subdural Hemorrhage: in this kind of hemorrhage blood gets collected in the surface area of our brain, usually this condition happen in car accidents, or in people who are alcohol addict.

To know what kind of brain hemorrhage you have, you need to consult with best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR

Interventional Radiology Treatment of Brain Hemorrhage in Delhi

Best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR provides the best, safest and less complicated method of treatment for brain hemorrhage. Before suggesting the treatment they will first diagnose the condition based on current symptoms and medical history of patient. As brain hemorrhage in most of the cases is resulted by brain aneurysms or brain AVMS, best interventional radiologist in Gurgaon provides treatment focusing on aneurysm.

For the treatment interventional radiologist will first catheter is inserted in arteries with the help of imaging techniques like X-Ray, once the catheter is inserted then coil is inserted to block the ruptured aneurysm, which can stop the further bleeding . Unlike traditional surgery this method of surgery is focused on preserving as many healthy tissues as they can, some other benefits of interventional radiology treatments are listed below:

  • This surgery doesn’t take much time, mostly it takes maximum of 3-4 hours to perform interventional surgery
  • Less chances of infection due to few and smaller incisions
  • Mostly safe and reliable treatment
  • Less complications and faster recovery.


Prevention from Brain Hemorrhage

Dr. Arvind Nanda from Paras Hospitals Gurgaon always suggest looking for prevention instead of cure, according to him one can prevent fatal diseases like stroke with the help of little life-style and dietary changes. If you feel like that you are at risk of brain hemorrhage stroke than you can consult with him via




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