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Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Monitors: Company Overview

The Summer Infant company history can be traced back to 1985 when William Lockett III wanted a safe method of monitoring his infant daughter Summer in USA. He noticed that she would become calm as he bounced her in his arms. His inspiration was then driven by his experience to get a baby monitor that could speak to her even from a distance. This led to the invention of the original Bouncy Seat. In the years following the introduction of the Bouncy Seat, Summer Infant baby monitor saw spectacular growth as the company racked up approx. $10 million in annual sales during the middle of the preceding decade, but sales decreased to approx. $1 million by the end of 2001.

Summer Infant was bought by Jason Macari in 2003, and with his experience in the industry along with his MBA and a mechanical engineering degree, began developing patented products for Summer Infant. He also improved the company’s bottom line by shifting manufacturing to China. Over the years, summer Infant has grown into a leading designer and marketer of health, safety and wellness products for toddlers and infants, totaling $250 million in sales. Summer Infant products including summer baby monitor or summer video baby monitors can be found at Amazon, Home Depot, Babies R Us, and Target, with company divisions now in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Safety Precaution: Summer Infant Company with all other baby monitor manufacturers laid emphases on the importance of keeping all cameras and cords at least three feet away from baby’s crib. This is not only to prevent strangulation and electrocution by the cord, but a distance of 1 meter or three feet optimizes the camera’s picture quality. Note that all Summer video monitor systems are capable of supporting up to four cameras simultaneously.

Summer Infant offers numerous baby monitors which can be broadly divided into four categories:


1. Summer Infant Internet Wireless Baby Monitor 

This Company has five products listed in this category. They comprised of the following: Connect Internet Baby Camera Set, Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System, Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System, Link Baby WiFi Internet Viewing Camera and Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System.

The common and unifying quality among all the products in this category is the internet capability. Other features they share in common include hardware, wall mounting kits, security clips for securing the power cord to furniture or walls and AC adapter cords. The products with monitors, have a 3.7V rechargeable lithium/ion. Some standard features on Summer infant video baby monitors include a kick stand recharge base, a 3.5 inch color touch screen, remote brightness, a belt clip for portability, a video on/off button and motion tracking and volume controls.

The camera features include:

  • infrared LEDs for night vision
  • a multi-directional/multi-positional microphone that is capable of filtering out ambient noise and focuses on baby’s voice
  • two-way Talk back communication
  • five-level sound lights
  • temperature sensor
  • internet status lights
  • split screen
  • the taking of video or snapshots of babies to be stored on a smartphone or tablet
  • pan/scan/multi-level zoom
  • Multi camera system: capable of adding up to four cameras simultaneously

Both the Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System and the Connect Internet Baby Camera Set consist of a gateway for internet connectivity. Summer baby monitor supports multi-platform computer architecture for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad with Wi-Fi apps available from iTunes and Google Play.

Continue reading to find more Summer Infant Video Monitor details.


2. Summer Infant Video Monitor

Summer Infant baby monitors in this category include:

  • The Summer Infant Slim & Secure Plus Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Best View Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Complete Coverage Plus Digital Color Video Monitor Set
  • The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Safe Sight Digital Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Monitor Set
  • The Summer Infant Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Monitor Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Complete Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor Set
  • The Summer Infant Day & Night Digital Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Best View Choice Digital Color Video Monitor Set
  • The Summer Infant Monitor Sure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor
  • The Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor Set
  • The Summer Infant Slim & Secure 2 Digital Color Video Monitor


Summer Infant Monitor - Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor

Video Baby Monitor 

You may have observed some redundancy between the names of some of these Summer video monitors. The difference between most of these Summer baby monitors lies mostly in their hardware, and design. While some like the Slim & Secure 2 Digital Color Video Monitor has two monitor’s screen capability, some have one while others have two with touch screen capability.

A brief glance shows that all these Summer Infant baby monitor models are virtually identical. Some few differences include a temperature sensor (Baby Touch Boost) and a nightlight on the camera. The verbiage in the Summer infant baby monitor manuals may be slightly different, but all other functions are unchanged.

As one readily discerns, Summer monitors come with a chain of models with a high correlation of similarities. The ability to choose depends on the parent’s preference for a baby monitor and their home situation.


Summer Infant Touch Screen Color Video

Video Baby Monitor 

The Summer Infant touch screen digital color video baby monitor like most Summer video monitors has a  3.5" high resolution touch screen color LCD video monitor. This allows parents to have the controls right at their fingertips to remotely talk to baby, pan, scan, zoom, and more. Sound activated LED lights indicate the noise level coming from baby's nursery and the included camera features automatic black and white night vision enabling parents to clearly see baby in low-light and darkened rooms. The monitor comes with a built-in belt-clip, rechargeable battery, and kickstand for added convenience and portability, with an up to 600 feet range. 


Continue reading to find more Summer baby monitors details.


3. Summer Infant Audio Monitor

In contrast to the large selection of Summer video monitors, there are only four Summer Infant audio monitors:

  • Summer Infant Monitor Slim & Clear Digital Audio Monitor
  • Summer Infant Monitor Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor
  • Summer Infant Monitor Slim & Clear Dual Receiver Digital Audio Monitor
  • Summer Infant Monitor Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor

General Features:

  • sound lights
  • sensitive mic
  • out of range indicator
  • low battery indicator
  • belt clip

The Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor has these additional elements:

  • two-way communication — talkback
  • night light
  • temperature monitoring and
  • adjustable volume


Summer Infant Monitor Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System

Video Baby Monitor 

The Peek Plus Internet Monitor System offers flexibility while still being able to rely on your Internet network on a mobile device. The Peek Plus connects directly to your home wireless network for instant access. It’s easy to install and begin viewing the stream on the hand held monitor or via a dedicated Internet browser and/or complementary smartphone Android, iOS, or Blackberry app. The secure Internet page of your baby's video stream gives family and friends the ability to look in on your baby as well.

Continue reading to find more Summer baby monitors details.


What is a Baby Video Monitor?

A baby video monitor is a device that sends video (live image stream) and sound over a one-way frequency to a receiver. The distance the video and sound is projected varies between different models. Most video baby monitors are built to work within a distance of about 150 feet. With the transmitter generally stationed in the baby’s room, and plugged in no more than 10 feet away from the crib, a signal is routed to the monitor (usually an LCD screen device such as smartphone, or a laptop). The receiver is usually portable and carried around by the parent throughout the house and outside on the porch or in the yard.


Advanced Summer Infant Baby Monitor Features

The latest and greatest models combine all three (audio, video/audio and movement) types of baby monitors into one product with the addition of a host of advanced features including amenities as two-way “talkback” between baby and caregiver, infrared night vision, a selection of lullabies, and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras. Other highly sought features include environmental monitors such as a temperature (thermometer) and humidity (hygrometer) sensor, multi-camera transmission to monitor(s) with split-screen capability and VOX (voice activation with adjustable sensitivity) to automatically turn on the monitor when it goes into standby.


Types of Baby Video Monitors
There are essentially 3 kinds of baby video monitoring products with just two of them being easy options for baby monitoring. 


Dedicated Video Baby Monitors: This baby video monitor type is by far the most common option. Its working is similar to that of a walkie-talkie with the camera base unit stationed in baby's room and the parent unit which is mobile can be placed in the parent's bedroom. The monitor allows parents to watch and/or listen to the baby while they are apart. While these versions are all slightly different in the services they offer, the basic principles are the same. That is, the camera record baby’s activities and parents can see the baby on the parent unit to determine level of need. Many versions of this type of monitor usually offer 2 way talking, sound activation, multiple cameras, zoom in and camera pan and tilt from the parent unit capabilities. The parent unit is only compactible to use with its corresponding camera and cannot be used for any other kind of activity. This is the reason it is considered a "dedicated" video baby monitor. 


Wi-Fi Video Monitors: This type of baby video monitor integrates the camera base unit stationed in baby's room and a parent’s unit that have internet capabilities. The parent unit maybe a compatible device, used as the parent unit, such as a smart phone, a laptop or computer.

These baby monitors come with a camera that utilizes an internet website or an app where parents are allowed to login and create an account for setup. This monitor is complex and has a higher chance of failure given the different variables that could stop working. It is dependent on an internet connection, separate device for monitoring and possible Wi-Fi use, there is an increased chance of technical difficulties or errors not associated with the dedicated monitors.

This monitor type also has a huge benefit. It allows parents to observe their babies from anywhere with an internet connection. Being able to monitor or view little ones from work can be very satisfying for parents. In addition, some baby monitor models offer the ability to share with friends and family. This may be very rewarding and exciting for long distance grandparents to feel involved or close. Given the increase in improved technology, cheaper pricing, and wider connection, the range of Wi-Fi monitors is far greater than that of other monitors . 

Wired Monitors: This kind of monitor is really more akin to a surveillance system than a true "baby monitor" product and are therefore limited in use. The monitor requires hardwiring of the camera and video monitor device in your house. This might require a professional installation that comes with more cost. Although it will still do the job of allowing you to monitor your baby, it really is more than you need for monitoring the baby's well-being. Thus, this is mainly used for surveillance systems for businesses where security is a concern and surveillance a priority to eliminate or reduce illegal activities.


How Does a Baby Monitor Work?

A baby monitor generally consists of two major components; a baby unit (transmitter in the child’s nursery or bedroom) and a parent unit (receiver for the parent or caregiver). Depending upon the type of monitor, i.e. audio only, video/audio, movement or a combination of all three, the baby’s unit receives sound (with its microphone) and image (with its camera) and sends them to the parent unit. The parent unit has an LCD video display monitor (for video baby monitors) and/or speaker. Some advanced monitors have a two way talk baby capability which allow parents to talk back to their babies and comfort them. They can also be divided according to their mode of operation in to Analog and Digital baby monitors.


Analog Baby Monitors

The first monitor, the “Radio Nurse,” was produced in 1937, but it was only after fifty years that the first baby monitors was invented. In the 1980s baby monitors utilized analog technology to transmit radio waves, in the same way as an FM radio. However, it was noticed that the signal could be degraded by “cordless” telephones using the same radio frequency for data transmission. Moreover, other nearby baby monitors and even police scanners could capture the signal, raising concerns about security and privacy. Newer generation analog monitors search multiple frequencies to find an open band for cleaner transmission between receiver and scanner. While more recent analog monitors reduce signal interference found in older models, any device tuned into the same frequency can suspiciously monitor the transmission.


Digital Baby Monitors

Today, most baby monitors use digital technology to transmit information. Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), used by modern cell phones, encrypts the signal so that only the transmitter and receiver are able to recognize and decrypts the data sequence. These features do not only minimize static “scratchiness” and interference commonly found in analog monitors, but also help secure the signal from capture by unauthorized observers.


Smartphone and Wi-Fi Apps for Video Baby Monitors

Why the world is going online, baby monitors are not left out. Modern video baby monitor including Summer baby monitors consist of wireless Wi-Fi and smartphone apps that allow a parent to observe baby from anywhere provided there is internet access. These features also include capabilities to store images in the cloud, memory card and/or a computer hard drive for posterity’s sake.

Note that a smartphone app eliminates the need for a dedicated receiver (any LCD device compatible with the internet can be used as the monitor). With the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, parents away from home can chat with their baby sitter or children. Parents should remember that monitors like cell phones and other internet devices are susceptible to the same communication outages (security problem).


Remember Baby’s Safety

Parents should look for wireless cameras since the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has documented the strangulation of infants and toddlers by baby monitor cords. Baby monitors are notorious energy hogs; many models deplete battery power after only a few hours of use. Also worthy to note is that the actual signal range may vary, usually due to differences in wall materials and thickness.


Best Selling Brands

Choosing a particular model that’s best suited for parents’ needs can be problematic as there are a vast number of monitors available. You can visit Amazon or eBay for the most popular products at the best price. Some of the most popular, top rated, best-selling and frequently review baby monitors include, the Infant Optics, Motorola, Summer Infant, Levana, Foscam, Angelcare, Snuza and VTech. These are also listed in our top 10 best-selling baby monitors. Look for customer reviews and product specifications to find what’s best for you and your baby.


Who needs a Summer Infant Baby Monitor?

The Summer infant baby monitors are mainly for parents…

  • That might want multiple video units and cameras.
  • That wants a highly-adjustable monitor.
  • That wants a night-vision video monitor that works well even in pitch blackness.
  • That needs the best video baby monitor on the market.
  • Who work far off from home


Why Purchase a Summer Infant Monitor?

Summer infant monitors conveniently provide assurance to parents and caregivers about the well-being and safety of their infants and children. The Summer monitors latest technology offers unsurpassed flexibility and mobility in keeping parents connected to their children, regardless of distance. Monitors give baby an extra level of security while providingh parents more leisure time. Most caregivers find them to be indispensable tools for their busy and demanding lifestyles.


Summer Infant Video Monitor Connect Internet Camera System

Video Baby Monitor

About the product

  • Free Internet APP for smartphones, laptops and tablets to view baby from anywhere
  • Automatic infrared black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • 400-foot range


Product description

The Summer monitor, Connect Internet Camera System allows parents to view their baby through the internet, on laptops, smartphones, and tablets on a Summer Infant internet viewable website. They provide a secure way to connect with baby from anywhere and at anytime, but it is not intended to replace traditional monitors for continuous or overnight monitoring. Also available is a separate in-home handheld monitor for traditional monitoring while the APP may be used to “peek” in on baby. This Summer monitor is ideal for busy parents, or out of town grandparents for peace of mind. They come with an easy to set-up, plug and play system and a camera that is so simple to be set up. All you need is to register your product on the summer infant internet viewable website, with your own private username and password. You can share access with family and friends. It also has a free Android and iOS App for smartphones.


Product information

Technical Details

  • Weight – 5 pound
  • Dimensions - 11.9 x 11.2 x 5 inches
  • Battery life - 6 hours 


Summer Video Monitor, Connect Plus Internet Monitor System

Video Baby Monitor

About the product

  • 2.5-inch high resolution portable color LCD handheld video monitor
  • Internet APP for smartphones, tablets and laptops to view baby from anywhere
  • Automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • 400-foot range

Product description

The Summer Infant video monitor, Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System allows parents to monitor baby anytime, and from anywhere. The 2.5-inch color video handheld monitor can be used for continuous in-home and overnight monitoring, with a 400-feet range. Secure viewing is enabled on tablets, laptops, and smartphones through the internet. This monitor is ideal for working, and out of town grandparents. Download the FREE APP for smartphones and tablets or use the secure internet viewable website for Laptops and computers. A unique password and username, encrypted video and an easy plug & play system creates the connection to your home Wi-Fi wireless network, provides a private and secure connection to view your baby.


Product information

  • Technical Details
  • Weight - 2 pounds
  • Dimension - 12.2 x 9.9 x 4.6 inches
  • Battery - 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
  • Additional product features - Automatic black and white infrared night vision, and internet APP for smartphones
  • Power source type - Rechargeable battery
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Standing screen display size - 2.5 inches
  • Display type – LCD 


Summer Infant Baby Link Wi-Fi Internet Viewing Camera, Wireless Wi-Fi Link Series

Video Baby Monitor

About the product

Advanced technology: it uses smartphones, tablets and laptops viewing capabilities via free summer link Wi-Fi Android and iOS App for Android and Apple devices. It has an expandable system, capable of adding up to 4 extra cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms.

Remote Control: Pan, scan, zoom camera allows you to keep a mobile baby in view. Two way talk back communication allows parents to talk to babies. Monitor room temperature sensor, with option for Fahrenheit or Celsius reading incomplete sentence. Allow share viewing access to friends and family

Wi-Fi camera: Automatically connects to home wireless network for remote viewing. Infrared LEDs allow for dim and overnight monitoring and an internet status light indicate connectivity status.

App features: Record a Privacy mode control/restrict access for out of home viewing; snapshot pictures stored on mobile device; Video stored on mobile device; Split screen view 1-4 rooms on same screen when camera is added to the system

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Product description

The Baby wireless Wi-Fi Link camera automatically connects to a home wireless network, enabling parents to view in the home and away from home on computers, smartphones, and tablets through a free viewing iOS and Android App for Apple and Android devices.


Product information

Technical Details

  • Item Weight - 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions - 10 x 8.7 x 4.5 inches
  • Additional product features - WiFi, App enabled, Night vision, multi-camera compatible
  • Power source type - Rechargeable battery
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Display type - varies by smart device size


Summer Infant Monitor- Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor Internet Viewing with Thermometer 

 Video Baby Monitor














Summer Infant Video Monitor - In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor 

Video Baby Monitor

About the product

  • 5" inch color LCD video display screen and automatic infrared black and white night vision
  • Digital zoom for closer views, power-saving one-touch video on/off, Sound activated LED lights, and out of range and low battery indicators
  • 100% digital technology to enhance security and privacy, with an up to 600-feet range
  • Swivel camera design allows for optimal positioning, wall-mounting or tabletop
  • Expandable system: adds up to 4 cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms with video and audio scan between rooms

Convenience Features:

  • Sound Activated LED Lights
  • Out of Range and Indicators.
  • Brightness Controls and Adjustable Volume.
  • Automatic Power Save Mode
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Kick Stand/Belt Clip
  • Table Top or Wall Mountable Camera
  • Includes Security Clips and Wall Anchor
  • 600-Foot Range
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Private and Secure


Summer monitors use 100% digital technology, which enables a secure and private connection to the baby, providing parents with peace of mind.

5-inch Portable Color LCD Flatscreen

In View Digital Color Video Monitor

The large 5-inch color LCD flat-screen handheld monitor unit provides parents with an optimal view of baby on the screen. In addition, the sound activated LED lights indicate the noise level coming from the baby’s nursery. The included automatic infrared black and white night vision, allow parents to clearly see baby in a dark room.


Product description

This Summer Infant video monitor is a digital Color Video Monitor Large 5" flat-screen color LCD video monitor with digital zoom and rechargeable batteries for handheld portability. It’s an enhanced digital technology ensures a private and secure connection

Features: A 5"flat screen with color LCD video display and automatic infrared black and white night vision. It’s a 100% digital technology for security and privacy, with a range up to 600-feet Digital zoom for closer views on the screen. It also features a low battery and out of range indicators, power-saving one-touch video on/off, a sound activated LED light, and Swivel camera design which allows for optimal positioning on baby, for tabletop or wall-mounting. Adjustable volume and brightness controls Expandable system, capable of adding up to 4 cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms with video and audio scan between rooms.


Product information

Technical Details

  • Item Weight - 2 pounds
  • Batteries - 1 Lithium ion battery required. (included)
  • Material Type & Composition - Lead Free
  • Additional product features - black and white infrared night vision and sound activated LED lights
  • Style – System
  • Power source type - Rechargeable battery
  • Battery life - 6 hours
  • Standing screen display size - 5 inches
  • Display type - LCD


Features of the Best Video Baby Monitors

While video quality is an obvious necessity to any good baby video monitor, it isn’t the only vital metric. Generally speaking, you won’t find yourself watching your monitor all the time and more often, you’ll either keep the monitor in the corner while reading, watching TV or be listening in bed, or cleaning.  The best video baby monitor has the following features in common.

Range of signal 

Some video baby monitors have longer range than others. If for example you live in a big house with multiple rooms, range will be a key factor for you to consider. Anyone who lives in a single-story house or a smaller apartment may not need as much range. On the other hand, most baby video monitors have an alert that signals when you get out of range. Remember that range varies widely from home to home and the wall construction between you and the baby being monitored also limit the range.

Longer Battery Life

The best video baby monitors come with longer than 8 minutes battery life for standalone monitors. Most stand alone monitors have two features in common.

The VOX, which mutes the ambient sounds in a room, activate the speaker (and often the video) only when significant sound is recognized.

The LED sound meter is the second feature. This is an excellent, but rare feature to keep constant tabs on a baby while muting a monitor and turning the video off.


Most baby monitors operate on a 2.4GHz frequency band as household products such as cordless phones, microwaves, and wireless speakers. You may experience interference and static when the monitor is on and operating on the same frequency as a number of other products. The easy turn around is to get a monitor which operates on a different frequency like 1.9GHz. 1.9GHz is the Federal Communications Commission frequency set aside for audio-only applications. It's known as the Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT).


Problems Associated with Video Baby Monitors

The radio frequency used to transmit sound from the baby to the caregiver is the same frequency used in cordless telephones and other transmissions that can come from police and emergency signals. More expensive models are built with higher frequency abilities that can eliminate outside interference. Baby monitors used by neighbors also can provide interference in listening to a child in one household. Monitors that come with a scrambler can minimize and remove any outside interference. For it to function, the baby monitors must be turned on at both ends. Less expensive baby monitors that run on batteries may leave parents under a false impression that they are secured in their ability to hear when the baby wakes up.


Key Benefits of Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment that new parents can own. The convenience, security, peace of mind and privacy that monitors provide is unparalleled by any other modern electronic and parenting tool. The basic audio monitors are great but lack the additional information and advanced functionality that comes with video monitors.

See if the Child is Standing or Lying

Being able to determine the posture of your child at any given instance is very important. If your baby is awake and unable to sleep, for example, you will probably want to go and check up on the baby, and put him to sleep.

Sleep training generally requires that the baby has some opportunity to self-soothe before a parent intervenes, and the visual information video baby monitor is crucial for parents trying to make that determination. This technique helps parents sleep train their babies, but with an audio monitor, you won’t be able to tell if the baby is standing or lying down.
While the baby may be awake, if he is still lying down, there is a greater chance that they will be able to easily fall back to sleep. However, if they are sitting or standing, you may want to go check up on them and put them to sleep.

Save your Sleep Time

More information assures parents when and when not to enter the baby’s room which also helps parents gain time to sleep. All parents can agree that sleep is an invaluable commodity and every minute counts. Most parents with babies will agree that sleep becomes an invaluable commodity, and a baby video monitor allows you to sleep peacefully.

Most of the times, your sleep is interrupted as you have to check up on your baby. Although it is natural for babies to wake up at night, most of the time, they just go right back to sleep.

A video monitor will help you avoid these false alarms and get more sleep. However, many minutes of sleep a video monitor helps parents to save are well worth the investment.

Accurate Sleep Tracking

Sometimes restless youngsters turn and toss without crying. Thus an audio monitor may or may not pick up the sound of a baby turning or rolling and it may be difficult to differentiate between these sounds and other background sounds. The video monitor gives you the exact behavior of the child, whenever he is crying or not. This is an essential sleep tracking feature which helps to determine exactly how much sleep a child is really getting. This is something you can never achieve with an audio monitor which can never differentiate when the baby is awake and not crying and when he is asleep.

Babies aged 1 - 3 three years should on average sleep for twelve to fourteen hours (or even more in some cases) every day. Video baby monitors provide parents with accurate sleep tracking so that they can estimate their baby's total sleep time.

Some modern video baby monitors also possess a motion sensor that will alert you when the baby moves, even if the movement is silent.


Cloud Services and Sharing

Higher-end baby video monitors connect to a user's home internet network to transmit the feed through a wireless Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi modem typically network with external cloud services that give users the capability to log in and view the feed via any internet connection, anywhere on the globe. In conjunction with convenient smartphone technology, parents are able to easily check on their sleeping child from work, when out for dinner, or out of town.

Parents can also have the ability to share their private online streaming account log-in information with other friends and family if they want. 


The biggest advantage of having a video baby monitor is the security and privacy of your baby, both outside and inside the crib. Babies usually pull up to standing position, then fall and bump their heads. With a baby video monitor you may be able to either prevent these little injuries or at least be aware of them as they are the most common causes of crying. Bigger children usually get out of bed at night to which a video monitor alerts parents.

A baby video monitor is also a perfect “nanny cam", for parents to ensure that their kids are getting the level of care they desire. And of course, baby video monitors are just as effective as security cameraswhen positioned with this benefit in mind.

Monitor Your Baby’s Health

Having a 24/7 surveillance of your baby will help you monitor their health more efficiently. This is particularly useful for parents who don’t stay-at-home. At the end of the day, they can review the monitor, watch the baby's actions throughout the day and look for any of health issue or signs of trouble.

Connect to Multiple Cameras
If you are someone who take care of multiple babies, having a video baby monitoring device that is connected to many cameras at a time can be very useful. This is especially important if the babies are in separate rooms.



Summer Infant is the leading brand of baby monitors. Their range of Audio, Video, and Internet Baby Monitors allows you to select the perfect solution for your lifestyle and your home. Summer monitors offer all sorts of features, to help you find the monitor that best meets your needs.

The Summer Infant video monitors deliver reasonable quality with fine customer service at an affordable price.  They have smartphone capability and are very pricey as many other video baby monitors. They offer good privacy and secure connection between baby units and parent units. Summer monitors, in particular the Summer infant video monitors, provide a reasonable compromise between price, reliability, number of features offered and security and are appropriate for bed-bound senior citizens, babies, and other household surveillance needs. Summer infant monitor has many more satisfied than disgruntled customers. The company backs its products with a strong, responsive customer service and warranty. This is great as one can feel comfortable with purchasing and using Summer infant baby monitors.


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