The Best bed sheets or Bedding Sets

Bed SheetWhen we talk of making a bed, we mostly referred to the type, color and design of the bed sheet. A bed sheet can simply be defined as the top mattress clothing, we lay on our bed to cover the mattress and make it comfortable to lie on. While the bed and mattress play a great role of the quality of sleep we get, the bed sheet plays a greater role.

The Best bed sheets come with one or two pillow cases, one of two sheets with or without a cover. There are many fabrics from which bed sheets are made. Many of which are made from cotton of different quality and dye to obtain the multitude of colors we have in the market.

To most people, all they do is sleep on a bed sheet, but when it comes to getting a new bed sheet set or bedding sets, the seemingly limitless amount of quality, design and color choices may become overwhelming at worst, or at the very least, confusing. The Best bed sheets packaging may include terms like "jersey", "thread count" or "percale," or each of these terms gives you information about the fabric the sheets are made of, and understanding them will actually help you make more informed bedding selections.

Best bed sheets– Types

Bed sheets come in both fitted and flat styles. The difference of these two most comes from their edges. While the corners of the fitted sheets are sewn into pocket-like corners and usually have elastic-lined edges to grip the mattress and keep the sheet in place while you sleep on them at night, the flat sheets will lie flat. These sheets are mainly intended for use as a sleeping surface, but the flat sheets may at times be used as a covering or with the edges tucked under the mattress for a sleeping surface.

Best bed sheets– Sizes

Bed sheet comes in many different sizes. These sizes are based mainly on standard mattress sizes. Standard full or double sheets are 81 by 96 inches for flat and 54 by 76 inches for fitted. Twin sheets are 66 by 96 inches for a flat sheet and 39 by 76 inches on the flat part of the fitted sheet, with a variety of depths in pocket size. King flat sheets are 108 by 102 inches, while their fitted counterparts are 78 by 80 inches. Queen sheets are 91 by 102 and 60 by 80 inches for flat and fitted, respectively. Additional sizes are available for less standard bed sizes such as extra-long twin and California king.

Best bed sheets– Fabric

Bed sheets are made from a variety of materials, including silk and satin however, cotton is considered the top textile for sheets owing to its breathability. Of all the cottons available, Consumer Reports recommends combed, Egyptian and Pima cotton for their strength, softness and durability. Supima cotton, a superior grade of Pima cotton, also falls within this recommendation. Search for materials that are 100% cotton, rather than cotton blends. Terms such as percale and sateen refer to the type of weave used to produce the materials.

While bed sheets may be made from a series of different materials, cotton and cotton/polyester weaves are often among the most popular for bed sheets. Bed sheet sets or bedding sets from flannel fabric are thought to keep you warmer in winter, while jersey knit sheets are made from material similar to T-shirts and may be rayon, cotton, linen or a blend of materials. The smooth and luxurious feel sheets are made from satin which are available in a variety of colors. While the most expensive of these are still made from satin, a silk product, most commercial satin sheets is a blend of silk and man-made fabrics such as polyester and nylon acetate. Satin sheets tend to feel cooler to the touch than other sheets, as well as smooth, as such they may be good for warm weather. However, their lack of air circulation may lead to sweating. These satin sheets have a slick texture and slightly shiny look.


Best bed sheets– Thread Count

The term thread count is used to refer to the measures of the number of threads that run in each direction of the weave per inch of the fabric while percale refers to a closely woven fabric, and a sheet's. The more threads per inch (thread count), the tighter the weave and the smoother the resulting fabric. A standard economy sheets is made of 180 percales, while luxury sheets may be up to 1000 percale.

When it comes to bed sheet thread counts, doesn't always mean better. While luxury sheets range up to 1,200 thread count, 400 counts are the ideal number. According to Consumer Reports textile expert Pat Slaven, fabric looms cannot accommodate more than 400 threads, so thinner threads twisted together are used to achieve higher counts. Rather than using thread count as a buying guide, focus on the type of textile and weave to determine the best bed sheets for you.


Best bed sheets– Other Considerations

Bed sheets made from 100 % cotton allow the most air circulation (breathability) and are therefore thought to be the most comfortable in a variety of temperatures. Flannel, jersey knit, and woven (percale) sheets may all be made from 100 percent cotton. Egyptian and Pima cotton may be more comfortable than other types due to being a higher quality.


How to Choose the Best bed sheets

Buying a bed sheet may be a huge investment for many and making the best choice for your money may be the most difficult aspect of your buy. While many may not be aware of the different quality and fabric, the few who do often enjoy the return from their spending. We create this article to help you obtain the best from your buy.

You will require the following for this process:

Measurement of the width, length and depth of your mattress

Choose the right size: Nothing can be so frustrating than getting a smaller sheet than your mattress. Thus, you will need to know both the depth of the mattress (measured in inches) and the bed type (queen, king, twin, full,).  The depth is sometimes listed on the bed sheet packaging, as the "pocket". Choose a depth or pocket size that is closest to the depth of your mattress.

Choosing a sheet color: Darker colored bed sheets will show fading from washing easier than lighter colored ones. Lighter colored bed sheets will show stains easier than darker colored ones. If you choose a pattern, make sure you can buy the same pattern in the future if the bed sheets need to be replaced or get damaged. Ensure the color of the bed sheets go well with the comforter and the bedroom.

Choose the fabric quality: You will need to be able to identify the thread count, which is the most common measure of quality bed sheets. A thread count in the 300 – 400 range or higher are considered among the Best bed sheets. Higher thread count sheets may be better but difficult to differentiate. Quality can also come from the specific type of fabric, for instance the Egyptian cotton sheets are made from longer and thinner cotton fibers.

Choose the fabric type: Bed sheets are made from a variety of fabric types. Choose a fabric that appeals to you personally. You may want to visit a bedding store to feel and test the fabrics in person. While trying to choose your fabric, bear in mind the following as concerning bed sheets:

  • Rayon sheets feel better to the touch than cotton
  • Polyester or cotton/poly blends tend to feel uncomfortable in high humidity.

Compare prices online: Once you know the mattress type, depth and quality of the bed sheets you want to purchase, visit the many online stores and compare prices. Once you get the best price, you can either buy the sheets online or ask the bedding store to match the price.


The Best Consumer Cotton Bed Sheets

The bed sheets are made from a variety of fibers, such as synthetics, linen, cotton, silk or blends of more than one fabric. Cotton sheets or cotton blend sheets are popular due to their ease of cleaning and breathable fibers. Cotton sheets are rated with respect to the thread count. The higher the thread count, the more breathable and softer the sheet is.


Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are widely popular and generally the standard in high-quality bedding. They are durable, soft and do not produce much lint. The thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets start around 300 and can go up to 1500. Popular brands include Andiamo, Camden Collection, and Luxury Manor. These cotton sheets can be bought from most home goods stores or online.


Pima and Supima Sheets

Pima cotton is a high quality, long strand cotton similar to Egyptian while the Supima is made from the longest Pima strands. The longer cotton strand usually resulted in the soft bed sheet. Thread counts for Pima and Supima generally range from 200 to 800. Popular brands include Calvin Klein, Wamsutta and Palais Royale. Their cost generally varies based on thread count.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Certified organic product usually has a US Government approved 3rd party certification to ensure authenticity. Some are of the opinion that chemicals used in regular cotton production can seep into the body through the pores. Certified organic cotton is a sure-fire way to avoid that. Some of the popular organic cotton sheets are made by Coyuchi, West Elm, and White Lotus Home. Organic cotton is also popular for children’s bedding.


How to Wash Bed Sheets

There are so many different kinds of bed sheets including cotton, flannel, and satin. Of couse, these different fabric required a different ways by wish they should be washed. This article will help you know how most bed sheets should be washed. Not only that, it will also answer a few questions you may have about how often to wash them.


How Often to Wash a Bed Sheets

We recommend washing your sheet once a week. On average, a person spends up to 56 hours per week in bed, and during that time, you are shedding sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils. Also dust mites and allergens are also absorbed into your sheets during that time. Thus, it’s a good hygiene habit to keep it clean and to regularly change it.


How to Wash Bed Sheets

While you can manually wash your bed sheets, machine washing may be a better way to do so. One of the benefits of machine washing is that you are able to set washing conditions, such as the temperature of the water with respect to the fabric.

Below are the steps to follow to clean your bed sheets:

Step 1: Look for any stains on your bed sheets and pre-treat it with a mild stain remover.

Step 2: Set the water temperature to warm or hot from your washing machine. Warm water will help kill allergens. We recommend you to check the care instructions on your bed sheets before deciding to give it a warm wash. This is because; some bed sheets may require cold water for washing. While warm water is the most popular recommended washing condition in most cases, bed sheets that are soiled will need to be washed with hot water.

Step 3: Start your machine, and add a laundry pod or laundry detergent.

Step 4: Add your sheets in the washing machine. Be sure not to wrap sheets around the washing machine's agitator so your sheets don't get stretched. Stretching may break the threads of your sheets. Gently place the flat sheet on one side and your fitted sheet on the other side of the washing machine's agitator. Pillow cases can be placed in between the sheets.

Step 5: Drying – dry according to your sheet's care label. Drying your bed sheets on high heat can cause wrinkling and breakage of threads. Try drying your sheets on the "low heat" setting instead. Check sheets during the drying period to avoid tangling. In order to prevent wrinkling and tangling, use wool dryer balls in the dryer to help fluff them and move them around.


Best bed sheets: Types of Bed Sheets

At one point or another in life, we all have to buy a set of bed sheets. The attempt down the bedroom linen aisle can be rather confusing and frustrating. Buying a bed sheet set or bedding sets should rather be a relatively straightforward process. Knowing the different bed sheet varieties is the key to a successful purchase.

Cotton bed sheets: While most sheets are made from a cotton material, there are still a variety of choices to make when choosing a cotton sheet set. Egyptian and Supima remain the two softest cottons used to make bed sheets. The sheets also come in a cotton/polyester blend, though these sheets tend to be less comfortable. This is due to the fact that poly-cotton tends to pill easier, absorb less moisture, and is less breathable.

Thread count and weave: When it comes to choosing a sheet set, the thread count and weave are important. For thread count, the rule of thumb is the higher the thread count the better. Thread counts between 200 and 400 generally produces a soft, breathable weave, 500 and above would be softer, silkier and more durable luxury sheet.

The weave should also be looked at along with thread count and cotton type. Satin is a popular weave for sheets. It is extremely soft and smooth, however, they tends not to be very durable. Standard weave is by far more durable than sateen, though it doesn't look or feel as smooth and soft. Pinpoint sheets fall in between the standard weave and sateen. It is softer than standard, and more durable than sateen.

Bed Sheet

Flannel bed sheets: Flannel bed sheets are also popular buys during the winter months and in cooler climates. Buying these bed sheets may seem straightforward, though there are a few things to look out for. Flannel bed sheets are not measured by thread count, instead there are measured by weight per square yard. Quality flannel sheets should weigh about 4 oz. per square yard or more. As a general rule of thumb, the more weight per square yard the better. Higher weight flannel sheets will be less likely to pill and will be softer, but also come at an increase price tag.

Jersey bed sheets: Jersey bed sheets are a more recent addition to the linens department. However, they have raised to the top in popularity and demand. Jersey bed sheets are also known as T-shirt sheets because they look and feel like a cotton shirt. These sheets are made of knit cotton, which gives them a good stretch, thus they fit tight and nice. They are a nice choice for people that want a sheet that is not as cold and crisp as regular cottons, but not quite as warm as flannel. They are also unlikely to pill, and extremely durable.

Satin sheets: Satin sheets are generally very luxurious. But the problem comes when you make the wrong choice. The wrong satin sheets can be more uncomfortable than the cheapest set of poly-cotton sheets. The most important thing to look at when buying satin sheets is whether the fabric is knitting or woven. Knit satin sheets may look shiny and smooth but, won't be smooth and soft to sleep on. Woven satin sheets are better for comfort.


The Best Bed Sheets for Summer Months

During the summer or the hot period of the year, our almost desire is coolness. You can actually achieve some degree of coolness from certain types of bed sheets. The right sheets can improve your summer slumber, however, the best kind are the sheets that suit your preferences for fabric type and are budget friendly to ease of laundering and eco-considerate manufacturing.

Active or athletic wear helps keep you cool during warm weather, as do sheets made from the same or similar materials, with an advanced design that help wicks moisture away from your skin for restful slumber. Some traditional sheets are made to trap body heat, which make them ideal for winter "hibernation". Silky, breathable fabric transfers warmth better than traditional sheets, thus they are preferred for summer snoozing or siestas.

The higher thread count sheets are the dense and heavier, but also the softer. Lower thread count sheets may rough on delicate skin. Ideally, choose sheets in the 350 - 500 thread-count range for a crisp, breathable cotton blend that is easy to clean and improved comfort on all four seasons. Their coolness coupled with their typically lower price as compared to their high-count counterparts makes these sheets the best summer solution.

Some natural-fiber sheets, including those made from hemp, bamboo or linen help to regulate body temperature and allow you to sleep well even when the temperatures are high. Breathable, absorbent natural fabrics are better than satin, synthetic or tightly woven silk sheets, which usually act as insulators. Quality natural sheets help keep your body cool. Not only that, they also support "earth-buddy" manufacturers.

Colors can also affect how you feel. Sleeping under snowy-white, watery-green or ice-blue sheets, for instance, initiates restfulness that is cooling and soothing, in contrast to slipping between a blazing-sun-orange or fiery-red set. If you have sensitive skin, opt for naturally dyed sheets, which are able to reduce or eliminate sensitivity, lowering body temperature and, ultimately, increasing sleep comfort. Avoid chemical dyes, which on the other hand may trigger prickly heat reaction (heat-rash allergy), especially when combined with heat, friction and humidity.


What Makes Bed Sheets Silky Smooth?

Sleeping on silky smooth bed sheets is one of the best ways to get a good night's rest. Many people assume that higher thread counts mean softer sheets. While this may be true, it’s certainly not the most important factor. Knowing the best types of cotton, weave and fibers for silky smooth sheets will help you select the most luxurious sheets for your bed.

Cotton Quality

The cotton quality used for your sheet influences how smooth and soft the fabric is. Cottons that have been cleaned of any impurities and the shorter, rougher fibers have been removed are of the highest quality and known as combed cotton. Only the finest, longest fibers remain, giving it a silky feel. A 100% cotton sheets will have a softer feel over polyester or cotton-polyester blends. To minimize wrinkles, however, remove the sheets from the dryer promptly once dry or while it’s still damp and lay on the bed.


Good cotton sateen woven fabric has a very soft silky smooth feel and the lustrous sheen characteristic. The weave is created with four stitches over and one stitch under and having most of the smooth threads on the surface. Weave sheets are extremely soft, may easily snag and are not as durable compare with sheets made with a standard one over and one under weave.

Fiber Length

The Best bed sheets are made of long fibers which give a silky smooth feel. The fiber ends provide the rough texture, thus when the fibers are longer there are fewer ends, resulting in soft sheets. Pima cotton, Supima cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets all have the luxury feeling long fibers creating each thread. Of these, however, the Egyptian cotton is made of the longest fibers.


Even some of the highest quality sheets are finished with different mechanical and chemical processes to reduce or minimize shrinkage and wrinkles, and help the fabric keep its shape and retain dyes. After a few washes in warm water and low-heat drying, many of the chemicals are released, resulting in a softer sheet.

Thread Count

The thread count is an important factor in determining the softness and the strength of bed sheets. Thread count is a measured of the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric. Thus increasing the thread count of sateen provides a denser weave, and minimizing the chances of snags occurring. Bed sheets with a thread count of 400 or more is typical of high quality. When combined with a sateen weave, long fibers and 100% combed cotton, the resulting sheets are very durable soft, and smooth sheet.


How to Grade Bed Sheets

Finding the perfect bed sheet sets or bedding sets might be a never-ending quest, especially for partners who have different tastes. The first step to buying a bed sheet is by looking at the various varieties before going into a store for shopping a sheet set. There are an incredible number of options varying from fabric, design, styles to thread counts in the market to choose from. You will spend a third of your day lying on these sheets, so pamper yourself. Spending some extra bucks will go a long way toward your happiness and comfort.

Go to the website of your favorite bedding stores and see what bed sheet sets or bedding sets, styles they have. You must determine whether you want flannel, cotton or silk sheets. Sometimes it is best to have different fabrics for different seasons. Flannel can be good during the winter season, but not for summer nights.

Choose the fabric style and design that is most appealing to you.

Compare samples within each fabric style. Bearing in mind that cotton sheets are graded by thread count, and the high thread count sheets are softer and more comfortable and also come at a higher price and a shorter lifespan.


Best Bed Sheets – Buying Guide

Without knowing what to look for, buying sheet can seem like a guessing game. Fabrics are usually not displayed for customers to feel and many homemakers are not aware of what the terms on the package mean. We have taken this time to explain what you should be looking at when trying to buy a set of bed sheet for your family.


Determine thread count: This indicates the number of threads per square inch of material. Sheets with lower than 200 thread counts are called "percale." Those having counts between 200 and 400 are associated with softer fabric and greater durability. Lower thread counts may not wear as well and are usually be less expensive.

Choose materials. All-cotton sheets become softer with repeated use and washings. 100% cotton is the softest material available for bed sheets, but it is prone to wrinkles. A blend of cotton/polyester will have degree softness and also be wrinkle-free. The more cotton proportion in the cotton/polyester blend, the softer the sheets will be. Blends with less than 50% polyester have the best feel.

Choose the weave.
Sateen sheets, which are shiny due to most of the threads are on the surface, have less durable weave even if they have a high thread count. Pinpoint on the other hand has only twice the number of threads on the surface as underneath, and are highly durable, but lacking in softness.

Look for cotton fiber types.

Egyptian cotton, imported from Egypt is known for its softness, and longer than average 1 3/8 inch fibers. The longer means softer thread. Pima is 1.5 inch average length cotton that is bred for strong fibers from Egyptian plants in the Southern United States. The fabrics that are made exclusively of U.S. grown Pima cotton bear the certification mark of the growers' association, Supima. Short fiber foreign cotton may be imported from out of US, either from Greece, India or other countries.

Read the fine print.

Check to make sure that if "Egyptian Cotton" shows up in large letters on the front of the package that it doesn't make up only a tiny fraction of actual materials. Remember that the higher price does not always mean better quality, and cheaper products are not always bargains.

Always endeavor to wash sheets before use in order to improve softness. Designs and colors are all determining factors when it comes to buying sheets.


What Are the Longest Lasting Type of Bed Sheets?

We spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed. Thus, we need comfortable bed sheets that breathe in the summer yet keep you warm during winter. The top quality sheet sets are expensive, especially if you have to get a couple of them. To lessen the expense, buy the long-lasting sheets.


Base Material of the Fabric

The base material of the fabric has a strong impact on longevity and comfort. Some varieties of cotton fibers are more durable, longer and stronger than others. For example, Egyptian cotton has the longest and strongest fibers. American growers have produced a similar variety named Pima, which is derived from Egyptian cotton. Bed sheets made from 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton last longer and never pill as compared to other varieties. Also, 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets are more durable than those blended with rayon or polyester.

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of fibers per square inch of fabric. The longest-lasting sheets have a high thread count as there consist of more fabric per square inch.

Fabric Construction

Knitted and woven are the two methods used to make sheets. Woven sheets are the longest lasting. Standard weave is one thread under, one thread over and is the strongest within the woven group. Some manufacturers also weave four threads over, one thread under. Also, the initial feel of sateen is as soft as the more expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, but the weaker weave will not last as long as bed sheets constructed with a standard weave.


The manner in which you care (how frequent you wash them) for your bed sheets affects their overall lifespan. Wash them once a week on the gentle cycle using mild detergent and line dry. Remove them from the dryer while still damp, as clothes dryers may pull fibers from the material.

After you purchased your preferred sheets, maintain their integrity by gently laundering them. Always check the instruction for the best washing guide. Wash sheets in warm or cool water and dry them on a low-heat setting. The primary factors that contribute to pilling is heat, avoid high temperatures around sheet even during ironing. Washing sheets in hot water or drying them on a high heat setting compromises the fibers and promotes pilling.


How to Select the Best Bed Sheets Fabric

When it comes to selecting which sheets are right for you, almost everything comes down to texture, appearance, weight, and value.

Before trying to make your choice of fabric for your sheets, you may want to answer the following questions: 

  • Are you looking for a texture that's crisp, silky, or simply soft?
  • Are you looking for lightweight sheets, or heavier, breathable, or warm sheets?
  • Would you like your sheets to look lustrous, billowy, or fit on the bed?
  • What level of quality are you looking for or more important to you? (longevity or value)
  • What about thread count?
  • What special features do you want?
  • Do you prefer enjoy ironing sheets, or easy care sheets?

Cotton Percale Sheets

  • There are of Light to medium in weight and slightly lighter than sateen
  • It’s the perfect ‘go-to’ sheet with a familiar soft feel
  • Have Cool, and crisp texture
  • A soft appearance without a sheen, but still an elegant drape
  • Able to absorbs moisture and evaporates it into the surrounding without feeling damp
  • Machine washable, and 30% stronger when wet, thus it can withstand many washes and high temperatures
  • It stay great year-round, for warm and cool sleepers



Cotton Sateen Sheets

  • Are Light to medium in weight
  • Lustrous in looks with a slight sheen on the bed
  • Very soft and silky texture
  • Machine washable, and 30% stronger when wet, thus it can withstand many washes and high temperatures
  • Able to absorbs moisture and evaporates it into the surrounding without feeling damp
  • It stay great year-round, for warm and cool sleepers


Cotton Batiste Sheets

  • Very lightweight
  • Soft, sheer, and breathable
  • A soft appearance without a sheen, but still an elegant drape
  • Able to absorbs moisture and evaporates it into the surrounding without feeling damp
  • Machine washable and low heat ironing. Tumble dry low, remove and fold the sheets promptly when dry.
  • Durable, despite its light weight
  • Ideal for warm climates or warm sleepers



  • Lightweight
  • Are the smoothest texture sheets of all the categories
  • Sheets are extremely luminescent with a sensual drape
  • Machine washable cold separately. Delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.
  • Hypoallergenic and naturally moisture wicking
  • The gentlest on hair and skin
  • Capable to adjusts to your body temperature during summer and winter


Outlast Temperature Regulating Sheets

  • Are lightweight
  • Breathable, smooth and soft to the touch
  • Has a soft appearance without a sheen, but an elegant drape
  • It made up of 50% combed cotton,and 50% highest rated Outlast technology fiber blend. Capable of transporting excess warmth away from your body. Thus, preventing perspiration and bringing your sleeping temperature within a comfortable range
  • Are machine washable cold separately. Delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.
  • Ideal for warm climates or warm sleepers


Linen Sheets

  • Are of medium weight
  • Wrinkles easily, with an inherent luster
  • A sturdy fabric, but softens after every wash
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and naturally moisture wicking
  • Able to adjusts to your body temperature, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • One of the most durable fabrics, never stretches, pills, or loses its shape


Cotton Voile Sheets

  • Are the lightest weight
  • Breathable and Soft
  • Machine washable warm. Tumble dry permanent press.
  • Are translucent  
  • Most breathable sheets
  • Very durable, despite its light weight
  • Ideal for warm climates or warm sleepers


Cotton Jersey Sheets

  • Are light to medium in weight
  • Machine washable with like colors
  • Soft in appearance without a sheen, but still an elegant drape
  • Breathable, smooth and soft to the touch
  • May absorbs moisture and evaporates it into the surrounding without feeling damp
  • Become more comfortable and softer with wear and washing.
  • They feel cool even at high temperatures and cozy in the winter


Cotton Seersucker Sheets

  • Are lightweight
  • Machine washable warm. Tumble dry on low heat, remove and fold the sheets promptly when dry.
  • Breathable, soft, and textured
  • Puckering ease heat dissipation and air circulation
  • Unique, "puckered" appearance with variegated stripes
  • Absorbs and evaporates moisture into the surrounding without feeling damp
  • Durable, despite its light weight
  • Ideal for warm climates or warm sleepers


Cotton Flannel Sheets

  • Are the heaviest weight of all the categories
  • Relaxed, casual look and drape
  • Warmest sheets, the “brushed” or napped fabric traps in extra warmth
  • Ideal for cool climates or cool sleepers



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