Homelan Secretary Napolitano to Step Down

Janet Napolitano, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security by president Obama since the beginning of the administration, announced Friday that she retired to become president of the University of California. Ms. Napolitano, a former Arizona Governor, oversaw the handling of the business administration of terrorism of the cru, natural disasters and immigration, one of the largest portfolios of any person in the cabinet. Ms. Napolitano has had his eye on becoming the next attorney general, but with this movement is itself takes the political arena of Washington. "The opportunity to work with the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, serving on the front lines of our country's efforts to protect our communities and the families of the danger, has been the highlight of my career", Ms. Napolitano said in a statement. "We worked together to minimize the threats of all kinds for the American public.". President Obama issued a statement praising "his outstanding work" and his friendship. "" Janet portfolio has included some of the challenges the most difficult faced by our country ' ", he said." "She has worked tirelessly to respond to natural disasters, the Joplin tornado to Hurricane Sandy, help Americans to recover and to rebuild." She helped to "make our fairer immigration system", at - he added, and "the American people are more secure thanks to the leadership of Janet". Ms. Napolitano expressed particular satisfaction at the improvement of the safety of passengers, the setting of the immigration system to make it "fairer and more targeted", while protecting the borders, in collaboration with the States to improve the response to disasters and partnership with private companies strengthen cybersecurity. Ms. Napolitano has been one of the favourite Mr Obama cabinet secretaries, and he considered a finalist to be appointed to the supreme court. After his re-election, when a thought attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. could resign, his associates

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