Why some Uneducated People tend to be very Successful

By Samuel

The term education is the key to success is the advice many hard working parents give to their children who in turn go to school and work hard to have good grades in order to build successful carriers and therefore make them successful and accomplished men. This formula for success was applicable in the 19th century when those who went to school and gained education in fields like medicines and were medical doctors where looked as successful men in terms of finances. As time went on, there is a world economic crises that for a person to be successful and be financially free, he has to develop an entrepreneurial intellect that will help him to combine the factors of production (land, labor and capital) to create new ideas that will generate a lot of money making them financially free and successful.

More to that, a college degree is not a guarantee that you will be successful while it takes thousands of dollars and therefore considered a risky investment. Most of the world’s richest men in their way to success followed a more unconventional route by not going to or stopping school and then begin their own business.

Successful people

Educated and respected persons are those who usually end up with certificates like PhD, Masters and even Bachelors. The record of what have been observed over time is that there are financially successful and uneducated people who were capable of pulling great wealth making them very successful. The things common to these uneducated people who are successful is the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial spirit

This term relates to any individual who is capable and willing to undertake, manage a business or a new idea in order to make profit.

Undertaking a business

There are many entrepreneur success stories about top entrepreneurs around the world and most are uneducated people. Below are entrepreneur success stories of remarkable successful people:

John Mackey

Mackey entrepreneur success story started in 1978 when Mackey and his girlfriend co-founded their first health food store. From then they dropped out of college, Mackey was studying philosophy and religion at the university of Texas at Austin and trinity university. He worked at a vegetarian co-op where he studied several topics, concentrating to gain knowledge about the business of food and not basing his mind on having a certificate. He learned how the area that generated income in his career works from a co-op, this wasn’t learned in school because the educational system will train those to work for the company and not how to own the company.

The vegetarian co-op. gave him the knowledge on foods of the health that permitted him to begin his entrepreneur success story when Mackey and his girlfriend borrowed $10,000 and raised another $ 35,000 which they used to start the SaferWay. At the beginning they were in a 3 floor building using the first floor for the market of their products, the second floor for their restaurant and lived on the 3rd floor. After two years SaferWay merged with Clarksville Natural Grocery that was owned by Mark Skiles and Craig Weller to become Whole Foods Market. Mackey, Hardy Lawson, Skiles and Weller are considered as co-founders of this business. This was the beginning of their entrepreneur success story as today Mackey alone has a net worth of $100M as the food chain has extended to Canada and the United Kingdom.

Ansel Easton Adams

The entrepreneur success story of Adams is a remarkable one as he dropped out of college in order to follow his career and become one of the most famous photographers in the world. Adams lived from 1902 – 1984 and was an American photographer and also an environmentalist. Together with Fred Archer they developed the Zone System. Some of his arts like the black and white landscape photographs that portray the American West (like the Yosemite National Park) have been replicated several times on calendars, in books and also over the internet.

Adams was pulled out of school at the age of 12 following multiple dismissals from many schools for being inattentive. Though information on his net wealth is not published, he became one of the top entrepreneurs when it came to photography and wealthy families paid up to $5,000 for a piece of his work.

Anne F. Bailer

Bailer is an American woman born in 1949 in Pennsylvania, she is counted among the uneducated people that have made millions over starting up a business. Her entrepreneur success story follows her knowledge as a beaker and bread maker. She started with a waitress job that gave her the skills for customer service. Her success lies behind her pretzels that she learned to make the old way from a food stand at a farmers’ market.

She started in Maryland with her hand-rolled pretzels in 1988 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania after which she gave the name Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. As an entrepreneur she later made 8 stands and had her first Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in a mall after one year. In addition to that she opened her first Auntie Anne’s Franchises all over Central Pennsylvania in 1989.Today, there are a number of different flavors of pretzels found on surfaces in many stores found in many countries like Asia, Middle East as well as in the United Kingdom. She was able to make a profit of $ 226Million in 2006 alone from a “billionth pretzel” deal. Her motivation statement as a top entrepreneur is that success can be self-taught, given that you are the best in what you do.

Kirk Kerkorian

Kirk was born on June 1917, in Fresno, California and spoke Armenia as first language. He is considered as one of the uneducated persons with an amazing entrepreneur success stories. Before passing on in 2005 he was noted to be a successful American business man, an investor, as well as being a philanthropist. He was the head to Tracinda Corporation, based in Beverly Hills where he held the post of president. Why is Kirk considered to be among the uneducated successful entrepreneurs in the U.S? This is because he dropped out of school when he was at eight grade and ended up as a billionaire with an estimated wealth of $ 18 billion far more than an educated person will ever dream of.

“Education is key to success” it is said but here, the entrepreneur success story of Kirk started with him taking unconventional classes to become a pilot. He traded his time looking after the cattle of Pancho Barnes, a pioneer aviator against flying lessons. Kerkorian earned his commercial certificate as a pilot after six months. Following this an opportunity presented itself that consisted of flying Canadian built de Haviland Mosquitos through the north Atlantic to Scotland. This opportunity was rejected by many pilots because the tank of the mosquito carried fuel for only 1,400 miles (2,300km) and the distance for the trip was 2,200 miles (3,500km). He took the risk and was paid $1,000 per flight, after two and half year he had delivered 33 planes and saved most of his wages.

Having some money on him, he later moved to Las Vegas were he gambled  for some time and then paid $ 60,000 to get the Trans International Airlines, and sold fuel from the tanks in order to pay a loan he collected from the Seagram. He raised money in Las Vegas by buying and selling land. And from there he built the MGM grand hotel and casino which was the largest in the world at its time. He also invested in the automobile company and is known to have owned 9.9% of General Motors (GM).

Innovative Entrepreneurs

Surprisingly even the entrepreneur success stories for the richest men known today are still related to people who decided to drop out of school at a certain level to pursue their innovative ideas that did not only make them successful but also changed the way the entire humanity lives.

Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III was born on October, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Gates was introduced to the computer system that has made him one of the top entrepreneurs at the age of 13 when he integrated the Lakeside school. And at eight grade the Mothers Club bought a Teletype Model 33 ASR and a block of computer on a General Electric (GE) computer destined to be used by students. He became so interested with programming with the GE system in BASIC to a point that he was given time off from the math class to follow his passion. His first computer program written on this machine permitted its users to play games against the computer. He graduated from this school in 1973 and went to college (Harvard) and dropped out after 2 years. During this year he devised a computer algorithm for pancake sorting which was a solution to one of the unsolved computer problems; this solution was formalized in a published paper with Harvard’s Christos Papadimitriou as a collaboration.

Gates was motivated to drop from school to begin his own company following MITS Altair 8800 release that is based on Intel 8080 CPU. Before dropping out of school, gates spoke of his decision with his parents and they supported him seeing how determined he was to become an entrepreneur.

Secrets behind Success of top Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur success stories of top entrepreneurs are based on their character, ability to see opportunities and hard work to attain their dreams.


“Education is the key to success” is still shown not to be the case with Gates who was able to successfully manage the Microsoft Company from 1975-2006 without attaining management classes. He designed the strategy through which the company functioned. Gates is also noted for his particular character like being distant from the public, not being reachable and not returning phone calls. From the meetings he holds with his senior managers, he is noted to be very cumbersome verbally when it came to rejecting the business strategies or proposals of these managers that had lope holes for the long term interest of the company. He would interrupt their presentations and give comments such as “this is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.” And this pushed his managers to be able to defend their ideas until Gates was convinced.

See opportunities

The same habit that characterizes Bill Gates and other top entrepreneurs that dropped out of school is that they have the instinct to recognize opportunities. For example when Gates saw an opportunity when he read the January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics that had the demonstration of the Atlair 8800 he immediately contacted the Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System (MITS) and gave them an information that he was working on a BASIC interpreter for this new Atlair 8800 while he never had it nor had he written any program on it. This was just to see if the MITS company will be interested in the offer and once the president of this company agreed to see him and his friend Allen for a demonstration, they quickly wrote a program (Atlair Emulator) that successfully ran on MITS minicomputer and on the BASIC interpreter. This opportunity Gates and Allen saw and took started the success entrepreneur story of Bill Gates.

Hard work

Looking at Gates success entrepreneur story, we can observe that he was hard working as he always took challenges and made sure a job is properly done before it is delivered to a customer because a good and satisfactory service will always bring more customers.

It is important to know that conventional educational system does not teach us to be financially successful and that is the reason why though many youths go to school a great majority still suffer financially while very few who thing out of the box can actually combine other skills to become very successful. There are specific characters that are attributed to most of the uneducated people that succeed to become multi-millionaire and even billionaire which includes boldness, open minded to see opportunities of new markets and the capability of accumulating assets.

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