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Cancer is a common cause of death these days. Many people think that cancer cannot be treated and the person suffering from cancer is destined to be dead in some time. However, this is not the case; medical science has advanced so much that early stages of cancer can be easily treated and the person resumes a normal life like he had before. Curcumin, a derivative of turmeric, has proved to be an effective cure for almost all types of cancer. It gives the yellow color to turmeric and is the only compound in turmeric, which has medicinal values.

In order to get the real benefits of curcumin, turmeric can be purchased in its root form and then dried and ground to a powder form. It is one of the main spices added to Asian dishes for making curry.


Curried dishes anyplace on the planet would not be attractive without the utilization of the zest turmeric. However, turmeric is mainstream for culinary purposes as well as for restorative and remedial esteems.

Turmeric has been utilized as a part of Indian and Chinese prescription for a huge number of years. It is prominent for its mitigating properties. It is valuable in treating the trunk torment, toothache, fart, contamination of urinary tract, jaundice, colic, wounds, menstrual scatters, and so forth. This is predominantly ascribed to the effect of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric.

Current advancement is the disclosure that curcumin can help in anticipating and treating cancer. 

Curcumin is a yellow colored pigment derived from turmeric; it has demonstrated extraordinary anticancer properties. It is observed that places, where people eat at least 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric daily, have a very low rate of cancer patients. According to more than thousands of research, it is seen that curcumin combats cancers of the lung, breast, colon, liver, pancreas and other parts of the body. Many researchers have also said that curcumin actually stops cancer cells from multiplying and spreading in the various parts of the body.

In various studies that compared the results of chemotherapy and curcumin dosage, scientists have found that curcumin kills more cancer cells than chemo. It also leaves the other cells unharmed, unlike chemotherapy, which has more than 20 known side effects.

Turmeric Benefits: Superior to Medications?

Use of curcumin in the real world

In spite of having so many benefits; it is not being used widely as there is a very little financial incentive for drug companies in its distribution. As they can’t patent natural substances, there is very little money for big companies, and therefore, nobody encourages the use of curcumin for treating cancer. The good thing is that it is easily available and you can still get it from the market in turmeric form and use it daily to get the benefits of curcumin.

How to consume curcumin

One of the biggest problems with curcumin is that a human body cannot absorb much of it when ingested alone. You need to combine it with olive oil, coconut oil, or black pepper to make it available in the body. It is absorbed well with the above oils, and its effect is also enhanced in this form. It should be consumed daily to have amplified anti-cancer effects; according to some researchers, consuming curcumin with black pepper increases it absorption as much as 2000% compared to when it is taken alone.


How can you add more turmeric in your daily diet?

Turmeric can be chopped or grated and added to your daily food. It helps in adding color to curries so you can add it in a dish which has curry. It can be added to soups, eggs or sauces and also rubbed on meat for marinating it. You can even add turmeric to milk and drink it daily before going to bed.

It has hostile to cancer-causing qualities:

Cancer-causing agents are main impetuses of cancer. They could be components of your eating routine or condition including radiation. Curcumin helps in balancing the lethal effect of cancer-causing agents, which help to avert cancers.

It has subterranean insect tumor properties:

The tumor is a mass of cells which might be cancerous or amiable (innocuous). Curcumin has an antitumor property which can work alongside other cancer medicines like chemotherapy and radiation. A compound called Telomerase makes tumor cells resistant to cell passing. Curcumin hinders the work of this chemical. It can along these lines treat a mind tumor. The antitumor effect of curcumin aides in the treatment of bosom cancer, pituitary tumor, lung cancer, cerebrum tumor, prostate cancer, and so on.

Stops angiogenesis in tumors:

Angiogenesis is generally a solid procedure of cell development like veins. Yet, on account of tumors, it helps in the development of tumors. Curcumin restrains this procedure in tumors. It chops down the supply of blood to tumors.

It is particular in targets:

Instead of ordinary hostile to cancer substances which are lethal to both cancerous and typical cells, curcumin targets cancerous cells and spares typical cells from poisonous quality. Along these lines, turmeric can be utilized as a supplement to current cancer medicines like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It obliterates cancer cells:

Cancer is an unsettling influence in flagging pathways of cells which make cells be unfading and multiple exorbitantly and along these lines prompts spread of cancer. The counter cancer activity of curcumin is by hindering flagging pathways of cells at different levels.

It is a chemo-preventive specialist:

Chemoprevention comprises of controlling specialists that stop potential pre-dangerous cells from transforming into cancer. It checks cancer in early stages and causes its end. Curcumin executes cancer cells as well as aides in its anticipation. Researchers have recognized Nuclear-consider Kappa B which is restrained by curcumin to anticipate cancer. Turmeric supplements have been found to lower danger of cervical, colon and bosom cancer.

It stops metastasis:

Metastasis alludes to spread of cancer to different parts of the body. The cancer cells separate from a position of beginning and go to different places in the body by means of lymph and blood. They assault the resistant framework and form into cancer in different body parts. This procedure causes most horribleness in cancer. Curcumin has been believed to anticipate metastasis by checking the development of cancer cells and not enabling them to assault other tissue.

Stops advance of pre-cancerous injuries:

Curcumin fills in as a cancer-forestalling substance. Oral measurements of curcumin help control the advance of and inversion of creating precancerous injuries. This is especially on account of oral cancer. Admission of turmeric oil is likewise found to keep the advance of cervical cancer.

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