Pay Per Click (PPC) - Enhancing your Business Visibiity

By Chantal

Advertising a business could be difficult and complicated sometimes especially for the advertisers who are obliged to undergo different procedures to make their products bought. Imagine you selling hot dogs and the advertiser has to put on a hot dog costume, stand under the sun and perform some dancing styles or chorography to be able to call customers towards his marketable good. This can be done very easy by an online advertisement which reduces risk and sun burns to just a click. Pay per click advertisement is the solution to this and renders marketing, campaign viable to be exploited by all.

Pay per click (PPC) also known as cost per click or cost per order can be used to access the different effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Clicks can measure attention and interest and tells us more about how effective the advert was. Pay per click is therefore very important for every online advert company, businesses and even for the publisher who gets paid whenever a website is being clicked.

Pay per click is mostly used by search engines for ranking websites mostly according to how high they are paid; when a website is being clicked upon or how high their quality score is. Marketers or advertisers often allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results which often appear alongside or slightly above the non-paid or organic results.

How pay per click works:

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing play a very vital role in advertising businesses or important news and jobs. When a website wants to call traffic towards it, enabling more people to get to their websites, they tend to put up their adverts with a price tag on it in order to advertise these ads. The higher the price, the lower the number on the listings page and the more people get interested in your advert. Therefore ads spots are often sold by auction and you bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad and the higher the bid, the most likely you get the opportunity of ranking number 1 on the listings page.

Pay per click does not only depend on the amount bided for at the auction sale. It can also be ranked thanks to quality score.

In a pay per click campaign, you pay whatever amount to Google, Yahoo or the search engine you are interested in to list your ads at the top and right hand of organic search listings and when someone clicks on it you pay the current cost per click due to the agreement you made with the search engine from the beginning and when all the money you paid in has been used by the search engine, your ads are no longer on the listings page until your budget is replenished.

Pay per click is very easy to do but if you are not versed with it , it may be very disastrous therefore to get into pay per click advertisement, always set goals which you do everything to attain, by always establishing an easy campaign structure which you can use and not abstract things and lastly check your pay per click settings in Google AdWords for updates if necessary.

Pay per click advertising:

Pay per click advertising is an internet advertising app used to direct trafficking to websites, where an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked upon. The most appropriate and cheapest way to advertise your products and services just at a click, at lower prices and without a real cost makes pay per click advertising an excellent tool for online businesses. In the world, there are various ways to advertise goods and services like in Africa, we have the africa1marketing.com website where you can see free ads at no cost, and you can also advertise used goods throughout West Africa. If you are in search of real estate, used cars, employment offers, furniture, electronic equipments and other types of used goods, africa1marketing.com is the right place to get information with a click.

Pay per click advertising is a very simple way to generate traffic on your website right away by spending enough, getting your website to a top ranking and also getting potential customers who would click on your website right away. Pay per click advertisement is very fast in helping you to targeting traffic within a few minutes of opening your website account.

Pay per click advertising could be very lively especially as you can easily change your audience behavior in a short while whereas organic search engines would take a long while to be able to change their audience behavior. Advertisers bid on keywords phrases which are relevant to their targeted audience.

Advertising requires a lot of good bargaining skills to excel in the field. Do not go on bargaining to keep your ego high whereas the advert causes you to spend higher than your returns. Most people do this to keep being first or for their ego in order that others do not match up with them. These are very wrong concepts and always try to remember you are in for business and not an “ego show”. Also, search engines can impose some quality restrictions on some keywords and these quality restrictions could increase the cost per click even if there are no competitors. If you can’t, avoid going in for those keywords.

Pay per click advertising can be very important and lively but becomes very expensive after a long while. It can easily be used when you have a sort term campaign maybe for a particular product, good or service which could take 24 to 48 hours and after which you can change the text or readjust.

Google AdWords is one of the most imperative pay per click advertising agencies in the world. This AdWords platform enables business people to advertise their ads on Google search engine or other Google properties. Most often who gets to appear on the page is based on the advertisers’ ad rank. This system also allows advertisers to reach potential customers at cost that fits their budgets. Always remember that how your ad is being placed depends more often on your keywords and the match types you select.

Pay per click marketing:

Most essentially, a marketer who wants his product sold faster and on high demand takes time to understand the basic keywords which are often sought for by the buyers mostly by using AdWords. When he has optimized his keywords especially by observing that he uses the keyword maximum in web content. A business man should always try to understand the market and the goods which are most sought for in a particular time in order that he maximizes his chances of advert and sales when the ball is turning in his court. Like if you in maximize 2015, when most people were in search more for phone devices (phones and tablets) rather than desk tops and laptops; as a business man and you are into phones, you have to maximize this opportunity to the best of your capacity by putting up the different phones on sale, their different properties and make it appetizing to your buyer who then could easily buy the product.

Pay per click marketing can be conducted through different search engines (Google, Bing, etc) but the most important is the Google search engine which draws most traffic towards it and would therefore get more impressions and clicks on your ad. Locating the right search engine to use helps your ad to be seen and consulted by many people.

Often, pay per click marketing is good for everyone whether for researchers, marketers, search engines etc. as most of the information, products which users need and search for are often put at their disposals after their search query’s have been identified. For search engines, pay per click campaign is very important as it enables them to cater for both the advertisers and the searchers. The searchers make up their user base while advertisers provide them with their revenue stream.

Conducting a pay per click marketing does not depend only on relevant keywords in the content. Quality score of these relevant keywords by search engines and creating quality landing pages which are persuasive, very rich in content and are tailored to specific search queries are also very important when marketing a product.

Pay per click campaign:

Pay per click campaign enables the advertiser to determine exactly who has visited his site and not just had an impression (a number of promotional units a person is subjected to) of the site. Click stream analysis always moves along with pay per click campaign which is a tracking system and often tells you what people do when they get into your website. This information is important to obtain quality traffic, convert visitors into customers and to create an action that generates revenue.

Creating a pay per click campaign may seem very difficult at the beginning, but with a little effort put in on research, you can build up your own campaign and then reach a greater number of your targeted audience. The best thing to do is running your campaign over a number of pay per click accounts for some time and comparing the results. This involves the following steps: create an account and deposit funds, receive confirmation that the account has been activated, choose keywords and text, watch traffic while evaluating your choice of words and text and lastly adjust your budget accordingly.

Successful AdWords advertisers’ continuously grow and rearrange their keywords list. When carrying out a campaign always check out the most recent, valuable, long-tail, low cost and highly relevant keywords which could be driving keywords towards your site. Put at the back of your mind that every pay per click campaign is directly proportional to the keywords which are being used. Your keywords should be very relevant which would lead to a higher pay and effective cost per click as well as increased profits. Choosing an exhaustive keyword which would include the most popular and most searched for, covering a long trail with more specific and less common. Also, when choosing keywords choose expansive words which you can easily expand and refine your campaigns.

Cost per click (CPC):

Cost per click is the actual price paid for a pay per click campaign or also defined as the method used by websites to bill based on the number of times a visitor clicks on an advertisement. Alternatively, we also have cost per thousand (CPM) which is instead based on the number of impressions or viewers of the website whether they click on the advertising website or not. Cost per click is an amount that the website publisher receives when a paid advertisement on the site is clicked; this encourages publishers to work hard to get more clicks on their advertisement and definitely more revenue.

Businesses are more often done online these days and online advertisement is a very vital tool for the growth of every business. Cost per click makes advertisers to do their best to establish a good advert which targets a good number of people who could become good customers.

Cost per click pricing which can also be known as pay per click can be bided for manually where you choose your bid amount or automatically when you let Google set bids in order that you get more clicks within your budget. In cost per click bidding, each click on your ad is being paid for and cost per click would be the most you would pay per click. This bidding may be sometimes high or less but the final amount you would be finally charged for a click is known as actual cost per click. Cost per click usually is the measurement of costs on a per click basis.

Cost per click depends on a number of factors which include the audience you are targeting, the type of advertisement you are doing, the platform on which you are advertising, the product, service or information you are advertising and the bidding strategy you are using to advertise. In everything updates are very important and should be used appropriately at the right time too. Cost per click is also being updated by introducing your ad to face book social media where many people can easily access through links. On face book, it is analyzed by taking into account any click within an ad unit like, a comment, a share, a continue reading, a click to a website etc.

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