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One of the best outstanding ways to stay fit and live green is by taking on bicycle riding. There are so many benefits associated with the riding of bicycles like decreased stress, increased cardiovascular fitness and a decrease in body fat levels. Riding bicycles also improve greatly body posture and coordination levels. All these benefits which are brought by riding a bicycle are needed for a healthy living and so it is recommended for everyone to get one.

The Development of the bicycle

There is no exact origin of bicycles as its origin is shrouded in mystery. This is to say it is not possible to attribute the origin of the bicycle to a single person. Nevertheless, what is clear about the origin of bicycles is the fact that the ancestors of what we have today as the modern bicycle were in use as early as the 1800s. A front wheel capable of being steered was devised in 1817 by Baron Von Drais and Charles. A padded saddle together with armrest was also given to the front aimed at greatly exerting force to the ground. They were granted a patent in 1818 in Paris and their devise was given the name velocipede. Velocipede was a term which was in continuous use until 1869 when the word bicycle came into existence and took over from it. Nevertheless, the velocipede did gain a lot of popularity in France and it was immediately immigrated to England in a very short time. The London coach maker Denis Johnson was one of its chief exponents. Back in those days, riding academies were put in place, but in a matter of no time, so many riders were seen on the streets of London.


But there was suddenly a rapid decrease after 1820s when velocipedes were rarely seen at all. Still back in those days, W.K. Clarkson, Jr. of New York on the 26th June 1819 was granted a patent for a velocipede. Unfortunately, it is no longer known what this patent really covered since the 1836 fire made away with it in the patent office. Up to date, there exists no evidence that the sport did gain much popularity in the U.S by that time. Pedals were added to the front axle by 1863 in Paris signifying an important milepost in the development of the velocipede. This wonderful development took place in the shop of Pierre Michaux even though up to date we do not really know whether it is he or his employee Pierre Lallement that is entitled for the credit. Pierre Lallement did move to the New Haven Connecticut where he was granted a patent in 1866 for bringing great improvements in the development of the velocipede. Lallement’s vehicle was greatly improved in 1868 by the Hanlon brothers of New York.


an image showing bicyclists riding on the rails using attachments

Above is an image showing bicyclists riding on the rails using attachments, this was by the 1890s. In 1868, America began to show a great enthusiasm for the velocipede. In a majority of eastern cities, there was the establishment of numerous ridding schools. The different spots of riding suddenly became popular especially amongst students of Harvard and Yale universities. Unfortunately by the end of May in 1869 the sport was dying thus leading to the end of the craze just as it began, thus very few took on this sport anymore. The main reason for this shoot down was because the cycles were very heavy and cumbersome to keep up with. There existed no cushioning by then, so the rider had not only to steer but to also pedal the same front wheel. By then, ridding a velocipede had to do with an enormous amount of strength and coordination. At that time, so many cities also began to pass ordinances against riding on pedestrians sidewalks. During the 1870s further use and development in the United States did take a standstill.


above is an image showing participants in one of the first American organised bicycle tours, on the road outside Readville

The above is an image showing participants in one of the first American organised bicycle tours, on the road outside Readville with their ordinaries on September 11, 1879. As early as the 1870s, bicycles and tricylces which were constructed with and were using wire-spoked wheels were commonly seen by then especially in England. Once more Americans became interested in bicycles and began importing machines from England in to their country as bicycles had greatly improved. The first American Bike manufactures was Albert A. and as early as 1878 he began manufacturing bicycles which were under the trade name Columbia. These ordinary bicycles by then were lightweight and very fast. Nevertheless, this model was also hazardous as the rider’s centre of gravity was only slightly behind the large front wheel. With such, the rider was in great danger of experiencing what was later called a header, which was actually flying over the handlebars. Because if this eminent danger which made so many fear the use of bicycles by then, much effort was put in place to bring forth something new and better which eliminated this danger. So many people after purchasing the ordinary modify it to make it much safer. Others on the other hand gathered all their efforts in redesigning the bicycle into something much better.

After a reasonable time of hard work, safety bicycles became more and more popular as they attracted the attention of so many people. These particular bicycles by then had two equal sized wheels together with a chain and gears for correct functioning. This was a major advancement in the world of bicycles. Just after the safety bicycles John Boyd Dunlop did patented a pneumatic tire. By 1890s brakes were also improved leading to a boomed number of bicycles in use and its corresponding production increase which rose from an estimate of 200,000 bicycles in 1889 to 1,000,000 in 1899.

Today, there exist a variety of comfortable bikes;

Comfort Hybrid Bikes

The comfort hybrid bikes basically combine great characteristics from specialized road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. What really makes comfort hybrid bikes highly popular around the world is the fact that they are easy to adapt and are relatively much more stable than other bike which are designed for beginners, commuters, children and other casual riders. Generally, all comfort bikes are a subclass of the hybrid bike category and are well optimized to provide you with the greatest comfort possible. They are not really high performance bikes as they are more of recreational bikes.

The Diamondback 2015 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike


The Diamondback 2015 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike

The company which produces this bike is highly reputed for durability and high quality. This model is one of the best comfort hybrid bikes existing for purchase at a reasonable price worth its quality. Being one of the best comfort bikes, it is a complete performance bike built for speed and provision of comfort. What makes this particular comfort hybrid bike outstanding from so many others is its excellent aluminium alloy frame together with its precise handling. This hybrid bike is speedy and has a comfortable design. Below are the detailed features of the bike;

  • The brakes are alloy linear-pull;
  • It rims are made up of a double wall alloy;
  • Its seat is diamondback hybrid with gel performance;
  • The handle bars are alloy riser;
  • The bike possesses a wheel width of 32mm; and
  • Provides great balance.

The Vilano Performance 700c-21 High Speed Shimano Hybride Flat Bar Commuter Road Bike


This comfort hybrid bike comes at a wallet friendly price. The outstanding and most notable stuff about this comfort hybrid bike is that it is made of an aluminium frame which is super lightweight. In order to obtain an increased strength, the frame is double butted. This bike offers components which help fast reliable gear changes without facing any difficulties. As compared to other companies, vilano is relatively new but it offers great customer services and ships quite swiftly to destination.

The Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700c Hybrid Bicycle

 The Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700c Hybrid bike

This bike is an ideal comfort hybrid bike for anyone who is conscious about fitness since it has a great built quality. This is one of the best comfort bikes- stylish, affordable and durable. This bike has an aluminium hybrid frame which is glossy. Additionally, the comfort hybrid bike also offers Schwinn suspension fork which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Below are additional features concerning this bike;

  • It is in possession of a 21 speed rear derailleur.
  • It is super lightweight and it is quite durable and resistant.
  • It is in possession of linear pull brakes.

The Northwood Ladies Springdale 21 High Speed Hybrid Bicycle

 The Northwood Ladies Springdale 21 High Speed Hybrid Bicycle

This bike is one of the best comfort bicycles at a reasonable price worth its outstanding features. Basically it is a comfortable and commuter bike which is well designed to provide ladies with the utmost balance and comfort; it is considered one of the best women’s comfort bikes. It really has a very good and strong built quality a reason why so many women go for it;

  • It is in possession of alloy rims;
  • It has linear pull breaks; and
  •  an alloy quick release seat clamp.

The Xds Women’s Cross 300 24-Speed Hybrid Bike

 The Xds Women’s Cross 300 24-Speed Hybrid Bike


This bike which is basically a hybrid of road and cruiser bike also falls as one of the best women’s comfort bike due to its unique design and lots of features. It comes with a very light and durable alloy frame which can be adjusted. The components of this comfort hybrid bike are all rust resistant alloys. It is highly appreciated by women all round the world as one of the best comfort bicycles. This bicycle gets an average of 5 out of 5 user ratings as best women’s comfort bike in the domain of comfort bicycles.

The Retrospec bicycles step-thru sid-7 dutch best style hybrid urban commuter road bicycle

 The Retrospec bicycles step-thru sid-7 dutch style hybrid


This is one of the best comfort bikes which gets very good rating on Amazon, for leisure riding, urban city commuting and exercise. This comfort hybrid bike is produced in china. It is lightweight and requires less effort in operating it. It comes together with all the tools needed to build your bike; you do not need to purchase some other extra material for building the bike.

The Razor Ecosmart thrive electric bicycle

 The Razor Ecosmart thrive electric bicycle


This is an electric bike which gets 5 out of 5 rating on amazon where it is listed as one of the best sellers even though it comes at a pretty expensive price under 400 dollars. The bike offers great comfort and does great job too by just looking at the reviews on amazon and other retail sites. This electric bike is designed and built for commuting. This electric bike has the ability of speeding up to 17 miles/hr with just no pedalling at all. The company manufacturing this electric bike gives a 90 days warranty for this 17 miles/hr without no pedalling. The bike is one of the best in its range and it is in possession of a 250 watt motor to ensure its efficiency. It comes alongside street tread tires. The electric bike uses an ultra-padded seat. It comes with an adjustable rider compartment in order to meet specific individual needs. It is also in possession of a variable speed throttle control. It has a pretty running time of up to 50 minutes per charge. This is really good enough for normal usage.

The Jeep Compass men’s hybrid bike


The Jeep Compass men's bike

This is one of the best comfort bicycles which is highly rated by men for the different interesting features it possesses. This comfort hybrid bike for men always comes alongside with an adjustable stem to suit many and with a custom aluminium frame. The Jeep Compass men’s hybrid bike for men weighs 30 pounds and also comes with promax linear pull front and rear brakes for its efficiency in operating whenever needed.

The Diamondback clarity women’s flat bar fitness road bike


This is one of the best women’s comfort bike which is highly rated by its present and past users thanks to its different features. This bike was particularly designed and built for all who desire to take on fitness and commuting. It comes with alloy linear pull brakes to ensure efficient use of the bike. It also comes with a shimano which provides 7-speed shifters, bottom brackets, freewheel, cranks, derailleurs and brake levels. It possesses an Aluminium frame which is reliable enough to assure you of its durability.

The Schwinn Men’s Suburban Bike


The Schwinn Men's Suburban Bike

This is one of the best comfort bikes for men, as the Suburban series has always aimed as primary objective being the versatility and comfort of its products. Nevertheless, so many consider it as the best comfortable bike for men that exist.This bike gives you the agility and power of a steel fork frame. If you are out in search of a pleasant riding experience, then you can be sure that nothing can beat this Schwinn bike as they have been built based on deep research and collection of data for so many years. The Suburban has been build based on Schwinn bike’s rider experience and in ways that provide great comfort. The best thing with this Schwinn bike which is considered by so many people as the best comfort bike is that it comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you are in ownership of the Schwinn men’s suburban bike. This lifetime warranty is also a way of assuring you that this bike is not just one of the comfort bicycles but it is also the best which is of remarkable durability and efficiency. This bike has the following specs and features;

  • Colour available for the bike is black.
  • All the new Schwinn comfort frame and Schwinn suspension fork are all incorporated to the bike.
  • The micro shift 7 speed shifters is the best attractive feature of this bike together with the Shimano’s rear derailleur for fast and easy gear changes.
  • This bike is in possession of Alloy wheels bars and Alloy linear pull brakes which are all make it lightweight for an easy ride.
  • The bike is also designed with a Schwinn comfort saddle and Schwinn swept back handlebars which have been built for the ideal and perfect riding position. For a better grip, it also possesses an ergonomic handlebar.
  • For easy gear changes, this bike comes with a SRAM Grip Shift Shifters. It also comes along with a SR Suntour alloy 3 piece cranks which are aimed at offering optimum gearing.
  • For a sure grip, it comes along with Kraton inserted brake levers and pedals.
  • For easy rolling the bike is in possession of a rustproof alloy rims with stainless steel spokes.

This bike is in possession of the following pros;

  • The seat of this bike as compared to that of the average bike is more comfortable.
  • The breaks and gears of this bike are all solid.
  • Because this bike is well made it does not seem to be heavy at all during the riding process.
  • Even though its tires are made wide like that of a mountain bike, they are for a smooth ride.

This bike has the following cons;

  • For it to efficiently work, its handle bars need to be rotated forward.

Generally, the Schwinn Men’s Suburban Bike, 26-inch and black in colour is a perfect an ideal choice for anyone in search of a comfort bike. It can be taken on for daily exercises and picnics. This bike is available with so many advanced features like the Microshift 7 speed shifters together with Shimano rear derailleur for easy and fast gear changes. It also possesses alloy linear pull brakes and wheels.

The Schwinn Women’s 26 Suburban Bike

 The Schwinn Women's 26 Suburban Bike


So many consider this bike to be the best comfortable bike for women and the best women’s comfort bike in the market today. Every time you ride this bike along the track, it offers you a smooth and enjoyable ride. The built and quality performance of the Schwinn Sunburban has been highly praised by many women who did purchase it, stating that it stands out as the best way to save money because you do not need to rely any longer on public transport. This women’s comfort bike is in possession of the following specs and features;

  • It comes well equipped with a set of 21 gears from which you are expected to choose from during your rides. Its tires come along with alloy rims that permit it fits all terrains.
  • A superb appreciable stopping power is offered by the front and rear U brakes making it completely safe for you to ride down hills and in other dangerous trails.
  • This women’s comfort bike comes with well fitted front and rear shock absorbing posts aimed at ensuring that you enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Some outstanding features that keep this women’s comfort bike at the top of competitions are the Shimano’s 21-speed shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur.

This women’s comfort bike shows the following pros;

  • It possesses an easy switching 21-speed gears.
  • This bike which is available in a unique frame design is perfect for all young girls as well as it is for old users.
  • Due to the fact that the bike is very lightweight it is quite easy to be manoeuvred by women and it is perfect for those with bone problems or have undergone surgery.
  • Compared to other bikes available in the market, this particular one is affordable.
  • The padded seat, smooth 26 x 1.95 inches and U-shaped brakes generally make this women’s comfort bike the perfect choice for just all terrain use.

This women’s comfort bike has the following cons;

  • Although this bike is a comfortable one, some users have reported of the gears sometimes failing to accept change.

This women’s comfort bike is lightweight and equipped with a 6-speed gear system. This bike has been a success since its creation thanks to the different features which it does offers. Being at an affordable price, this bike is quite perfect for both the young, mid-aged and old women who will appreciate to increase their biking experience.

The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

 The Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike

So many men consider this as the best comfort hybrid bike due to its interesting features and the great comfort it offers. This hybrid bike is specially made for those who pine for great comfort in commuting and greater experience both off-road and on-road. This stylish hybrid bike is designed with a lot of great features which are aimed at giving its rider total advantage in enjoying their rides as desired without having to stress up. This hybrid bike which comes with an adjustable seat is also in possession of 21 speeds all aimed at allowing riders of all types to fully enjoy its comfortable ride. Even for the most crooked, pain ridden spine the hybrid’s padded saddle still offers great relief to ensure your comfort completely. Reviewers have often picked out this as the best comfort bike for men. The bike has the following specs and features;

  • It is made up of an aluminium city frame it is the best comfort bike for men.
  • Through its Schwinn alloy crank and its Schwinn suspension fork, it does attracts the commuters.
  • This hybrid bike comes with a wonderful structure based on its 21-speed SRAM grip shifters together with a Shimano rear derailleur.
  • In addition to its rear gears, the bike also has Promax alloy linear pull breaks to ensure safety.

The parts of the bike are made up of extremely high quality that sets it apart from other folding bikes. The bike has the following pros;

  • It is extremely perfect for casual rides around the city off-road and on-road.
  • In building this bike, only sturdy bike components were used to ensure its efficiency and durability.
  • This bike comes with solid break shifters and brake levers.
  • With the presence of different road conditions and trails, it is very good for long term gear ratio.

This hybrid comfort bike has the following cons;

  • So many who purchase it complain of its packaging.
  • Many people do not appreciate its fenders which are made up of plastic.

This comfort hybrid bike is built with the combination of quality features and affordability. The Schwinn Company for so many years now have been reputed for high quality and durable bikes as they base themselves on past experience and advancing technology to bring forth to you the best.

The Vilano C1 Comfort Road bike

 The Vilano C1 Comfort Road Bike

This is one of the best comfort bicycles which sells best on amazon. It is a high performance bike which is considered a solid match for comfortable riders and hiking. The bike has been constructed in ways to meet almost all purposes be it for hiking or just leisure rides around the city for recreation. This durable bike is well designed with a solid Hi-Ten Steel frame, comfortable handle bars and strong pedals. Withstanding all types of rough roads and providing a smooth and comfort ride to the rider, this bike is capable of travelling anywhere in the city. While you are taking advantage of all the 21 shifting gears, the large inches tires are aimed at ensuring your smooth and comfortable ride all the way to your destination. The few additions which have really made this bike one of the best in the market today are its large pedals, alloy v-brakes and paddle seat. The bike has the following specs and features;

  • This comfort bike is available in blue colour.
  • The bike is designed with a resistant Hi-Ten Steel Comfort Frame which is not just comfortable in a long run but quite durable.
  • For accurate shifting of gears when ridding, it comes with Shimano 21-speed Trigger Shifters with powerful front and rear derailleurs.
  • The bike comes with a large inch tire to ensure that the rider has the freedom and liberty to ride across all settings ranging from across the road, uphill, and all around the surrounding streets with just no limitation at all.
  • Regardless of the situation, the bike is designed to give maximum comfort to its rider under any circumstances.
  • Some exclusive features which so many customers have greatly praised are; the cushioned seat, the large pedals, the adjustable stem and alloy v-brakes.

This bike has the following pros;

  • The bike does not pose any problem during assemblage as the assemblage process is very easy.
  • This bike comes with great features like the 21-speed shifters, large pedals and steel frame all aimed at giving the rider a comfortable and enjoyable experience during riding.
  • This outstanding bike is relatively cheaper than most of the other heavy-duty bikes in the market even though they share similar features.
  • Because this bike is quite light, it is very suitable for old women, young women and even surgery patients as they do not need great effort in making it move.

This bike has the following cons;

  • Some users have complained of its metal frame being heavy.

Even though there exists some customer complains, the overall performance of this road bike is very impressive and remarkable by so many. This bike during its design incorporated top quality features like; the Shimano 21-speed Trigger Shifters, large all terrain tires, free pedals, kick stands and front suspensions.

The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Serene Classic Top Comfort Bike

 The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Serene Classic Top Comfort Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Serene Classic Top Comfort Bike is less costly. Being one of the best women’s comfort bike it possesses the following specs and features;

  • Through the Schwinn Comfort aluminium frame and a step-thru geometry it allows quick easy mounting and dismounting whenever there is need to do so.
  • With its SR Suntour suspension fork it offers you a comfortable and secure ride whenever you wish.
  • With the Shimano Tourney components with 21 speeds it allows for reliable shifting at any time you desire.
  • Thanks to the comfort handlebars you are kept in an upright position which is beneficial to your health.

This comfort bike has the following pros;

  • It is made with a lightweight aluminium frame together with an easy step-thru geometry to ensure your comfort.
  • With this bike a smooth ride can be assured as it is in possession of a suspension fork which is shock-absorbing and helps for smooth shifting.
  • It comes with comfortable handlebar grips together with saddles and which are aimed at ensuring comfort.
  • It comes with dual density grips that help in reducing the shocks from bumps on the road while providing a smooth ride.
  • It comes with a dependable stopping power thanks to the alloy V-brakes.
  • This is one of the best comfort bikes which is perfect for streets, hard-parked gravel, and paved trails; all thanks to its double wall aluminium wheels and the Schwinn’s comfort tires.

This bike is highly recommended for use since it has no major issues that are inconvenient. The comfort bike is great on pavements and trails. It is lightweight, reliable and is reputed for its durability and resistance. Reviews show that this women’s comfort bike is highly appreciated by its users.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are also known as beach cruisers and they represent a terrifying entering level bicycle. The cruiser bikes are less expensive and easily affordable. The cruiser bikes generally come with simple and unfussy components. For short commutes or riding around the town, they are ideal to be taken upon. When pedalling on the flat surfaces, cruiser bikes are generally low-effort bikes together with its simplicity meaning you can carry out most of its maintenances by yourself. Cruiser bikes generally have a heavy steel frame together with relatively large tires which are all aimed at offering great stability and durability. All cruiser bikes generally come with a coaster-style brake which is aimed at ensuring security during the riding process. Many cruiser bikes have only one speed as they are mostly made for light and casual riding. Nevertheless, there still exist some cruiser bikes which offer a gear shift providing from 3 to 7 speeds.

The 26 Huffy NelLusso Cruiser Bike

 The 26 Huffy NelLusso Cruiser bike

This cruiser bike is available in both women’s and men’s styles. This stylish bicycle is considered by many as the best cruiser bicycle which meets all the basic requirements for casual ride affordability, simplicity and great comfort. It is also one of the best comfort cruiser bicycles which is highly rated by its users. The women’s version come in blue or yellow versions while the men’s version comes only in black.

The PUBLIC Bikes M7i Mixte Style Step-Over 7-Speed Comfort City Bike


The PUBLIC Bikes M7i Mixte Style Step-Over 7-Speed Comfort City Bike

Today’s bikes have developed into road comfort bikes, city comfort bikes and mountain bikes. Amongst these newly developed bikes, this particular one falls as a comfort city bike. This bike is very simple and easy to use, perfect for all beginners wishing to take on cycling. This bike is a modern bike coming alongside with modern features and it is very popular with both women and men alike. Just from the look the bike has attracted so many men and women since it is highly stylish. This particular bike comes with a great look together with its amazing functions which cannot be passed by so many. A relaxed riding position for the owners of this bike is been provided by the upright handlebars. The matching colour fenders and chain guard of this city bike help very much as they keep your clothe dry and clean all through the ride up to your final destination. This bike is one which has been updated with high quality steel frame. It also comes as a capable, lightweight and classy bike which is ideal for all city commuters. It is also suitable for country road adventures due to the high comfort it does offers when compared to most other bikes.

The Recreation 26C Comfort Bike

The Recreation 26C Comfort Bike  


This particular bike is one which has been designed and built to offer you great comfort as you ride. It is also an ideal bike for those who just want to relax with their family by taking on cycling. It comes with a comfort design alloy frame aiming at offering a distinction from other bikes. This bike is one which is specially designed for an upright ridding position and does features a plush saddle. In order to offer you a comfort ride, it comes with a comfort suspension fork which smoothes out the road. It comes alongside with linear pull breaks which assure you a confident stopping power whenever need arises. This bike offers security thanks to the Shimano shifters, you are able to tackle even hills which simple bikes would normally pose you lot of difficulties in climbing.

The State Bicycle Domingo Dutch Style Delux Comfort City Bike

 The State Bicycle Domingo Dutch Style Delux Comfort City Bike

This is a great bicycle for the week-end errand runner or daily commuter. This bike is very simple and easy to ride as it offers assistance in stability so that even beginners would find cycling easy and amazing. It comes alongside with a well built and relaxed geometry aimed at offering great comfort to its owners. This bike is ideal for both beginners and skilful riders since great comfort is being ensured by its gearing system. For an easy stopping, this bike is equipped with a coaster brake. It also comes with a chain guard which helps keep your cloth dry and clean as you ride to your desired destination in a comfortable mood. This amazing bike comes with rear and front fenders together with an adjustable pannier rack.

The Schwinn Voyageur Comfort Bike



This is simply the ultimate cruising machine of all times. Very different from its predecessors, it has been upgraded with a new, lighter alloy frame, 21-speed drive train with Shimano shifters which allow you tackle hills with ease. This bike comes with more gears to make riding fun and enjoyable. This bike has been designed and constructed to offer to all its owners’ great comfort as they go around riding it.



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