How to Use Branding to Boost your Business

In a competitive market that is increasing every day, effective brand strategy helps you to have an upper hand from your competitors. Branding can be defined as a practice in marketing in which a name, symbol or design is being created to identify and differentiate one product from another product. In simple terms, your brand is the promises that you have made to your customers. Your brand state clearly what your customers can be expecting from your products/services and with this your offer is differentiated from the other competitors. Who you are, who you want to become and the way you want people to see you is the consequences of your brand. The brand strategy here is what, how, when, where and to whom you are planning to communicate and deliver on your brand promises. The place where you advertise, your channel for distribution and your visual and/or verbal communication all forms part of the brand strategy. Building a brand is like you are on a journey of self-discovery for your business. It might be difficult, uncomfortable and consume time. It entails, to the very least, that you define the following; company's mission, features and profits of your products or services, your customers and what you want them to know about your company. A good brand build achieves the following objectives: delivers the message clearly, confirms credibility, connects to the target customers emotionally with products and/or services, motivates customers to buy and create a good user loyalty.  Brand building and exposition takes time and consistency especially for unique and powerful personal or business brand. Brand build of a personal brand entails that you keep reinforcing your values and skills by taking up new roles and assignments that will give you maximum exposure. When building a brand, you should also struggle to develop brand personality. That is, you have to be aware of what people think, know and say about you or your business.  The truth is; if a brand building strategies is executed consistently, then you will easily develop a pattern that will forever be linked with your brand name. You are supposed to consider the wants and needs of your customers in order for you to succeed in building a brand. To be able to achieve this, you need to integrate the brand strategies through your business at every stage of public contact in order to ensure good brand awareness. The level to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of your brand, products, or services is known as brand awareness. It is also the entry point to the inbound marketing funnel creating the base for all future consumer interactions. Before asking their target customers to buy their product and/or service a brand awareness campaign implemented smart business owners. Raising awareness leads to stronger brand relationships and increased conversions across different platforms. One of the key steps in promoting your products and/or services is by creating brand awareness. Products and/or services that sustain a high level of brand awareness compared to competitors are expected to generate more sales. The branding of your business is an expression of who you are and possibly what you can offer. Make your brand to live in the minds and heart of customers and targeted customers. You might be asking yourself why you should really consider branding your business? Remember, your targeted customers have too many choices of what they want but have a little time to choose. In order for you to boost your business, you need to improve on your awareness marketing. You cannot sell your product and/or service if your target customers are not aware of your brand. Your efforts in marketing awareness should compete with other human relationships. Until you introduce yourself to someone, you cannot become that person friend. In the same way, building a relationship with your target audience requires a foundation of awareness. This is because if they are not aware of your brand, you therefore cannot expect them to buy your products and/or services. Just like every other human relationship, awareness marketing takes time, investment, and promotion. When your brand awareness turns to increase, people gain more trust in your business and your business turns to grow. Here are some ways you can increase your brand awareness in order to have a successful business;

Take your brand to social media

A free-of-charge platform has been provided by sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Snapchat for companies to promote themselves, have their brand build and to build their audience. On the social media, there is a bigger audience who will never visit your blog or website but when you get there you can encourage them to come to your website and by so doing you will be building a brand that is very strong. Social networking sites are effective tools for creating brand awareness since as of 2015, 28% of people’s time in the internet is spent on social networking. Consumers usually discuss products and/or services that are of importance to them, or that they have purchased or intend to buy. Other consumers’ views and interaction with your posts and updates is what create your brand awareness. If you are going to any social media, your business account must be separate from your personal one. It is important to keep in mind that your marketing is not all about you but your targeted customers, so snapshots and selfies of you and your friend should stay personal. Your main aim is to boost your business by increasing your sales, so your personal things are not really relevant in the site. In fact, you should hardly appear on your brand’s social media page, or even not at all. On the social media site, try including a link in order to boost traffic to your web site. All your time spent on social media will be for nothing if the pieces do not easily fit together to display what your brand actually is. That is, you have to stay recognizable by chosen a social media name that is the same as, or related to your business’s name across other social media channels. Keep your profile pictures consistent as well and make sure that it is something recognizable and professional. You must have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use this power of picture to its fullest to gain more customers. The promotion of your products and/or services has to be done with creative and professional photos in order to attract the attention of your audiences. If you want customers to stick around you have got to focus on adding appeal and value to your feed. That is, you should create a lifestyle photo which is unique and captures your brand build. However, even if you are posting awesome photos, you need a strategy to get people to even see them so that they can start following you. With Instagram as example of social media the hashtag option is available to widen your discoverability. Measure your social media sites success to continue growing. The main way to continue optimizing your social media sites and maintain growth is to take the time to analyze your successes, research your customers, and repeat the content that is working.

Hold an event

No matter your business type, the best way to get the attention of your customers and prospected customers is to hold a live event. During the live event, you will have a valuable face time with potential customers in which you can give them the opportunity to experience the feeling, look and the personality of your brand. Always choose an interesting theme for the event, try to raise fund and increase on your brand awareness.

Exhibit yourself

A highly effective way to carry out awareness marketing to many people in your target market is to do an exhibition of you. A good preparation needs to be done since it is expensive in order to guarantee that you realize the best return on investment. Business brand build is not all that matters but you need to be able to attract people to your stand, make them discover your brand and absorb the message you have for them. Since people like getting something for nothing, a great way to attract the attention of people is to organize a competition or giveaway. With this competition or giveaway, you can turn the winners or recipients into walking billboards.

Be a sponsor of something

Another way to reach a target audience and increase brand awareness is by sponsoring a product or an event. Event sponsoring can entitle your business to exclusive face-to-face time with participants as well as overt branding opportunities. However, the event that you choose to sponsor should be relevant to your target market so that when it is going on you can go on with your awareness marketing. An effective way to create brand awareness is by sponsoring public events. For prominent visibility of the business name and logo you can sponsor events like charity days or social awareness fundraisers. When you sponsor local events it can make consumers to associate your brand or company with a community.

Invest in promotional merchandise

 A great way to thank customer and reinforcing your brand at the same time is by providing them with small corporate gifts. You can provide branded T-shit for your customers and it will put your company name and contact details at your customers’ body for months to come. You have to make the gift to be of a high quality standard since a bad quality gift will reflect back on your business and the branding that you intend to do will last only for a very short time. Also, the more you are creative with the gifts, the better for your business and the brand awareness. A recipient of your gift can be so delightful if the gift was unusual or personalized and might post about the gift on social media, thereby adding extra glory to your brand.

Partner with another business

Numbers has power and there is a great benefit working as a group. In a market environment, there might be other businesses who have the same target customers as you. You need to identify these other businesses with same customer target as you but who are not directly competing with you so that you can join forces in order to attain a mutual benefit.

Organize an experiential stunt

For businesses targeting consumers, the best way to increase on their awareness marketing is to get out on the street and engage with potential customers. This will help them in building a brand that will always be in the heart if their customers.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

Awareness marketing is part of any healthy strategy.  It is a customer-centric way to marketing that focusing on creating valuable content and fostering your leads through each phase of your buyer’s journey. There are 4 distinct parts in the inbound marketing funnel. To be able to design an effective marketing and sales funnel, the inbound technique uses human behavior. This is because humans digest information in a predictable way. The four-part movement of the classic inbound marketing funnel is that, customers become aware, perceive the value, act, and finally, become loyal to a brand. At every point of the funnel, close monitoring of your metrics is essential since none of these phases operates on a one-size-fits-all schedule. The main aim of the funnel is to guide your leads through the funnel at a suitable and effective pace. With awareness marketing, it is important to show how this fits into an inbound marketing strategy. For a number of years now, the idea of inbound marketing has been around but still yet many businesses are still reluctant to join the trend. This is because most of these businesses have not yet known the importance of it. It has numerous benefits, from growing organic search traffic, to generating more leads, to making the sales cycle short and to become a leader in your business. Blogging regularly is tactic that has work for thousands of businesses who are already actively content marketing. So, if you want to increase your brand awareness then maybe you should give content marketing a try.

Tap into the power of video

With Facebook live video now reportedly at 8 billion daily views, beating even YouTube’s massive 5 billion views per day it indicates that Video marketing is rising in popularity. With the social networks competing for video views there is a high probability that your target audiences are at least watching videos online occasionally. This implies that if you produce a great video content for your brand, you have a high probability that you will have an audience to watch and all the competing social network will happily show it to their users

These are just the ways you can boost your business using branding! Just a little imagination and an understanding of your customer, then you will be unstoppable in your business and your brand build will be incredible.

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