Waterproof Digital Camera Reviews

Waterproof Digital Camera:

A quick guide about Waterproof camera
Waterproof camera are mainly created for those who love to take photographs in or around water. However, water will not usually damage any parts of a normal digital camera, but the image quality of normal digital cameras and waterproof camera vary around water. Waterproof camera differ the most in its quality, size as well as its cost. If you are an underwater photographer, and looking for the perfect waterproof camera then this article is just for you.
Why do you need an Underwater Digital Camera?
Underwater Digital camera’ purposes vary at its own terms. However if you are in need of purchasing an underwater digital camera, then its important that first you know about what an underwater digital camera is, and also the purposes of owning one. Underwater digital camera comes in handy as it is known to be one of the greatest secondary cameras for families or friends who gather to go on a vacation or to the pool and are in need to take some snaps in water. This can be either in the pool, scuba diving or swimming or any other place underwater or around water. Underwater digital camera are also extremely easy to use. Just like the other ordinary camera, all what you have to do is point and shoot to capture your needs!
However, the key to an underwater digital camera is its durability. These waterproof camera can handle an enormous amount of water. Many waterproof camera or underwater digital camera were created to work in more than 30 feet underwater or less. Which is where the ODRVM 1080P HD WIFI Underwater Digital Camera comes in handy.
The best Underwater Digital Camera for reliably high quality image and video shoots
For all the underwater photographer’s these are the best Underwater Digital Camera’ that we have listed below just for you. Along with its features and guidelines and extraordinary accessories which would definitely blend in along with all your extreme activities and requirements. To know more, keep reading and find out.

1. ODRVM 1080P HD Wi-Fi
Now there is no need to worry about missing out on your recordings or adventures because this action camera can help you do exactly what you need.
The Odrvm 1080HD, with toughened housing waterproof case, you can dive as deep as 98feet underwater and record or snap your exciting adventures!
It comes with extra accessories that would help you attach it to your helmet or board for maximum HD recording. It is also designed to be lightweight designed so you’d never feel its presence around your helmet.
This also has a built in Wi-Fi connectivity that can be linked to your smartphone for shot control.
Here are the features of the ODRVM waterproof camera
Full-HD 1080p video resolution for high quality videos
12-megapixel for vivid still images
170 degrees wide-angle lens for broader footage coverage
Two rechargeable batteries each of which lasts for 121 minutes
Waterproof case which can support upto 98Feet
Multiple video recording modes: 720p at 60fps; 1080p at 30fps
Dual photo shoot modes: single shot and snapper
Built in 2-inch LCD Screen to preview footage and display
Built-in Wi-Fi for instant connectivity with your smartphone and instant sharing on social medias

Great video and image quality
This waterproof camera records 1080p video resolution and produces a great video quality. Due to its 30 frames per second, you can be assured that this device gives a great display performance.
Its 12-megapixel feature is another pro of this device. Capturing pictures with clear details. Both these features allow you to re-live these moments of your adventure by just viewing its captured footage in bright and vivid colors.
Easy to use
Your smartphone can be used to connect to your camera via Wi-Fi. This camera also includes a Wi-Fi remote control that you can place separately in your backpack, or pocket.
You can also preview your video on its LCD screen. The screen itself makes it easier to capture the images by providing the perfect angle to frame the shots.
You can call this camera to be a reliable device due to its long lasting battery life. Where you can also carry a spare battery in order to replace the existing one when it runs out.
One of the best features of this camera is that you can charge the battery via USB while recording videos.
Along with its waterproof casing which can be used while diving into water is another best feature of this device.
This casing protects the camera from getting wet when it is merged in the water. Which is when the accessories come in handy, where you can fit the camera onto your helmet to carry it with you easily.
You can use your device for outdoor sports activities, as this is waterproof as well, you can use it for watersports too.
Moreover, you can use this camera to capture your road travel footage.
Low light settings causes it to blur
This camera lacks night vision capability. However the device is perfect for day light, but still not the perfect one for night time activities.
Difficulty in connecting to Wi-Fi
Certain customers have complained about the Wi-Fi feature, as they found difficulty in connecting to it.
However, this can be resolved by rebooting the camera, if this still doesn’t fix the issue, then it is advisable to check your internet connection because you may have a faulty network.
Lens can’t be zoomed or rotated
The lens is known to be wide enough to capture a larger scenario, however the lens cannot be zoomed in order to capture a more focused effect.
This may be true, but still it is possible to capture the best angle of shots by previewing them via the LCD screen.
This action camera is applauded for its high quality videos and photos. However it does not provide the exact features as to be told, due to its low light conditions. This camera can make a 170 degrees wide angle lens that gives you an amazing view for your footage.

Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 stars

KINEAGEAR KG003 is a reliably dustproof, waterproof and cold resistant which you can carry along with you to any end of the world with no hesitation. Also to be one the best underwater digital camera.
Here are the features of KINGEAR KG003 underwater digital camera
Dustproof, waterproof up to 10m and cold resistant to – 10C making it tough and reliable to carry along with you anywhere you need.
Scenery: Auto, Night Portrait, Night scenery, Party, Beach, High sensitivity, Underwater.
Screen: 2.7 TFT LCD Screen with waterproof buttons. Perfect for viewing details of your adventures. 5MP CMOS sensor for clear and 8x digital zoom photos are guaranteed
5 Megapixels to deliver high quality images, up to 16M. With 2.7” LCD Screen, record videos with sounds.
High quality back, with 100% reliable warranty. Also offers a 12month warranty and 30days free exchange for all the related products which are built with the highest standard quality.
Great picture quality
As far as reviews go, the quality of the images and videos to fulfill its requirements as promised. Both in and out of water, the image quality seems to be great.
Easy to carry
The device by far is small enough to carry around easily, and has a great feature which allows it to zoom for more focused shots. Also light weight so you do not feel its presence while you carry it with you.
Reasonable price
The pricing of the camera is very reasonable. For all the features that it consists of the camera seems to be very cheap with great features.
Reliable as for its casing is really tough and strong that it works as a miracle underwater, on land, as well as in snow. The battery life is also long lasting with two rechargeable batteries which you get along with the package.
Difficulty in controlling the buttons
Some of the customers find difficulty with the buttons to control the camera.
Lacks time consuming
The time that it takes to switch from underwater to surface is quiet delayed as per the performance. It takes a few minutes in order to switch the mode.
Low-light leads to low quality images
The images are not as promising during low-light. The camera does not seem to be at its best during night time or low-light scenarios. Which leads it to be one of the major cons, as the camera itself has great features for such value.
Seems to freeze when too much photos are taken
When too many photos are taken the camera freezes time to time and can no longer take anymore pictures. However, there is plenty of space remaining but still it tends to freeze time to time. Due to high amount of images, it tends to auto delete all images leaving it empty as you connect it onto your computer or smartphone to transfer images.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 ½ stars

3. AKASO EK7000 4K
The AKSO EK7000 is also another known best underwater digital camera with 4K Ultra HD action Camera and a Professional 4k 25dps and 2.7k 30fps video capture.
Here are the Features of the AKANSO EK7000 4K underwater digital camera
The Akanso EK7000 gives you the option of shooting 1080P in 30fps, or 60dps and 4k 25fps. All of which you can change from the camera with no difficulty at all.
170 degrees lens to capture your adventures in any kind of weather conditions.
Waterproof resistance with protective casing up to 98feet.
Manual remote control which allows you to change options like single photos, time lapse and burst.
In built Wi-Fi for instant connectivity with your smartphone or tablet.
Extra accessories to help with any outdoor-indoor extreme activities.
12 Megapixel camera quality for crystal clear snaps
2 Inch LCD screen for previewing your captions
Ports: MiniUSB, MicroHDMI, MicroSD card slot
Memory: MicroSD with class 10 and SDXC cards, upto 64gb
Battery life: 80minutes of 1080p at 60fps
Easy to carry
It is said to be smaller than a credit card, which makes it easier to be carried alongside of us where ever we go. The size and thickness of the waterproof camera is similar to a small cologne bottle. Extremely light weighted.
Image and footage quality
Both these features are met up to its promise, as it has great quality with both images and videos. Crystal clear and feels like you are re-living the moments as you view these images later on. Including underwater, the footages are said to be incredibly clear.
Audio sound recordings
Any footage that you record obviously records the audio version along. However this device has a perfect outcome with its audio device as well. Every detail is perfectly recorded, and that is a very impressive feature for a camera that costs quiet cheap.
Budget friendly
The cost of this device is pretty cheap, and is budget friendly as it is affordable by most. Also for the rate it costs it is pretty much worth it. All the features included are totally worth the money.
User friendly
No difficulties in using the device as it is user friendly and all instructions given are absolutely amazing. The device is not complicated at all, everyone can use it with ease.
Several accessories for all sorts of extreme activities
For a budget friendly price, this under water digital camera seems to have several amounts of accessories coming along with the package, which can be used for various types of indoor and outdoor activities. All of the accessories are also high in quality and works like a charm for all purposes.
Not reliable
The battery life however doesn’t seem to last as long as it is promised to. At the rate of taking footage on 1080P 60fps mode, the battery would only last up to 1.5hours.

Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 ½ stars

4. Olympus Tough TG-860
Another best underwater digital camera which has an additional feature of tilting selfie screen. The Olympus TG-860 is a 16 Megapixel camera that is waterproof to a depth of 15m, shockproof from 2.1m, and more. Let’s know about the features, pros and cons of this underwater digital camera below.
Here are the features of the Olympus Tough TG-860 waterproof camera
Image Sensor: 16 Megapixels
Full resolution 16.8 Megapixels
½.3” CMOS
Lens: Optical zoom (5x WIDE)
Focal length 3.74 – 18.7mm
Structure: 10lenses / 8 groups
Digital Zoom: 4x / 20x combined with optical zoom
LCD Screen 7.6cm / 3.0”
Resolution 460000 dots
Closest focusing distance 1cm
Full resolution 7fps (full image size)
Image editing
HD Movie quality 1080 60p recording time: 18min, 720 60P Recording time: 29minutes
Internal memory 37MB
Capacity 128GB
In-built Wi-Fi and Eye-Fi card compatible
Waterproof up to 50feet
Wide-angle lens
This camera consists of a wide-angle lens of 21mm, which gives it a wider and broader footage caption.
Waterproof display
The waterproof depth as promised is upto 50 feet deep, which no leakage.
Hinged rear display, to give you the perfect preview for your adventures which lets you re-live these moments.
Easy to connect
Both Wi-Fi and GPS is easy to connect and user friendly.
Images quality
Images are not as sharper as it should be. Seems blurry which, is a disappointment as the camera has every other aspect achieved with perfection.
Battery charger
The package however has no dedicated battery charger for the device, which is another let down for the device.
Video quality
Videos appear to be shaky when captured.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 stars

5. Nikon Coolpix W100
Nikon Coolpix W100 is a waterproof camera which is able to reach the depth of 10m, and shockproof up to 1.8m. Listed below is a full detailed preview about this device.
Here are the features of Nikon Coolpix W100 underwater digital camera
Waterproof up to 10m, Shockproof up to 1.8m
13.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Full HD 1080p video recording along with 3x optical zoom lens
In-built Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth which allows you to transfer photos easily to your smartphone
Full resolution still images at 4.7fps
Usage of Bluetooth to transfer images, reduces the battery life usage, which gives you a longer lasting battery life.
2.7 inch LCD screen
ISO 125 – 600
Minimum focusing distance 5cm
Fun filter effects
Available in multi colors
Oversized buttons makes the camera user friendly and easy to use while under water or while wearing gloves.
Wi-Fi features
With its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth it is easier to transfer images to your smartphone with no difficulties at all. Also if your devices features NFC then it is much easier to set up a connection which is easier to use.
Battery life
The battery life is rated at 220 shots according to the CIPA test results of this device, which is however fairly standard for a waterproof camera. However carrying an extra battery along would be recommended.
Image quality
The image caption however is as promising as it sounds to be. Perfectly crystal clear images with every single detail captioned as exact as reality. Once again, another wonderful device which allows you to re-live your moments.
Video footage
The camera records full HD video along with stereo sounds.
For a 2.7” screen, the resolution of 230k dots seems to make the images appear slightly pixelated. Also as to the tricky angles, it seems quite difficult to shoot high or low angle shots.
The processing speed however is not as much promising as it tends to get a little slower when you capture an amount of images.
Low-light image caption
However, during low-light or night scenario the images are not so good. If you are a photographer of night or low-light scenario, then this camera might not reach your level of expectations.
Video footage
The camera does not feature the optical image stabilization, due to this you have to hold the camera still to keep the video smooth.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 3 ½ stars.

6. Leica X-U (Typ 113)
Leica X-U (type 113) has a durable camera design. The camera features a prime Summilux 23mm f/1.7 ASPH. Lens that offer an equivalent focus length of 35mm, along with an aperture of bright f/1.7 maximum for working in low-light conditions. Along with all these features and more, Leica X-U (Typ 113) is also known to be one of the best underwater digital camera.
Here are the features of the underwater digital camera Leica X-U (Typ 113)
Waterproof up to 49 Feet
Shockproof to 4-Foot Drops
Strong manual focus experience.
Dedicated button to trigger 1080p Video Recording.
Focus as closes 7.9 Inches (0.2 Meter)
Supports Eye-fi Mo-bi Pro Card.
LCD Size 3 Inches 4:3 Aspect Ratio
Maximum ISO 12500
16 Megapixels
CMOS Sensor type
Prime lens
The lens type can be manually focused on this device, with f/1.7 aperture.
Battery life
One of the most important feature for all photographers, however the battery life on this device seems to work as a charm. Provides a long lasting battery life which is one of the best pros of this device.
F/1.7 maximum aperture
This feature allows the device to have great captions even under low-light scenarios which is also another major pro of the device, as known not all devices are able to have a perfect caption under low-light, however, Leica seems to be pretty decent even under low-light.
Autofocus delays
Autofocus is on the slow side, as it has a bit of a process issue, which causes it to delay on the process.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 5 stars

7. Canon Powershot D30
The D30 is essentially the same as D20 in a new body. It has exactly the same 12.1MP BSI CMOS sensor, the same 5x zoom 28-140mm lens, the same 3in, 461k monitor, and even the same DIGIC 4 processor, when most of the rest of Canon's range has by now moved on the faster DIGIC 6 chip.
Here are the features of the Canon Powershot D30 waterproof camera
12MP 1/2.3" BSI-CMOS sensor
28-140mm F3.9-4.8 equivalent lens with optical image stabilization (5x optical zoom)
ISO 100-3200
3" fixed LCD with 461,000 dots
1080/24p HD video plus super slow motion video at 640x480 (H.264)
Waterproof to 25m / 82'
Shockproof to 2m / 6.5'
Temperature resistant from 14° to 104°F
Built-in GPS

The waterproof depth of this device is up to 82feet, which is spontaneous for all underwater photographers.
Zoom lens
The zoom lens is Sharp 5x which gives clean focus on captions.
Slow motion
Featuring one of its best mode, comes along with a slow motion video mode which allows you to record footage with slow motion.
Easy access for GPS with no delay, or slow process, which makes it easier to share your requirements.
Of course style and swag is required when you hold a camera in your hand which gives you more of a confidence I would say. However, this device is designed with style, that it has its own unique features and looks from the outside.
Built quality
The device is built with high quality products which makes it more reliable even after a couple of years.
Images are on the noisy side. Does not meet the requirements it is said to. A bit edgy every now and then, which is a major let down for this product.
Slow shot
The delay for a shot time seems to be a bit highly delayed than required. This delay of shooting images seems to be another let down for this device.
Video limited
The video quality of 1080p is limited to only 24fps, and not being able to go higher than that. This indeed leaves us with a not much smooth footage.
No Wi-Fi
One other major let down for this product is that it has no in-built Wi-Fi, which means you cannot connect your smartphone or tablets to your camera in order to share pictures.
Lens quality
The quality of the lens is also not as much promising as it sounds to be.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 3 ½ stars

8. Powerleap Gapo G050
Powerleap Gapo G050 is a simple camera that comes along with a very appealing price. This model is the only model that comes with a dual screen. It also features an LCD screen on the back and a smaller screen on the front. The camera used a 24-mega pixel sensor. Here are more detailed information about the device, which is also to be known as one of the best underwater digital camera.

Built in Flash-light
Supports up to 32 GB SD Card (SD Card only)
Dual Color Screens 2’7 LCD Display.
24 Mega Pixels
Water resistance up-to 10 Feet only.

Dual Screen with 1’8 TFT Screen Front Display.
Budget friendly
Less expensive. Affordable by all.
10-Feet Water resistance with no leakage.
Image quality
Images are slightly blurred which is a disappointment.
Battery life
The battery life does not last much long enough, so it’s a no for taking this device along with you for long road trips or vacations.
Display and handling
Both the display and handling are not user friendly. They seem much complicated than any other which is a reason for the negative reviews from numerous amount of customers. The display itself is not much clear to see.
Review of waterproofed digital camera: 3 stars

9. Nikon Coolpix AW 130
The Nikon Coolpix AW130 is a 16-megapixel waterproof 100ft (30m), shockproof 7ft (2.1m). The camera is known to have a built-in NFC and Wi-Fi. Let’s know more about this camera in detail, it’s also listed as one of the best underwater digital camera.
Here are the features of Nikon Coolpix AW 130 underwater digital camera
16.0 Megapixels
Built in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication Technology)
100 ft Waterproof / 7ft Shock proof
1080p Full HD Videos
5-Axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction
120mm Focus Length
CMOS Photo sensor technology
5-axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR)
3” inches Display Size
Easy to handle

Easy to share photos via NFC and Wi-Fi.

Shockproof Reliable

7ft Shockproof which is higher than most other cameras. More safety makes it more reliable.

Added features

Virtual reality compatible.

Video recording

1080p Full Recording, which appears to be crystal clear and smooth.

Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 stars

10. Coleman Xtreme II C12WP-R 
The Coleman is price tagged lower than imagination. It is a 16 megapixel device, with 2.5” LCD screen, with a built-in flash. Including its 4x digital zoom makes this camera seem interesting for its budget friendly price rates.  Let’s know more of why this camera is also known to be one of the best underwater digital camera.
Here are the features of Coleman Xtreme II C12WP-R underwater digital camera
16 megapixel resolution and HD video
2.5" LCD screen
Waterproof up to 10 feet
Built in flash, 4x digital zoom, 6 scene modes
SDHC card expandable up to 16GB, requires 2 AAA Batteries

The display is said to be a perfect fit in a compact design. Its 2.7” makes it easier to preview your adventures with ease and lets you re-live the moment.
The camera is proven to be dust and shockproof which is a great plus, as the image captioned are also crystal clear.
The images and video quality are decent underwater and on land which is the main goal of each type of camera.
However aside of all the pros the time it takes for an image to caption is known to be horribly slow. There processing speed of the device it-self is slow.
Certain built-in issues
The camera stops working at times due to shortage of circuits that are used to produce this device.
Review of waterproof digital camera: 3 star

11. Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Waterproof Digital Camera
It is known to be one of the most popular waterproof cameras. The reason for its popularity is its pricetag and excellent performance. It is 50ft waterproof and is designed to survive temperatures below freezing point. Known to be one of the best underwater digital camera.
Here are the features of Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Waterproof Camera
4 Way Proof - Waterproof 50 feet / 15m, Freeze proof 14 Degree F / -10 Degree Celsius, Shockproof 5.8 ft / 1.75m and Dustproof.
16.2 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor delivers high-quality images in low light.
Shooting mode is capable of capturing up to 10.0fps (maximum recording of 10 images at full resolution).
Full HD Movies with one-touch movie button.
Connect to your smartphone or tablet for Remote Shooting and Wireless Image Transfer.


Easy to use

The device is not designed to be complicated. It is designed to be easy to use for everyone. The handling has no issues by far.


This camera is proven to have the only entry point for a camera with the rest result of it being sealed and encased for watertightness, no leakage is found in this device.


Every important circuit, battery, SD card slot are well protected by a sealed twisting mechanism which can only be released when you turn it.



However, there is no battery charger provided which is a let-down for a camera that has proven to be really decent in all ways.

Review of waterproof digital camera: 4 stars

12. Panasonic DMC – TS25D

If you are after a tough, the Panasonic DMC – TS250 is the one for you. It is also a budget friendly product. 7m waterproof and 1.5m drop proof. Freeze proof up to -10 Degrees Celsius. Let’s know more about this product below.

Here are the features of Panasonic DMC – TS250 waterproof camera

8x Intelligent Zoom. (If the 4x optical zoom is not long enough) for your photographic journey. The 4x optical zoom virtually extends to an 8x zoom equivalent.
Motion Picture Button Video recording can be easily started with the press the Motion Picture Button making it easy for switching between photos and videos shooting instantly.
MP4 HD Recording. If you want to edit your videos on a computer or upload them to a website, the DMC-TS25 can record HD motion images (1,280 x 720 pixels) in MP4 format.
Capture Stills or HD Video In and Out of the Water


Easy to use

It fits into your jeans pocket which makes it easier to carry around with you. It is not a complicated design as it can be easily handled.

Well Protected

The devices features are well protected with its double-locked door feature that covers the battery and card slot with is unlikely to be opened accidentally even when underwater.



The device requires to be occasionally switched off and on to continue shooting

Video and power buttons

These two buttons appear to be really tiny and require a fingernail prod in order to work.

LCD screen

The devices 230k dot resolution is low by today’s standards which makes the images and previews look pixelated.

Review of waterproof digital camera: 3 ½ stars

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