Things to Consider Most Important in Life

Life is like a drama where we come, play our role and then go. That is we are born, we live and we die. It’s all about living the time we get and exploiting our skills, putting on a smile against all odds, pressing on even when the future seems to be dark and drawing life lessons. People have different lives to live, things that are important to one must not necessary be important to another. People are born with different life skills; some exploit theirs while others carry theirs to the grave. Living our different lives, we are exposed to different challenges that teach us different life lessons. Is money considered the most important thing in life? Is a car very important in life? Is it food that is very important? Is it shelter? Is it time? Is it health? Is it discovering your purpose? Is it having self -confidence? Is it water? Actually, I cannot be very correct because each individual have his/her scale of preference. But just as everybody needs air to breath, I will talk on five things I consider most important in life.

What I consider most important things in life


 Time is considered as one of the most important things in life. Everybody has equal amount of time and your achievements will tell how you manage your time. Some complain of not having enough time while others have enough time to do what they love doing. Everybody needs time. Time has a language which is either success or failure. I will like to ask you these questions about time

Do you know all of us have equal amount of time?

Do you know time speaks?

Do you know your time is your life?

Do you know the way you manage your time will tell if you will succeed or fail?

Do you know that your time is divided into four: the morning, the afternoon, the evening and the night?

Do you know there is time to plant?

Do you know there is time to uproot bad grass?

Do you know there is time to harvest?

Do you know there is time to rest?

Do you know there are some things that you have to achieve only in the morning hours of your time?

Do you know there are some things you need to do only in the afternoon hours of your time?

Do you know there are some things that need not wait till night?

Do you know the morning hour is the time to plant?

Do you know that the afternoon hours of your time is when you need to wed what you planted?

Do you know the evening hour of your time is when you need to harvest?

Do you know the night hour of your time is when you need to rest from all your labor?

Do you know that many are resting in the morning hours of their time?

Do you know that many are working in the night hours of their time?


All these boils down to the management of time


Do you know those working at the night hour of their time either spent most of their time either on Facebook, whatsapp, making unnecessary calls or visitation?

Do you know those who are resting in the morning hours of their lives are either making friends with those who have arrived or are comparing with their peers?

Do you know time waits for no one?

Do you know you will give an account of how you spent your time?

Do you know there is much you need to do before you die?

Why not get up and put your time to effective use?

And when you do, your language will be a success.

The clock is ticking. Even the watch on a dead man’s hand still ticks showing that time waits for no one.


How then can you manage your time wisely?

-          Select the kind of people you associate with. Make friends with people that have a purpose of living, those that will impact your life.

-          Have a dream about your life. If you have not yet discovered your dream, this article will help you discover yours. Having a dream will shape the way you manage your time. Knowing that there is a big task ahead of you, you will maximize the little time you have.

-          Draw a daily plan and discipline yourself to follow it.

-          Have confidence in what you want to become so that you can invest more of your time in it.

-          Avoid unnecessary visitations.

Having a Positive View about Your-self (SELF- ESTEEM).

Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can give to yourself. That is, believing in what you can do and how you can change your world through your life skills is very important.  How we view ourselves is the foundation in which our life is built. When we do not have a positive self-view, we turn to compare ourselves with other people, we feel insecure about ourselves, and turn to trust others more than ourselves.  We turn to talk negatively to ourselves. Lack of positive view makes us to do things to please others and not do what we truly think is right.

What then can be the cause of low self-esteem?

-          Poor academic performance

-          Loneliness

-          Abuse

-          Being unemployed

-          Neglect

-          Bullying.

Having a positive view on the other hand means accepting ourselves for who we are and what we believe in. It means having the courage necessary to make our own decisions and live life the way that is right for us. How then can you develop a positive self-view if you do not have? It is a life skill that can be acquired.

Steps to improve on your self -esteem:

-          Positive self-talk. Talk positively to yourself. Look at your-self in the mirror and tell yourself “I can do it”. No matter the storms and difficulties on your way, always talk positively to your-self. In the midst of challenges, tell yourself “I am strong”. Some of the positive talks you can speak are; I am fit for the task, I am more than a conqueror, I am a winner, I am born to be great, I refuse to be a failure. When you begin to speak these words to your-self, it builds your self -esteem.

-          Don’t compare yourself with others. Just as we have different names, color, date of birth, so are our accomplishment and our destinations different. Do not want to be a doctor because your friend is a doctor. Do not join a line of business because your sister is booming in it. We all have different skills and until you discover yours and begin to work on it the better it will be for you. Be your-self. Do what you can do at your best. Admire people but do not try to be like them because you might not know what they have gone through.

-          Do things that you enjoy. What are those things you love doing? Find time and do them more often.

-          Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Everyone living in this world is liable to making mistakes. So you are not an exception. Just learn from your mistakes and move on.

-          Celebrate yourself in small accomplishments. Don’t always wait for someone to tell you congratulations or give you a drink for your success. Buy it for yourself.

-          Be around positive people always. Don’t hang around people who bring you down. Find a group of people who make you feel honored. 

Discovering your Purpose in Life, Values and Dreams

Knowing your God, managing your time well, improving your self-esteem, is very good but knowing the “you” in you is very important. Discovering those life skills and exploiting them is an important thing. What is that unique skill that makes you different from every one?

Discovering your purpose in life

Your purpose is a description of what you want to be in life. Many are living the life of others here on earth. Knowing what you were born to do is one of the most important things. For everyone has a reason to why they live. But discovering this purpose at times is a very big problem. Everyone has life skills that need building. Have you discovered yours already? If not, here are some guides that can help you discover your purpose and build on your life skills.

-Take a blank sheet of paper

-Write at the top “what is my true purpose in life”

- Write any answer that pops into your head. It does not have to be a complete sentence

- Repeat step three until you write the answer that makes you cry.

This might sound crazy but it works.

Discovering your values

 Values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They determine your priorities and deep down they are probably the measure you use to tell if your life is what you want it to be. Values exists weather you recognize them or not. If you value your family, spending much time at your job will make you feel unsatisfied. Or if you are a comic person but happen to find yourself working in a very tense environment, you will be stressful.

In this type of situation, understanding your values is very important. When you know your own values, you can use them to make decisions about your life and you can answer questions such as; what job should I pursue; should I accept this promotion; should I start my own business; should I compromise, or be firm about my position. When you define your values, you identify what is truly important to you.

Discovering your Dreams

Everybody aspire to do more but only few people succeed. The question is why? To discover your dream and start building on your life skills is to first answer some questions;

What is your talent? What are the skills deposited in the inside of you. What are you good at? What similar things have your friends said you are good at? The answer can help you find your dream and build your life skills.

Where do you enjoy working? What are you good at and where do you think you can best manifest your life skills

Who do you like working with? Think of the categories of people you can work well with. Is it children, women, men, students, or adults?

What is your hobby? The things you do in your down time can tell a lot about what you find happiness in. Do the things you enjoy doing and you will get closer to your true calling in life.

What is your passion? What makes you genuinely happy in life? What do you find yourself doing even when you are not paid?

What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from that keeps you going? Might be it’s your religion, novels, poetry, acting.

What do you dream about? When you go to sleep, what do you see in your dreams? Whatever you may see, write them down.

Who do you admire? There is no new path in life one can take. There are people that have walked in that road before you. The person you admire can help you in discovering your dreams.


Health as the saying goes is wealth. Living in poor health will reduce your time here on earth and your chances of accomplishing your dreams. If we want to live long and build up our skills, we need to take care of our health. Health is very important and we need it. A person sick of malaria is tied to the bed. How can we keep our body healthy? There are some laws of health worth following;

-Regular exercise at stated time. It should be moderate and given up as soon as one feels tired.

-intoxicating drinks and smoking should be avoided.

- walking is the best form of exercise to remain healthy.

-Early rising is very important. Early to bed and early to rise is an important thing to do.

In a world of different people with different believes, different colors, different thinking, different backgrounds, different skills, it can be very difficult to talk on their behalf. But I think from the best of my knowledge developing life skills, improving on life lessons, and proper time management are the most important things in life. 

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