Risk Imposed by 3D Printed Guns in Australia

By Stuart

3D printer has made the lives of designers very easy as they can see their designed prototypes on the spot after designing them and make changes accordingly. It has drawn attention from many industries and a lot of companies are resorting to it for their printing needs. Since they can see their designs in a solid format, it gives them an advantage of making the products better and allows them to innovate their existing products and create new ones which will benefit the economy and the society as well. They can get more creative with their designs and unleash their creative side in the process of doing so.

You can buy a 3D printer to print your designs into a solid form so that you can examine it from your own eyes in the physical state. You can find the best 3D printers in Australia as they have the finest technology and create new kinds of 3D printers every time. The printer works on the filaments which are used for printing the objects. There are various kinds of filaments which are used to create different objects. You can create any kinds of object using the 3D printer, such as a gun, which could be for your own self-protection or can also be misused if gone to the wrong people. People can use the printing facility for manufacturing illegal weapons in the country, such as guns, and cause problems by making the environment unsafe. 3D printer can print guns with great accuracy and they can look just like the real ones made in the factory. This could cause a threat to the society and could be of great risk for the following reasons:

  • Unsafe

Making a gun using a 3D printer is very risky as it can go in the wrong hands of the people who could use it for killing and other activities that can cause harm to the society, making it an unsafe place to live in.

There can be illegal manufacturing of guns and other weapons using the printing facilities which will be harder to control by the government and would give access to many people who want to own weapons.

  • Illegal Trade

People can carry out illegal trading of weapons and can even sell fake prototypes of guns which are made to look real using the 3D printer.

  • Higher Costs

The cost required to print 3D guns are very high and people would start spending big money to own a gun, miss balancing the economics of the society.

  • Advancement in technology can be misused

With the advancement in technology, it will become very easy for people to make 3D printed guns in their backyards and would be accessible by all types of people. This could also cause a serious threat to the safety of people living in the country.


There are many more reasons as to why making a gun from a 3D printer is very risky and unsafe as it could pose a threat to the society. One has to be careful about how they handle the objects printed from the 3D printer. You can buy a 3D printer easily and just about anywhere in the world, but the important thing is to remember as to how to use it for the development of the society. There are good qualities of 3D printers available in Melbourne for reasonable prices and one should be more careful in selling the printers to the right kind of people in order to maintain safety and security in the society and the world in general.

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