The Importance of Proper Health and Safety Training

There are a variety of things you need to provide your employees to create a safe, comfortable and efficient workspace. One of those things is to provide them with proper health and safety training. The training needs to cover all the bases and convey them in a manner that the employees understand.


Health and safety training isn’t just part of the job, it can ultimately save an employee’s life. While often think of the importance in a factory setting, it’s also just as important to learn about in an office environment.


During health and safety training, employees will likely have a workbook or manual to read and then there is often a test that follows to ensure the information has been retained. Some of the sections covered in this type of training include emergency first aid, asbestos awareness (if applicable), CDW awareness (if applicable), fire training, and much more.


Call in a Professional


To ensure that the health and safety training is performed correctly businesses often turn to a professional health and safety consultant. These consultants are able to come in and provide the necessary training that is customised to your business and your environment.


You may even want to have a health and safety assessment done by CDM consultants. In this process they will take a look at your workplace and assess all the steps you are currently taking and where improvements can be made. Think of this as a preventive measure as it can stop accidents from occurring on the job by pointing out where attention is needed.


Some businesses require that a third party Health and Safety Audit be performed either as a one off or recurring basis. During this audit the consultant will be checking that you are adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and following all the rules and regulations set out by it. You will then get a compliance report to let you know how your business is doing. This report outlines any areas that need addressing.


This isn't just good for the employer; these audits can also be requested by customers/clients, an insurance provider, by the board, and more. These parties all have an interest in your company doing well and want to be sure any potential accidents are avoided.


If an audit is requested it will need to be done by a third party, as they are educated on the current regulations and rules, and they are non-biased.


Proper health and safety training is something that shouldn’t be pushed aside or ignored. Keeping employees well-informed, properly trained, and ready to act can help to prevent a disaster from happening.


RHSS Ltd is a multi-disciplined Health, Safety and Fire Consultancy serving London and the South East. They pride themselves on offering a professional and friendly service to each of their clients and this is demonstrated through their loyal client base.Their core philosophy is to provide sensible, compliant and practical advice/support to our clients at all times.For further information, contact RHSS Ltd at


What is a Health and Safety Audit?




A Health and Safety Audit is a systematic review of your organisation’s current level of management measured against your existing Health and Safety management system, the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974, and the regulations made under this.




Why do I need an audit?




A Health and Safety Audit will give you a clear indication of how the organisation is performing in terms of the management of Health and Safety and legislative compliance. Audits are the final part of the process in Health and Safety management and are an essential tool in establishing where the organisation may be falling short. Our audits can also be used for satisfying insurers, quality assurance, board level reports, accreditations and action planning.




How can RHSS Ltd Help?




Working with RHSS Ltd you can rest assured that the audit we will carry out will identify any improvements that may be necessary in order to prevent workplace accidents, while identifying how to gain compliance with Health and Safety legislation that applies to your business.



Health and Safety Awareness (1 Day)




Who Should Attend?




The Foundation in Health and Safety Awareness Training is for people at any level, in any sector, needing grounding in the essentials of health and safety.


Course Objectives




The course offers an introduction to the basics of Health and Safety, including: how to work safely, defining hazards and risks, how to identify common hazards, how to improve safety performance and protecting the environment.


Course Content/Learning Objectives




The course covers the following areas:




Why we bother with Health and Safety


The Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999


Civil and criminal law


Principles of Risk Assessment


Workplace hazards and controls




About US:

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