soy wax candles: when and why they are important

soy wax candles: when and why they are important

Betting on soy wax candles is another magnificent idea, since they add a very original and elegant touch to the decoration, illuminating the place of the celebration in a very subtle way. However, not all venues are optimal for hanging candles, so it is important to consider this before deciding on these types of candles.

What type of candle to choose?

A trend in this type of decoration is the floating candles combined with flowers in beautiful glass bases, in different styles and even sizes, providing an explosion of light, brightness, and color that will exponentially increase the beauty of the table.

Take advantage of the centerpieces themselves to include the candles: beautiful glass cylinders with pebbles or balls in the color of the wedding and with delicate candles on top. It will be simply ideal and will add a very romantic air to an evening wedding. Other optimal places to be decorated with candles would be the flower arrangements of the place, the stairs of the venue, or strategic places such as corridors and walls, all designed to create a perfectly lit environment.

The meaning of lighting candles

Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes or prayers. A candle can be lit as a prayer for peace or a request for specific healing. We light candles and place them on top of our birthday cakes in celebration of each precious year of our lives. The use of candles is as powerful as it is innocent, that is why they have been used and are still used today on various occasions and in powerful social rituals.

Burning decorative scented candles are a reflection of our emotional selves and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel overwhelmed. The presence of candles is of such importance and symbolism that they have always been used and are still used in all kinds of rituals.

Benefits of lighting candles

RELAX THE MIND: observing the fire, getting involved with the shapes and colors of the flame, dispels the mind, the thoughts, and helps to clear the worries. Do it in a comfortable place where you can contemplate it without noise or distraction.

WIDE PERCEPTION: Meditation in front of a source of warm light such as a candle - once the mind has relaxed - opens the channels of perception that are obstructed for any reason. Sitting in a place lit by the light of two candles, repeat out loud in the rhythm of any mantra that means something special to you. You will surely discover certain workarounds for problems that you thought were definitive.

ACHIEVE GREATER CONCENTRATION: if you find yourself very dispersed with difficulties to finish a task, try to remove energy sources that distract you, noise, disorder, strong lights ... Relax by the light of some candles for a few minutes and resume your task after this time, now using this light. You will see that it is much easier to finish it.

CLEANS THE ENVIRONMENT: the pillar candle stand to detoxify the environment of energetic darkness, returning harmony and warmth to the environment. Especially if you use white candles anointed with some lavender or lemon oil.

CREATE AN INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE: If you want to influence someone's mood, wishes, or thoughts, a very effective resource is to recreate a cozy, romantic, or hypnotic atmosphere, with decorative, slender, and light or pastel colored candles. This will make people feel more comfortable and lower their psychic defenses.

TO PERFORM RITUALS: light and matter is energy. You can direct the mind towards a certain end in a quantum way. The leaps of energy that cross space and time belong to this world and it is there that candles are useful. That is why it is so important to be aware of everything we do in the ritual since energy and intention must be applied gently and clearly at all times. A candlelit because it does leave its energy without will.

GENERATES PROTECTION: if we feel a lack of protection, fragility, anguish, nothing better than to act immediately by lighting a white candle to call the Beings of Light requesting their protective presence, in this way: “Beings of Light, come to meet me, removing me from the Darkness, in its Light, I am surrounded by infinite protection.

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