Gender Studies

Gender Studies

In recent years, human right activist, politicians, social movements, and political movements have been fighting for gender equality in different states. Although a 50-50 consideration in gender has not passed, women have received, at least, a third of consideration in many governments and public institutions. It implies that there are advances that women have made about gender differences. It raises the question whether the advances that women have made in gender differences continue to serve as the justification for social inequalities. The paper will look at the facts of how women advances on gender differences relate to social inequalities to explain my total agreement on the issue.

Although some states do not fully support gender equality, women have made progress in a way that people can hear their voices. Social inequalities are matters that make it necessary to address social justice. It occurs when a given social group is at a disadvantage in the community. The group enjoys minimal employment opportunities, education or leadership positions leading to poor healthcare and lack of essential facilities. Despite the fact women have been denied the opportunity for a long time; they should, at least, appreciate the advances they have made. Gender differences continue to serve as the justification for social inequalities. I totally agree with the argument. Human beings should gauge regarding their ability, commitment, and ability to lead others instead of gender. Gender differences continue to serve as a justification because while selecting leaders in given fields, the rule of gender representation must be put into consideration a matter that locks out potential leaders giving the opportunity to another person who is not in a better qualification simply because of gender.

It leads to poor development in economic, political, and the social lives of many. According to the model of social inequality, the direct social inequality model comes into play where uneven treatment is deliberate. Here, opportunities and resources are not evenly distributed. A clear follow-up of the model shows that it is necessary to provide chances for both genders even in areas where a given sex is not interested or qualified. It appears to be a sought of discrimination and going against the rules. It forces organizations to take semi-qualified employees living behind highly productive individuals leading to reduction of production, blames in the social community and eventually chaos. It supports my 100 % agreement with the idea that despite the advances that women have made in countries around the world, gender differences continue to serve as the justification for social inequalities.

The rule of nature puts a man as the principal provider in a family regarding food, clothing's, education, and other important things in life. Because of social inequalities, women have not been able to participate in economic contribution to the family. It leads to different inequalities. It also implies that despite the advantages that women have made, they have not reached a right level where they can provide for the family since their representation is low when compared to that of men. Hence, gender differences remain justification for social inequalities. Indirect social inequality model explains how indirect factors affect individuals when unequal treatment of a group occurs due to lack of knowledge or when the discrimination is unintentional. In many areas where women discrimination takes place, it is because of the nature of work and at times severe conditions that they cannot adhere. However, it creates a bad picture resulting in criticism and social challenges.

It creates a justification of social inequalities with many not considering the other factors. In conclusion, women have made uncountable advancements to the issue of gender differences. However, it remains to serve as a justification for social inequality. Due to the lack of knowledge and presence of necessary factors that make companies, government and individuals discriminate them such as incompetency, lack of education, and severe working conditions.

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