Multichannel Digital Marketing: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy has proven over the years to be the most effect marketing tool for online businesses to get their goods to their target audience in such a tactic that do not sound annoying or intruding. But today it’s facing a lot of challenges mainly due to changes in most of the digital marketing channels. Most of the main digital marketing channels such as Google is updating its algorithm, shifts in demographics across digital networks, new phones with ad blockers, declining Twitter engagement are just a few of the many recent changes that are impacting the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

Integrated Marketing Strategy is therefore a tactic to creating a unified and seamless experience for your audience to interact with your brand (products and services). It attempts to merge all aspects of communication such as advertising, public relations, sales promotion, social media, and direct marketing via their respective techniques, methods, channels, activities, and media, so that all work together as a single force. It can also be regarded as the strategy designed to ensure that all communication and messages strategies are consistent across all marketing channels and are customers’ centered.

With all these challenges, it becomes imperative for business owners and marketers to be more flexible with their digital marketing strategy. One way and the best tactic to mitigate and take an upper lead if engaging in a multichannel digital marketing or integrated digital marketing channel.

A multichannel digital marketing strategy is a digital marketing strategy that works across more than one digital marketing channel to get your messages or content or post to your target audience for a defined time frame. Common digital marketing channels include:

  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Public Relation
  • Pay-per-click Advertising  

Taking a closer look at these digital marketing channels, you can begin to appreciate the fact most of them are overlapping. For example, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) support, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO support Content Marketing. Thus, a multichannel digital strategy that brings together these channels in a single digital marketing campaign will be the most effective and most cost-efficient tactic to drive traffic, generates quality leads, and reach other goals.


Why is Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Important?

Digital marketing campaigns are generally cost-effective technique to search, attract and retain leads in local, national and global markets. Thus, if your business isn’t already running digital marketing campaigns its likely that your competitors are ahead of you. Most people are turning to online for almost all their purchases thus, you may be losing on this huge target market.

Due the large online presence of your target audiences, it’s vital that you have a presence in the digital channel they use. This way you will be able to meet their needs and close deals. But surprisingly, most business owners and marketers focus too much on just a single channel to attract new leads. The downside of such strategy is that, when this channel stops working, their leads dries up. Also, your audience online presence may have change. For example, there were first on social media but now there are using search engines. If your focus was just social media, you will soon loss all those who are now using search engines but if you had an integrated social media and search engine optimization, you will still be able to target all your audience and attract new leads.

Integrated digital marketing strategy makes sure that once on channel is dry out, the others keep performing and the overall effect on your revenue is low.

Integrated digital marketing strategy gives your marketing the added value of combining expertise specialism with the potential outcomes of group work, and effective team working.


How to Develop an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

The goal of an integrated digital marketing strategy is simply to achieve a force multiplier effect via the outcomes gain. This force multiplier can be achieved when you effectively have the distinct specialists (PPC, SEO, etc.) working together. Some important areas to support successful integrated digital marketing strategy include:

  • Determining expected project working time and ‘team work’ requirements.
  • Making data accessible to all parties
  • Being proactive with communication
  • Facilitate easy team collaboration
  • Having an identified project leader /cross team
  • Make sure everyone understands team responsibilities, roles, and tasks.

In addition, make it clear from the beginning/outset what an integrated approach looks like and set/manage the expectations. You may need to propose, agree, and communicate expected outcomes, make sure you have the right people in place needed to deliver, and reassess how successfully you are progressing towards achieving them.

The principles that support an integrated digital marketing strategy are based on the same fundamental principles of any business strategy including:



Every successful integration digital marketing strategy must begin with an effective digital marketing plan. Such plan serves as your business marketing guide that led you into your success. Your business plan should therefore be able to clearly highlight the following:

Mission Statement & Goals: This will involve stating clearly what you want to achieve with your integration digital marketing strategy. People or your team will need to understand your mission therefore make sure to keep it clear and simple. A good example will be “Increasing total number of leads by 60% in 2017” or “Increase total click-through rates by 75% in 2017”

State the Strategy: Strategy is the things you plan to do to deliver the objective. Having a mission or goal is not enough; you should have a clear strategy to arrive at them. For example of a good strategy that tie to the goals above may be “create unique quality contents and distribute them across all social media channels to grow brand awareness and traffic”.

State core Tactics: This has the potential to empower your integrated digital marketing strategy, support cross-team buy-in from the onset, and set required delivery expectations. Tactic here may include email marketing, creating new content hub, expanding current affiliate network, and paid content promotion.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Metrics: Your integration digital marketing plan should have a scale that will be used to measure its effectiveness and success. Such metric should be communicated to all shareholders and team members. KPI’s for your business would likely include the following targets and benchmarks (metrics):

  • social sharing
  • non-brand impressions
  • traffic by source
  • topic/theme traffic
  • topic/theme rankings


Understanding and Maximizing Specialist Roles

Whether you are working in-house, with an external agency, or other resource areas, it’s not advisable to allow every digital marketing quality or activity to be fulfilled by a single person. The ability to understand, play and execute relies on the strengths of the resources you have at your disposal and it’s important from the start of your digital strategy planning.


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

In order to help you in your integrated digital marketing strategy creation, I have summarized some important aspects you may need to consider as you move on down this tunnel.

Effective integrated digital marketing strategy always put the end users the top priority. Your user experience with your website determines to a lager extend the success of your strategy and hence your revenue. Thus, always place the end user at the forefront of your strategy.

Have a plan that is flexible. You may have to evaluate and refine your plan according to the prevailing market environment. Offcouse, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good plan at the onset but due to the changeable business environment, you may need to refined and adapt to changes.

Integrated digital marketing strategy is all about teamwork. A collaborative and friendly working environment increases sharing and growing of ideas, empowered skilled staff to deliver more, and enrich end results.

Set key business milestones and review deadlines. This may just be to evaluate your business performance and how the various actors are contributing towards the business objectives. Team scrums can work best for this as they require minimal planning, informal, and often take about 15 minutes to complete.


Integrated Digital Marketing Channels

Considering the different digital marketing channels, it’s undoubtedly clear that some perform better than others with SEO outsmarting all for almost every goal. But owing to the potentials of multichannel digital marketing campaigns therefore, it will be better to merge these channels together for optimal results. For example, merging your content marketing with SEO will empower both marketing strategies.

For every integrated digital marketing strategy, the starting point is always content. This simply means that your content marketing strategy must be effective for your business to succeed with its integrated digital marketing strategy.

With this concept of multichannel digital marketing clear, let’s look at how content is integrated into other channels.  

SEO your Content: For your content to rank high in search engines, they must be optimized or search engine friendly (easily recognized by search engines). Optimizing your content will simply mean finding a good number of keywords representing terms your target audience may search while looking for your product. You may use you Google AdWord Keyword Planner to begin with. Enter your search keyword and obtain different variant or combination of the keyword. A good keyword will be the ones that have very high monthly search (greater than 1k), low competition for it but with a high suggested bit of traffic. Use these keywords to create your content making sure that they are repeated a good number of times.

Below is a search result for integrated digital marketing on Google AdWord Keyword Planner.


Search Terms

digital marketing 


Avg. monthly searches 


Suggested bid 

Ad impr. share 

10K – 100K





Distribute your Content on Social Media: Make sure you share your contents on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you mentioned some expert in your sector (which is good to achieve credibility and trust), try to link to or share with them. If they in return share your content, you will score good points and open up new networking opportunity. On the other hand, your social engagement also helps your SEO ranking.

People love to share or retweet valuable contents. Therefore, you can gain more engagement and content amplification by simply creating valuable, unique quality contents.

Create an Editorial Calendar: It’s wrong to get the same contents (no matter how good it may be) to your audience repeatedly. Therefore, you’ll need an editorial calendar plan to be able to effectively provide update to your audience. An editorial calendar lists out the time and dates you intend to post contents on your blogs, Facebook, and Instagram, Tweets, and other content you plan to use during your integrated digital marketing campaigns.


Create the calendar and then schedule your content regime in advance rather than updating constantly throughout the day. This cut the chance of repeating contents and gives you the ability to craft your language and format of these messages rather than writing them on the fly whenever you have time.


Monitor & Analyze Integrated Digital Marketing Channels

Monitoring and analyzing your integrated digital marketing channels is vital for your business. With respect to your goals, you may want to find out whether your marketing system is performing as planned. Use the metric you plan to use for each channel (click-through rate, traffic, leads generation, etc.). It’s also a good idea to analyze or measure your performance using metrics commonly used for your product.

In today’s digital world, a visitor may come in contact with your social as on their desktop, response to a pay-per-click (PPC) ad on their smartphone, sign up on your Facebook page, then return email you send before marking a purchase.    

Therefore, the best solution will be to track these visitors every move and meet him on every channel with the content he loves. And the only way to achieve this is to have a strategy that help you make a present simultaneously on most (if not all) digital marketing channels and platforms. There is no better option other than an integrated digital marketing strategy.


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