Love is a universal language

Love, A universal language :

Love is one of the most pure feeling that human being ever experienced. Everything in this world is based on mostly love. Every religion in this world teaches love. Even the biggest of the sins are committed in the name of love.  Love is of many forms. Love of God and religion is the best form of love. Then there is a love of God’s creation such as other human beings. Everything in this world is about love. Love is a prayer. Love is not foul, love is pure. Every religion, every caste in this world understands the language of love.

Love is a universal language. It is understood by all despite any differences. Everyone in this world wants to be loved and accepted for who they really are even with their small imperfections. In this world each and everyone seeks love but as long as love exists, so will hatred. People fight each other to protect their loved ones and so one can say love is also the main cause of all the violence. Love is the only thing that can really change someone. Even the saddest of the stories like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” looks so beautiful, because love justifies even the wrongdoings. Love is so powerful.

Love is communicated between two people by caring for each other, compassion, kindness, acceptance and most of all tolerance. Those who love each other tolerate even the hardest of things to be together. Love is another name of a life test. The extent of someone’s love can be measured by how much he, tolerate the other.

Love is inevitable. It is like an oxygen for the human body. The more you absorb oxygen the healthier you are and if the supply of oxygen is stopped only for a brief amount of time, you won’t survive. Those who are unaware of love are mostly depressed people. In our society it is a common thinking that love just happens. I disagree. We might be attracted towards other people but that attraction is only because it is in human nature to be attracted towards opposite sex. Love develops after we spend some time with each other, care for each other, tolerate each other, accept each other and to be able to say that this person is perfect for me. Those who truly love each other always stay together despite what and how many problems they face. True lovers do not cheat, they do not flirt with others, even the thought of such actions do not cross their minds, they are simply willing to die for each other.

Expressing love with beautiful quotes and wishes has always been a fascinating way. Love should be expressed in the most beautiful and special ways. Find beautiful love quotes and wishes to express your love. These quotes can be used for different events and occasions. One can surprise his/her girlfriend or boyfriend by sending gift and beautiful cards with written lovely quotes. These small deeds fill the holes in one’s relationship. Love quotes can describe one’s affection and feeling very easily for the other. Lovely quotes for him or her will soften his or her heart. He or she will just melt away. Using love quotes to express the feeling of love is a brilliant idea. For ice breaking and talking to you crush, you should not be too straight forward. Let her know that you care for her and you like her. Make her feel special. Let her think that your world revolves around her and what is the better way to do this than saying beautiful and lovely quotes to her.

The period of love letter was really romantic and cute. This method still holds significance in the eyes of ladies. Go through the trouble of writings beautiful love quotes for her and make her believe that she is really special. You can find hundreds of beautiful and lovely quotes on the internet.

These love quotes works best on some special occasion. Weather it is your first date, or when you propose to her or your marriage day, your first anniversary or any anniversary. Cute love quotes works best in these occasions. Even after many years of marriage. Even if it is just her birthday, a beautiful love quote will just make her whole day. Love quotes works in both happy and sad events. If it is a sad moment then she will know that you are always with her and you will love her till the end. Knowing this will give her strength and power to withstand any difficulty that you both are facing. As they say, “ true love overcome even the deadliest of hardships”.

Love is an indescribable feeling, the easiest way to show your love to some is through beautiful quotes. These emotions makes one eager to express what is in his heart. Many people are too shy to express their love to someone. Again the best way for them to show their love is through cute and lovely wishes or quotes. Saying or confessing your love to someone is one thing but actually making them believe is another. Put your feelings in words and show her how much you love her and what can you do for her. Not just tell her but make her believe that she really is the center of your universe. Show her your desire and determination for how much far you are willing to go for her. 

When we say love, an image of two people having a romantic relationship came into our minds. Love is the key to a fine and loving, joyful life. Love and relationship is a part of a successful life.
A fine example is, perceiving this word "LOVE" itself. For some people "LOVE" is pure magical, and it can only be felt and can't be explained. The simple name of this whole emotion is LOVE.
Love is caring purely for someone even after seeing his or her imperfections. Love is so powerful that the greatest of the sins have been committed in the name of love and the greatest of the sacrifices have been made in the name of love.
Their come a certain time in everyone's life in which he or she became a victim of love. Mostly people just fail to succeed their love and they simply lose all hope and it destroys them. That is why they say, "Love is a hurricane".
Love can also be for materialistic things or the love of food. A quote is "there is no love more sincere than the love of food".
It is not a crime, but sometime it became both these things like when someone confesses his or love to someone and he or she got rejected then he breaks down, thinking that he is the most unlucky and alone person alive. That is when love becomes evil and crime.
Love only those who are worthy of your love. Love is many things but not evil. Love is pure.
Hurry up, find best of the lovely love quotes and confess your love to your crush before it is too late.

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