Haunted Places
The old section of Key West, an island formerly known as Isle of Bones, has everything a cemetery which published its dead in coastal sand dunes in 1846 of hurricanes in the original Elvira, a 19-year-old killed by her husband, funeral and whose headstone remains to this day inside the Saloon Captain Tony (the original location of the morgue of the city). Key West is also home to the famous three feet high Voodoo doll stuffed with straw named "Robert the doll" and "Undying Love"! history that surrounds the count Carl von Cosel who lived with the corpse of his beloved... for seven years Even if these are some of the more scary stories out of Key West, it also houses many haunted hotels, restaurants and bars that add to the local flavor. The Key West locals embrace their ghostly inhabitants as any other inhabitant living on this tropical island.

Characters of the High Island in color, the saltwater fishing, fresh seafood, and his casual life style has made Key West a popular vacation destination for people of all ages and one of the top tourist destinations in this country. This southernmost city in the United States with a rich and vibrant history is located 150 miles south of Miami, Florida and 90 miles north of Havana, Cuba. 2 Mile-4 mile tropical island paradise, which houses its little secrets and comes with a virtual spent very sordid. Tales from the island of pirate lore, Voodoo curses and black magic rituals have been Key West for infamous for its hauntings and Ghost tours where you can learn more about these spirits or even stay in a haunted hotel and the their first hand experience of ghostly presence!

Key West is considered by many as one of the most haunted places in the United States where the paranormal enthusiasts can enjoy the hunting trips in nocturnal ghosts through the historic old town, where visitors and restless spirits roam as well in dark streets after dark. Hotels haunted, Victorian 19th century mansions, and cemeteries are sure to produce some orbs, apparitions, and ghosts for the involuntary traveler comments as you stroll through the narrow streets listening to some of the tales and the most picturesque descriptions of the island. The endless stories of writers famous, pirates, run-runners, and refugees from the second oldest city in Florida are often scary and down right scary. You will hear accounts of cooling and tragic drapes, murder, disease, misfortune and many other strange stories true again earned him Key West his place on the list of the top ten of the most haunted cities in America.
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