Automatic SQL Tuning in

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Automatic SQL Tuning in

In the early start of 80s knowing PL/1 and Fortran 4, Walking out to how the instructor was informing us that perhaps some day application will be able to develop application. Something like that, I am rephrasing. In those days software development was known as programming.

With Oracle11, this became somehow real. What happens behind the layer is that Oracle’s CBO is able to correct/change some bad efficiency programs without individual involvement. Which actually is one of the best new functions in 11g and for sure the best 11g new function for Data Center DBAs.

But even in, the finish automated of Automated SQL Adjusting is not switched on by standard. You have to personally allow it, just like this:



parameter => ‘ACCEPT_SQL_PROFILES’, value => ‘TRUE’);



After developing an 11g databases, that is all you have to do today to improve the process! For all the facts, examine the 11gR2 certification on Automated SQL Adjusting.

The new objective crucial manufacturing databases, was in Nov 2007, as soon as Oracle 11g was available for Solaris. However, there was Hundreds of investment time before that working/testing on as an leader specialist.

In my personal viewpoint, beginning 12g, recognizing SQL information should be allowed by standard. However, to use automatic SQL tuning and in particular SQL information the Adjusting and the Diagnostics features need to be licensed! Automated SQL tuning via information is the best way to extremely track SQL statements: CBO understands from its mistakes!

Back to there are 3 new and modified efficiency tuning features:

Source Administrator improvements for similar declaration lining up and CPU usage limit

The Oracle Orion I/O Calibration Tool

The new DBMS_AUTO_SQLTUNE program for Automated SQL Adjusting which is the new interface for personally handling the automated SQL tuning task

Here are example of how you should use them:

1. Perform the Automated SQL Adjusting procedure immediately: EXEC DBMS_AUTO_SQLTUNE.EXECUTE_AUTO_TUNING_TASK; Note: must be run as SYS!

2. Show a written text review of the automated tuning task’s history: SELECT DBMS_AUTO_SQLTUNE.REPORT_AUTO_TUNING_TASK FROM DUAL;

3. Modify a procedure parameter value for the everyday automatic runs: see initially how to allow automatic approval of SQL information. You can see all factors as follows:





An accessibility direction is the means by which information is recovered from a data source. For example, a question using an catalog and a question using a complete desk check out use different accessibility routes.

Indexes can extremely improve efficiency of a SQL declaration by lessening the need for complete tests of large platforms. Effective listing the kind of adjusting strategy. Automated Tuning Optimizer examines whether a new catalog can considerably improve question efficiency. If so, then the consultant suggests catalog development.

Because the Automated Tuning Optimizer does not evaluate how its catalog recommendations can customize the whole SQL amount of work, it also suggests running SQL Access Advisor on the SQL declaration along with an agent SQL amount of work. SQL Access Advisor looks at the effect of developing an catalog on the whole SQL amount of work before making recommendations. See “Automatic SQL Tuning Features”.

SQL Framework Analysis

Automatic Tuning Optimizer recognizes typical issues with the dwelling of SQL claims that can lead to inadequate efficiency. These could be syntactic, semantic, or style issues. In each case, Automated Tuning Optimizer makes appropriate recommendations to rebuild the claims. The recommended substitute is similar, but not comparative, to the very first declaration.

For example, the optimizer may recommend changing the UNION owner with UNION ALL or NOT IN with NOT EXISTS. You can then figure out if the advice can be applied to your situation. For example, if the schema style is such that copies are not possible, then the UNION ALL owner is much more effective than the UNION owner. These changes require a good knowing of the information qualities and should be applied only after concern.

Alternative Strategy Analysis

While adjusting a SQL declaration, SQL Tuning Advisor queries real-time and traditional efficiency information for substitute performance programs for the declaration. If programs other than the very first plan are available, then SQL Tuning Advisor reviews an substitute plan finding.

SQL Tuning Advisor validates the other performance programs and notices any programs that are not reproducible. When reproducible substitute programs are found, you can make a SQL plan guideline to advise the optimizer to choose these programs later on.

Thus our Oracle training course is more than enough for you to be a Certified Oracle Professional in this field.


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