SAP GRC Implementation

What is SAP GRC?

Governance, Risk, and Compliance, almost always referred to as GRC. Governance, Risk and Compliance are three areas that work together to achieve organizational objectives."Governance is the blend of procedures made by the higher administration and it manages the consistent observing of actualized procedures keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish organizational goals. Risk Management is the examination and management of dangers over the association. Compliance manages different principles, directions, strategies and methodology."

Project Plan

Implementation of GRC includes server team, BASIS consultants, business staff and generally critically GRC consultants who will do the larger part of work amid the usage. SAP GRC utilizes a three-level landscape, prescribes isolate devoted server for access control segments. Server Team and BASIS Consultants will cooperate to introduce GRC equipment and segments and will make the advancement, quality and creation servers prepared for GRC consultants to design according to the business necessity.

The configuration settings include joining of GRC with different frameworks inside the association, Configuration settings of individual segments, Client particular work process outline, Segregation of Duties, Risk library plan, Mitigation controls outline, Organization particular review reports.Systems are for the utilization of representatives in the association in this way it is critical for them to comprehend the newly implemented system. Once the technical implementation is finished then we have to complete the training programs for the clients before the newly implemented system is released to the clients. Go-Live and support activities are similarly critical as that of the implementation phase. Many product bugs are identified and fixed during support phase. 

Implementation Phase

Every association is distinctive and there is no single approach for GRC execution, still, there are some basic difficulties that come into picture while implementing GRC solutions. In larger part of associations, every business capacity or unit has its own particular business procedures and its own set of compliance controls and this makes GRC system hard to implement.Sometimes there can be a group of organizations working autonomously under a single umbrella and it is redundant for them to take after a similar business process.This leads to complexity and the solution on this can be the GRC specialized team that will work concurrently with other business departments to achieve organizational Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

1. SAP GRC Access Control Architecture Design

SAP GRC access control configuration relies on upon utilization of ace information, exchange use and quantity of representatives in the association. Other than the number of target and backend frameworks for access provisioning, access risk analysis, role generation and superuser privilege management and superuser benefit administration impact the execution of GRC Access Control platform. SAP GRC access control can have its own client database anyway it is ideal to have the database upgraded with HR ace client information through which new redesigns in the client qualities can be pulled in GRC framework with the appropriate channel. Identity management is the great choice in this situation.

2. Hardware Installation and Configuration

Hardware installation includes composed exertion between BASIS(Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions) and GRC specialists to decide the required equipment and its sizing. GRC server can comprise of cluster environment which is a group of multiple server instances. Group condition with its heap adjusting, offers continuous administrations and guarantees accessibility, dependability and adaptability.

3. GRC Access Control Component Installation

Access Control, Risk Management, Process Control are contained in one extra GRCFND_A. Front end GRC entry will be gotten to through web program and NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). Modules like GRCPIERP and SLL-PI can be introduced where GRCPIERP is for HR pertinent capacities like some HR triggers in access control.

4. GRC Access Control Post-Installation Activities

This step includes GRC access control configuration settings as it permits you to alter access control suite. It's the most critical undertaking in entire GRC access control usage. Configuration settings are done throughSPRO exchange. Configuration parameters require legitimate deduction while choosing it, as it will affect the entire access control life cycle.

5. Organization specific connector settings

Organization can have various systems like employee portal systems, client relationship management, seller systems, supply chain systems etc. and it’s important to put all the systems under GRC for better and streamlined governance, risk management and compliance beyond the business. The connection should exist between all ERP, non-ERP and legacy systems.

6. Risk Library Design and Configuration

In business, A SOD risk is available when a worker has two contrary capacities, for example, “creation of vendors” and “processing of invoices” or we can state Business risk happens when clients have basic benefits, for example, the support of bank subtle elements inside a merchant ace record.

7. Workflow Implementation

Workflow of the GRC access demand is the one thing in GRC implementation that needs a lot of critical thinking. GRC access request workflow includes security partners, role owners, business heads, risk specialists etc. SAPs GRC access control workflow implementation can be done through SPRO customization.

8. Component Validation

Once the configuration settings are done then the segments ought to be approved by the topic master of the GRC. Every one of the parts should be approved if their working is right and adjusted to the business necessity.

9. Final Preparation Phase and Testing

After approval of the considerable number of parts, thorough testing ought to be led on GRC quality framework to check all the functionalities and furthermore its execution. Test scripts can be made to check the outcomes. Testing ought to be finished by Testing experts as it makes the framework sound and free from bugs.

10. Training, Go-Live and Support

This is the last step in usage and does not include much-specialized work, however, the coordinated way to deal with make the framework live, prepare the clients, releasing the system for bolster group is similarly imperative as that of specialized usage. The training programs ought to be made in an unexpected way contingent upon the client profiles.

Post Implementation Activities

System Should not stay stale once the execution is done as changes and redesigns are accessible every now and then. It is vital to stay up with the latest with patches and security notes. Numerous of the bugs are recognized among sustain stage consequently it is important to apply the adjustment notes. Another vital action is security optimization of the system. Notwithstanding normal reviews, security optimization should be finished on GRC system consistently or at regular intervals according to the business stack. Security optimization of SAP GRC framework includes usage of RSECNOTES and HOTNEWS which are given by SAP and now and then it might require SAP ABAP programming information to execute the same. Security optimization additionally includes returning to of the considerable number of approvals inside the framework and if there are any escape clauses then proposing security gets ready for them. Security enhanced framework is less inclined to be under assault as optimization will expel the vulnerabilities in the framework.

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