Education Destinations Indian Students are Considering Now

Studying abroad is not a recent trend by any means especially in India. Students are inclined to study in foreign universities to experience a plethora of opportunities. The clichéd viewpoint that studying abroad makes individual worldlier rings true even today.

The current generation is looking beyond the traditional destinations of studying in nations like USA and UK, to find new studying avenues. The scope of studying in a new country broadens individual perspective, exposes them to new cultures and traditions and makes one more communicable.

Why Study Abroad?

An individual becomes more marketable when they study outside their own country and come back for jobs. They gain intangible life skills through the journey, gain a cultural understanding of one’s own culture (and others) and makes one much more responsible. Employers are always on the lookout for such individuals who have a deep understanding of the world beyond their own space.

Upon arriving in a new host country, the students learn the cultural difference in terms of foods, appearance, tradition and social atmospheres. Experiencing it firsthand makes one appreciate the history and the people of that place much more.

The life skills you attain are very attractive to the future employers. One can also work in the host country and have a wider range of opportunities for them to choose.

Studying abroad brings out the independent nature of an individual. One discovers themselves while studying abroad. It tests the student’s ability to adapt to different conditions.

One learns a new language, makes new friends and find new undiscovered interests which were unknown to the individual before.

Destinations considered by Indian Students


The Emerald Island from the United Kingdom has quickly emerged as one of the go-to locations for Indian students for study purposes. Ireland comprises many reputed education centers and institutions which are highly in demand among the Indian students. Those looking for courses in Computer Science, Management in Pharma or Business, Data Analytics and general science can consider this as an ideal destination. With over 2000 Indian students studying in the country, there has been a huge hike in the number of enrollments in the last three years. The interest of studying in Ireland is mainly due to the various job opportunities available there. Famous MNC companies like Facebook, Twitter, Allianz and others are some of the post-study options which Indians are considering.


German universities and colleges are known for their developments and research. PGD courses in engineering are highly sought-after in Germany. Each year more than 10,000 students go to Germany to study in different colleges and universities there. Scientific advancements is a huge pull factor for the Indian students. Also, there is no compulsory requirement to be proficient in the German language, which is an added advantage. After completion of their graduation degree, they can apply for a visa which permits them to work in German companies for an 18 month period.

New Zealand

The non-university sector or the ITPs (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) has seen an enormous growth of Indian students in the recent past. There are almost 30,000 Indian students currently pursuing their studies in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Traditional courses in  Hospitality and sports medicine and marketing are always in high demand. The country is quickly becoming the hub for science and technology courses. There are various universities to choose from in New Zealand and a total of 12 months is granted for post study jobs upon completion of graduation.


Like other European nations mentioned in this list, France is becoming another one of those unconventional destinations for studying. Students are willing to explore paths which are not so commonly preferred by others. The location is something which attracts the masses, the luxury feeling, and epic views make it a lustful choice for the students. France has a large variety of universities, different scholarships, and cheaper course fees. At present, there are over 4000Indians studying in France. This number is likely to increase as the new scheme of post-study job is extended to almost two years.

It's true that the popularity of countries like the USA, UK and Canada as the preferred study location for Indian students will not change anytime soon. But, the developments of the education system in other unconventional nations will surely provide stiff competition in the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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