Top Ten Wealth Management Client Services

Top Ten Wealth Management Client Services

Wealth management firms provide generalized and specialized services to either a wide range of clients or an exclusive target client range. These clients have access to a variety of investment and financial products which are used to build wealth, and after some time, a wealth management model is reached for individual clients. They help you make smart and well-informed decisions with your finances to provide you with great regular returns. 

The following are ten kinds of wealth management client services provided by wealth management firms: 

  • Investment planning

  • Insurance

  • Estate planning

  • Income protection and asset preservation

  • Tax planning

  • Education planning

  • Business planning

  • Debt management

  • Special situations

  • Retirement planning

Wealth managers usually address these areas with clients to implement comprehensive financial solutions. However, most clients do not need services in all the ten wealth management client service areas.

The evolution of wealth management client services

A lot of wealth management firms initially start out with the “broker/agent” service model with the most common wealth management client service offered being investment planning, as it is the foundation of building wealth for clients. 

As the firm grows over time, so will the number of clients who will ask for more comprehensive advice. This will lead to an increase in the number of professionals to provide the needed expertise to cater for the growing need. When asset accumulation programs are in place, the next course of action is to protect the assets, and this is where insurance planning comes into the picture. Sooner or later, emphasis will be placed on the transfer of wealth and assets to others and this requires estate planning advisory services. A couple of years down the line and your firm ends up offering most, if not all of the ten above listed wealth management client services.

The Arrowroot Family Office (AFO) Wealth Management Forward Program Services

The Arrowroot Family Office (AFO) Wealth Management Forward program eliminates all financial roadblocks and offers services to help accountants and CPAs achieve their financial targets through tested strategies and financial advice to increase their returns on investments.

We are an accounting Advisory Services provider that leverages on our years of experience which have provided us with the best working strategies to present to our clients for the growth of their wealth through financial recording, planning, implementation, investments, and by providing growth opportunities.

Here are the specific services we provide: 

  1. Investment advisory: We will help you grow your wealth strategically by adopting strategies and developing an investment plan that aligns with your goals. With us, your investment portfolio will grow significantly.

  1. Financial planning: AFO Wealth Forward Management program helps you build and protect your wealth by providing you with access to investment management and comprehensive financial planning via our wealth management program.

  1. Estate planning: We offer profitable, secure and professional estate planning solutions for certified public accountants, accountants and accounting firms.

  1. Life insurance: The Arrowroot Family Office (AFO) Wealth Management Forward program has life insurance models that will fit you perfectly. Contact us to set you up with the best policy possible as soon as possible.

Contact AFO Wealth Management Forward program for result-oriented accounting advisory services to build your wealth and investment portfolio today.


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