Common Data Recovery Misconceptions You Ought to Know

By Brook

Since computers came in our world, we have always been frustrated by issues surrounding data loss. Given the unpredictability of life, disaster recovery is always in the mind of serious entrepreneurs.

When users lose their data, they try to find recovery solutions on their own. It is only when they fail that they consider seeking data recovery services from professionals.

These IT solutions in data recovery are commonly associated with certain misconceptions. What many people don’t know is that they can damage the data to the point that data recovery professionals find the task difficult or even impossible to undertake successfully. The following are some of the data recovery myths that don’t work.

Freezing the hard drive can help to fix it

This myth looks very sensible. Hard drive components are constructed with surgical precision. At times, the spinning structures can get stuck and stop spinning. These structures usually shrink when frozen. Mostly, it frees the moving parts and the hard drive starts to function once again.

However, freezing the hard drive has multiple problems. It causes more damage to the parts which have been shrunk. The process can make water to condense which in turn accumulates moisture in your device. This can permanently damage the hard drive platters.

For this reason, it is possible to recover data by just freezing the hard drive. However, the recovery professional faces more challenges related to water damage in addition to what led to the data loss in the first place.

You can use software to repair the file structures

Software developers have developed programs which assist users in recovering lost data by repairing the file structure. However, these programs do this by overwriting the original hard drive.

If the original data is overwritten by the program, it makes it even harder to recover the data. Mostly, the users are not conversant with the causes of data loss, and this worsens the problems in an attempt to fix it.  

The best recovery software programs allow users to save a file that can reverse the effects of the software. It requires some level of knowledge for one to use recovery software which can allow a user to customize the repair.

Such software programs are preferable than automatic programs which perform automatic recovery processes. These methods are usually more damaging and often unnecessary. 

You can open the hard drive to fix stuck components

Many users are aware that their hard drives comprise of spinning parts. When your hard disk fails, they might open it to see what made the hard drive to stop spinning.

However, it’s important to know that modern hard drives rarely produce an audible spinning sound. Additionally, if you open the hard drive without professional knowledge, chances are you will cause irreparable damage than any potential solution you could front.

Hard drives are built and repaired in extremely clean environments by professionals. Opening the hard drive changes the conditions which the hard drive was developed under, and this makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for the data to be recovered by any recovery professional.

Hard drive failures are very frustrating. However, you should allow professionals to recover your data. They are your best chance of getting back your lost data in one piece.

Data on a reformatted hard drive cannot be recovered

Reformatting a hard drive or deleting files usually leaves the data written on the surface of the disk. But, it removes all entries from the table of contents. Therefore, it is possible to recover such data.

However, a failed hard drive because of either physical or mechanical issue may have parts which cannot be read anymore. Professionals refer to these parts as bad sectors, which are at times a clear indication of possible physical failure. In the majority of times, physically damaged sectors cannot be recovered.

If an operating system is re-installed by conducting a system restore, most files are usually overwritten and this damages the files. The data stored on the previous hard drive, disk fragmentation level and the actual physical location of the data determines the overall recoverability of the data.

Your data can only be recovered by the large recovery companies

There are a lot of stories you will hear about the success rates of particular recovery companies. What you should understand is, data recovery has its limits, and there are things it can do and others it can’t. Some recovery companies have already invested in better tools and advanced technology, which normally gives them a competitive edge over other companies.

What makes the difference, however, is the technician – not only a technician but a good technician. They will always get the job done for you regardless the size of the recovery company they work in. so, you should never rely on the size or name of the company, do some research and read customer reviews before you choose the recovery company. 

We can control the data which needs to be recovered

At times, people might be looking for specific things in their drives, and they will ask the technicians if those things can be recovered at the beginning of the recovery. In case the part of the drive is damaged beyond repair, their level of wishful thinking will bring it back, even if the rest of the drive was recovered.

Whatever you receive from the recovery company is always what they have been able to recover. Even though this reduces the chances of paying more for a recovery and you fail to get whatever you want, it is much more expensive compared to other recovery processes.   

It is very safe to attempt recovering your data yourself

One of the trending topics today is doing it yourself. Almost everyone can solve any problem using internet guides and a few basic tools. Actually, all the tools and software programs used by professional recovery companies are available to everyone, but we lack the knowledge of how to use them.

But, you should understand that the less you interfere with your drive after failure the greater the likelihood of getting your data back. You should never try to open the hard drive if you don’t have the required skills. Your hard drive can be damaged even further, thus making it unrecoverable.

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