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Nothing can make someone stop loving someone. Not even the global pandemic. We are saying this because even at these unprecedented times, people are getting engaged! The wedding season has arrived! We see new ring designs trending all round the season on display. When it comes to engagement rings, designers and couples alike are getting imaginative. 

You would see a market flooded with stunning and unique engagement ring designs. Would-be brides are spending hours and hours of time browning gorgeous engagement rings and are making us jealous with options now available than ever before. 

Here, we have listed the top 10 engagement ring trends of 2021 that will run down this year so whether you’re shopping for the ring right now or just stalking the market for the latest trends, it’s all here. Don’t forget to share it with your fiance for a nudge in the right direction!


  1. Band Style Rings:


If you are longing to propose to your partner in a unique way, a band-style ring style is setting the trend amongst the youngsters. Yes! A proposal date night picture is all we see on social media where the partner chooses to propose their “would-be'' in an intimate style. They choose Band style rings which can be made of platinum gold, white gold, or rose gold to convey their love for a lifetime. 


These rings are signs of eternal love. They are easy to clean, sanitize, and can be worn every day without any hassle. They are also lighter on the pocket too! 


  1. Personalized rings:

Personalized rings are a great way to engrave your initials or a love message on it. It is marking a trend this year. Many youngsters love the idea of adding a personal touch to their rings which gives them a feeling of warmth and happiness to share it with their partner. It is fresh, daring, and strong, giving a feeling of connection with your bride. 


  1. Classic styles with a modern twist:

People are loving the idea of shopping virtually when it is hard to hit the stores this time. It gives them pleasure and comfort to choose styles they love from a plethora of designs available online. A solitaire ring is among the top trends still loved by many individuals. It is a symbol of “eternal love” passing from generation to generation. Individuals are choosing solitaire rings in various styles such as cushion, round, square, and oval settings with platinum or white gold. 

Solitaire is a classic and timeless piece that will go on forever. 


  1. Coloured Stone engagement rings:


Have you noticed the engagement ring chosen by Princess Diana? It was a sapphire ring in white gold picked up by her because it reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring and was synonymous with her eye color. 

Many individuals prefer to pick the ring that is a symbol of legacy and feel like an heirloom. These gemstone engagement rings come in over 300 gemstones to choose from. The most loved for an engagement setting are Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamonds. These designs connect vintage details to modern love stories creating family traditions. Emeralds and Sapphires are moss agate beauty! These rings are more of a statement and are surely cheaper than a solitaire ring of the same size. 


  1. Petite side stones:

Megan Markle was the hot topic when she got married to Prince Harry in London. Did you happen to spot her engagement ring? Her ring was set with three beautiful diamond stones. Many couples are opting for the same look and going for petite side stones as it reflects a modern and more delicate take on the classic three-stone ring. Call it bling, bling, bling, or past, current, and future!


  1.  Unique and Original:

Brides and Grooms also look for designing their own ring or hiring a jewelry designer to design diamond jewellery for them. Some individuals prefer to keep it unique and bespoke instead of repeating the same old styles that are common. If you’re one of them, now is the time to start picking it up! 


  1. Vintage and heirloom inspired:

Many individuals prefer to pick rings that look like they are from the bygone era with a touch of vintage and art deco styles. They add a touch of uniqueness and look stunning! Intricate designs make them stand out and elaborate halos give them an antique feel, which is very trendy right now. 


  1. Rose-cut engagement rings:

Do you remember Lily Collins who recently got engaged flaunting this trend? Guess what? It’s back! The diamond here is set in such a way that it resembles a rosebud with a flat bottom and a demoed top. They don’t have a pointy bottom, look less glassy and brilliant at the same time. They seem to be bigger in size than their real carat weights!


  1. Off-set stones:

The ring with offset diamond stones gives the impression of a lot of sparkle floating in the air. This was previously popular with cocktail ring designs. But now more than ever, it is trending with engagement rings! These rings are conventional and mesmerizing. 


  1. The New Halo:

The standard pave halos have been given a big makeover by jewelry designers. From diamond starbursts to fanned-out crowns, there's something for everyone. The best thing about this engagement ring design is that the bands can be separated, allowing you to go from an easy to an elaborate look!

Hope you get what you wish for. Remember choosing a ring isn’t that hard. When you see one, you know it’s the one! These trends are ruling the year 2021 and we suggest you go for these if they fancy you.


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