Best 10 Secrets behind Viral Marketing

The goal and objective of most markets is to see their contents getting to tens of millions of people. Their reason is simple; the more people get to see their content, the more they become curious and as one gets curious, he tries to discover what is hidden. This way, they can drive huge traffic back to their websites. Not just that, the more people get to see your content, the more they get aware about your product. From the law of numbers, the bigger the number that become aware, the greater the number who get to try it hence the greater the click through rate.

In this article, I’m going to take you into the deep secrets behind viral marketing or content marketing.

What actually makes contents go viral?

The answer to this question is what you will discover in this article. But let us start by defining the word “viral” in the context of content marketing.

What is a “Viral Marketing”?

The word “viral”, in relation to online marketing or a piece of online content marketing implies circulating rapidly and widely online or on the internet from one web user to another.In online marketing, this will mean creating quality contents that’s spreading like a virus across all channels (such as social media) and networks, and getting seen by as many people as there are on the internet and driving huge traffic back to your website while increasing your ranking in search engines.

To give your contents such characteristic, one has to diligently craft his content creator strategy and execute with much attention paid to the details. To a great extent, the quality of the work that you do will determine how far your content gets shared.

Essential Viral marketing Success Elements

When a business owner or marketer goes on to talk about contagious or viral marketing contents, they always refer to one thing “increase revenue”. This is where my key secret is based on, to create viral marketing contents with high click through rates. There is not point going viral if you can benefit from sales and revenue. Thus the commercial value of viral content will include:

  • Increased Revenue: Business owners want to widen their sale and therefor the revenue they can generate from advertising campaigns.
  • PR and Brand awareness: This helps in creating fame for you and your website, hence it built truth and many will love to deal with you
  • Link Backs and Shares: The more people share a post, the more inbound links they create that link back to your website. This helps in you search engine ranking and thus improved SEO
  • Lower cost means of advertising. Viral contents are generally low cost; hence small blogger can take advantage of it to compete with big budget companies.

There are a few techniques you may have to implement to achieve virality. These include:

1.   Write a Captivating Headline

The first piece of information your visitors and audience will see is the headline. In other words, your headline is the gateway into your content marketing for every one of your website users. This should be your primary target. Headlines can give a story a smashing success or render it a total flop, even though its content is fantastic. Create headlines that arouse emotion, curiosity, suspends and which clearly tell the reader there is much embedded in the content they should unveil.

You can capture your reader’s attention with headlines that;

- Use intriguing adjectives

- The purpose is clearly and concisely stated

- Are controversial and arouse emotion

- Ease the story and communicate the value

In other words, tell your readers upfront that you’ll be providing much information and that they could benefit from it with little effort on their part. For example, the headline for this article “Best 10 Secrets behind Viral marketing Content” clearly tell readers that they would gain something that will help them create contagious contents that will intends drive huge traffic to their websites.

2.   Creating a Unique Quality Content

Before I go on, try answering this question; what type of content will I share on social media? Nobody will ever share trash on his social network. The content we share, often times reflect who we are thus everybody want to portrait a positive image of themselves.

The objective of every content writer is to tell a good story and tell it well. This is uniqueness comes in. By telling a story to a visitor or your audience, you have to quickly engulf the reader into the story premise before they abandoned you to the next website. Let them see the different between the stories they are reading with other stories they most have read in the past (nobody will like to continue reading a story they read sometime past from you).

What about the quality? There is no doubt that the quality of your content plays a leading role in the way and manner your audience reacts with your website. No matter how good or important the story you are telling, if the quality is poor, poor grammar, wrong spellings, poor punctuations, nobody will share it with his network.

As explained in a recent Harvard Business review article, content should accomplish one of a number of tasks: explain what happened, what something means, how to do something or surprise the reader.

3.   Evoke High Arousal Emotions

Research studies have reviled that, contents that evoke high arousal emotion generally have share and click through rates. Emotional arousals include awe, excitement, amusement, and suspends. Interestingly, content that evoke negative emotion like anger, anxiety and sadness also recorded among the high share and click through rates.

It can be concluded that, contents that evoke high arousal emotion (regardless of positive or negative) generally has a high share and click through rates. People don't want to be sitting on the fence after engaging with your content thus they will share content that evokes a passionate emotional response. 

Another class of viral content is controversial content. Your visitors or audience will like to share a post to show their view point in relation to your story. Controversial headlines like “women are better in business management than men” will surely go viral with both men and women trying to bring out the positivity’s in them.   

The technique here is to take a clear position, making unabashed statements and allows the reader the opportunity to choose a side, and then share what they think or feels. Be sure to include stories adjectives and metaphors. Often times, people share contents that portrait the experience they had or which to mitigate the experiences of their dear ones.

4.   Go Visual (Videos, Images, Infographics)

When it comes to creating contents, visual contents are often overlooked. Studying viral contents has reviled that, adding an image or infographic to your tweet has the potential to boost retweets by 30 percent. Facebook posts with a visual content have about 90 percent more interaction rate.

With all these in mind, images are a fantastic strategy to viralize your content. You must have heard of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The fact of this phrase lies in the ability for humans to process visual information 600 000 times faster compare to normal plain text. The advice is to use images as often as you can without deflecting your content and images that are related to your content are the best to implement. 

A better way to present long lines of explanatory note is using infographics. A message is better perceived when it is mixed with related images. The secret is using visual contents that align with your content topic.

Visual contents increase engagements hence pair that compelling headline with striking visual content (infographics and images) always.

Total views of contents or article published with a relevant picture or infographic, increases by approximately 90% compared to articles without an image in the same category. 

Images usually convey important messages and the different is basically related to their color, background and activity. Images are just better than plain text in their color than text which is always black and white.

5.   Be Practical

Having a clear call to action on useful educational and practical content is more likely to be shared. Research studies noted that people enjoy sharing practically useful content for many different reasons such as for self-development, help others, and social exchange (to generate reciprocity). 

This is the more reason why list articles or "how-to" articles continue to do better, and infographics has grown much more popular. Give your readers clear strategies they can immediately apply and make your content practical.

6.   Be brief and Readable

This is another key element of viral content. State your points clearly and quickly, and keep the reader interested before they dump your page. All viral contents are readable. Your content may have the most ground breaking information, but it’s useless if it is not readable.

The acronym KISS (keep it short and simple) is very essential in creating content. Bear in mind that making your content simple doesn’t mean simplifying your content.

You can also run your content through a readability test. If your readability score is too high, bring it down by using common and familiar words rather than academic and complex words, and watching the amount of words you use per sentence. On the other hand, if your score is too low, you may want to increase it by reframing your sentences, using more familiar words, and increasing the number of words per sentence.

Regarding the layout of your content, most people face difficulties reading long paragraphs than smaller pieces with more surrounding white space that are mentally less cluttered.

Break your work into list or sub-headings, and highlight important points in bold. Also worth noting is that some viral content uses larger font for their introduction. This is visually appealing and you can give it a try.

 7.   Give the reader a practical takeaway

You’ve written a compelling content with an irresistible headline. Now read over it and be sure that it includes practicals, actionable takeaways.

A key component of contagious content is getting readers to share content with their friends and followers. And since everyone from scientists to journalists, farmers to marketers, high school students to your aunt on Facebook are crafting their online experience, readers or visitors are more likely to share material that they find useful and make them look good.

Going viral and driving traffic is the name of the game, regardless of the industry you're in. The almost goal is to get your product and content to as many people as possible. But the game is unpredictable; the nature of content marketing is fluid and social media algorithms are in flux (changing). However, with all the variables there are still consistent rules for online marketing your content online or on social media. Elements of human psychology and behavior are predictable and can be leveraged. Implementing most or all of these bases gives your work the best chance to go viral. 

8.   Publish your content during peak hours

Just as important as what you post, is when you post. Most studies have reviled that the best posting time is between 9 am and noon EST. Also, weekends are populate time for posting.

Generally, the best strategy will be to post on Mondays and Tuesdays, and then promote your post on weekend days.

For email marketing campaigns, best consumer promotion emails are sent between 7 pm and 10 pm 

9.   Trustworthy  

People will share content with credibility. Trust can be build within your content by quoting experts in your field, citing statistics and sources, and adding testimonies. While personal stories are a great way to build connection, backing stories up with additional sources gives builds credibility. Quoting a prominent expert can also increase the chances of going viral if they share your work with their audience.

10.     Making your content easily sharable

The key to online marketing or viral marketing is for your content to get to as many people as possible (the more your content gets to people, the higher is the probability that you will hit a target interesting customer). To achieve this, your content should go viral (try implementing all strategies outlined here) which can be easily achieved by rendering your content sharable. Add the share button to your post and strategically positioning them. Make your share button visible enough and well link to social media of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

Lastly, don’t forget to ask your visitors to share your content. They should be reminded to do so. Most often than not, they forget this option. Simple messages at the end such as; Please share!!! Or if you find this content interesting, like and share it with friends, will do the wonders.

A key and essential component of contagious content is getting readers to share your content with their friends and followers. And since everyone from professors to journalists and marketers to high school students, farmers to your aunt on Facebook is crafting their online brand, visitors are more likely to share material that they find useful and make them look good. Demonstrate the value of your content, make it controversial, arouse emotions, add info graphics, images, and watch your numbers soar.


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